25 Wedding Gifts for Indian Couples To Wish Them Happiness

A wedding is the most auspicious event of Indian culture. Every Indian wedding includes an unspoken custom of traditional wedding gifts for Indian couples. Families give each other various gifts that go unaccounted for as good luck and faith gestures. Moreover, traditions and ceremonies are fundamental to Indian marriages. The exchange of presents, however, is a practice that completes a traditional Indian wedding. Finding the ideal wedding gifts for Indian couples might be difficult. Especially when they adopt Indian tradition in their wedding, then they must appreciate gifts with an Indian culture touch. As the wedding approaches, wedding gifts for Indian couples should be meaningful and valuable that they will cherish forever. 

Do you want to attend a traditional Indian wedding but aren’t sure what to bring as a gift? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this section, you can find all kinds of wedding gifts for couples especially made for them. From the beautiful statues that bring positivity to the Indian style home decoration to start their new life, we are sure that you will find perfect wedding gifts for Indian couples here. Let’s dive in!

1. Sita Ramula Kalyanam Sparkling Photo Frame

Wedding Gifts for Indian Couples

Surprise your friends or families with fabulous wedding gifts for Indian couples that resemble the wedding of Sitha and Rama. Not only for a room decoration, this beautiful photo frame depicts the marriage of Rama-Sitha, symbolizing the perfect couple who remained devoted to each other in the face of adversity. Using HD art paper and framed with synthetic fram and acrylic sheet, it will be a perfect charm that will bless their marriage.

2. Ram Laxman Sita and Hanuman Bronze Resin Figurine

Wedding Gifts for Indian Couples

This lovely cold cast bronze resin figurine will brighten up the newlyweds’ house. These statues of Ram Laxman, Sitha, and Hanuman are perfect wedding gifts for Indian couples because they show artistic talent while also adding elegance to house decor. Hanuman denotes strength and vitality, the same as Rama-Sitha represents deep love. It’s beautifully designed and expertly created, making it an ideal present to treasure.

3. Ayurvedic Massage Oil

Wedding Gifts for Indian Couples

Make your new Indian lovebirds feel relaxed and calm after a long and tiring wedding ceremony with Ayurvedic massage oil. Before bathing, they can apply an Ayurvedic body massage oil to the body with a simple self-massage. It is beneficial to the skin and overall wellness because it is made up of carefully selected fragrant herbs, organic base, and essential oils. Massage also relieves tension, relaxes the body, and enhances one’s emotional and mental state.

4. Luxury Indian Bridal Box

Wedding Gifts for Indian Couples

Feel the luxurious bathing experience from this box! This makes one of the most fancy wedding gifts for Indian couples they can enjoy together. It includes a stunning honeymoon gown, a fragrant Shea and Coconut handcrafted soy candle, a stunning doli payal that encompasses the elegance of an Indian wedding, and an evil eye bracelet to ward off evil at their most critical period of their lives. In addition, three of the most scrumptious fondant-topped biscuits honor the sweet of marriage.

5. Natural Jute Heart

Wedding Gifts for Indian Couples

Bring the love to your Indian couples with this lovely jute. The elegant heart shaped rug makes a focal point to any room. The rug is manufactured entirely by Indian artisan’s hand using natural jute yarns that are completely environmentally friendly. Jute rugs are soft and excellent for use as an entry rug or a bedroom rug, radiating affection throughout the home.

6. Krishna Statue Hare 

Wedding Gifts for Indian Couples

What can be more precious as wedding gifts for Indian couples than this charming Krishna statue? Well, Krishna is a representation of life’s utmost beauty and pleasure. He represents luxury, beauty, and happiness. This beautiful statue is composed of resin, marble dust, reform marble, cold cast resin in elegant copper finish. With this gift, you may wish your Indian lovebirds good fortune. 

7. Rajasthani Musicians Couple Candle Holders

Wedding Gifts for Indian Couples

If you are looking for wedding gifts for Indian couples who love traditional music, then this beautiful candle holder may be the perfect idea. It comes with a pair of Rajasthani musicians’ designs, which resembles the Indian couple who love playing music. Whether it’s day or night, the tribal outfit pattern of this iron and wrought candle holder  is a captivating showstopper.

8. Designer Couple Combo Dresses Kurta Set

Wedding Gifts for Indian Couples

Your new Indian couples are definitely going to need couple outfits as a husband and wife! The shirt has a sophisticated cotton silk weaving stripe and sequence embroidery. The pants are made of 100% cotton and feature embroidery and a pocket. Meanwhile, the dupatta is constructed of 100% nylon viscose and features a weaving jari pattern. They come in a bright yellow mustard color which symbolizes the bright future of their marriage.

