25 Wonderful Diwali Decoration Ideas To Light Up Your Home

Diwali is the greatest and most frequently observed festival in India, but it is also widely observed throughout most of the rest of the world. It is a joyful time when families come together and celebrate with joy, warmth and festivity. Moreover, Diwali decoration is one of the important parts of Diwali celebration. It makes the atmosphere more cheerful for the whole family. Diwali decorations are also a sign of welcome to all who visit you during this festive season. Diwali decoration ideas are all about two things; lights and flowers. You can decorate with candles, lamps and lanterns, while adding some flower decorations.

In case Diwali celebration is coming up, then you need Diwali decoration ideas for your inspiration. Let’s take a look in the article below for more amazing Diwali decorations ideas to light up your home. From traditional decorations and simple table decoration to a unique decoration party and fun Diwali activities, you will find the best decoration items in your life. Let’s check this out!

1. Diya Lamp with Rose Petals

Celebrate Diwali with classic Diwali decoration ideas to feel the real festive spirit. You can use rose petals in round shape for floor decoration. Add some lights on clay diyas in the center of the rose petals. Decorate the edges with planter lamps to add green accents in the traditional decorations. It is also a perfect idea for any Diwali decoration party idea.

2. Marigold Flower Rangoli Decoration

If you are looking for simple Diwali decoration ideas in the living room, then you can choose an artificial marigold rangoli mat to light up the celebration. Choose a bright color combination in yellow, orange, and pink for the mat. Put some candles on the edges of the round mat to radiate the Diwali spirit. It will be a good and simple idea for a decoration party.

3. Colorful Flower Floating Candles

Make your Diwali memorable with a heartwarming table decoration. The colorful flower floating candle will light up your Diwali celebration, making one of the most beautiful Diwali decoration ideas in your home. Simply put some multicolored tea light candles in the kuber diya which is filled with water. This idea will create a magical vibe once the candles are lit.

4. Mumbai Maharashtra Decorative Paper Lampshade

An innovative oriental approach for Diwali decoration ideas are with paper lamp shades. They come in wonderful patterns and colors in Mumbai Maharashtra style. You can hang it in front of the house, making a warm welcome to your guests who are going to celebrate Diwali together. It makes a fantastic decoration party which will be a piece of conversation among guests.

5. DIY Peacock Rangoli Art Painting

Create your own rangoli masterpiece to celebrate Diwali this year! If you love painting, then you can try to make DIY rangoli art painting for Diwali traditional decorations. You can try with the basic pattern for your first rangoli art. Use acrylic paint to make a charming peacock for Diwali. It makes one of the most fun Diwali activities with families.

6. Diwali Coasters

Source: Pinterest (@digitalmarketingprofs.in)

These small but useful decoration items may be a perfect idea if you are going to invite guests for Diwali celebration. Diwali coasters make adorable Diwali decoration ideas, especially for the table decoration. They come in iconic Diwali patterns such as a simple geometric shape, a deity impression, and also flower or petal shape in vibrant colors. 

7. Diwali Fruit Candle Diya with Cloves

Source: Pinterest (@mylistoflists.com)

Feel the natural citrus scent from your Diwali candle with this brilliant idea. Instead of using brass diya, you can replace it with a sweet mandarin orange peel for a candle holder. Fill each half cut orange peel with natural wax and put some cloves round the edges as the cute ornaments. This is one of the most unique Diwali decoration ideas to bring natural scents from citrus around.

8. Diwali Fairy Lights Behind Curtain

Source: Pinterest (@blog.jaypore.com)

Fairy lights are frequently used to embellish a house’s façade. Bring them inside for an amazingly original Diwali decoration. You can place it behind the transparent lace curtain to create a wonderful decoration party. In addition, your saviors are fairy lights, which can be placed in glass vases for a stunning illuminating effect or in Puja rooms. 

9. Diwali Marigold Toran on Door Entrance

Diwali torans, or wall hangings, serve as both ornamental accents and auspicious seasonal features. Make your Diwali decoration party more lively with marigold toran on the door entrance. You can use recycled crepe paper for making artificial marigold toran. It will be one of the most creative recycled Diwali decoration ideas to radiate the festive spirit.

10. Diwali Paper Cup Lantern

Diwali Decoration Ideas
Source: Instagram (@ayaancheryl_n_mommy)

Suppose you are looking for fun Diwali activities for students, then you can ask them to create paper cup lanterns.  Simply use disposable paper cups and acrylic paint to make amazing lanterns. You can paint some iconic Diwali patterns, which will be charming decoration items. This can be one of the most fun Diwali decoration ideas for school you should try. 

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11. Quilled Paper Diya

Diwali Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Taranpreet Kaur)

For those who love hand crafting, then quilled paper for Diwali decoration ideas will be a brilliant idea. You can create your own lotus diya with decorative quilled papers. Create the flower petals and spare the center area for some decorative candles. The color combination of blue, peac, red, and green make a perfect balance to celebrate Diwali with joy and happiness.

12. Candle In A Jar Diwali Ornament

Diwali Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@fabfurnish.com)

Colorful candle jars for Diwali decoration ideas will be a great decoration party in your house. You should choose colorful glass jar ornaments and fill them with mini candles inside. Hang them in your living room to make a bright atmosphere while welcoming guests. It is a perfect idea to get hanging decorations in case you are bored of table decoration. 

13. Diwali Paper Bag Luminaries

Diwali Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@eventsbyshowstoppers.com)

Who would have thought the plain brown paper bags for school launch could be transformed into something so lovely? The warm glow and atmosphere that paper bag luminaries bring to the battery-operated candles makes wonderful Diwali decoration ideas for school. Simply use a fancy hole punch to create a hole in the paper, then insert your candle. In order to have a more dramatic effect, make as many as you can.

