25 Authentic Indian Cooking Gifts You Should Try

The best way to get to know a culture is through their food. Through food,  you will get to know the story behind one’s culture. This time we will cover more about Indian cooking and food. Every country has their own culture around food, whether it is about the ingredients, cooking method, cooking culture, and many more. This is why it is a great idea to get someone an Indian cooking gift. If you are planning to give it to your Indian friends, it will be the perfect, nostalgic gift that will remind them of their roots. If you are an Indian yourself and want to let others know about the Indian food culture, this gift would be a great place to start. 

We have put together 25 different items into a list of Indian cooking gifts. You can read through this list and search for some inspiration on what item would be the perfect one to get. There are a huge variety of items on this list so you will have more choices to choose from.   

1. Indian Spices Set

Indian Spices Set

When we think about Indian food and cooking, their spices are what gives their food its unique character. So, we should start this list of Indian cooking gifts with a set of some Indian spices. This set consisted of 9 keynote spices that give off Indian cooking their unique taste profile. Each set consisted of cardamom, cloves, cinnamon sticks, Kashmiri chili powder, cumin seeds, ground coriander, award winning spice kitchen garam masala, mustard seeds, and turmeric powder. This set will make it easy for them to get familiar with the different spices and they can start cooking Indian themselves. 

2. Masala Box

Masala Box

This masala box will be a great item to complete the spice set. Since Indian cooking uses tons of different spices, it is normal to have their own spice box which some also call a masala box. It comes with a traditional design and handcrafted pattern. Made from good quality brass, the golden color makes this piece unique and feels like an authentic Indian piece. 

3. Samosas & Coriander Chutney Cooking Class

Samosas & Coriander Chutney Cooking Class

In order to have the full on Indian cooking experience, you need to try cooking it themselves. The best on this list of Indian cooking gifts to give them the full Indian cooking experience. It is an online class where they would get to cook a classic Indian dish, Samosas, with a native Indian cook all the way from Delhi, India. The teacher comes from a family who have run their own good business in India, so you can be sure that he will be the reliable source to satisfy your curiosity toward India’s cooking culture.

4. Spicy Season: Authentic Masala Chai Class

Spicy Season: Authentic Masala Chai Class

You can also get them the spicy season: authentic masala chai class to get to know more about Indian traditional drinks. Chai is another famous spice that originated from India. Most people use it to make drinks. The Masala Chai is a warm comforting aromatic tea drink which was made by the tea masters in India long ago. In this class experience, you will get to try making your very own homemade blend. This class will send you a chai latte kit before the scheduled class. You will get to learn from the master, native of India,  and learn several different blends, even the vegans one too. It will definitely be a fun and memorable experience for them. 

5. Continental Explore Cooking Kit

Continental Explore Cooking Kit

Cooking kits are popular these days because they are easy and quick to make. The continental explore cooking kit will help them cook cuisines from different countries from the world which also includes the Indian cuisines. Each kit includes six recipe cards, grocery lists, and authentic necessary ingredients that might be hard to find themselves. An all-in-one kit that will be a great way for people to have the experience of making and eating Indian cooking. 

6. Indian Biryani Rice Dinner Kit

Indian Biryani Rice Dinner Kit

Other than curry, India is also known for its biryani rice. Biryani rice is a flavorful, fragrant rice that is just simply delicious. A super iconic dish in every Indian restaurant you can find anywhere around the world. Now, with this Indian biryani rice dinner kit, you can take a spoon of this super delicious rice in the comforts of your home. This kit comes with basmati rice, five jars of spices, silver spice spoon, recipe card, and a handmade repurposed Sari bag. It is the perfect food gift that is well and beautifully packaged. 

7. Sweet And Savory Masala Gift Box

Sweet And Savory Masala Gift Box

Another food gift that you can consider getting from this list is the sweet and savory masala gift box. It contains 5 different spice blends that will be suitable for both sweet and savory food. A simple and very straightforward gift box that is beautifully wrapped. An easy and effortless choice to choose from on this list of Indian cooking gifts.

