25 Awesome Indian Housewarming Gifts In USA 

In Indian tradition, the housewarming rite is regarded as second only to the wedding ceremony in importance. Even though they live in USA and far away from their hometown, Indians will keep the tradition. According to this ceremony, all living environments are teeming with unseen creatures in the new place. As a result, prayers are required to cleanse the space of negative energy and allow positive energy to flow into the property. After the housewarming ceremony is done, they will hold a housewarming party. When you are invited to an Indian housewarming party, you need a gift that is as original, gorgeous and special as them. Therefore, the best Indian housewarming gifts in USA which bring traditional touch would be so much remembered by your Indian new neighbors or family members. As they are going to live in a new place they might need some things to set it up. You can send Indian housewarming gifts in USA as greetings, good wishes with the best things in life, or even return gifts for your dear ones.

In case it is your first time to buy your Indian friends a housewarming gift, then don’t worry because we will help you through this article. Let’s take a look at our best Indian housewarming gifts in USA that we have compiled just for you! We are aware that choosing the best gift might be difficult, but we believe that those items below will be loved by Indians out there. Let’s jump to the list!

1. Brass Annam Bird Diya

Brass Annam Bird Diya

Surprise your loved ones with some beautiful Indian housewarming gifts in USA that can be used for home decor. These two traditional Annam Bird Diya are perfect to be given to a dear friend or relative who has just moved into a new home. Diya is associated with purity, goodness, good fortune, and power. Made from brass, these sets of candles, lanterns and diyas would add an exotic yet elegant touch to the decor. 

2. Hand Woven Moroccan Rug

Hand Woven Moroccan Rug

Add traditional style to your Indian friends’ new house with this unique moroccan rug. This gift is composed of warm wool with an eye-catching Bohemian style design. This rug is charmingly sophisticated and connects the ancient heritage of nomadic Berber tribes with modern interiors. Each rug is completely handcrafted before being washed and dried in the fresh mountain air. It fits perfectly with any home decoration, making it one of the best Indian warming gifts in USA.

3. Handmade Bohemian Cotton Throw Blanket

Handmade Bohemian Cotton Throw Blanket

Light up the Indian housewarming party with something nice to snuggle up to. This throw blanket will be the best one that offers warmth and comfort in the new house. It features decorative handcrafted Bohemian patterns which are made from cotton. The size is large enough to cover up your Indian friends’ body. It makes a perfect housewarming gift for your Indian buddies who need warmth while watching TV on the couch.

4. Wrought Iron Musicians Set

Wrought Iron Musicians Set

For those Indians who value attention to detail, home design will be vital. Therefore, these cool Indian musician statues will be great Indian housewarming gifts in USA for home decoration. These colorful musician statues are made of high purity metal and are finely constructed. They provide your Indian colleges’ home an exquisite and trendy appearance. In addition, it’s also a great way to wish Indians good luck as a return present.

5. Brass Deer Ornamental Hooks 

5. Brass Deer Ornamental Hooks 

This gift would undoubtedly be a must-have for your Indian friends at their new home! They may already have mugs or spoons, but how about something to put on their coats or hats when they arrive at home? This is a deer design hook rack with an Indian influence. Deer symbolizes fertility and the cycle of life, bringing positive energy to your Indian home. It has a detailed traditional pattern carved on it. Made of brass, with two loops at the top for nailing or screwing the rack to the wall.

6. Traditional Indian Puppets 

Traditional Indian Puppets

Get your Indian friends these colorful presents to add some colors in their new house. Indian puppets decorations are always good Indian housewarming gifts in USA, especially when they love traditional costumes. In Rajasthan, the art of puppeteering has a lengthy history. By giving them this gift, they can get gorgeous home ornaments while preserving their tradition.

7. Ganesha In Copper Wall Art

Ganesha In Copper Wall Art

If you want aesthetic and unique Indian house warming gifts in USA, then you should buy this wall art. It features Ganesha design that symbolizes wisdom and understanding. Because it is composed of wrought iron, this is a piece of art that  exhibits artistic brilliance while also adding elegance to home decor. This bansuri Ganesh wall hanging will be a conversation starter in your Indian friends’ home.

8. Pure Silver Indian Traditional Lota

Pure Silver Indian Traditional Lota

For Indians who love traditional things for collection, this lota may be one of the great options. This traditional lota comes in tiny size, perfect to adorn your Indians’ desk as their new home. As it is made from silver with gold polish, this gift appears elegant and charming. Indians believed that lota is the symbol of the greatest, and the most beautiful, making it one of the perfect wishes for Indian heartwarming gifts in USA.

