25 Cool Gifts for Old Souls We Love

Sometimes we might be wondering, why some people can really love something old and vintage so much? Well, some people are dedicated to become part of the wrong time and generation. They would love to have something old and classic rather than something new and modern, and they definitely have an old soul. Without a doubt, they would love to get something classic, so it will be a great idea for you to prepare the best gifts for old souls.

We have listed 25 items with a unique and vintage look. Several items might bring them back to the old times, while other will bring the past into the hears of young people with an old soul. In this list, you will find retro turntables, old cooking utensils, or even retro TV games, wooden watches, and classic slippers that any old souls would definitely love. So, let’s find out what we can give as a gift for old souls before they are sold out!

1. Pen Pal Set

Pen Pal Set

Both generations, either your friends with an old souls, or your grandparents who love to write anything, you give them this adorable pen pal set. This set also includes fun prompts, which will add more fun to their writing activities. The illustration of the letters is designed playfully, making this item one of the coolest gifts for old souls. 

2. Personalized Family Tree Serving Bowl

Personalized Family Tree Serving Bowl

Do you have a friend who has an old soul inside them, or grandmothers who love everything aesthetic? If you do, then this personalized family serving bowl can be a great choice of a cool gift for old souls. Its design has that classic 90’s charisma and you can also add their family name to make it look more special. It can be used for special dinners, gatherings, or casual lunch! 

3. Millenials vs Boomers Trivia Game

Millenials vs Boomers Trivia Game

Want to know how millennials and boomers think? This trivia game card will test their general knowledge about each other’s generations. Questions such as “Do the millennials know what people listen to before there were cassette tapes”, or “Do the boomers know what happens at Black Rock desert in Nevada every year” will make this game become a fun quizzing activities. Therefore, this mini game will be great as a cool gift for old souls.

4. Bluebird Wall Hanging

Bluebird Wall Hanging

Doesn’t it look pretty cute to have this item in the front porch of our home? This bluebird wall hanging will chime when there is a light wind. Made of wood and rock, this item will add a touch of vintage to your home decoration. Therefore, this item must be considered into your list of a little gift for old souls who are dreaming of a peaceful home. We believe this gift can give a lot of calmness and peaceful feelings to the receiver. 

5. Meditation Box

Meditation Box

Sometimes it’s hard to have some quality time for yourself. This meditation box gives the old souls a chance to find a moment to reflect on themselves. It is designed to stimulate their imagination with its nature of sand and birchwood box. It also includes a stick to write a short reflection while we are doing our meditation. May this meditation box be a great gift for old souls who are looking for a tip to do self-reflection once in a while. 

6. Eyeglasses Holder

Eyeglasses Holder

This vintage style eyeglasses holder is made of sheesham wood with a brown brunette color, which makes it look super elegant. Aside from its retro design with a shape of a face, it is also a very good item to place our glasses. This unique design eyeglasses holder will be great as a cool gift for old souls. Hopefully by receiving this item as a gift, they will be happy since they won’t lose their glasses anymore. 

7. Then Sings My Soul

Then Sings My Soul

Are you curious about the story behind the world’s greatest hymn? The songs have been created since a very long time ago and most people don’t know the history of every song. This book called “Then Sings My Soul” keeps 150 world’s greatest hymn’s stories. Not only for a casual reading, this book also teaches illustration and song leaders or ministers. The book provides the stories along with the song lyrics and notes. Undoubtedly, this item will be one of the best gifts for old souls, especially seniors who love traditional songs. They will be singing happily based on the notes and lyrics written on the book. 

8. I Remember That! Quiz

I Remember That!

A fun quiz that was kept in a book called “I Remember That” will challenge the seniors to get out of their mind! The quiz is challenging us to answer fun questions about history, entertainment, to culture and science. This book will bring us back to the old times when we grew up and bring out the old souls inside us. Therefore, this item might be a great gift for old souls to have fun!

9. Flashback to 1962

Flashback to 1962

Bring out the old souls inside them by giving this book titled Flashback to 1962. Especially for seniors, this book has compiled all things that happened in 1962s such as the Cold War series, Marilyn Monroe Life and Death, The Pop Art of Andy Warhol, and many more. It will bring take us to the old times, therefore you need to add this book to the list of cool gifts for old souls. 

10. Two-tone Moccasin Slipper

Two-tone Moccasin Slipper

Looking for a vintage style gift for old souls? This slipper features a rubber sole and faux fur inside to give comfort and warmth. It is designed with two tone neutral colors, so it’s perfect to be worn anywhere they go. Made to lasts a lifetime, this item also comes with the gift-wrapping as well! So, for old people who love classic styles like this, this item will be great as a gift for old souls. 

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11. Wooden Watch

Wooden Watch

Old souls have the passion for vintage things, from homeware to their own fashion style. This wooden watch has an exquisite design that will last for a lifetime. Moreover, you can choose to add your own engraved personalization such as a short message behind the watch. With a classic look like this, this item will be a great gift for old souls who always dream of vintage items. They will be happy to add a new touch to their vintage fashion style with this wooden watch. 