8. Organic Chai Gift Set

Organic Chai Gift Set

The organic chai gift set is another effortless food gift choice on this list of Indian cooking gifts. The set contains assam tea, chai spice, silver spice spoon, brewing instruction, and a beautiful hand-sewn bag made from vintage sari collection. The masala chai is part of the Indian food culture that has been passed down for generations in India. So, it will be a great way to get to know the Indian food culture deeper.  

9. Chai Tea Kit

Chai Tea Kit

If you want to get them something that they can explore Indian cooking more freely, you can get them the chai tea kit. This kit contains tea leaves and spices that they can mix together to brew their very own glass of chai tea. This allows you to have your own Indian traditional tea vendors or what we call “chai wallahs” at your own home. 

10. Tableware Karahi Copper Utensil

Tableware Karahi Copper Utensil

In order to have the full on Indian food culture experience, cooking utensils will be a great way to complete the whole experience. This tableware Karashi copper utensil is a traditional serving bowl that is made of copper with hammered texture on the outside and steel on the inside. It is a very iconic Indian cooking utensil that you can basically find in any Indian restaurant everywhere around the world. Now, they can have it at home to use when it is an Indian-food-dinner kind of day. 

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11. Unglazed Clay Handi

Unglazed Clay Handi

Aside from brass cooking utensils, another iconic Indian cooking utensil that you can see in many Indian restaurants is this unglazed clay Handi. It is made from unglazed red clay which makes the piece very authentic. You can use it as a pot to cook food or as a serving bowl. It will be a dinner-scene stealer. Your guests will be impressed looking at it. 

12. Handmade Brass Plate

Handmade Brass Plate

Looking for simple and useful Indian inspired tableware, you have come to the right place.  The handmade brass plate is another eating or cooking utensil that will be super useful. It is handmade from metal by craftsmen in India. It has a very authentic style and design to it. Comes in a set of six plates altogether, it will be perfect for some dinner parties with your closest family. 

13. Traditional Seasoned Bronze Uruli

Traditional Seasoned Bronze Uruli

Uruli is a traditional Indian cooking utensil piece that serves a similar purpose as the  cooking pans. They usually use it to serve food on the table or cook smaller portions of food like side dishes. You can use this to cook some food directly on top of a fire. It is made from brass and bronze making it to have the classic, traditional Indian cooking utensil look. 

14. Vengala Pongal Paanai

Vengala Pongal Paanai

Indians do not only use lots of spices for their food, but they also use dairy products such as milk and butter milk to produce some drinks and sweets. Thus, they have the cooking utensils for it.  The vengala pongal Paanai is the cooking utensil used to make rice or boil milk. It is made from good quality brass that has a glistening yellow color that resembles gold. Comes in a set of a small and tall pot, you can use this as a tableware to put some soups or drinks in it. 

15. Davara Cup Set

Davara Cup Set

This will be the perfect gift for all coffee lovers out there. This Davara cup set is a traditional set of coffee cups mostly used in the Southern Indian region. It is made from good quality brass in a set of a cup and a bowl. Using eating and cooking utensils made of pure brass is believed to increase the production of melanin in our body which results in an overall healthier hair and skin condition in the long run. This is probably why the Indians use brass for all their dining utensils. Getting this cup and bowl set will allow you to experience the Indian way of drinking coffee. 

16. Copper Water Jug Set 

Copper Water Jug Set

Indian metal craftsmanship also produced distinct styles in making their cups and glasses. Instead of using ceramic mugs, brass mugs and glasses are widely used in many Indian restaurants and homes all around the world. The copper water jug set comes with one 2L water jug with two drinking cups. It is a handmade piece made from high quality copper. The hammered texture gives this set a more authentic Indian feel to it.  

17. Hammered Copper Glass Tumblr

Hammered Copper Glass Tumblr

The hammered copper glass tumbler comes in a unique cup design. Its hammered texture gives this glass an authentic Indian feel to it. It is made of good quality copper which comes with its super distinct copper color. The perfect item to be used for drinking daily. However, you need to remind them that this glass is strictly for water only. 

