25 Unique Indian Sweets That You Might Haven’t Taste Before 

A meal should always end with some desserts. As they say, there is a separate stomach for desserts. Indian food is super well known around the world for its delicious and rich tasting curry. However, that’s not all to the Indian food scene. Indian Sweets, apparently, are super unique and tasty. There are tons of different types of Indian sweets that you need to try. They surely know how to do their sweets really well. Indian sweets use similar ingredients with one another. However, each sweets has their own unique texture and taste despite the similar ingredients they are made of. Since there are actually so many of them, we only get to know some of the more famous ones. If you are looking for a list of unique Indian sweets that you might have not heard of or tried before, you can check this list out. 

There are 25 different Indian sweets on this list of unique Indian sweets. Just like the title suggests, you will get to know some of the most unique and delicious Indian sweets ever. Get ready to dig into these sweets. 

1. Gulab Jamun

unique indian sweets

We first need to start this list of unique Indian sweets with the famous gulab jamun. It is a classic Indian sweet that you must try. Before you are on a hunt to explore other Indian sweets. The gulab jamun or “rose berry” is a confectionery food made from milk and flour. It has a really good texture that will melt in your mouth. The best Indian desserts to start your Indian dessert exploration.  

2. Besan Ladoo

unique indian sweets

Another favorite is the besan ladoo. It is made from besan flour or gram flour. Gram flour is made from yellow bengal gram which is why the besan ladoo has yellow color. Aside from gram flour, it also contains ghee, sugar, and almonds. This is one of the best Indian desserts for dinner parties. It is particularly popular in Indian parties and celebrations. 

3. Rasgulla

unique indian sweets

India’s very own version of sweet dumplings: the rasgulla. It is made from chehena  or cottage cheese and semolina dough cooked in light sugar syrup. These sweet balls are soft, spongy, and juicy with a mild flavor or cardamon. It is one of the best Indian desserts that you need to try. Also, it is the type of Indian sweets that are served almost in every meal. It is the homey type of dessert that is served at every Indian home. 

4. Soan Papadi

unique indian sweets

Do you like sweets that have a crispy and flaky texture instead of the soft ones? Then, you need to try soan papadi. It is traditionally made from milk, ghee, gram flavor, true cardamom, and sugar and usually comes in cube shapes. It is basically the Indian version of cotton candy with pistachio, almonds, and cardamom toppings. These days you can have the modern Indian desserts version of this soan papdi. It comes in a well packaged box so you can have them easily. One of the best choices of desserts for dinner parties. 

5. Motichoor / Boondi Laddoo


Another type of Ladoo that you need to get your hands on: the boondi ladoo. It is made with the same ingredients which is gram flour, but it has a different texture and size compared to the besan ladoo. It comes in several different sizes, motichoor is usually larger than boondi ladoo. Also, they have a granular texture compared to the besan ladoo. It is definitely a must try especially during the diwali holidays. 

6. Kaju Pista


Kaju pista is traditionally made from cashew and pistachio powder and made into rolls. This one is one of the  modern Indian desserts that takes the traditional Kaju Pista with a little modern twist that will be suitable for the diabetics. It comes with a delicious mango taste with dry fruits and cream filling. You can consider it as one of the Indian fusion desserts, particularly fusion desserts for diwali. Kaju pista is traditionally served during holidays like diwali so the modern version one would be the perfect one for you to celebrate diwali with your loved ones. It is definitely one of the best desserts for dinner parties. You can also consider giving out these fusion desserts for diwali to your loved ones. 

7. Pure Kaju Katlis


While we have the mango-flavored kaju pista, we need to also include the pure kaju katlis. It has its natural nutty flavor from the cashew powder along with the sweetness from the sugar. During diwali holidays, they usually have this treat. You won’t be able to resist its deliciousness. Those who really enjoy eating the kaju katlis would look forward to the diwali holidays to be able to indulge in this delicious treat. 