9. Indian Traditional Puppet Doll Magnets

Indian Traditional Puppet Doll Magnets

Doll as wedding gifts for Indian couples may sound childish, but these gifts offer more. They come in pairs, wearing bright and colorful Indian traditional outfits, resembling a couple in the festivals. At the back of each doll, there is a magnet pin which makes it a perfect decoration in the fridge or cabinet. Your Indian couples will remember their beautiful wedding every time they see these cute dolls.  

10. Birds Tota Door Hanging String Decoration

Birds Tota Door Hanging String Decoration

As your Indian newlyweds have welcomed the new marriage life, this tota birds decoration represents a good welcome. This gift is customary in Indian households to greet visitors. These totals are meaningful wedding gifts for Indian couples that are hand stitched, stuffed, beaded and strung together by women artisans in northern India. When hanging in a doorway or window, totas, as their name suggests, bring riches and good luck.

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11. Brass Peacock Diya Jyoti

Brass Peacock Diya Jyoti

Get your new Indian couple this amazing oil lamp that will light up their new journey of marriage! This is a brass metal handicraft from India that can be used to decorate their new home. The beautiful peacocks facing each other are revered as symbols of beauty, grace, and pride throughout India. It also symbolizes joy and happiness, as well as prosperity and good fortune.

12. Karwa Chauth Plate

Karwa Chauth Plate

Karwa Chauth is one of India’s most popular celebrations. This significant day commemorates a wife’s undying love for her husband. This lovely plate makes one of romantic wedding gifts for Indian couples in their life. With this decorative and elegant peacock plate, they can celebrate Karva Chauth together. They can put the thali platter on a table and share some of the beauty and spirituality of Hindu religious activities.

13. Elephant Jewelry Trinket Box

Elephant Jewelry Trinket Box

Help your Indian friends who just got married to store their jewelry in this beautiful trinket box. It is a fashionable method to organize and care for a new couple’s valuables. Moreover, this artwork can be used as a decorative accent in any room of the house. As elephants also symbol of royalty and  divinity, it makes one-of-a-kind wedding gifts for Indian couples who are also animal lovers.

14. Bohemian Aromatherapy Soy Candles 

Bohemian Aromatherapy Soy Candles

Make your Indian buddy’s honeymoon’s hotel room feel calm and smell fragrant with these bohemian soy candles! Whether they want to feel the spring vibes during winter or the summer atmosphere in the fall season, all they need is just the perfect aromatherapy candle. It features 4 soy candles that resemble 4 seasons. Soy wax candles help to ease anxiety and soothe the nerves. These scented candles are perfect for setting the mood while bathing, doing yoga, or even dating.

15. Peacock and Elephant Design Traditional Brass Urli 

Peacock and Elephant Design Traditional Brass Urli

Urli is a type of traditional South Indian cookware. But with a little twist, it becomes a fantastic work of art! This urli with elephant and peacock motifs gives both beautiful and devotional value to your new Indian couple’s home. This antique urli, made entirely of brass, emits a heavenly sound that aids in environmental purification. They also can float natural or artificial flowers on top of this uruli after it has been decorated with water.

16. Rajasthani Peacock Decoration

Rajasthani Peacock Decoration

Known as the national bird of India, this peacock decoration will bless any Indian marriage couple to enter a new journey. Made of wood with vibrant colors, this makes one of the most appealing wedding gifts for Indian couples. This lovely wooden Peacock is a work of art that can improve the attractiveness of the surroundings while also giving it a Rajasthani Indian traditional feel.

17. Loving Elephant Figurines

Loving Elephant Figurines

Wish your Indian couples a strong love and happy marriage with this unique elephant figure. These two elephants tie their trunks, making a beautiful love shaped that will melt anyone’s heart who sees it. This well created pair of wood-look elephant couple figurines is made of resin with a natural finish and represents love and devotion between two people.

18. Lakshmi Ganesha Mandir Statue

Lakshmi Ganesha Mandir Statue

Bring positive energy and good fortune to your Indian couples with this beautiful temple statue. You can see the Lakshmi statue inside the temple which represents wealth and prosperity. Meanwhile, the Ganesha statue next to the goddess symbolizes wisdom and understanding.  Beautifully crafted by cast iron in gold finish, this will be one of the most meaningful wedding gifts for Indian couples ever.

19. Gayatri Mantra Wall Decor Hanging

Gayatri Mantra Wall Decor Hanging

Bless your Indian friend’s marriage with this elegant but powerful gayatri mantra wall decor. Gayatri mantra is believed by Indians to give prosperity, good fortune, calm, enhance health, and strengthen family relationships. This charm comes with a rope that can be simply hung on the back view car mirror and brings money, luck, and pacifies us during stressful times.

