52 Cool Cutting Boards That Are Incredibly Unique

Cutting Boards are an essential tool in your kitchen, However, that does not mean that they have to be a bland and boring slab of wood or piece of plastic.

Why not have some cool cutting boards in your kitchen that are creative, unique and amusing?

Most of us do tend to spend a lot of time in our kitchens, so it makes sense to treat ourselves to some unique kitchen gadgets that will amuse us.

Just choose an awesome cutting board that, when not in use, will stand there proudly showcasing a bit of your passion, personality, or even your sense of humor.

Cool Cutting Boards – The Greatest Cutting Board Guide:

Here we reveal our epic list of all of the coolest cutting boards that we could find, take your time and pick your favourite ones to share with a family, friend, or loved one.

#1 Yoda Cook You Must Cutting Board

Yoda Cook You Must Cutting Board - cool cutting boards

This is one of those cool cutting boards that every Star Wars fan would kill for. Well, maybe not kill, let’s not get dramatic here. But this Yoda quote sporting cutting board is certainly worth the dramatic declarations of love.

#2 Concealed Drawers Cutting Board

Concealed Drawers Cutting Board - cool cutting boards

If your main priority while dicing, chopping, and cutting is saving space then we’ve got a winner for you. These awesome cutting boards have three concealed drawers that can keep your chopped veggies safely tucked away until needed.

#3 Wooden Guitar Cutting Board

Wooden Guitar Cutting Board

Unique cutting boards that stand out due to their shape are the best kind. Look at this one. Instead of hiding it in a dark cabinet, you can proudly showcase it so that any guest of yours will have an opportunity to admire it and your taste in guitars.

#4 Star Wars Death Star Cutting Board

Star Wars Death Star Cutting Board

Ever wanted to have your own Death Star? Well, you’re currently in possession of trillions of dollars to build one, you’d have to settle for something else. Like this cool 11” Death Star cutting board. We’d take the deal.

#5 Solar System Cutting Board

Solar System Cutting Board

This cutting board is a perfect gift for any astronomy geek who loves getting practical gifts that still emphasize their love for outer space. It can also be a great gift for an astronomy teacher or, on the other hand, someone who needs the solar system cheat sheet once in a while.

#6 Personalized Cutting Boards

Personalized Cutting Boards

This handmade maple cutting board is a thing of absolute beauty. Sturdy, durable, and reliable, it has the family name (or names of a couple) cut along the top. Simple yet cool cutting boards are the best kind.

#7 Blood Splash Cutting Board

blood splatter cutting board - unique kitchen gadgets - cool cutting boards

Now, if you have a weak stomach you can tell yourself that this just tomato juice spilling over the counter. But if you love unusual cutting boards and do not mind a touch of creepiness in the kitchen then this baby has to take residence by your side.

#8 3D End Grain Wooden Cutting Board

3D End Grain Wooden Cutting Board - cool cutting boards

Optical illusions have always been a fun way of teasing your brain and eyes. Combine an optical illusion with two types of wood (purpleheart and hard maple) and masterful craftsmanship and you get yourself a mind-blowing cutting board.

#9 Round Walnut Wood Cutting Board

Round Walnut Wood Cutting Board

This cutting board is masterfully crafted in such a way that even simple round curves look beautiful and enticing. You can use this cutting board for what it is or make an occasional trivet out of it or a serving board. It can even be personalized if it’s a future housewarming gift.

#10 Salmon Cutting Board

Salmon Glass Chopping Board

Cool cutting boards don’t have to be flashy or funny to bring in a personalized feeling to your kitchen. This Acacia wood cutting board that features an artful rendition of a salmon can highlight your love for fishing in a tasteful and subtle manner.

#11 Let’s Cook Breaking Bad Cutting Boards

Let's Cook Breaking Bad Cutting Boards

Ah, puns that rely on smart double entendres are the best kind. There’s nothing suspicious about an innocent “Let’s cook” phrase. Add Heisenberg’s face to it and this cutting board suddenly gains completely new hilarious meaning. With it, cooking will certainly be more fun.

#12 Puzzle Cutting Boards

Puzzle Cutting Boards

Unusual cutting boards are those that manage to go beyond usual expectations in both design and materials used. These puzzle cutting boards with their unusual shapes certainly stand out among others. They’re cool, unique, and fun.

