25 Kids Cooking Gifts Who Love to Cook

Cooking is one of the basic survival skills that everyone, even kids, should know. You can foster your kid’s love for cooking through unique toys and accessories. Hence, you should get some fun kids cooking gifts to keep them interested in learning.

Kids cooking gifts might trigger their desire to cook delicious dishes. When your kids want to eat their favorite food, that’s the perfect opportunity to teach them how to cook. The toys will be excellent props for demonstration.

You can find toy sets that mimic cooking tools or even ingredients. These items usually are made of safe plastics. Kids cooking gifts are not just fun but also beneficial for their motoric skills development.

#1 Kid’s Global Adventure Cooking Kit

Kid's Global Adventure Cooking Kit.webp

Let your kids explore and learn the function of kitchenware through these kids cooking gifts. The set consists of fake sauce, taco, spice, and other ingredients inspired by Mexican food. Furthermore, each kit also includes interesting facts, puzzles, and activities about the country’s food and culture. The global adventure in the item’s title is not just for show only.

#2 Mini Baking Set for Kids

Mini Baking Set for Kids

If your kids have visited a bakery, there is a chance that they want to know more about baking. If so, you should stimulate that curiosity with the cooking toys! These kid cooking gifts are made of non-toxic material, so it is safe to play with. This is no ordinary toy since the mold can also be used for actual cookie baking.

#3 Kitchen Play Set With Toy Microwave

Kitchen Play Set With Toy Microwave

This kitchen playset for kids features a microwave toy! It looks very elaborate with the buttons, timer display, spinning turntable floor, and sound effects. You won’t have to worry about your kids messing with the actual microwave because they have their own.

#4 Kids Cooking Set Costume

Kids Cooking Set Costume

Do your son and daughter really want to be like their mother when she is in the kitchen? If so, get them this unique cooking attire. It contains an apron, oven mitt, hat, and other accessories. That will make them look like a real chef. If their favorite color is blue, the kids cooking gifts will be a perfect idea.

#5 Real Kids Cooking Set for Girls and Boys

Real Kids Cooking Set for Girls and Boys

If you want to teach your kids an actual cooking skill, this kids cooking gift set will be excellent. It is perfect for your boys and girls. The gift pack also contains an apron and other chef’s attires with vegetable motifs. Furthermore, it also includes colorful mini tools that look very interesting to use.

#6 Pretend Kitchen Playset for Toddler

Pretend Kitchen Playset for Toddler

Do you see your boy or daughter in the kitchen very often? They might be interested in cooking with you. To accommodate their interest, you can give them these excellent kids cooking gifts in the form of a kitchen set. It includes a stove, glass, a whole kitchen cabinet, and other kitchenware.

#7 Cooking And Baking Set for Kids

Cooking And Baking Set for Kids

Here is another baking set for kids! If your children love cookies, you can teach them how to make this snack through this gift set. The apron comes in pink, so it is more suitable for your daughter. She will look cute and have a lot of fun with the cooking set.

#8 Fast Food Cooking Play Set for Kids

Fast Food Cooking Play Set for Kids

Nowadays, there are many various fast foods available in the streets. For instance, burgers and hot dogs. Making fast foods at home will be healthier. So, you can give these kids cooking gifts to teach them how delicious fast food is. The colorful toy burgers, French fries, and juice cups will make your kids hungry.

#9 Pretend Play Barbecue Grill Set

Pretend Play Barbecue Grill Set

Food is more delicious when you cook it over a BBQ grill. This cooking gift set can teach your kids the joy of cooking outdoor. It includes a toy grill, spatula, and patties. Let your kids play it with their siblings or friend and open up a pretend burger joint!

#10 Kid’s Kitchenware Toy Gift

Kid’s Kitchenware Toy Gift

This set of wooden kitchenware will delight your children who love cooking. It is no secret that kids will try to imitate adults’ activities, including cooking. The collection includes various tools, ranging from stoves, spatula to pots. They will stimulate your kids’ imagination as they are having fun.

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#11 Purple Cooking Toy Set

kids cooking gifts

After blue and pink, a purple cooking toy set is also available. The combination of red and blue colors will suit your son and daughter, who love darker colors. It includes one gas stove and many other kitchen utensils for your kids to play with.

#12 Kitchen Toy Suitcase Trolley

kids cooking gifts

A portable kitchen is a future! This toy suitcase can be disassembled to create a mobile kitchen trolley. Let your kids set up their shop in their playroom and let their imaginations run wild! Once they are done playing, ask them to reassemble the set into a compact suitcase for ease of storage.

#13 Kids Kitchen Cookware Playset

kids cooking gifts

The pre-school phase is one of the phases in which kids should receive much love from their parents. To do that, you can give the kids cooking gifts to them. It is not a mere cooking set since it is made of stainless steel, which looks realistic. It is fit for kids that are older than 3 years old.

