86 Coolest Coffee Mugs & Unique Coffee Cups Ever!

We all drink coffee or tea. Well, maybe some of us don’t, but they are just missing out on the relaxing time that is drinking tea or the energy boost and the will to live that coffee gives you. But it’s not only about the beverage, because what you drink out of also has a huge impact on the drinking routine. Coffee mugs don’t have to be in plain boring colors and round shapes. The funniest and coolest coffee mugs can also say a lot about your personality, interests, and preferences.

Coffee mugs with quotes can make people laugh, cringe or give them a little glimpse into your way of thinking. They can send motivational or calming messages, too! Plus, if you’re looking for a simple feel-good gift for someone there’s nothing better than hitting a bulls-eye with a suiting mug for that one person.

If you are currently looking for the perfect coffee mug for you or someone you want to cheer up, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the coolest coffee mugs out there. So pour yourself your favorite beverage to set the mood and find that ideal mug you won’t be able to live without.

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BEST and Cool Coffee Mug

If you think that Cookie Monster is your soulmate in terms of consuming cookies, then this is probably one of the coolest coffee mugs that was made specifically for you. It comes with double functions as it also provide a slot on the bottom to keep your cookie near to your tea wherever you go.

So, keep your cookie near so you can always have something to chew while drinking your favorite beverage.

#2 Giant Half Gallon Coffee Mug

Giant Half Gallon Coffee Mug

Looking for the coolest coffee mugs for work? If you are, then we believe that this next mug choice is for you. We can understand that sometimes you need your caffeine intake before starting your day at work. We can also understand that during those hard days at work, a cup of coffee a day might not be enough. Therefore, we highly recommend this huge mug for you!

This mug can contain 64 ounces of coffee, so maybe it actually stands a chance at satiating your need for it. Moreover, it might also be a mug that makes your friends laugh during break time.

#3 Interlocking Pair of Heart Shaped Coffee Mugs

Interlocking Pair Of Heart Shaped Coffee Mugs

These unique coffee mugs would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other. Comes in a set of two interlocking mugs, it will make a super romantic gift for lovebirds. Or, you can also have it for yourself and your significant other, too. The heart shape featured in these mugs are made in a subtle and tasteful way, so that is also a plus.

It comes in white with no other colors of messages placed on it. We believe that the unique interlocking heart shape already represents the true meaning that these mugs deliver.

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#4 Shhh Now You May Speak Poop Mug

No products found.

Let’s not lie to ourselves and put the truth right out there where everyone could see it – coffee prompts pooping. Yep, it is a fact that most people know already. Coffee has something about causing the metabolism to accelerate and what not.

Based on that interesting fact, we believe that any coffee lover won’t mid to have this mug to enjoy the routine of having a caffeine intake every morning. So, if you’re looking for funny coffee mug quotes, then here you go.

#5 Rubik’s Cube Mug

Rubik's Cube Mug

As a child, we used to have this dream of finally being able to solve the Rubik’s cube. Now, as adults, we can proudly say that the task still hasn’t been accomplished. But hey, at least now we or anyone who this story resonates with can drown our sorrow in these unique shaped coffee mugs. It comes in a unique Rubik’s shape with the iconic colors of it. It will undoubtedly turn all eyes on you whenever you enjoy your coffee using this mug.

#6 Yoda Coffee I need Mug

Yoda was a truly unique Jedi Master, there’s no discussion there. One of his unique qualities that made him such an original character was, of course, the way he speaks. We can assure you that only by looking at this mug, you can already hear Yoda’s voice in your head, which makes it one of the funniest coffee mugs for Star Wars fans out there.

#7 Gun Mug

Gun Mug

These unique shaped coffee mugs make holding a mug seem like being a part of a high-budget action movie. It will feel even more so where you are on a rescue mission to save some high-profile person of interest. Being a mug with such a unique shape, enjoying your favorite beverage will be an experience like no other. All you need in addition to that is a dose of caffeine and a big explosion in the background.

#8 Donut Worry Be Happy Mug

Donut Worry Be Happy Mug

We love cool coffee mugs that play with words in famous quotes. Take this funny mug for instance. And hey, the message is not lost, don’t worry and be happy. Even if you’re not, have a donut and it’ll get better. Personally, we also think that the image of the donut on the mug reminds us of Homes Simpson somehow. Therefore, if you are thinking of giving this mug to the Simpson fan you know, then we are here to support you with the plan!

#9 The Extra Shot Coffee Mug

The Extra Shot Coffee Mug

If drinking Irish coffee on a regular basis is something you’re proud of, then this is will be one of the coolest coffee mugs for you. It comes with a mini flask that will definitely come in useful for you, especially if coffee and alcohol are your thing.