#13 Go Ahead Make My Dinner Clint Eastwood Cutting Board

Go Ahead Make My Dinner Clint Eastwood Cutting Board

In the kitchen, you can get quite dirty. But not as dirty as Dirty Harry, performed by the brilliant Clint Eastwood. If you don’t like playing by the rules while cooking, this cool kitchen board was made for you and only you.

#14 The Kitchen Rules Cutting Board

The Kitchen Rules Cutting Board

Now, this cool bamboo cutting board can serve as a great (if slightly passive aggressiveness) gift a variety of people. It features several simple rules that are sometimes hard to ponder into someone’s head. A messy roommate, child, spouse, the list can go on and on. Just take your pick.

#15 The Ultimate Kitchen Bench Cutting Board

The Ultimate Kitchen Bench Cutting Board - cool cutting boards

This is one of the most ingenious and unique cutting boards out there as it allows you to save space and time while cooking. The board is equipped with several handy containers for storing ingredients, an iPad stand for checking the recipes and it comes in five different types of wood. Plus, it can be customized. A huge win on all fronts.

#16 Indulge Yourself Cutting Board

Lobster Bamboo Wood Board

This funny cutting board will do a great job of reminding you that sometimes you just have to let go and treat yourself. You can get for yourself or someone you know that is constantly on a diet without eating anything substantial. The cutting board is made to order out of maple, cherry or walnut, the choice of the wood and size is yours.

#17 Grandma’s Kitchen Cutting Board

Grandma’s Kitchen Cutting Board

It’s probably a universal truth that grandmas enjoy cooking delicious food and stuffing you with it no matter if you’re hungry or not. That’s why this cutting board is not only a sweet and thoughtful gift but useful as well. She’ll definitely smile every time she uses it.

#18 Olive Wood Cutting Boards

Naturally Med Olive Wood Cutting Board/Cheese Board

Not all unique cutting boards have to feature some witty or funny line carved into it to still be stunning. This cutting board has been carved out of olive wood that looks extremely artistic with its rich colors and texture. The uneven edge of the board only adds rustic charm to it.

#19 Stylish Joseph & Joseph 5 Piece Cutting Board Set

Index Plastic Cutting Board Set with Storage Case Color

This cutting board set comes in a cool stainless steel case that keeps 4 boards in one place, organized and out of the way. Each board has a tag with a drawing of what type of food it should be used for. It’s fun, clever, and reduces the risk of cross-contamination when preparing food. But mostly it just looks cool.

#20 Vege Table Cutting Boards

shaped Solid Wood Cutting Board

These cool cutting boards look extremely fun as they are not only shaped like our favorite vegetables but also sport colorful edges that add even more charm to already interesting boards. Choose the one you like most! Is it an eggplant?

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#21 Ebola Epidemic Cutting Board

Yes, you’ve read that right. It’s an ebola epidemic cutting board. You have to admit that presenting your guests with homemade food and then casually slipping an ebola virus into the conversation about how it was made might be pretty funny. They might not visit you again but it will still be worth it. This board can only be a great gift for a doctor with a sense of humor.

#22 Personalized Anniversary Cutting Boards

Personalized cutting board

Picking a gift for a couple who’s celebrating their anniversary is never an easy task. You might want to go for something useful and still personal if you want to hit a bull’s eye with the gift. Like this personalized engraved cutting board that looks both tasteful and durable.

#23 Over Sink Cutting Board With Collapsible Colander

Over Sink Cutting Board With Collapsible Colander

Some small kitchens might not even have enough space for you to use a cutting board properly. Well, this is where cool cutting board design ideas come into play. This board can not only be used over the sink, but it’s also equipped with a collapsible colander that will definitely make your cooking routine faster.

#24 U.S One Dollar Bill Cutting Board

Mushroom Cutting Board

This chopping board features an eerily realistic engraving of a part of a one dollar bill, complete with such details like a serial number and what not. It might be especially handy when chopping greens if you’re up for money puns.

#25 Home Sweet Home Cutting Boards

Personalized Housewarming Gift Cutting Board

If you’re looking for cool cutting boards that will do for a great housewarming present for your friends or family, then why not go for the ultimate classics? An artistic and tasteful rendition of phrase “home sweet home” on a beautiful cutting board is always a safe bet.

#26 Heart Anatomy Cutting Board

Heart Anatomy Cutting Board - cool cutting boards

Why not highlight the fact that you put your heart and soul into cooking with this unique cutting board that features an anatomically correct engraving of a real heart? It’s a bit witty, very stylish, and serve as a great accent piece of the interior in your kitchen when not in use.

