25 Thoughtful Gifts for Indian Grandparents Who Have Everything

For Indian families, grandparents are a special blessing to their grandchildren. Indian grandparents are the glue that holds families together. They are usually the first ones to help their grandchildren manage their emotions, understand transitions and become more resilient. However, Indian grandparents were extremely strict when it came to their upbringing. These people were like a safety net that took care of grandchildren, when parents were not around. And for that reason, as grandchildren they should show gratitude to them with gifts for Indian grandparents.  In addition, as India is home to 80% of Hinduism, the majority of Indian grandparents are religious while still holding the tradition and cultures.  Therefore, gifts for Indian grandparents should be linked to Indian customs and Hinduism.

If you happen to have Indian grandparents, then consider yourself lucky because they have raised you well. Now, it’s time to repay their sincerity with thoughtful gifts for Indian grandparents. In this article, we will help you to find the best gift for your beloved Indian grandparents. Let’s take a look at this article and you will get more inspiration for gifts for Indian grandparents! Lets jump to the list! 

1. Golden 50th Sundial

Golden 50th Sundial

Celebrate your grandparents’ anniversary with this amazing sundial. Sundial is one of the most iconic gifts for Indian grandparents since it became a famous monument in Jaipur in 1734. This gorgeous sundial is made entirely of recycled materials and is fully plastic-free. Your Indian grandparents will treasure the polished brass detail against the lovely black background.

2. Shrinathji Nathdwara Hand Embellished Jeweled Hoop Artwork

Gifts for Indian Grandparents

Light up your grandparents house with this beautiful Indian theme artwork. Raw silk, Indian hammered wires, Japanese pearls, and Austrian crystals depict the incredible Shrinathji Nathdwara and will make your grandparents grin from ear to ear. To create this wonderful work of art, the Indian artist hand stitches each of the components.

3. Shiva Brass Statue

Gifts for Indian Grandparents

Give your grandparents protection from this amazing brass statue. Shiva is the Supreme Lord who is responsible for the creation, protection, and transformation of the universe. Made from solid brass in the copper green platina, it also will be one of the best gifts for Indian grandparents that will be a great addition to their house.

4. Wall Hanging Mandala Tapestries

Gifts for Indian Grandparents

These Mandala Tapestries will surely add beauty to your Indian grandparents house. A mandala typically signifies a spiritual journey that begins on the exterior and progresses through layers to the inner core. Smooth, ultra soft, and skin-friendly polyester, sturdy, and quick-drying. This affordable and attractive tapestry provides a lovely addition to your Indian grandparents’ home.

5. Repurposed Sari Produce Shopping Bags

Gifts for Indian Grandparents

Bring traditional and modern style with these repurposed sari shopping bags. This lovely set of three drawstring bags, fashioned from reused Indian sari fabric in a variety of rich color and pattern combinations, is ideal for both. Your grandparents will surely be happy to use these one-of-a-kind shopping bags.

6. India Songbird Eyeglass Holder

Gifts for Indian Grandparents

If your grandparents are using eyeglasses, then these Songbird eye holders will be very useful gifts. These excellent gifts for Indian grandparents will undoubtedly become their own sweet companion, assisting them in avoiding the everyday blurry-eyed quest for frames. In India, Songbird represents freedom and eternity. Made of a single piece of sheesham wood, they also become charming pieces of decor in their lives.

7. Kantha Indigo India Wrap Bracelet

Gifts for Indian Grandparents

Kantha bracelets, made from traditional hand block prints created by diverse Indian artisans, will be fantastic gifts for Indian grandparents to treasure. It’s an intriguing contrast between basic blue, black, and white tones and vibrant designs that cavort across three spiraling layers. Each one is unique and will differ due to the recycled and handmade nature of this item.

8. Chai Tea Kit

Gifts for Indian Grandparents

As your grandparents need to take care of their health, you should surprise them with this wonderful Chai tea kit. Chai tea is a fragrant, spicy tea that has been shown to improve heart health, lower blood sugar, and ease digestion. This lovely mix of organic spices, sourced from Indian marketplaces, allows your grandparents to make real chai flavors at home.

9. Calming Indian Wooden Bead Necklace

Gifts for Indian Grandparents

Help your grandparents feel calmer with this Indian wooden bead necklace. It is frequently said to signify creativity and liberty, and as a result, it is frequently associated with persons who practice New Age spirituality. Inspired by the lush flora seen throughout the mountainsides of Haiti, making an elegant piece that enables your grandparents to carry positive thoughts wherever.

10. India Style Midnight Garden Kimono

Gifts for Indian Grandparents

In case you only have an Indian grandmother left, then why don’t you take care of her with this amazing piece of sleepwear? Inspired by Indian floral style, against the deep black backdrop, it features stunning, hand-printed flowers that nearly appear in 3D. Your grandmother will definitely be happy to wake up like a monarch with this beautiful present.

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11. India Antique Storage Box

Gifts for Indian Grandparents

Vintage gifts for Indian grandparents will never fail to make them happy. This antique storage box will definitely be a piece of art they will cherish forever. Originally made in India with a unique floral pattern at the top, it will be a useful item for your grandparents to store memorable things in their life.

12. Brass Urli Bowl

Gifts for Indian Grandparents

Surprise your grandparents with this amazing urli bowl that has become the signature in Indian tradition. Fill the beautiful urli bowl with water and place natural flowers on top, along with floating candles, for a wonderful Diwali decor. Moreover, the unique and attractive brass urli bowl also can be a perfect addition to your grandparents’ house.

13. Dada Nani Coffee Mug

Dada Nani Coffee Mug

Suppose you have Indian friends who are going to have grandchildren, then it will be one of the ideal gifts to congratulate them. This coffee mug has a charming design that is specifically made for the new Dada and Nani. So, everytime they watch this design while drinking, it will remind them that they have become grandparents.