Moreover, we also think that this would be a perfect coffee mug set for a dad, brother or anyone who can appreciate a hint of alcohol in their coffee.

#10 Melting Illusionary Mugs

Melting Illusionary Mugs

These unique coffee mugs will never fail to amaze everyone who lay eyes on them. With this mug, you can take real advantage of the art of illusion, which can also mess with your brain for a minute. In our opinion, we really have to compliment the designer of these mugs for the brilliant and out-of-the-box idea in making this piece of art.

If you are looking for a different kind of much to make your morning feels more energizing, these mugs are the answer. They do look extremely cool as if they are actually drowning in any surface you put them on. Also, we would suggest that you pick a pair of these items in black and white.

#11 Caffeine is Coming Game of Thrones Coffee Mug

coolest coffee mugs

Awesome coffee mugs are not only about unique shapes and funny original quotes. Do you know that sometimes it is enough to take a spin on a classic pop culture reference. Based on that reason, here we have the perfect gift for a Game of Thrones fan. But, really, the caffeine, which we believe can sometime be same as winter, is coming, like literally!

#12 Face Mug

Face Mug

This is one of those cool coffee mugs that looks absolutely amazing despite not having flashy colors or funny quotes on it. This face-shaped mug will not only give you hot tea or coffee but also gives you an opportunity to keep tasty treats inside of it. Also, we believe that this face mug is one of the most artsy mugs on our list of the coolest coffee mugs.

#13 ‘To Do List’ Coffee Mug

TO DO LIST Coffee Mug

Next up, we have a mug that we think would be one of those funny coffee mugs that will let you stay on the course of your daily routine. It features your most important to-do-list of all on it. The four things to do include to wake up, drink coffee, poop, and last but not least, be awesome! This mug will undoubtedly remind you of these four things to do every morning. So, grab one now for yourself or buy a piece as a gift for your special person.

#14 Star Wars Storm Trooper Mug

Star Wars Storm Trooper Mug

Although mugs are some of those mainstream gifts for any occasion, we just can get enough of them, still. This one is a recommendation of gift for a friend or family who happens to be a huge fan of Star Wars. For that particular person, there’s nothing can be beat the coolness of a mug shaped like Stormtrooper’s head.

We also believe without a doubt that it will do a much better job of delivering your coffee than the stormtroopers did shooting the rebels. So, we think you will agree when we say that this is one of the coolest coffee mugs on this list, right?

#15 Star Wars Darth Vader Mug

Star Wars Darth Vader Mug

This next item is also designed for a true Star Wars fan in your life. However, this one has a shape that was inspired by the head of Darth Vader, which will be perfect for someone who appreciates the Star Wars franchise. Enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning will be twice more exciting with this mug. It will give you your daily dose of caffeine and entice fear into anyone who dares to disturb you.

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#16 Soccer Mug With Goal Post

Soccer Mug With Goal Post

We can get involved in the whole “soccer vs football” debacle, or we can admit that this is one of the most unique coffee mugs you can get as a gift for a soccer fan. At least now you can practice your shooting skills whenever you fancy a cup of hot cocoa or cereal.

Moreover, we also think that this mug will also come useful for moms who often struggles to make sure their son finishes his breakfast in time every morning.

#17 Ctrl-Alt-Delete Mug Set

Ctrl-Alt-Delete Mug Set

These novelty coffee mugs would create a complete set of the three keyboard buttons that have been used by almost all computer users. There’s nothing can beat the combination of Ctrl+Alt+Del as it is one of the most powerful combos for them. When your computer doesn’t respond you will immediately hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and when your brain doesn’t respond, you will hit up on coffee.

Based on the reason, we think that it would be best to combine the two of them together through this cool set of three coffee mugs. It would be a nice gift for your favorite geeks, for sure.

#18 You’ve Been Poisoned Prank Coffee Mug

You’ve Been Poisoned Prank Coffee Mug

Let your guests know how much you love and appreciate their visit by treating them a tea of coffee using this hilarious mug. However, we would suggest that you make sure your guests have the same level sense of humor as you, because reading this ‘You’ve been poisoned’ message on the bottom of the mug might be scary for some.

Those kinds of guests might not think that this is one of the funniest coffee mugs out there. But it will certainly be the funniest mug-related joke from your perspective.

#19 Black Porcelain Doll Head Mugs

Black Porcelain Doll Head Mugs

This next fancy coffee mug looks absolutely beautiful and sophisticated. It will certainly makes your coffee or tea break extremely enjoyable. At least you won’t be drinking alone since you’ll always have a friendly face on your mug, so that’s something.