#27 Dinner Is Coming Cutting Boards

Game of Thrones Dinner is Coming Cutting Chopping Board

Looking for creative cutting board sayings that play right into your pop culture preferences? Well, you certainly can’t go wrong with a famous Game of Thrones quote that has a cooking twist added to it, can you? Moreover, get yourself this “Dinner Is Coming” apron to match. You can never get enough GoT references.

#28 Lucier Marble Board

Lucier Marble Board

Not all unique cutting boards are made out of wood, and this beautiful marble one only highlights that fact. This minimalistic hexagon board can be used not only for chopping but also for serving food and appetizers during a party or fancy dinner.

#29 Get To To Da Chopping Arnold Cutting Board

Get To To Da Chopping Arnold Cutting Board

If you need some quirky motivation in the kitchen when it gets to chopping veggies, then Arnold will be right there to get you into the cooking spirit. Honestly, even the laziest of us will bulk under his bulgy-eyed stare and will reach for the knife get to da choppin’.

#30 Game Of Thrones Targaryen Cutting Boards

Game Of Thrones Targaryen Cutting Boards - cool cutting boards

Whatever House you’re rooting for in the Game of Thrones you have to admit that House Targaryen is one of the coolest ones. They’ve got dragons, end of story, no debate. So if you’re a hardcore fan of GoT and the Targaryens (or Daenerys in particular) than even your chopping board has to highlight that.

#31 Pi Cutting Board

Pi Cutting Board - cool cutting boards

This Pi cutting board is perfect for cutting pies. Oh boy, that was a horrible pun. But in all seriousness, this cutting board that features a stylish rendition of a whole Pi number can be a great gift for any scientist, specifically a mathematician, and you can’t say that about a lot of cutting boards.

#32 Husband & Wife Day Of The Dead Cutting Boards

Personalized Love Eternal Skeleton Couple Wedding Gift

If you are fascinated with Mexican culture, or someone that loves skulls, you might be interested in this artistic set of two creative cutting boards. They can even be further personalized if you want to give them to someone as a wedding or housewarming gift.

#33 Butchers Cow Cutting Board

Personalised Cuts Of Beef Large Wooden Meat Chopping Board

Knowing where your meat comes from is an essential skill in preparing the perfect steak or other meat-based dish. So if you need to polish up that knowledge then there’s no better cutting board for you than this one. It also can bring a rustic vintage look to your kitchen and that’s always a plus.

#34 Dental Illustration Cutting Board

Dental Illustration Cutting Board

Now, if you’re looking for some cool chopping boards then this bamboo cutting board that features a realistic engraving of a tooth certainly deserves your attention. It actually looks quite stylish and if you want to give it as a gift to a dentist or a med student then you score double points.

#35 Darth Vader Cutting Boards

Darth Vader Cutting Boards - cool cutting boards

No list of cool cutting boards can be complete without a certain Darth Vader in the mix, it’s just a fact. His menacing glare will certainly motivate you to chop perfectly every time, otherwise, you’ll just disappoint him and you don’t want that to happen. Plus, it will be a great gift for any Star Wars fan that loves cooking.

#36 Horse Lovers Cutting Boards

Horse Lovers Cutting Boards

The truth is that you can find creative cutting boards to suit virtually anyone’s interests. So if you love horses as a whole or enjoy horseback riding then there’s a whole set of beautiful cutting boards waiting for you to take a look at.

#37 G & T Cutting Board

G & T Cutting Board

This cutting board boasts unique durability and sturdiness which makes it perfect for chopping everything and anything you can get your hands on. The quirky letters carved into the side of this thick board only adds charm to it as a whole.

#38 Cheese Degrees Cutting Board

Cheese Degrees Cutting Board

If you consider yourself a true perfectionist then chopping and cutting might be a tough task for you. You can never get the pieces to have the perfect shape or angle. Well, now you can with this cool chopping board that looks like a protractor. Even if you’re not big on cooking, you can always amaze your guests with your cheese-cutting abilities.

#39 Beech And Sapele End Grain Chopping Board

Beech And Sapele End Grain Chopping Board

The weight and thickness of this cutting board already make it a thing to admire. Add the checkerboard look to it and you’ve got yourself an amazing kitchen gadget. It will not only allow you to cut everything into straight pieces, but you can also chess on it with chopped veggies.