14. Indian Hand Embroidered Pouch

Indian Hand Embroidered Pouch

Get your Indian grandparents this wonderful pouch to store their belongings when going outside. It features Indian style embroidered faux pearls strings design, making it one of the prettiest gifts for Indian grandparents in their life. Your grandparents can store coins, candies, or even jewelry in this charming pouch.

15. Brass Diya Deepak

Brass Diya Deepak

Wish your grandparents a bright and good life with this stunning deepak. It is a traditional oil lamp that is used for Diwali. Moreover, Deepak is a symbol of hope for the future. This specially designed brass plate is also suitable for worship. This will be an ideal and useful gift for religious grandparents.

16. Kuber Diya for Diwali Oil Lamp

Kuber Diya for Diwali Oil Lamp

Get your grandparents a wonderful Kuba Diya in their lives! This gorgeous golden brass design creates a rich and meaningful experience of Indian culture. The Kuba Diya is a symbol of prosperity, fertility, luck and one’s ability to take risks. It is one of the most charming gifts for Indian grandparents that can be added to their home decor.

17. Vintage Ethnic Floral Fabric Coasters Bar 

Vintage Ethnic Floral Fabric Coasters Bar 

Make your grandparents house beautiful with these Indian floral coasters. They are one of the best gifts for Indian grandparents that bring a bit of nature indoors and add a pop of color. They are made of polyester and are built to last. Therefore, they will not break if dropped or scrape surfaces like hard coasters do.

18. Gold Indian Elephant Family Statues 

Gold Indian Elephant Family Statues 

If you are looking for gifts for Indian grandparents that bring luck to their house, then elephant ornaments will never go wrong. This elephant statue represents strength, wisdom, and house protection. Moreover, prosperity, and success are symbolized by the trunks looking upwards. The cloak is delicately etched with a lovely gold design and adorned with gleaming crystals.

19. Gold Lotus Plated Gift

Gifts for Indian Grandparents

This will be one of the best gifts for Indian grandparents that will deeply touch their heart. It features a box with gold plated lotus for a dry fruit bowl. In India, the lotus represents spirituality, fruitfulness, wealth, knowledge and illumination. By giving them this precious keepsake, it can be a symbol that you wish great things to come to your beloved grandparents. 

20. Indian Embroidery Handmade Footstool 

Indian Embroidery Handmade Footstool

Get your Indian grandparents a comfortable rest with this charming footstool. The Indian embroidery design will make this footstool attractive. It’s produced entirely by hand from chambray cloth, a plain-weave cotton fabric with a dyed warp yarn and a white filler yarn. It also has bohemian embroidery on the top, making it the ideal location for your Indian grandparents to relax while watching their favorite TV show.

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21. Haldi Kumkum Plate Holder 

Haldi Kumkum Plate Holder

If your Indian grandparents are going to participate in the Haldi Kumkum festival, then this will be a useful gift for them. Because this plate holder is made from metal with a golden finish, it has a great durability and luxurious design. Therefore, this plate holder can be passed to the next generation.

22. Mini Lota for Navratri

Mini Lota for Navratri

Give your Indian grandparents this lovely lota to celebrate Navratri. Unlike the regular version that is used for bath mugs or cleansing, it comes with a mini version which is made from German silver. It will be a beautiful gift for grandparents since Navratri is one of the most favorite festivals among Indians. 

23. Bengali Custom Name Necklace

Bengali Custom Name Necklace

In case your Indian grandparents used to speak in Bengali, this necklace will definitely warm their heart. You can customize this pendant with your Indian grandparents’ name in Bengali. Moreover, it is made of silver with a Bohemian style, making this necklate more stunning. This will be one of the best gifts for Indian grandparents to treasure. 

24. Indian Cotton Dhoti

Indian Cotton Dhoti

If you only have a grandfather, then you can surprise him with a new piece of Dhoti to make him appear charming in the upcoming festivals. The dhoti is the male equivalent of the sari, which is worn by women at religious and secular rituals. Made from cotton material with vibrant colors, this Dhoti is very soft and comfortable to wear. 

25. Traditional Indian Brass Dinnerware Set

al Indian Brass Dinnerware Set

Bring the old customs with this traditional dinnerware set. Any grandparent will surely appreciate this gift! It shows that you are still aware of Indian heritages. It features bowls, plates, and a glass which are constructed from high quality brass. Dinner time will be a wonderful experience for your Indian grandparents with this gift.

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What should I buy my Indian grandma?

As Indian grandmothers are proud of their cultures, you can give them gifts with an Indian touch. The Mini Lota for Navratri or the Bengali custom name necklace that portray the Indian touch will be a good gift idea. Moreover, you can get her a gift that is useful to show your care. For more inspiration, you can read our selected gifts for Indian grandparents in the article above.

What should I do for my Indian grandfather’s birthday?

Giving gifts for Indian grandparents can be a tricky thing, especially on your Indian grandfather’s birthday. No one wants to end up giving their Dadi something he doesn’t like or need. So when you’re looking for Birthday gifts for Indian grandfathers, it’s important to know them well enough to know what they’ll want and need, but not too well that you risk giving them something they already own or dislike. For example, if your grandparents’ health is decreasing, you can give them the Chai Tea kit for their birthday.

How can I surprise my Indian grandfather?

Gift is one of the best ways to surprise your Indian grandfather. He doesn’t need a big party or feast. But one simple and meaningful gift for him will be something that he will cherish forever. For example, you can give him the gold Indian elephant statues to wish him luck and happiness.Or, you can surprise him with the Indian embroidered handmade footstool to give his leg comfort. If you are looking for more gifts for Indian grandparents, please check our article above.

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