Moreover, looking how this coffee mug looks, we absolutely think that it will be a great gift for mug collectors, as it will be a great addition to their collectors. It has an artsy side that will make it a great table decor item, too!

#20 Toilet Mug

Toilet Mug

If you’re looking for the most unique coffee cup, then this toilet one will certainly hit the spot. Whether you want to know what your dog finds so fascinating in drinking from the toilet, or you just want to shock your friends or coworkers, this mug is definitely up for the task.

#21 Middle Finger “Post This” Mug

Middle Finger “Post This” Mug

If you’re sick of people constantly posting about every second of their life on different social media, this mug will be a nice way to express that feeling. We can assure you that this “thumbs up” mug be one of those cool coffee cups you’ve been searching for, especially if you need something to show your inner rage in a hilarious way.

For someone who is too tired of all the random things going on around social media, especially Facebook, then there is nothing better than having this mug and let people see you when you drink your coffee from it.

#22 Hulk Marvel Avengers Mug

Hulk Marvel Avengers Mug

When it comes to choosing the coolest coffee mugs for Marvel fans, then we’re pretty sure that you will not go wrong with the Hulk. Whether they will choose to get smashed on coffee or smash the coffee mug itself, it is totally up to them. Being the strongest Avengers, the Hulk can easily smash your coffee mug, but it can also make a great coffee companion every morning, too!

However, we need to remind you not to piss him off, because he can smash more than just your coffee mug!

#23 The Justin Timberlake/ Jimmy Fallon Ultimate Inception Mug

The Justin Timberlake/ Jimmy Fallon Ultimate Inception Mug

We all know that Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are an inseparable duo. Having said that, we honestly think that this mug is one of the funniest things that has ever come out of the Jimmy Fallon show. What makes this one of the coolest coffee mugs out there is that it blends Justin, Jimmy, and Inception into one hilarious mix.

So, if you are looking for one of the funniest and coolest coffee mugs for your best friend, this one can come as a great pick. We have no doubt, your best friend will be laughing out loud when he receives this mug. Also, make you sure you get one for yourself, too!

#24 Crossword Puzzle Mug

Crossword Puzzle Mug

If for you unique coffee cups are those that you can interact with and not just drink coffee out of, then you need to take a look at this cool mug. Aside from being a coffee mug, it also offers a crossword puzzle that can keep you busy in the morning. Plus, this crossword mug comes with an erasable pencil and you even get free crossword updates every month.

#25 Personalized Best Husband Ever Mugs

Personalized Best Husband Ever Mugs

If you’re looking for cool coffee mugs to give your husband as a present, why not go for a simple personalized mug featuring beautiful typography? This mug will be the perfect gift to deliver your special message of love to the best husband ever. Since this mug is a personalized item you can write your own personal message on it, plus your name, too!

#26 Basketball Mug Wit A Hoop

Basketball Mug Wit A Hoop

For moms out there, we have one of the coolest mugs for your kids! We know that it can be quite a struggle to make sure your kids finish their breakfast in the morning. Therefore, we recommend you to use this basketball hoop mug for their morning milk before school. They will finish their breakfast in a flash with this mug!

Also, this is also one of the coolest coffee cups for a basketball fan, who likes; a) playing with their food and b) shooting hoops. And we are delighted to tell you that this unique mug combines the two together in the cutest was possible.

#27 Eyelashes Mug

Eyelashes Mug

Beautiful coffee mugs are usually very simple, yet chic and pretty. Usually, women loves to have at least a piece of those kinds of mugs at home. For that reason, this coffee mug with eyelashes will meet the requirement for that purpose. It looks incredibly cute and petite and will be a great present for your favorite girl.

#28 The “Last Drop” Mug

The “Last Drop” Mug

This next item on our list is such a cute and funny coffee mug to have. It takes advantage of the fact that sometimes coffee slips away from our lips and stays on the outer side of the cup. Well, don’t worry, because that drop of coffee will not goes to waste, because as you can see, the little drawing man will lick it all off.

#29 Ergonomic Wooden Coffee Mugs

Ergonomic Wooden Coffee Mugs

This cool coffee mug will be extremely comfortable to hold due to the ergonomic handle. Plus, the unique shape and the wood it’s made out of will bring more aesthetics to your morning coffee routine. If you are into natural-looking stuff, then you might want to put this wooden mug into your list of kitchen tools.

Moreover, a pair of these mugs will also make a great gift for various occasions. To name a view, housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, or even a birthday gift for someone who loves nature as much as you do.