#14 Custom Kid-Friendly Knife & Whisk Set

kids cooking gifts

Handing over a knife to a kid would be the most irresponsible thing to do as a parent. However, this knife is different! It is made of wood with no sharp or pointy edges. It is a toy that still allows your kids to improve their cutting skills. The children can chop fruits and vegetables safely. It is perfect for kids and toddlers who are interested in the kitchen.

#15 Personalized Kids Rolling Pin with Name

kids cooking gifts

Personalized kids’ cooking gifts will make them feel happier because you kids will have a sense of belonging. This custom rolling pin will teach your kids to flatten their cookie dough. Your kids’ names will be stamped on the dough as they roll it, creating personalized cookies!

#16 Kids Wooden Safe Knife

kids cooking gifts

Cutting is one of the dangerous things to do, so how can toddlers cut safely? The answer is to bring them kids cooking gifts like these knives. These tools are safe for kids. Furthermore, you can also use these as serving utensils to cut cheeses or butter and even vegetables like lettuce.

#17 Toddler Cutting Board & Wedge Knife

kids cooking gifts

Get your kids this set of wooden cookware as their birthday present! It includes a cutting board that looks interesting because you can engrave the kids’ names. There is also a wedge knife to help them learn to cut ingredients safely. They might be a professional master chef in the future, thanks to these kids cooking gifts!

#18 Personalized Kids Baking Set

kids cooking gifts

Not only personalized, but the pinky rainbow kids cooking gifts are also specifically designed for Christmas gifts. Your kids should play with these on Christmas day and learn to bake.

#19 Decorated Wooden Spoon

kids cooking gifts

Even wooden spoons can be used to cook something even as simple as noodles. The utensils are suitable for kids since there have cute illustrations such as bears, cactus, and dishes. The adorable design might increase their interest in cooking. “Cooking is fun” in their mind.

#20 Kids Custom Cooking set and Apron

kids cooking gifts

Here are kids’ cooking gifts that look more boyish. The gift set includes an apron and wooden kitchen tools that features heavy machinery print. Furthermore, you can add your kids’ names to the items. Perhaps your kids will become civil engineers who also love to cook one day!

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#21 Apron and Chef’s Hat Dinosaur Print

kids cooking gifts

Kids are always fascinated by dinosaurs. Now, this cooking set incorporates the mysterious ancient creatures in their design. The lovely dinosaurs-patterned aprons and hats will increase your kids’ interest in cooking.

#22 Family Friendly Kids Cooking Recipes

kids cooking gifts

Cooking is not just cutting, mixing, and frying. You also need preparation, a recipe! This recipe book will teach and reveal the secret of delicious dishes to your kid. They might have eaten the food before but didn’t know how to cook it. Because it is made for kids, the design really suits them well. The instruction is easy to follow!

#23 Pretend Play Toy Chinese Food

Kids Pretend Play Kitchen Cooking Toy Food Chinese Breakfast

Chinese food is one of the most delicious foods on Earth. Your kids will absolutely love it too. Introduce the delicious Chinese steamed dumpling to your kids with this unique toy food! They look very realistic, and your kids might crave some dumplings for dinner.

6PCS Egg Kitchen Toys Cooking

#24 Egg Toys for Kids Cooking

Eggs are one of the perfect foods because they contain many nutrients that your body needs. The kids might like the boiled eggs toy like the example in the picture above. With your guidance and supplies of cooking toys, they might know how to make one in the future.

#25 Pizza Toy Food & Cutting Fake Food

Pizza Toy Food & Cutting Fake Food

Pizzas are one of the most delicious Italian dishes in the world. Your kids might be interested because of how it can be divided evenly and the source of its delightful taste. You can teach your kids about the yummy Italian cuisine through the toy set.

Latest Post :

What to get a child who loves to cook?

You can give them a kitchen or cooking set listed above. For example, you can give them a cutting board, safe knife, wooden spoon, or rolling pin. They are great because it teaches them the basic of cooking skills like cutting, rollover some fake wheat, and even pouring something accurately into the pan. They also learn the discipline of doing something safely since the actual item can harm them.

What to get for a kid who likes to bake?

Of course, the baking set will be the perfect set to give them. The toys we have compiled here are available in many colors. So, you can choose them based on your own desire or your kid’s wishes. The baking sets are inspired by essential baking tools, so they might learn one or two things about baking.

What are the best cooking gifts for toddlers?

The best cooking gifts for toddlers are the suitcase kitchen set since it is just not a pretending but might be the future (portable kitchen). Furthermore, your toddlers might learn how to pull an actual suitcase with that gift. Killing two birds with one stone! Also, they will learn to tidy up after they have finished playing.

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