18. Small Masala Dabba Spoon

Small Masala Dabba Spoon

Due to their use of spices in almost all their food and drinks, the small masala dabba spoon is easily one of the important cooking utensils Indians need to have. It is the specific spoon used to scoop their spices from the spice box. This spice spoon is mostly made from silver and is used specifically for one purpose. This spoon comes in a set of six pieces which is fitting for the number of spice variations you will use to cook a single Indian dish.  

19. Mung Bean Plain Papadum Lentil Crisp

Mung Bean Plain Papadum Lentil Crisp

Other than Indian cooked food, some Indian traditional snacks will also be a great Indian cooking gift idea. This Papadum is a traditional Indian snack which is a deep fried dough made from different flours such as mungbean and chickpeas. It is one of the simplest choices on this list of Indian cooking gifts. 

20. Indian Curry Sauce

Indian Curry Sauce

Getting them a pack of Indian curry sauce would make a simple and great Indian cooking gift too. While making their own Indian curry sauce from scratch will take much effort and skill, you can get them this easy Indian curry sauce. They don’t need much time to cook some tikka masala dish on days they are craving for some Indian food. 

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21. Indian Curry Powder

Indian Curry Powder

You can always get them an Indian curry powder as an Indian cooking gift. A foolproof gift choice you can always go to. Since curry comes in most of the cooking scene in India, it will always be the easiest gift to get for your friends and family. The powder form would make it easier for you to send around and store for a longer period of time. 

22. Ghee


One of the most used and unique ingredients in Indian cooking is ghee. It is an Indian traditional butter which is made from cow’s or buffalo’s milk. Since many Indian food recipes call for ghee, getting them a jar of ghee would be great for their Indian cooking exploration. 

23. Ghasitaram Gifts Indian Sweets Box 

Ghasitaram Gifts Indian Sweets Box 

In order to have the full Indian culinary experience, we need to try the traditional Indian desserts too. This Indian sweets box consisted of Mawa White Pedeas, a traditional Indian sweets called peda which is made of khoa or dried milk, sugar, and natural flavoring such as cardamom seeds, pistachio, and saffron. Similar to cookies, pedas have a thick and semi-soft texture. Freshly made in India and will be delivered right to their doorstep. If you have diabetes or are conscious about your sugar intake, you don’t have to worry about consuming these sweets because they tweak the traditional recipe by using a sugar substitute. So, it will be safe for diabetics to consume. 

24. Repurposed Sari Patchwork Apron

Repurposed Sari Patchwork Apron

Sari is a traditional Indian clothing usually worn by women that comes in a unique pattern and color. The repurposed sari patchwork apron is made from sari swatches that are stitched together to make a beautiful and fun apron. There are no two aprons that will be the same to one another since they are all made from recycled sari which come in different colors and patterns. This item will allow them to get closer to the Indian culture as a whole by using pieces from its traditional clothing as an apron. 

25. Indian Instant Pot Cookbook

Indian Instant Pot Cookbook

We are going to conclude this list of Indian cooking gifts with an Indian food recipe book. Unlike any other Indian food cookbook out there, this one specifically has instant pot recipes. It means you will be able to have some delicious hearty Indian meal without taking too much time in preparing and cooking it. 

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What do you get someone who loves Indian food?

From this list of Indian cooking gifts, you can give someone who loves Indian food the masala gift box. It contains the spices that they need for both sweet and savory food. The masala box would be a unique cooking utensil to get them to hold all their precious spices. Without these spices, they won’t get that unique and tasty flavor they love about Indian food. 

What to get someone who wants to learn to cook Indian food?

From this list of Indian cooking gifts, you can get someone who wants to learn to cook Indian food an Indian food recipe book. They can try out and explore some recipes at home. Also, you can sign them up for the Delhi delights: Samosas & Coriander Chutney Online Class. Through this class, they get to learn how to make one of the most famous Indian snacks from a native cook all the way from India. It is going to be an experience they won’t forget. 

What are the best traditional Indian cooking gifts?

The best traditional Indian cooking gifts on this list of Indian cooking gifts would be the unglazed clay handi and the uruli cooking pans. These are two traditional Indian cooking utensils that they can use to cook or as a tableware to hold the food. It will be a great item to elevate their Indian food culture experience. 

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