#30 Captain America Mug

After we recommended you a mug inspired by the strongest Avenger, which is Hulk, now we are about to recommend you this Captain America’s mug. For a true fan of Captain America, you really need to have this mug. It has that cool vintage look with a black background and the iconic shield of the Captain. In all seriousness, this cup looks great and will make any Cap’s fan squeal in delight.

#31 Personalized “Keep Calm” Mug

Personalized “Keep Calm” Mug

If you need a constant reminder to keep calm about something and not stress over things so much, then why not put it on the mug? Especially if the writing will be styled after the immortal Keep Calm slogan, it is bound to cheer you up immediately.

In addition, we also think this mug will make a great birthday gift for a friend who often take things too seriously. This mug will remind her to relax and take things easy because everything is going to be alright in the end.

#32 Ninja Mug With Samurai Spoon and Ninja Star Coaster

Ninja Mug With Samurai Spoon and Ninja Star Coaster

This is definitely one of the coolest coffee mugs we have ever seen! This ninja mug looks very simple with only little eyes drilling into your soul. Imagine enjoying your coffee with this mug. We have no doubt that you will have the inner ninja in wanting to come out. In addition to the cup, you will also get a sword-spoon, a ninja-star-coaster, and a removable ninja cover. How cool is that!

#33 Black Cat Mug

Calling all cat lovers! We have the perfect mug for you and it comes in the form of this adorable black cat mug. This mug is a personalized item and you can add your own message on it, right on top of the black cat image.

If you are a cat lover yourself or know someone who is, then you can give them this cute personalized coffee mug as a gift. It features a wide-eyed cat peeking at the bottom of the mug, plus a personalized message to make it personal.

#34 You’re So Foxy Mug

Ever since the debate about what the fox says, people have had very mixed feelings about foxes. However, we believe that there are no mixed feelings about this mug. In fact, this is one of the coolest coffee mugs that features a fox that you can find out there. It comes with an adorable graphic of a fox plus a message that says “you’re so foxy” that will add a touch of humor into it.

#35 Mug with a Glove

Mug with a Glove

If you’re a baseball fan then how about being able to play even if you don’t have someone to pitch or catch? We believe that you will love this mug as much as we do. As in why, it’s definitely because this cool coffee mug has a little baseball glove on the side and will catch the marshmallows, cereal, crackers and send them right into the mug.

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#36 Stoneware Travel Coffee Mug

This product is great for anyone looking for exceptions in life. The mug is handmade out of stone and hand decorated as well, which makes it look very original and stylish, too. The handle keeps your hands cool while drinking a hot beverage.

Moreover, you can even turn it into a cup to go, as it has a lid and fits into a standard cup holder. All in all, it’s definitely one of the most unusual coffee mugs out there!

#37 Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Do you love photography and can’t stand a day without snapping some photos? If you do, then this mug will fit your personality perfectly. It looks like a camera lens and the attention to detail on this one is very amazing.

It makes it one of the coolest coffee mugs on this list for sure, especially when you pop a lid on and take it to the streets. Plus, it also includes a lens cover that can be used as a small plate for your cookies. Just watch people’s faces when they see you drink coffee from a camera lens.

#38 Papa the Legend Coffee Mug

If you’re looking for cool coffee mugs to give to your father, then look no more, because this one must be the winner. It’s like a business card for your papa, who might just be the man, the myth and the legend for you. Moreover, it will surely put a smile on his coworker’s faces as well, especially when he comes back from lunch with some coffee in this mug.

#39 Don’t Make Me Angry Hulk Mug

Don’t Make Me Angry Hulk Mug

Hulk may need to smash things sometimes, but you might want to refrain from this when drinking from this mug. It looks like a Hulk’s fist ready to destroy Hydra, which makes it one of those quirky coffee mugs out there, perfect for any Marvel fan. So, if you’re tired of being Bruce Banner, you can pour yourself some coffee and be the Hulk. Or at least drink like one.

#40 Black Sheep Mug

This homemade coffee mug is simple and sleek, yet very original and cool at the same time. It says “Black Sheep” which makes anyone looking at you drinking your coffee wonder, whether you have a dark side after all. If you want an ironic mug that encapsulates your witty nature, then this mug should be your pick.

#41 Star Trek Next Generation Mugs

Star Trek Next Generation Mugs.

Next up we have a cool mug for a true Star Wars fan. This is one of the coolest coffee mugs for any Star Trek fan, there’s no doubt about it. The design looks as if it was taken from a comic book with a variety of colors to choose, a Combadge on the side and a pitch black interior. And everyone knows that you have to drink your coffee in the morning before you can live long and prosper.

