25 Cool Indian Motorcycle Gifts for Your Best Riders

Indian motorcycles are one of the most popular and sought after bikes in the world. Moreover, this motorbike is also the oldest American motorcycle. People love its strong and sturdy layout, retro look that’s been modernized, powerful V-twin engine and great reliability.  Indian has been around for over 100 years, has built a strong following, and continues to be a favorite among motorcycle riders in many countries. Many motorcycle riders believe that Indian motorcycle gifts are a great way for anyone to show their love for riding or vintage style. Therefore, Indian motorcycle gifts will be a great choice for bikers and old soul people.

Whether you are looking for Indian motorcycle gifts for your friends or simply want to give appreciation for yourself, this article will help you to find the best present. Let’s take a look at cool Indian motorcycle gift items we have compiled across the internet to give you more inspiration. From the best motorcycle accessories and memorabilia to cool Indian motorcycle jackets and boots, we have gathered them all just for you. Let’s jump to the list!   

1. Indian Motorcycle Decanter 


Impress your motorcycle riders with this awesome decanter. It has a unique Indian motorcycle shape and is handcrafted with borosilicate glass. This whiskey decanter is made to enhance any home or office, making one of the best Indian motorcycle gifts for home decoration while enjoying expensive alcohol. It will be a wonderful motorcycle memorabilia to treasure.

2. Indian Motorcycle Throw Blanket


Give your motorcycle riders a comfortable and warm throw blanket with their favorite buddy on it. It features vintage photo collages of Indian motorcycles which surely bring a smile to their face. With this throw blanket, they can express their love for vintage motorcycles at home, perfect Indian motorcycle gifts they will cherish forever. Made from 100% polyester, this blanket is super soft and durable for a long time.

3. Vintage Indian Motorcycle T-Shirt

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In case you are looking for Indian motorcycle t-shirts for your club, then you can consider this gift. It has an elegant design of an Indian motorcycle with vintage lettering which brings its own charm. Because it is composed of 100% cotton, this t-shirt is super soft and breathable, perfect Indian motorcycle gifts for your club members who have high mobility and sweat a lot.

4. Indian Motorcycle Gas Tank Decals

Indian Motorcycle Gifts

Bring the cool vibe to your riders’ motorbike with this gas tank decal. High quality vinyl material is used to create this elegant Indian Motorcycle decal. Its solid white colors and detailed design will last for a very long period with good printing. This motorcycle memorabilia will look great on any motorbike, making ideal Indian motorcycle gifts to show their Indian pride.

5. Vintage Indian Motorcycle Model Kit


When it comes to creative Indian motorcycle gifts, this model kit will surely delight your best riders. Especially if they love industrial-style decor, then this vintage iron motorcycle model art is the best choice. You can see those chains, bolts, nuts, bearings, and other metal components are handcrafted to create amazing memorabilia. Its body has been electroplated to increase corrosion resistance, and its wheels can turn smoothly.

6. Funny Indian Motorcycle Sign


Light up your Indian motorcycle riders’ day with this funny metal sign. This is one of the most hilarious Indian motorcycle gifts to bring smiles and laughter to anyone who sees it. The funny Indian motorcycle quote will excite them to start the day, which will also be a great wall decor at their house. Due to its timeless aesthetic appeal, this metal tin sign is guaranteed to be a piece of conversation. 

7. Indian Bikers Club Mug


If your motorcycle riders always need a glass of caffeine in the morning, then you can surprise them with thoughtful Indian motorcycle gifts like this cool coffee mug. It has an elegant two tone design of Indian bikers club in red and black. The design is printed with high technology, making it durable for a long time. With this cool mug, they can enjoy their favorite coffee while showing their love for riding.

8. Retro Indian Motorcycle Tank Top


Let your Indian motorcycle riders express their love for riding with fashion. This charming tank top will be a great fashion item they can mix and match with a leather jacket or long sleeve shirts. It has a retro Indian motorcycle design that works well with any apparel. This is one of the fantastic Indian motorcycle gifts you can buy. Your motorcycle riders will surely be grateful for receiving this gift. 