#40 Grill Master Cutting Boards

Grill Master Cutting Boards - cool cutting boards

Proclaim yourself the Grill Master General (yes, it’s the Comedy Central related joke) with these cool cutting boards. One of these cutting boards could be used for both slicing the meat in preparation for the grill and for serving juicy tasty burgers afterwards.

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#41 Checker Board End Grain Cutting Boards

Checker Board End Grain Cutting Boards

Know someone who loves chess? Or maybe it’s you who is a great chess enthusiast? Even if you can’t play chess to save your life you can still admire the checkered pattern and how it has been masterfully executed in these creative cutting boards.

#42 Personalised Wedding Gift Cutting Boards

Personalized Cutting Board

If you want to make a wedding gift for your friends or family special there’s no better way for it than to add a personal touch to it. Start by looking at this selection of cool cutting boards that can be personalized in a variety of ways to suit the occasion and the preferences of the lovely couple.

#43 Over The Sink Cutting Board

Over The Sink Cutting Board - cool cutting boards

You probably know the problem that arises from washing the veggies first and then transferring them to the chopping board with your bare hands. This results into spilled water everywhere which, honestly, is just a slippery hazard. This amazing cutting board solves that problem with flying colors.

#44 Personalised Round Wood And Marble Chopping Board

Personalised Round Wood And Marble Chopping Board

If there is a luxury cutting board somewhere out there, then it’s probably this one. One half of it is chiseled from stunning white marble and the other is carved from exotic mango wood. It’s perfect for not only chopping but also serving the food at the fanciest dinner parties.

#45 The Walking Dead Cutting Boards

Walking Dead Personalized Cutting Board

The ultimate fan of The Walking Dead series will absolutely love this selection of cutting boards. They have everything from tasteful engravings of the whole crew to the iconic quotes that suffered the fate of becoming full-blown memes (yes, we’re talking about “Coral”).

#46 Tonight We Dine At Home Spartan Cutting  Board

Tonight We Dine At Home Spartan Cutting Board - cool cutting boards

Want to cook with Spartan passion and precision? Or just want an excuse to tell loudly at everything as if you were close to barging into battle? Well, whatever your motivation is, this hilarious cutting board is perfect for you.

#47 Hello Is It Me You’re Cooking For?

Hello, is It Me You're Cooking for?" Chopping Board

Lionel Richie sang “Hello” before it was cool and no one can convince us otherwise. But all jokes aside, this is one of those funny cutting boards that gives a cooking-related spin to well-known quotes and it’s still as hilarious as it was with all the previous ones.

#48 Nautical Theme Cutting Boards

Nautical Theme Cutting Boards

Everything that has a nautical theme Incorporated in it has a certain slide to it whether or not you’re interested in oceans, boats, or anything that is connected to it. These beautiful cool cutting boards only prove that point. Choose the one for yourself to stylize your kitchen.

#49 Funny What The “Fork” Is For Dinner Cutting Boards

Funny What The Fork Is For Dinner Cutting Boards

Now, these hilarious cutting boards do a great job of mixing up humor and witty word-play. Know someone who has a potty mouth? These funny cutting boards will no doubt make them cackle.

#50 But First Coffee Cutting Board

But First Coffee Cutting Board

If your house has gathered a unique selection of coffee-addicted personalities, then there’s no cooler way of highlighting it than with this cutting board. Because, honestly, only a caffeine fan will appreciate the cutting board that reminds them of their one true love even when chopping veggies.

#51 Laser Engraved Cutting Board

Laser Engraved Cutting Board Master of the Grill and Best Dad Ever Gift

This is a cool cutting board that will be a fantastic gift for your dad-loving cooking. A laser engraving is used to create a unique craving with a compliment for the best chef in the house. It is made of bamboo, durable material for cutting boards.

#52 Periodic Table Cutting Board

Gift Periodic Table Engraved Bamboo Wood Cutting Board

Bring back your college life with this superb cutting board. Perfectly engraved with a complete periodic table, you will feel like cooking while learning those confusing elements again. Who thought that such a kitchen tool to chop your meat and veggies could be this awesome? With this unique piece of cutting board, you will be allured to cook every day.

What material is the best for cutting boards?

We all know that most cutting boards are generally made of wood or plastic material. If you prefer a cutting board that is easy to clean, then a plastic cutting board is excellent for you. However, suppose the durability of your cutting boards and knives is your concern. In that case, we suggest you choose the wooden ones as the best material for your cool cutting boards.

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