#42 Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug

Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug

If you love video games and unique coffee mugs, then you shall appreciate this combo. It’s a classy, white coffee mug with a heart on the side. Uniquely, when you pour some hot beverage into it, the heart will turn red.

As you drink your coffee or forget about it and it goes cold, the heart will slowly goes black as if you’re losing your health. Now since everyone knows that you need a strong potion before going on a quest. Why not coffee?

#43 Knuckle Duster Mug

Knuckle Duster Mug

If you are an action movie or video game fan, then you probably recognize a knuckle duster as a powerful hand combat weapon. Now you can use it in a more friendly way, and one of which is by using this mug. It has a very original shape and a knuckle duster handle, which will make you feel like a movie star every morning.

Based on the cool things that this mug has to offer, we can really say that this mug can be included in your list of the coolest coffee mugs out there.

#44 Personalised Best Husband Ever Black Mug

coolest coffee mugs

When you are looking for creative coffee mugs for your husband, look no further. This sweet mug uses the words “The Best Husband Ever” as parts of a bigger, more personalized message. On the other side, you can add your name for perfect balance. That way you can make sure that every morning your husband will be warm not only thanks to coffee but also your eternal love.

#45 Polka Dot With Spoon Mugs

Polka Dot With Spoon Mugs

If you love pretty coffee mugs, then you will instantly fall in love with this one. It has a classic, cute design completed with modest polka dots. In addition, you will also get a matching spoon that fits into the handle.

The mugs come in a variety of colors, each one cuter than the other. We also believe without a doubt that they make a great set or a very pretty home décor piece. Honestly, you just can’t go wrong with it!

#46 Pokemon Ball Mug

Pokemon Ball Mug

This mug should catch an eye of every 90s kid. If you wonder why, it’s because it’s shaped like a poke ball! It’s every trainer’s necessity to have a nice cup of coffee before the fight with that gym leader. And there is no better pick-me-up in the morning than feeling like a Pokemon trainer, believe us.

The mug is very high quality as well because it’s an officially licensed product. Just don’t throw it at your wife. It would be funny but would also break it, and you don’t want that.

#47 F*ckity F*ck F*ck Mug

When you are an owl the hardest part of the day for you is waking up. You are cranky and hate the whole world for making you come out of your warm bed. With this funny mug, you can accurately express your emotions using words that we can’t type.

It’s “fudge” kids, the word is “fudge”. You can get this handmade mug with censorship or if you feel really naughty without it. Because no one likes the mornings, do they?

#48 Self Stirring Mug

Self Stirring Mug

This is definitely one of the coolest coffee mugs on the market. Everyone knows how annoying the sound of stirring your coffee is. Especially when someone is clinging the spoon loudly. But this mug has a little engine, powered by AAA batteries, that stirs the coffee for you and does it quietly.

In our opinion, this mug is an amazing invention that will render the clinging sound a thing of the past.

#49 Custom Made-to-Order Giant Pottery Coffee Mug

funny coffee cups

When you’re looking for funny coffee mugs for you mom, we highly recommend you to take a look at this one. First of all, it’s comically gigantic and can hold up to 20 oz. of drink! Secondly, it’s gorgeous, coming in a variety of color gradients that will make your mom fall in love with it. Lastly, it’s handmade and very unique, which makes it a perfect gift for anyone that loves a big, big cup of coffee.

#50 Deadpool Heat Change Mug

Deadpool Heat Change Mug

This mug surely gets a place on my list of cool coffee mugs. It’s also a must-have for any Marvel and especially Deadpool. When cold, this cup is very elegant, blacks with a modest Deadpool logo on the bottom.

But pour some hot beverage into it and it changes dramatically, now displaying a huge, classic Deadpool image across the whole mug. Maybe just hide it for International Women’s Day.

#51 The “I Am Weird” and “I Love Weird” Mug Set

This is one of the cutest set of cups for people who really love each other. Whether it’s a couple, BFFs, or husband and wife, we recommend this set of mugs as one of the most adorable and coolest coffee mugs to make a great gift.

One of them says “I am weird” and the other “I love weird”. But the best thing about them is that the mugs fit into each other perfectly. And for the cherry on top, the handles are in the shape of a heart. Now, can’t you just melt?

#52 Hidden Octopus Mug

CREATURE CUPS Cthulhu Ceramic Cup

This is truly one of the coolest coffee mugs you can find. From outside it looks like a totally normal coffee cup. Nothing to worry about, right? Well, you’re wrong! Because as you drink from this cup, you will start to realize that something will start appearing. Hmm, we’re wondering, what would it be?!

It’s an octopus just waiting to scare any unsuspecting sailor, who tries to sober up after overdoing the rum the night before. Pretty cool, huh? Therefore, we do think that the cup will be an awesome gift for anyone for sure.