9. Brass Ganesha Swastika Wall Hanging

Brass Ganesha Swastika Wall Hanging

Bless your Indians’ new house with this amazing wall hanging. Unlike the regular wall hanging, it portrays the beauty of brass Ganesha Swastika. The right-facing or clockwise symbol in Hinduism is known as swastika, and it represents surya, prosperity, and good luck. Meanwhile, swastika is believed to be the symbol of Lord Ganesha. As a result, the depiction of Lord Ganesha on the Swastik depicts cosmic energy forces. It is one of the most religious Indian housewarming gifts in USA, due to its deep meaning.

10. Kuber Diya for Diwali

Kuber Diya for Diwali

Help your Indans’ ritual in their new house easily by giving them kuber diya. It can be used to perform Aarti and Puja. Made from brass with fancy gold finish color, it also can be an ideal item to adorn their new house. Just simply put the oil lamp inside and it will change the room’s atmosphere and become more sacred. Lighting an oil-filled lamp is thought to awaken the inner nature by exuding positive and symbolic energy.

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11. Lord Ganesha Shadow Diya

Lord Ganesha Shadow Diya

In case Diwali is coming up, but your Indian friends haven’t prepared anything yet because they are still busy with their new house, this gift will be a life saver. This beautiful brass diya will complete the Diwali celebration. It features a beautiful design which offers a wonderful Lord Ganesh shadow when used in the dark room. Moreover, it can be used as a charm as it is believed as a symbol of goodness and power.

12. Lakshmi Ganesha Mandir Statue

Lakshmi Ganesha Mandir Statue

This amazing statue will be one of the best housewarming gifts in USA that will be loved by everyone. It depicts Ganesha and Lakshmi sitting in the big temple, in order to obtain wisdom as well as prosperity. Ganesha is known as the God of Wisdom, whereas Lakshmi is known as the Goddess of Wealth. They make a good pair, because wealth won’t last as long as you don’t have wisdom. This statue is made from cast iron in the gorgeous gold finish, perfect item to bless a new house. 

13. Peacock and Elephant Design Traditional Brass Urli

Peacock and Elephant Design Traditional Brass Urli

Do you want to keep negativity away from your Indians’ new house? Then why don’t you give them this traditional brass urli? Urli is a spiritual and religious Hindu home decor item that symbolizes purification. It should be placed in front of the house temple or the front door. It has traditional elephant and peacock motifs that give both beauty and devotional significance to a new home. It is one of the unique Indian housewarming gifts in USA.

14. Peacock Diya with Crown Kerala Samai

Peacock Diya with Crown Kerala Samai

Did you know that the peacock is a sacred animal in Indian traditions? Therefore, Indian housewarming gifts in USA that have a peacock symbol will be very precious, including this beautiful diya. Unlike the usual diya, it features a stunning brass peacock with a crown at the top. It has long been seen as a secular emblem of beauty, love, romance, and life. This gift will be a priceless item that any Indian treasure forever. 

15. Marigold Rangoli

Marigold Rangoli

Rangoli serves a purpose other than decoration. The rangoli is meant to welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and good fortune, and signifies the happiness, cheerfulness, and vitality of a home. This lovely ethnic marigold flower rangoli is handcrafted from fabric and metal.The vibrant color with charming flower design makes it great return gifts for getting rid of bad luck. 

16. Rajasthani Traditional Jharokha

Rajasthani Traditional Jharokha

Bring the beautiful and religious art to your Indian friends’ new house. This wooden jharokha portrays a lady playing a regional instrument, a good housewarming gift with a strong Indian touch. It has Indian traditional jharokha design with fantastic carving, making a great addition to any room. By giving your Indians this traditional ornament, their room will look expensive and elegant. 

17. Lakshmi Ganesha Metal Figurine

Lakshmi Ganesha Metal Figurine

If your Indian friends are figurine collectors, then this item will be one of the most wonderful Indian housewarming gifts in USA. It comes with 2 figurines of Lakshmi and Ganesha which are made from metal in gold finish. Its small size makes it fit to any rack perfectly, along with other figurines. Beside its visual function, it can be a great symbol of good luck and prosperity for their new place.

18. Ganesh Kalash Good Luck Charm

Ganesh Kalash Good Luck Charm

With this adorable good luck charm, your Indians’ new house will be full of blessings. It features alternating Ganesh and Kalash ornaments which fits perfectly in door archways and at the front door of the house. The Kalash is regarded as a symbol of riches, wisdom, and longevity since it is thought to contain amrita, the elixir of life. Meanwhile, Ganesh is a symbol of wisdom that will bless the new house. For more powerful charm, it should be positioned in the north or east of the room.