9. Indian Motorcycle Guardian Biker Bell


Wish your bikers good fortune while riding with this Indian motorcycle biker bell. The amazing Indian design with “guardian” lettering is engraved in this wonderful biker bell, giving blessings and protection to your loved one who loves riding. This is one of the most charming motorcycle accessories you can buy to show your love and care to them.

10. 3D Indian Motorcycle Night Light


As Indian motorcycle gifts to wish riders good night, you can consider giving them these 3D night lights. The Indian motorcycle is beautifully portrayed on this lamp, making one of the best Indian motorcycle gift items indoor. The LED lighting gives an eye trick, since it is actually a light guide glass panel. The visual excitement will be considerable, especially if it appears like a true 3D night light in the dark.

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11. Indian Motorcycle Ring

Indian Motorcycle Gifts

While jewelry and accessories are often associated with feminine gifts, this cool Indian motorcycle ring will show you the opposite. It features a charming Indian motorcycle logo engraved in the silver ring, radiating the masculine vibe and motorcycle pride for riders. It will be one of the most precious Indian motorcycle gift items to show their charm as best riders.

12. Indian Motorcycle Tumbler

Indian Motorcycle Gifts

Keep your motorcycle riders hydrated outdoors with this elegant tumbler. This tumbler has an exclusive design of an Indian motorcycle printed in solid colors. Made from stainless steel which is safe for any drink material, it will be one of the best Indian motorcycle gifts for your active riders. The gift set comes with stainless steel straw as well, so they can reduce the plastic usage. 

13. Indian Motorcycle Leather Keyfob

Indian Motorcycle Gifts

If you are looking for cool Indian motorcycle accessories for forgetful riders, then this charming keyfob will be a great idea. With this keyfob, their motorcycle key will be noticeable. The unique Indian motorcycle design stamped on the leather keyfob will give a distinct appearance to their key. Your forgetful riders will definitely be happy receiving thoughtful Indian motorcycle gifts like this keyfob. 

14. Indian Motorcycle Concho

Indian Motorcycle Gifts

Decorate your motorbike with cool motorcycle accessories like this conchoo. This small but elegant zinc concho features a stunning Indian motorcycle logo stamped on it, making stunning Indian motorcycle gifts for riders. They can adorn the saddle with this concho, giving a wonderful accent on their gear. Or, they can simply keep the memorabilia as a good luck charm.

15. Indian Motorcycle Biker Babes Art Print

Indian Motorcycle Gifts

Since motorcycle riders love old vibe and vintage style, the awesome wall art will be a great memorabilia they will cherish forever. This poster will add style to their home’s decor because it is a genuine photographic image that shows Indian motorcycles from a hundred year ago. On Fuji Crystal Archive paper, the print is created for a lifetime of enjoyment.

16. Large Indian Motorcycle Back Patch

Indian Motorcycle Gifts

Adorn your riders’ jacket and shirt with a cool back patch that shows their pride as part of Indian bikers. Especially if they have a lot of plain apparel, then this is one of the most brilliant Indian motorcycle gifts for them. It has a detailed embroidered quality iron-on patch, which will be suitable on their shirts or jackets, giving a strong statement that they are part of the club. 

17. Indian Motorcycle Lapel Pin

Indian Motorcycle Gifts

A small but stylish keepsake for riders, this lapel pin is a perfect present you should buy. This Indian Motorcycle “teardrop” tribute lapel pin can adorn their apparel, hats, or bags. It is created as an exact replica of the tank badges found on the Indian motorcycles from 1941 and 1942. One of the most amazing Indian motorcycle gifts with chrome finish on the pin, since it is very impossible to achieve on such a small component.

18. Indian Motorcycle Metal Toy

Indian Motorcycle Gifts

Suppose your bikers have their dream Indian motorcycle, then you can get the mini version of it. You can customize the design and color since this metal toy is handcrafted to bring vintage and retro style. Inspired by the real motorbike, it has a precise scale of Indian motorcycle. This is definitely one of the most realistic Indian motorcycle gifts that will impress your best riders.