#53 Hidden T-Rex Mug

Hidden T-Rex Mug

Can a coffee cup become a great friend? Yes if it has a T-Rex in it. Fortunately, this one does, but it’s hidden. But every morning when you drink your coffee you are bound to leave in a good mood with a T-Rex emerging from your cup as you drink. And who says coffee cups are boring?

#54 Hidden Wolf Mug

Hidden Wolf Mug

This cup would certainly be found in Gina Linetti’s cupboard. That’s because of two reasons. One, it’s original and unique, making every morning a little less gloomy. Two, it has a ceramic wolf stuck inside, slowly emerging when you drink your coffee. So if the mighty wolf is your spirit animal, this cup is a must-have for you.

#55 Hidden Skull Mug

CREATURE CUPS Skull Ceramic Cup

Every pirate knows that the road to a really valuable treasure is tough, and probably it will be marked with a skull at a certain point. What a surprise it must be when he finds the spot marked with an emerging skull at the bottom of his coffee cup! Because isn’t coffee the best kind of treasure in the morning?

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#56 Minimalist Storm Trooper Mug

No products found.

Any Star Wars fan knows that Jedi knights have exceptional power. Some say they harness the power of every living thing. But no matter how strong the force is with them, they need their morning coffee.

No, you can feel like a Jedi too with this cool Storm Trooper cup. It has a cool image that was inspired by a comic book kind of feeling. And at least this time the Storm Troopers hopefully won’t miss the target.

#57 Thumbs Down Social Media Mug

Thumbs Down Social Media Mug

You might normally be a polite, sociable person that always “likes” and give “hearts” to other people’s posts and stuff. But the morning might be brutal for even the nicest people, too. We are glad to tell you that now you can let your coffee mug make your feelings clear, at last.

It can be done through this mug. It has a cool, Facebook-style “thumbs down” button design because no matter how saint are you, you don’t simply like the morning.

#58 “I’m the Sh*t” Poop Emoji Mug

funny coffee cups

The poop emoji might not be the classiest thing in the world, but let’s be honest here, each and everyone of us used it before at least once in your life, right? For that reason, you might want to own this mug. This cool coffee mug utilizes it in a different way, and this time in a more positive way.

So, if you are a confident, important person with good sense of humor, it’s time to let everyone know that you are the real… deal.

#59 Coffee & Books Mug

funny coffee cups

This mug perfectly summarizes the perfect weekend afternoon of any bookworm. It’s big, dishwasher friendly and able to withstand the microwave, so you can heat up some milk if you’re up for it.

With a very neat design and original, handmade typography, we honestly think any bookworm needs at least a piece of this adorable mug. it’s a statement about your two favorite things, which are Coffee and Books.

#60 World Greatest Farter / Father Mug

World Greatest Farter / Father Mug

This mug is a perfect gift for any dad with a good sense of humor. We believe that everyone knows the classic “World’s Greatest Father” mug. Well, this one is a play on that design with the word “Father” substituted with “Farter”. Pretty creative and funny, if we may say.

To add some love, that word is then crossed out and a word “Father” is written in crayon. Dad jokes just don’t get any better than this.

#61 Lego Buil-On Brick Mug

TOYAMBA Build on Brick Mug BPA

If you like unique coffee mugs then you really need to check out this one. It’s basically a mug that is also a base for Lego! All you need to do is have some Lego bricks, but we’re pretty sure you have them at home.

After that, you can enjoy your coffee while literally building Lego constructions on your mug. The world is your oyster. But be warned, it may distract you and make you late a lot!

#62 “Good Morning Handsome” Mug

“Good Morning Handsome” Mug

This mug is a great gift for any man who lives in your house. Whether it’s your dad, husband or brother, they will love to be greeted with this classic coffee mug that has “Good Morning Handsome” written in original, handmade typography.

We have no doubt that it will surely bring a smile on the face of your significant other when he wakes up in the morning. When he feels gloomy about going to work and not able to see the whole family for the next couple of hours, this mug will be the perfect cure for that. Immediate good mood guaranteed!

#63 Don’t Rush Me Sloth Mug

funny coffee cups

This mug perfectly presents our mood in the morning. If you too feel like a sloth and get annoyed by energetic people around you, you might want to show them how to feel with this funny mug.

Because there is one thing you don’t want in the morning and that’s people rushing you. Besides, when your coworkers see it, their mood will be much better, too.