20. Indian Ethnic German Silver Oxidized Traditional Bangles

Indian Ethnic German Silver Oxidized Traditional Bangles

Usually, only women wear bangles after marriage. After marriage, it is customary to wear bangles as a symbol of good health, fortune, and success. However, these couple bangles make perfect wedding gifts for Indian couples which both wife and husband can wear. Made of German silver oxidized, it comes with traditional ethnic design. Any Indian couple will look elegant wearing these couple bangles together.

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21. Old Silk Sari Saree Boho Curtain 

Wedding Gifts for Indian Couples

Are you looking for wedding fits for Indian couples who are environment enthusiasts? Well, this sari boho curtain will surely be a gift they appreciate forever. It is composed of recycled silk sari which come in various colors and patterns. They can place this curtain as decoration in the window or door, making the room feel bright and lively.

22. Indian Marwari Pair Kundan Bracelet

Indian Marwari Pair Kundan Bracelet

Gold jewelry makes one of the best wedding gifts for Indian couples because it is believed to bring wealth and prosperity.  With this beautiful kundan bracelet, your Indian newlyweds will be very happy and thankful. The beautiful and shining gold pendant will be a focal point. Your Indian couple can wear it during big ceremonies as a fashion item that also can be a charm in their life.

23. Indian Mehndi Gift

Wedding Gifts for Indian Couples

Help your Indian couples to release stress with this set of mehndi gifts. It provides a cooling effect, which helps to relieve tension, headaches, and fevers. The herb mehndi is also excellent for nail development. As a result, mehndi is used to soothe the bride and groom of their wedding-related tension. Before the wedding, it was also believed to protect them from viral illnesses.

24. Organic Chai Gift Set

Wedding Gifts for Indian Couples

In case your Indian couples are tea lovers, then they may fall in love with this organic chai tea set. When you give this tea set to your Indian lovebirds, they will feel the love in every sip. It uses organic spices that are hand-ground for a very concentrated masala chai blend, using traditional Indian techniques. A jar of black assam tea, a jar of chai spices, and a small silver spice spoon come packaged in a lovely bag made from an antique sari from the 1960s.

25. Shiva Lingam Couple Necklace

Shiva Lingam Couple Necklace

Get your Indian married couple a pair of good luck charms in the Shiva lingam necklace. Shiva Lingam is made of strong crypto-crystalline quartz with imperfections that give it a distinct look. Natural tumbling inside the Narmada River produces a smooth egg shape, which is collected and hand-polished by village artisans. Wearing this necklace is believed to protect your loved one from bad fortune.

Latest Post:

What do you give an Indian couple for a wedding gift?

We recommend you to give meaningful wedding gifts for Indian couples that symbolize typical Indian tradition. It can be in the jewelry form such as the Shiva lingam couple necklace or the Indian marwari pair kundan bracelet. Or you can give them traditional decorative ornaments such as the Laskhmi Ganesha mandir statue. For more inspiration, please check our selected lists in the article above.

What should or you not wear to an Indian wedding?

You should refrain from wearing red because the bride usually does. Moreover, you may wear any color other than black. It’s hardly a hue you’d want to wear to an Indian wedding. In addition, cleavage, short gowns, and apparel that clings to your body are not appropriate for attending an Indian wedding as a guest. Long shirts and long pants are the most acceptable attire for men. It is critical to dress conservatively, especially during religious ceremonies.

Why do Indian brides wear so much jewelry?

It is because jewelry has ethnic and spiritual significance at the wedding. The bride’s jewelry represents her acceptance into her husband’s extended family. As she becomes a member of her bridegroom’s extended family, they are a part of the purifying ritual. In Hindu culture in India, jewelry is considered one of the highest symbols of femininity and exceedingly fortunate. Jewelry not only enhances one’s appearance but also represents riches, power, and position. Jewelry is also a kind of art for certain people who want to express themselves creatively.

Why do Indian brides wear a nose ring?

Brides wear nose chains to show their reverence and devotion to Goddess Parvati, who is known as the Goddess of Marriage. The nose ring is a symbol of marriage in Hindu tradition for all women. It is customary for a girl to only wear a nath on the day of her wedding and to keep it on till she is married.

Is it OK to wear black to an Indian wedding?

Along with white, black is another color that is best avoided at an Indian wedding because the color is considered very inauspicious in an Indian context. In the past, black was a color typically worn for mourning. Even though it is a basic color that many women prefer for its sensuous appeal, it is advisable to stay away from it while attending an Indian wedding.

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