I Drink And I Know Things Stein

Enjoy the unique opportunity of drinking like a medieval warrior with this innovative wooden  “I Drink And I Know Things Stein”.

If someone you know drinks and knows things then you just found the perfect gift for them. It features stunning design that gets inspiration from the Game of Thrones, perfect gift for the show’s fans.

But even though this is the most appealing aspect of it, it is by no means the only one!

The Game Of Thrones mug features an optional stainless steel interior that offers optimal insulation properties to keep your drink at the ideal temperature. This means you will not need a coozie as it will not sweat like glass does. 

I Drink and I Know Things Stein

Great attention to detail is evident from the artistic execution, giving it an outstanding appeal for creative types and vintage style lovers. There are four different designs to pick from, all with equal levels of creativity.

I Drink and I Know Things Stein

 One more thing, this eco-friendly design means that it can withstand as many falls as it has to, without the risk of breakage. 

I Drink and I Know Things Stein

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