25 Sweet and Warm Gifts for Cookie Lovers

Cookies are one of the most favorite snacks and desserts in the world. It comes in various flavors and shapes which let you have never ending choices to try. People find cookies easy to bring and share. Cookies also come in the right size that makes people fall in love with it. Holidays won’t be complete without cookies to share and enjoy with your loved ones. They are perfect for every occasion. You can eat it for tea time, breakfast, snacks, or just any time of the day.  No wonder that many people, both kids and adults, call themselves cookie lovers. 

On this list of gifts for cookie lovers, we have put together 25 different items that would satisfy the cookie lovers out there. There are items that will suit those cookie lovers who bake their own cookies. Other items are perfect for cookie lovers who solely focus on munching their cookies. There is something for everyone on this list.  

1. Personalized Baking Recipe Notebook

Personalized Baking Recipe Notebook

The first item on this list of gifts for cookie lovers is the personalized Baking Recipe Notebook. They can write down all their favorite cookie recipes in this book and get back to it when they are craving it. It comes with some baking cheat sheets and also enough space to store 35 different recipes. 

Adorable Cookie Jar

To keep all their cookies safe and fresh, this Adorable Cookie Jar is a must have from this list of gifts for cookie lovers. It is made of ceramic with a playful cartoon character stitch. Comes with beautiful and vibrant colors, this stitch cookie jar will make a fun and playful home decoration piece for them. 

Cookie Lover Socks

The Cookie Lover Socks is a cute and fun clothing piece for all cookie lovers. A simple navy blue socks with cookie prints all over it. The navy blue color makes these socks suitable for both casual and formal occasions. It is made from high quality cotton making it extra comfortable to wear. 

4. Cat Embossed Rolling Pin

Cat Embossed Rolling Pin

To add some fun element to their cookie baking sesh, this Cat Embossed Rolling Pin is a must have from this list of gifts for cookie lovers. It will leave cat prints on the cookie dough as they roll it. Made from high quality and sturdy wood, this rolling pin is a great addition to their baking tools collection. 

Tough Cookie Enamel Keyring

A cute accessory choice on this list of gifts for cookie lovers is the Tough Cookie Enamel Keyring. A good way to boost up the cookie lovers’ confidence with their favorite thing in the world: the cookie itself. The keyring is gold rose plated which makes it extra lovely and adorable.  

Cookie Pun Uplifting Joke Mug

The Cookie Pun Uplifting Joke Mug is a simple mug with an uplifting quote placed on it. On the cup it is written “tough cookies don’t crumble easily”. A great way to send some words of encouragement to your cookie lover friends. The cute cookie illustration adds  some fun touch to the mug.

Nonstick Cookie Pan Set

It is always a great idea to get cookie lovers some cookie baking tools. You can start with this Nonstick Cookie Pan Set. They won’t be able to make freshly baked cookies without a baking pan. It comes in three different sizes and with high quality, durable material that heats up evenly ensuring perfectly baked cookies. 

Metal Cookie Cutter Set

The Metal Cookie Cutter Set is also another must have cookie baking tool from this list of gifts for cookie lovers. You can choose the ones that come with regular heart, star, circle shapes or you can choose to get them the Christmas or Halloween shapes set. This will be especially useful for them to make some holiday cookies. Made from sturdy metal, you can cut and keep the cookie shape nicely. 

Stainless Steel Cookie Press

Another option to have beautiful cookie shapes from this list of gifts for cookie lovers is by using this Stainless Steel Cookie Press. It is a great tool that makes cookie baking a little easier and less messy. Made from durable stainless steel, it makes molding cookies so much easier. It also comes with a variety of shapes which they can pick and choose to use. 

Cookie Scoop Set

Another baking tool must have in this list of gifts for cookie lovers is the Cookie Scoop Set. A very useful tool to scoop their cookie batter to have an even and uniform cookie. It comes in a set of three different sizes which you can use according to the size of the cookies you want to make. 

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Cookie Lovers

A unique choice you can consider on this list of gifts for cookie lovers is the custom Message Shortbread Cookie. It is a set of 24 classic shortbread cookies with personalized messages written on each one of them. You can customize your own message to send to your cookie lover friend. 

12. Milk & Cookies Shot Glass Making Kit

Cookie Lovers

The Milk & Cookies Shot Glass Making Kit is a fun activity you can give to your cookie lover friends. It is a silicone mold to transform your cookie into the shape of shot glasses. A fun twist to the usual cookie baking. Since it is made from silicone, it will be easy for you to take the baked cookie from the mold off and easy to clean afterwards

13. Tranquil Tea Break Set 

Cookie Lovers

Tea and cookies will help you enjoy your break time better. This Tranquil Tea Break Set comes with a hexagonal tray with a lead cut out to put some cookies on and a porcelain mug for tea. The tea mug comes with a wooden lid that matches the tray which also could be utilized as a teabag holder on one side. The perfect choice on this list of gifts for cookie lovers for those who love enjoying their favorite cookie with a cup of tea. 