12. Handwriting Leather Wallet

Handwriting Leather Wallet

Old souls are not only those senior people or grandparents. Anyone with and old soul would love something that has an antique value and vintage look. This handwriting leather wallet will be one of the best choices of gifts for old souls. You can choose which side of the wallet to add your personal message to. The wallet also has spare space for cards and cash, so it will be a very useful gift for the old souls and even seniors, too. 

13. Wooden Desk Organizer

Wooden Desk Organizer

The list of gifts for old souls is going on and on! This wooden desk organizer would not be used only as a home decoration, but it can also be used to organize important stuff on their desk such as wallet, phone, charger, cash, bracelets, and many more. What makes it more special are the colors and design that come in 10 available types. This item will be a great gift for old souls who love to design their desk to look more classic. 

14. Engraved Beard Comb

Engraved Beard Comb

Essential things never left an old soul. Just like this wooden beard comb. It is available in two types of wood: sandalwood with darker brown and Amoora wood with reddish brown. As it is made of high quality wood, it will surely make their hair and scalp becomes healthier, compared to using plastic combs. For the old souls, especially the seniors, this vintage look comb will be a wonderful gift. Looking at those features, no wonder this item will be great as a gift for an old soul. 

15. Retro Bar Cart

Retro Bar Cart

Looking for a unique retro bar cart for someone who has an old soul inside them? Coming from the 1960s, this bar cart has a unique design and stable chrome metal structure. The bar cart will also make their life easier when they want to have a drink in the afternoon. This unique item will surely fit as a gift for old souls. 

16. Vintage Beads Jewelry

Vintage Beads Jewelry

Old souls usually have mature characters and a huge love for old antique things. This beads jewelry is definitely loved by your friends who have an old soul. It is made of plastic and resin with glossy finish, which adds a pretty classic look to it. Vintage from before 2000, this vintage bracelet will surely fit as a gift for old souls. 

17. Polaroid Large Black Photo Album

Polaroid Large Black Photo Album

For people who love collecting old photos with Polaroid, this photo album will be a great gift for old souls. They can collect up to 150 polaroid photos, too! This vintage photo album can be given as a gift for old souls who would love to collect memories of their life. 

18. Farmers Market Clock

Farmers Market Clock

Ever find a unique vintage gift for old souls like this market clock? Yes, it is super unique since there is a bowl under the clock. It has a theme of scale measurement just like what farmers normally do in the market, although it is not actually used for measuring weight. When it’s not necessarily used, the bowl and the hook can be removed as well. With this design, it will surely be loved by a partner who has old souls inside to put in the backyard. Check this item out as a gift for old souls!

19. Vintage Style Air Cleaner

Vintage Style Air Cleaner

This unique air cleaner offers a high performance of air cleaning while it has a vintage style design that brings you back to the old times. The air cleaning machine comes in compact to big size according to your preference. What makes it even more special is that the machine can be painted into any color you like by yourself! People with old souls will find this item amazing and helpful as it has both vintage design outside with advanced technology inside. Consider this as one of the cool gifts for old souls?

20. Vintage Sewing Kit 

Vintage Sewing Kit

People in the past used to sew manually, rather than using a sewing machine. This vintage sewing kit from SINGER would be a great gift for old souls and even seniors that will bring them back to the old times. This kit can be bought anywhere, whenever they feel like sewing things. With a floral look, it has a vintage style that makes it become a great gift for old souls. 

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21. Lost Recipes

Lost Recipes

It would have been great if we knew how people in old times cooked and compared it with today’s cooking techniques, including recipe development. This “Betty Crocker Lost Recipes” has something magical for people who love to cook with a touch of retro vibes. The recipes provided in the book are worth trying! It includes some cooking customs from the past in a fun way, which may not be worth repeating, but worth remembering. 

22. Mini TV Game

Mini TV Game

A unique gift for old souls who love to play games! This retro TV game will be a fun way to bring back old memories. This classic game brings two players to play built-in 620 games and manuals to set up the game on TV for more comfortable play activities. We bet that people with old souls will not feel bored with today’s type of game TV, but rather they will choose the old one.

23. Retro Record Player

Retro Record Player

It’s always exciting for seniors and people with old souls to see the big vinyl CD. It has ‘50s design with a vintage look that brings them back to the old times. This retro record player has modern technologies, such as Bluetooth devices and CD player. It also features USB to easily record music. Get this item as a gift for old souls while the stocks still last!

24. Crosley Cruiser Turntable

Crosley Cruiser Turntable

Different from the retro record player, this turntable features a classic white sand suitcase and built-in stereo which allows you to plug and play music from a vinyl CD. Moreover, this turntable is able to play music from digital music as well, and it’s featuring a built-in-BT receiver. This advanced turntable will make people with old souls become happier as they get to travel to the old times. Perfect as a gift for old souls!

25. Bread Toaster

Bread Toaster

If perhaps almost all items on this list are unique and fun, what if you can get back to the basics? This bread slice toaster has a vintage design, which you can use based on warm-up level: would you just defrost, reheat, or toast it? There will be three colors you can choose according to the receiver’s color preferences. With the vintage design and good features on the toaster will make people with old souls feel special as they get to use things with ancient systems. Check this vintage item as a cool gift for old souls! 

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