14. Hand Painted Diya

Source: Pinterest (@buzzingbubs.com)

Without diyas, it wouldn’t be Diwali! So paint your own to make it extra special! Purchase ordinary diyas and adorn them using acrylic paint. Hand painted diyas make creative Diwali activities you can try with the whole family. Besides, it will be one of the most special Diwali decoration ideas as you put your art taste and color preference into it.

15. Marigold Flower Curtain

Diwali Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@myplacerevamped.com)

Thinking of having a lively Diwali celebration? Then the marigold flower curtain should be part of your Diwali decoration ideas. As people focus too much with table decoration, the wall or window may be forgotten. Therefore, you can turn the Diwali vibe in your living room with some marigold flowers in the window. It makes party decorations festive yet still elegant and charming.

16. Candle In Votive Jar Staircase Decor

Source: Pinterest (@popsugar.com)

A staircase will be a unique spot for Diwali decoration ideas. You can make a stunning welcome with some beautiful decoration items on the stairs. Use votive jars and put battery powered candles inside. The wonderful pattern in the volive glass luminaries the surroundings. Your guests will feel the magical and spiritual vibe in every step of the stairs.

17. Pistachio Shell Candle Holder

Source: Pinterest (@saumya chitranshi)

Let your creativity and imagination create charming Diwali decoration ideas with some pistachio shells. Inspired by the shape of lotus petals that resemble the half of pistachio shells, you can design your own diya with these shells. Stick these pistachio shells into the candle holder and make your own lotus flower. You can customize the thickness and design, the more the merrier!

18. Pujari Kundan Acrylic Rangoli Decor

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Suppose you are looking for durable Diwali decoration ideas which also can be used for another celebration, then you should consider acrylic rangoli decor. It was created utilizing various materials, including beads, pearls, and stones. You may choose pujari kundan design as it is the most luxurious but still traditional decoration. The vibrant colors of red, blue, yellow, and green work well with the gold beads..

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19. Thermocol Balls Rangoli Flower Decor

In case you want to make an outstanding decoration party on Diwali, then you can use this technique. Use thermocol balls beneath the flower decoration to make volume flowers. Consider combining yellow and whilte flowers as they are complementing each other. It will be one of the best Diwali decoration ideas to impress your guests.

20. Crepe Paper Garland

Diwali Decoration Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Jennifer Joseph)

A large flower garland for Diwali to welcome your guests might be too expensive. Why don’t you try to make your own Diwali toran instead? Simple use crepe papers to make an outstanding decorative garland. This crepe paper toran looks finer than plastic toran and will undoubtedly last longer than fresh flower toran. It can be made more festive by adding gold bells at each end.

21. Diwali Henna Inspired Candle

Diwali Henna Inspired Candle
Source: Pinterest (@notonthehighstreet.com)

Diwali decoration must include candles and henna. So, why don’t we combine both elements into one Diwali Henna inspired candle? This is one of the most unique Diwali decorations, because it looks so adorable with Diwali engravings made of henna written directly to the body of plain candles. The colors are adorable, and since it’s also a DIY item, you can spend quality time with your family making these candles before Diwali as well.

22. Diwali Front Door Decor

Diwali Front Door Decor
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Be proud of your Indian heritage by celebrating Diwali and placing this adorable Diwali front door decor to be an amazing sign of the celebration. The colors of this decor item is just so adorable, and it will match perfectly with your other Diwali decorations around the house, too. This one comes in mostly orange with a touch of pink and white. However, if you are keen on other colors, then you are free to choose other colors to be the main color of your front door decor.

23. Embroidery Cushion

Embroidery Cushion
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.me)

Just look at how adorable this cushion is! It is an embroidery cushion that is inspired by Diwali, both in terms of colors and patterns. If you have cushions on your sofa, you can replace them with Diwali-themed cushions during the celebration of the special day. You can add several of these items and pick different colors and patterns to add a touch of Diwali celebration into your home decor. 

24. Ganesha Free Standing Candle Holder

Ganesha Free Standing Candle Holder
Source: Pinterest (@suhanigifts.com)

This ganesha free-standing candle holder is one of the must-have items for Diwali celebration. It comes in a perfect size that will be the perfect item to be placed on the center table full of snacks and tasty Indian dishes. Instead of just one, you can actually place more than one, and place each on every table to create a stunning Diwali decoration around the house. 

25. Terracotta Candle Holder

Terracotta Candle Holder
Source: Pinterest (@craftam.com)

Still about candles, here we have a set of terracotta candle holders that come in adorable colors, including red, orange, blue, and green. All come in the perfect Diwali color tones. In our opinion, these holders are some of the items that need to be displayed at home during Diwali, because they will add fun colors into the room, and will be loved by everyone in the family, too!

Latest Post:

How can I decorate my Diwali at home?

Make sure you have 2 essential decorations in your home: lights and flowers. Indians usually decorate the home with glistening lights and vibrant hues. So you can utilize Rangoli, which are vibrant floor designs made of flower petals, rice, or sand, as well as string lights, candles, and oil lamps.

How can I decorate my room with Diwali lights?

You can use a battery powered candle for safety reasons. Place it in the glass jar to create an amazing luminary effect. Moreover, you can put fairy lights behind the lace curtain, making a magical vibe in your room. 

Which light is best for Diwali decoration?

Well, it depends on your preference and the decoration idea you want. If you love lights for table decoration, you can use floating candle light in kuber diya. Moreover, if you love light for wall decoration, you can choose hanging light decor such as lamp shades or hanging lamps in a jar. 

What are Diwali lights called?

They are usually called diyas. The most common Hindu tradition involves lighting diyas on the night of the new moon to summon Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Meanwhile, the sanskrit word Diwali itself means “rows of lit lamps”.

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