#64 G.O.T “Crows Before Hoes” Mug

Mug Crows Before Hoes Large Pearl White Gift Mug

This just has to be one of the coolest coffee mugs for any Game of Thrones fan. If you know nothing about it, then let us explain it to you. When you join the crows you have to swear off having a family and promise to protect your new brothers. Hence “crows before hoes” needs to be your motto.

So if you want to feel like Jon Snow, this cup is perfect for you. Just don’t show it to Ygritte, ok?

#65 Starwars Bb8 Heat Change Mug with Lid

Starwars Bb8 Heat Change Mug With Lid

This high quality, official Star Wars BB8 mug is one of the coolest coffee mugs out there, and it not only for Star Wars fans but basically for everyone who drink coffee or tea. It’s a big mug with a very original shape that comes in a super unique shape.

To complete the picture a BB8’s head works as a lid that keeps your coffee warm. What’s more, when the mug gets hot, BB8 reveals his control panel. Now, who wouldn’t want to start a day with this mug?

#66 Heisenberg Walter White Mug

funny coffee cups

If you are a Breaking Bad you must have this amazing mug. It’s handmade and has a very neat design of Walter White glasses and the Heisenberg logo. It’s not very flashy, but rather elegant with a pinch of geeky. So if meth is not your game but caffeine is your real addiction, why not include some Walter in the mix?

#67 The Bomb Mug Sets

The Bomb Mug Sets

This next item is a mug that is just amazing. From the outside, it looks like a nuclear bomb, which available in many colors. But you can dismount it and turn it into a cup and a coffee mug. very unique indeed.

This unique item is eye-catching and just can’t be ignored. The bomb design makes it a very original decoration piece for your desk that can be quickly turned into something delicious.

#68 But First…. Coffee

You might have to do a lot of things in life. But when you grow up you realize that one ritual has to be completed before you can start running your errands. The coffee always comes first and that’s the moral of this mug.

The mug itself is handmade and has a very elegant, black design, suitable for work. However, we need to remind you that plans are for the future, but first… it’s time for coffee.

#69 Personalized Pet Portrait Mug 

Personalized Pet Portrait Mug

The personalized pet portrait mug makes a thoughtful gift for a pet memorial. It will help with the grieving process as it brings back pleasant memories of you with your late furry friend. It could make a welcome addition to your legacy collection to celebrate your pet’s life.

#70 I Survived My Daughters Wedding Coffee Mug 

I Survived My Daughters Wedding Coffee Mug

This whimsical mug is a great wedding gift for the bride’s parents. It adds a humorous twist to what is usually a tough experience. Moreover, we also think that it will serve perfectly as a token of appreciation for their support during the planning process.

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#71 I Turned Out Awesome Coffee Mug 

Next up we have a mug that can be a great gift for your special mom. In our opinion, this mug will make a unique gift for Mother’s Day as it offers her a reason for your mom to smile every morning. Being one of the coolest coffee mugs, we think it will be a great way to let her know her efforts and sacrifice were worthwhile.

#72 Enamel Camping Mugs 

Every outdoorsy lover needs the enamel camping mug this holiday season. In our opinion, what makes this mug awesome is that it is unbreakable and easy to use on any type of cooker. Everything about it spells adventure, and it needs to be on every camper’s backpack whenever they plan to explore new places outdoors.

#73 Personalised Happy Campers Couples Mugs 

These couples mugs are the ideal gift for a couple of campers during their anniversary celebration. Aside from being a mug with unbreakable material, it also offer a personalization option, which we think will make them even more special and thoughtful, too. Moreover, the imagery also shows creativity adding to their outdoorsy appeal.

#74 Sloth Spirit Animal Mug 

Sloth Spirit Animal Mug

The sloth spirit animal mug is a humorous gift choice for someone who doesn’t want to waste even a minute of their sleep. If you someone who loves to sleep so much then this mug offers a specific concept that makes it a great gift form them.

It will show them how much you love them, no matter how long they need to take their valuable nap time. After all, you just love them for who they are, right? Moreover, we do think that Ii will also give them reason to laugh out loud every morning.

#75 GOT I Drink and I Know Things Coffee Mug 

funny coffee cups

The famed Tyrion Lannister quote makes this mug a must-have for any GoT fan. It keeps you longing for coffee and provides relief for current temperature lows. For any Game of Thrones fan, this mug will come very useful and we know that without a doubt.

In addition, if you happen to be a true fan of GoT as well, you might want to have a piece of this mug, too. You can use it to stay hydrated as you await the next season.

#76 Hello Gorgeous Heat Change Mug 

Hello Gorgeous Heat Change Mug

Surprise her with one of these mugs and watch her face light up as the message appears. The heat changing concept used here is one of the greatest innovations of all time. It makes this the kind of gift that keeps giving.