8. Bombay Ice Halwa


This list of unique Indian sweets would not be complete with the cool and refreshing sweets. Bombay ice halwa is a traditional Indian sweet made from cornflour, sugar, water and flavored with cardamom and ghee. It comes in thin sheets that is white as ice and melt once it is in your mouth. The cooling texture is the unique part of this Indian sweets. 

9. Badam Katli


Badam katli or badam burfi is a traditional Indian sweet made from almonds, sugar, and cardamom powder. It has a delicious and rich flavor with a melt-in-the-mouth kind of texture. If you like something nutty, this is your must-try sweet to try. This badam katli usually comes in a pretty diamond shape. It will definitely make one of the best desserts for dinner parties. 

10. Khaja


While France is known for their croissants, India has its Khaja. Khaja is a traditional Indian sweet made from deep fried pastry. It is usually soaked in sugar or has fruit feelings with it. The flaky and crispy texture will make you unable to stop from munching them. People usually send and enjoy khaja during Holi. Holi is the day where Indians celebrate the beginning of spring which signifies the victory over evil. 

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11. Sugar Free Mawa Peda


If you don’t mind the calories, you can indulge on the mawa peda. Mawa peda is a traditional Indian sweet that is made from full cream milk that is evaporated and left with only its solid parts. It is one of the Indian sweet recipes that does not require an oven. Since the traditional mawa peda, people have been creating some modern Indian desserts that resemble the mawa peda, but with lower calories by using sugar alternatives. Now, the diabetics could also enjoy a little sweetness of the mawa peda. 

12. Karachi Halwa


Karachi halwa is quite similar to the Ice Halwa. Apparently, they are made of the same ingredients: cornflour, sugar, and water. However, they are different in terms of their shapes. While the ice halwa usually comes in thin sheets, karachi halwa comes in a thicker and rectangular shape. It looks a lot more like jelly instead of like an ice sheet. Karachi halwa is the distant cousin of the famous Turkish delight. They both have similar taste and texture. 

13. Mathura Peda


Mathura peda is an Indian sweet that originated from the city of Mathura in northern India. Just like many sweets from northern India, it is made from the classic mawa or milk solids that come from evaporated milk. The difference between the mathura peda and mawa peda is that it has a more grainy texture. This mathura peda is rolled into balls covered with sugar which looks super pretty. 

14. Kaju Gulkand Paan

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The Indian sweet recipes for kaju gulkand paan are everywhere on the internet. It is one of the Indian desserts that many people would try to make at home. Comes in the shape of a cone, it is filled with rose petals, dried fruits, and sugar concoction. It is a super pretty dessert for your eyes. Apparently, it is also super easy to make at home. Thus, you can have pretty looking sweets everyday. 

15. Dry Sweet Gujiya


Gujiya comes in a shape very similar to curry puff or dumplings. It is India’s very own deep fried sweet dumplings. The skin is made from maida or flour and its feeling is the combination of sweetened khoya or curd with dried fruits, Since it is fried with ghee, it will also have its savory taste to it. When savory meets sweet, it will be a party of flavor for your palette. 

16. Sugar Free Anjeer Cake


We are starting with Indian fusion desserts: anjeer cake. Anjeer means fig so anjeer cake is basically fig cake that is a popular Indian sweets. You might be familiar with banana cake or carrot cakes. Now, it is time to add anjeer or fig cake to your list. It will also be one of the best Indian fusion desserts for diwali. You can have this modem fig cake with your loved ones during the holidays. 

17. Diwali Coconut Delight


Another Indian fusion dessert for diwali that you can consider from this list of unique Indian sweets: Diwali coconut delight. It comes in two different flavors: orange and kesar or saffron.Covered with shredded coconut, it will tone down the sweetness level. The coconut will balance out the nature of Indian desserts. It is a fusion and more modern treats that will be perfect for diwali. Its unique shape and colorful appearance will fit the holidays perfectly. 

18. Twin Mawa Modak


The traditional mawa modak is made from mawa or evaporated milk solids with sugar and cardamom. This time we are creating something different and one of the must try Indian fusion desserts. The twin mawa modak combines the original flavor from the mawa with chocolate. You know that none can go wrong with chocolate. The mawa modak has a cute shape that resembles the soup dumplings. The Indian dessert that is usually made during Ganesha’s birthday. 