19. Indian Motorcycle Tabletop Clock


A combination of vintage style and technology, this tabletop clock is a charming desk decor to delight your Indian motorcycle lovers. The metal used to construct the motorcycle table clock was manually welded. It is rust-proof, colorfast, and strong, since it is made from premium metal. It will be one of the most useful Indian motorcycle gifts at their office or study room.

20. Indian Motorcycle Jackets


An Indian motorcycle jacket is a must have item for those who love riding and classic motorbike. Surprise your best riders with a high quality leather jacket to look stylish and fashionable. This premium leather jacket offers outstanding protection, all-season comfort, and timeless design. Indian Motorcycle logo is prominently branded on the front, back, and sleeves of its brown leather shell.

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21. Classic Indian Motorcycle Boots

Indian Motorcycle Gifts

Get your bikers the best motorcycle boots to protect them in style while riding. These motorcycle boots are designed to offer protection and a secure fit. The toe cap and heel cup add further protection, while its sole offers traction and abrasion resistance. Not to mention, the premium cow leather and brown stitching make these boots gorgeous Indian motorcycle gifts for all riders.

22. Vintage Indian Motorcycle Belt Buckle

Indian Motorcycle Gifts

Make your riders’ outfit look charming in vintage style with this wonderful belt buckle. It has a classic Indian motorcycle design engraved on the brass belt buckle with bronze color finish. Wearing this Indian motorcycle belt buckle will add charm to all riders, radiating the classic and old soul vibe. This is definitely one of the most charming Indian motorcycle gift items for those who love fashion items. 

23. Indian Motorcycle Pullover Hoodie


This casual pullover hoodie is one of the best Indian motorcycle gifts in any occasion. Its soft and comfortable polycotton material is suitable for all season outfits. Not to mention, the elegant Indian tribal headdress with American motorcycle text design in solid color will give another appeal. Wearing this cool hoodie will make them look effortlessly stunning in style.

24. Indian Motorcycle Heat Deflector

Indian Motorcycle Gifts

One of the most useful motorcycle accessories, this heat deflector is a brilliant present for riders. The heat deflector has white stitching, silver leather lacing, and Indian head conchos on either side of it. Beside its primary function to prevent heat radiation, it will be one of the best Indian motorcycle gifts to make their motorbike appear gorgeous.

25. Indian Motorcycle Mud Flap

Indian Motorcycle Gifts

Protect your motorbike from dirt and stones that may harm your vehicle with cool motorcycle accessories. This Indian motorcycle mud flap provides fender tip protection and significantly improves the motorcycle’s traditional custom look. It installs securely by simply sliding it over the inside of the fender. Any bike will have a distinctive aesthetic thanks to the black leather and fringes inspired by Indian motorcycles.

Latest Post:

Are Indian Motorcycle parts made in China?

Although Indian motorcycles are assembled in the USA, some of their component parts are produced in other nations, including China. Indian motorcycles are currently built at Spirit Lake, Iowa, a city in the United States. Before 2011, an establishment in King’s Mountain, North Carolina, produced Indian bikes.

Are Indian motorcycles 100% American made?

No. American automaker Polaris Inc. owns and manufactures the motorcycle brand known as Indian Motorcycle. However, some of their parts are still manufactured in other countries. At the Indian Motorcycle facility in Spirit Lake, Iowa, the heritage of top-notch craftsmanship in American manufacturing is still alive today.

Why is it called Indian Motorcycle?

Because the American Indian, a racing bicycle model created by the company’s founder before he moved to motorcycles, inspired the name of Indian Motorcycles. So, the name does not originate from India. Polaris currently owns Indian Motorcycles, which are put together at Spirit Lake, Iowa, in the United States.

Yes, they are popular for those who love classic and vintage motorbikes. Indian had the highest annual record sales of motorbikes 100 years ago, with over 50.000 units sold on average. The record for sales in this century was set in 2017 with over 30.000 units sold, before falling in 2018 with over 5,000 less units sold in the US, and then in 2019.

Are Indian motorcycles the best?

Indian motorbikes are among the highest-quality vehicles on the market since Polaris built the contemporary Indian series with a focus on performance. During the development of contemporary Indian technology, Polaris was fully aware of the success of its American rivals. When it comes to contemporary cruisers, Indian Motorcycle is once again at the top of the heap.

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