You will be amazed to see her reaction when she can finally see the hidden message when the mug changes it’s color. Adorable!

#77 Yoda Best Uncle Coffee Mug 

Yoda Best Uncle Coffee Mug

Yoda make everything so much more adorable. Wo, why not celebrate a special uncle this holiday season with one of these funny mugs? And if your uncle happens to love Star Wars, then you will get to make his day every day. After all, who can resist to see the cute Yoda smiles every morning through this mug, right?

#78 Papa the Man the Myth the Legend Mug 

Papa The Man The Myth The Legend Mug

Here we have another choice of a great gift for a special dad in your life. With this mug, you can break into your dad’s heart with one of these memorable mugs. It provides a fitting way to express gratitude to the man who made you who you are. Moreover, we also think that the timeless message makes it that much more special.

#79 Kissing Cat Couple Coffee Mugs

Kiss Cat Coffee Couple Mug set

Let’s celebrate your inner-loving cat with these cat couple mugs. They depict a male cat kissing his female passionately. Despite the simple design, cat lovers will definitely love these gorgeous coffee mugs. Certainly, these are one of the coolest coffee mugs ever!

#80 Working From Home Coffee Mug

Working From Home Coffee Mug

This mug is totally designed for those who are working from home, especially during the pandemic that has been started since 2021. Featuring all possible items that working-from-home people use during their working hours, it utterly connects them with their current activities.

Using this engaging mug, your coffee break will feel more entertaining even when you can only meet your coffee time mates online via video conference app.

#81 Ceramic Donuts Unique Mugs

Ceramic Donut Mug

Thinking about coffee is usually inseparable from a companion snack, one of which is donuts. This mug is inspired by the shape of a donut that has slightly bitten at the edges. Using this mug will definitely make you feel like eating donuts, too.

They are available in three most appealing colors, which will suit your taste best!

#82 The Joker Color-Changing Mug

The Joker Color-Changing Mug

At a glance, this mug only has a plain black color. However, once you pour hot coffee inside, an incredible illustration of the Joker would magically appear! The morphing heat-sensitive mug would surprise you as the menacing face of the Joker appears out of nowhere.

Why so serious? For a true Joker fan in your life, or for your true self who loves the Joker for what he is, pick this amusingly trippy mug as a gift for DC fans.

#83 Death Note Morphing Mug

Death Note Morphing Mug

Here is another color-morphing mug that looks incredibly magical! This mug features an illustration of Light Yagami, an anti-hero character from the Death Note series.

As you pour hot liquid inside the mug, the design would change and reveal a haunting figure of a Shinigami! The way these novelty heat-sensitive mugs change their color is so unique, making them an excellent gift for everyone, even non-anime watchers!

#84 Calvin & Hobbes Coffee Mug

Kobi & Knight Premium Skull Liquor Bottle

Morning coffee will tastes more enjoyable when you have it with this Calvin & Hobbes mug! The 80s people would be familiar with the duo and nowadays Calvin & Hobbes comic is considered as a timeless classic. The mug that features the iconic boy and his stuffed tiger also comes with an innocent quote of wisdom from the series.

#85 Insulated Coffee Mug with Lid

Insulated Coffee Mug With Lid

There are days when you wake up too late and miss the chance to drink hot coffee because you are in a rush. Well, those days are over! Now, you can enjoy hot coffee on the go with this well-designed insulated coffee mug!

It comes with a lid that prevent spills during travel and the insulation work really well so the coffee can stay hot for prolonged time. Plus, it also comes in variety of colors to choose from, too!

#86 Color Changing Solar System Mug

Color Changing Solar System Mug

Previously, we have mentioned two color-changing mugs that takes inspiration from fictional characters. Now, we have this incredibly stunning morphing mug that features the night sky. The hot coffee liquid would turn the black starry night into a sparkly solar system.

The radical change from black to colorful motifs make this color changing mug among the most magical ones that you definitely should get! This coffee mug is perfect for everyone, especially for those who love astronomy.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen our list of the coolest coffee mugs, it’s time to decide which one suits you best! So, what do you think? Some pretty epic coffee mugs right? Share this list with friends or family that will appreciate this epic collection of the coolest coffee mugs ever!

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What is the best material for coffee mugs?

The material must be heat resistant, for example ceramic, glass, and stainless steel because if the material used is not heat-resistant, mugs can break easily due to temperature changes.

How do you choose the best size for coffee mugs?

You may take the size as your main consideration to decide the best coffee mugs. The standard one can hold up to 12 ounces of liquid, while the biggest one may take up to 64 ounces. It depends on how you usually make your coffee.

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