19. Assorted Modak Box


We can find tons of modifications for this modak. Since it is relatively simple to make, people have been exploring different flavors that would be suitable for the modak. This assorted modak box includes four different types of modak: the classic white modak, chocolate, kesar or saffron, and the three-colored modak triangi. It will be a great choice for holidays. It matches the festivity super well.  

20. Chia Quinoa Bites


Eating too many sweets might leave you feeling guilty. This is why we include these Chia quinoa bites on the list of unique Indian sweets. It is like the Indian fusion desserts that resemble an energy bar. While keeping the traditional Indian sweets flavor, this dessert is packed with nutritious ingredients such as chia and quinoa. If you are looking for a healthier choice, you can choose this one. 

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21. Agra Taj Petha


There are sweets that are considered as the royal Indian desserts. The first royal Indian dessert we will cover is the Agra Taj Petha. The petha is a traditional Indian sweet that looks like a translucent candy. It is made from ash gourd or white pumpkin. However, it is not the hard candy type, it is the chewy candy type. The best part is that it is the candy that the royals used to eat. 

22. Soft Mysore Pak


One of the royal Indian desserts that you also need to try is the soft mysore pak. It is made from ghee, sugar, gram flour, and oftentimes cardamom. This is India’s version of a dense buttery cookie made for the Indian royals. Once it gets in your mouth it will melt just nicely. The Indians traditionally serve mysore pak in weddings and other festivals. Some also serve it in events such as baby showers.

23. Jalebi Mix


Jalebi is one of the most famous Indian sweets. You can have this jalebi at home with this jalebi mix. Jalebi is like India’s version of pretzel. It is a deep fried dough which is then soaked in sugar. It will surely make your days sweeter. Most Indians fell head over heels with jalebi. Since then, it is considered as India’s national sweet. You can basically find it everywhere in India. 

24. Payasam Mix


Payasam or kheer is a type of Indian pudding that is made from boiling milk, sugar, and rice. Oftentimes the rice will be substituted with the vermicelli. It is the type of wet pudding that almost looks like porridge. With this payasam mix, you can easily enjoy this sweet cold pudding at home. The perfect dessert to enjoy during a hot day.  

25. Diwali Gift Sweet Box


We are ending this list of unique Indian sweets with a special Diwali gift sweet box. This box consisted of the kaju katli, besan barfi, dodha barfi, and milk cake. Since there are several different sweets in the box, you can try more items at once. This will be the perfect sweet box to bring home during the holidays. If you are looking for something to send to your loved ones during the holiday, this would be a great gift to send them. 

Latest Post:

What is the special sweet of India?

Jalebi is the National Sweet Of India. It is deep-fried flour that is soaked in a sugary soup. The shape of the jalebi is like a hoop-shaped sweet. You can basically find jalebis in every corner of India. It is a must try sweet of India. 

What is the most famous sweet in India?

There are many famous sweets in India that you need to try. There is the famous Gulab Jamun. It is made from khoya and dipped into saffron induced sugar syrup. A festive favorite and the crowds’ favorite too. There are so many sweets in India you need to try, but this one tops the list. 

What desserts do Indians eat?

Spoilt with choice, Indians do have tons of dessert choice to choose from for every meal. There are Indian sweet recipes that you can try at home. You can go for Kheer or Indian rice pudding. Fried banana and rice flour ball or the Unniyappam is also a great choice to try making it yourself at home. 

Which state is famous for sweets in India?

Apparently, there is no one state that specializes in sweets in India. Each state has their own signature sweets. So, 29 states with 29 different desserts. This is why there is a long list of Indian sweets you need to try.

What are Indian sweets called?

Indian sweets are collectively called mithai. The word mithai is derived from the word mitha which means sweet. There are tons of different Indian sweets out there and they do have their own name. However, you can call them altogether with mithai

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