Cookie Lovers

If you are looking for a more personal item, you can consider getting the personalized Cookie Baking Book & Apron. The book comes with their name and a character that is made to look just like them. The apron also comes with cute illustrations and a personalized name on it. The perfect choice on this list of gifts for cookie lovers list particularly for your little cookie lovers around the age of 5-9. 

Cookie Lovers

The Edible Custom Photo Cookie Kit is another great cookie making kit you can consider getting from this list of gifts for cookie lovers for your cookie lovers friends. You need to first take their most precious photos and have them printed on dozens of edible stickers. Then, they can place these photos on the freshly baked cookies. 

16. Macaron Soap Set 

Cookie Lovers

Macarons are famous French cookies which usually come in many different flavors and colors. This Macaron Soap Set is soaps in the shapes of these macarons. As a cookie lover, it would be even better to have their soaps in the shape of cookies as well. A great alternative on this list of gifts for cookie lovers if you are looking for non-baking or edible cookie related items. 

17. Milk & Cookies Mismatch Socks

Cookie Lovers

A unique and fun item on this list of gifts for cookie lovers is the Milk & Cookies Mismatch Socks. One side comes with a picture of milk and the other side comes with a picture of a cookie. However, both are inseparable just like cookies and milk. 

Cookie Lovers

A little twist on the ordinary cookie is the Cookie Dough Snack Bar Set. Instead of the usual cookie, the cookie dough is made into snack bars. It is made from all natural ingredients, gluten and dairy free and comes in six different flavors. The perfect snack for you to bring on-the-go. 

Cookie Lovers

Another cookie making kit in this list of gifts for cookie lovers is the Make Your Own Fortune Cookie Kit. Unlike any other cookies, fortune cookies are unique due to its shape and the message it contains. Now, they can try making these fortune cookies at home.  

20. Cook’s Book Kitchen Scale

Cookie Lovers

Kitchen scale is a necessary item to have for baking. The Cook’s Book Kitchen Scale is made with an innovative design to save some space in their kitchen. Instead of the usual counter top scale, this scale can be placed together with their cooking books to save some storage space in your kitchen. 

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21. Dark Humor Misfortune Cookies

Cookie Lovers

If you are looking for something funny and quirky in this list of gifts for cookie lovers, you can consider getting the Dark Humor Misfortune Cookies. It only has the same shape with the original fortune cookies we all know. However, it has a black color with some dark humor inside it. Don’t worry these cookies won’t bring misfortune. They just bring a refreshing and not so ordinary view on life. The perfect gift for those cookie lovers who have a good sense of humor and don’t get offended easily. 

Cookie Lovers

One of the most unique yet useful items on this list of gifts for cookie lovers is these Milk & Cookies Salt And Pepper Shaker Set. It is made from high quality ceramic that will make a cute and unique kitchen decoration. A magnetic salt and pepper shaker that is super well made and very easy to use.

23. Dunky Cup

Dunky Cup

Cookies and milk are a match made in heaven. This Dunky Cup will help them enjoy their milk and cookies well. The cup is designed to make dunking cookies in a glass of milk easier. It also comes with a cookie holder so you can have both your milk and cookie in one cup.

Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit

One of the most fun parts in baking cookies is the decorating part. The Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit will help them step up their cookie decorating game. It comes with the tools as well as meringue powder and the icing color. The complete kit that the cookie lovers would love. 

25. Cookies

Cookie Lovers

We would end this list of gifts for cookie lovers with the most obvious option: lots and lots of cookies. You can get or bake their favorite cookies and send it over to them. Since they are cookie lovers, they won’t be able to resist some extra cookies. 

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What to get someone who loves cookies?

For someone who loves cookies, obviously the best item to get them are cookies. However, you can also consider getting something like the Milk & Cookies Shot Glass Making Kit to let them experience baking their own cookies at home. You can also get them the more practical items on this list of gifts for cookie lovers such as the Cookie Scoop Set

Are cookies a good birthday gift?

Cookies will be a great birthday gift. You can consider getting the huge size cookies. Also, you can consider getting a beautifully decorated cookie. So, the cake will replace the role of your usual birthday cake. 

How do you give someone cookies?

If you are planning to share your homemade cookies with families and friends, you can put it in to-go boxes which is the easiest and most practical option. If the cookies are for special occasions, you can pack them individually and put some ribbons on it for some decoration. 

How do you keep cookies fresh as a gift?

To keep your cookies fresh as a gift, putting them in an air-tight container would be the best way. Make sure you find the container that has the right size in order to limit the amount of air that could come in contact with the cookies. Also, sending them out as soon as the cookies are baked will also help keep them fresh when it reaches the recipient. 

How do you package cookies?

There are many ways to package cookies. To keep its freshness, you want to keep them in an air-tight container or plastic. You can also place them in a cookie tin or jar. Just remember to close them tightly. Whether you package it with plastic or in a jar, just remember to seal the plastic and close the jar tightly.  

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