19. Pom Pom Bell Pooja Decor

Pom Pom Bell Pooja Decor

Make Pooja celebration merrier in your Indians new house with this cute and pretty decoration. Each item has some bells with colorful pom poms which will be an attractive ornament in any room. The bamboo ring portrays the sun that is believed to bring good luck to the new house. It could be one of the best return gifts for those who need more color in their home.

20. Bajrangbali Hanuman Murti Statue

Bajrangbali Hanuman Murti Statue

Surprise your elder relatives with one of the most fantastic Indian housewarming gifts in USA! The eye-catching red Hanuman is constructed of polyresin and comes in sturdy design and long-lasting color. This charming Hanuman statue will definitely be a piece of conversation in the room. Hanuman is known for being a bachelor and a model celibate, which will bring strenght and energy around him.

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21. Indian Traditional Hamper

Indian Traditional Hamper

Get your friends this Indian traditional hamper to congratulate them for their new house. A candle holder with henna candle, a 1 inch wooden Ganesha, a shubh labh, and a brass diya are included in this lovely gift basket. In addition, all of these items are made by hand which makes this hamper more special. This is one of the most simple but precious Indian housewarming gifts in USA that they will cherish forever.

22. Peacock Haldi Kumkum Katori

Peacock Haldi Kumkum Katori

This beautiful katori will be the most versatile Indian housewarming gifts in USA. This lovely marble kumkum katori  is both elegant and sturdy in appearance. It has a peacock design and nicely polished surface and is easy to clean because it is made of marble. The marble is embellished with Minakari art, giving a distinct Indian flavor. Beside its charming design, it also can be used for kumkum holders during celebration or personal containers with protective cover. 

23. Tree of Life Wall Art

Tree of Life Wall Art

Wish your Indians happiness and fortune with this beautiful Tree of Life wall art. It is venerated by those who want to have children because of its ever-expanding roots and branches, which are symbolic of life and fertility in many Indian cultures. This sacred tree is beautifully portrayed in this metal art decor. It has a sturdy design that lasts for both indoors or outdoors. Your Indian friends can place it in the main room to attract positive energy.

24. Radha Krishna On Swing Jhula Statue 

Radha Krishna On Swing Jhula Statue 

If you want to get the best Indian housewarming gifts in USA for couples, then the Radha and Krishna statue will never go wrong. This statue comes with Radha and Krishna on swing which is made from metal in gold color, bringing good charm around. Krishna is said to charm the entire world, but Radha enchants him as well. As a result, she is the highest goddess of all, and they are known as Radha-Krishna together. 

25. Jute Footstool Cover

Jute Footstool Cover

Jute, like cotton, is an important natural fiber crop in India. By giving your Indian friends awesome jute footstool cover, they can feel the Indian atmosphere in their new house. This iconic material from India can be spun into very strong and long lasting threads. It has soft and shiny fiber which is also comfortable as a footstool cover. It will be one of the most precious return gifts for those Indians who miss this special fiber.

Latest Post:

What is a traditional Indian housewarming gift?

It is a housewarming gift that portrays Indian tradition and religious side in it. It could be statues, such as the Lakshmi Ganesh mandir statue or the Radha Krishna on swing jhula statue. Or, it could be a traditional ornament for rituals or ceremonies such as the Kuber diya for Diwali. If you are looking for more traditional Indian housewarming gifts in USA, go check our article above!

What do you give for an Indian housewarming ceremony?

You should give them some thoughtful gifts that will bring good luck and positive energy to their new home. Therefore, we recommend you to give them the Ganesh Kalash good luck charm or the Marigold rangoli for blessing their house and preventing bad luck. Suppose you still need more inspiration, you can read in the article above. 

How do you welcome Indian neighbors?

Well, bringing vegetarian snacks as a housewarming gift is traditional in India. Other customs include bringing the new family to lunch or dinner at your home and giving the new neighbors a present before they leave at the end of a visit. In case you have Indian neighbors in USA, you may still apply this tradition by giving them gifts. There are many great Indian housewarming gifts in USA you can give to your neighbors. If you are planning to give them some, we hope our article above will give you some inspiration.

What do you bring to a Hindu housewarming?

You can bring them traditional gifts that remind them of Hindu cultures. As they now live in USA, housewarming gifts with a religious Indian touch will be very meaningful. Therefore, we recommend you to give them God statues or ritual ornaments as housewarming gifts. If you need more ideas for Indian housewarming gifts in USA, please check the selected items in the article above.

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