25 Appreciative and Fun Gifts for Bus Drivers

Still remember the friendly school bus driver when you were in school? The guy who always greeted you with a warm smile every morning. Quite often he also waited for your slight jog to the bus stop. The memories of the fun times inside the yellow school bus may come back to you when your kids were asking you about the best gifts for bus drivers.

Choosing gifts are always exciting, and choosing the best gifts for kindhearted bus drivers is even more exciting! If you are in the middle of a brainstorming with the kids about what would be the best gift for their bus drivers, or if you’re looking for a gift for a special bus driver in your life, we are here to come to the rescue! So sit tight, because we will be sharing with you 25 of the best gift ideas for bus drivers. Now fasten your seatbelt and let’s start scrolling down!

1. Bus Driver Appreciation Shirt

Bus Driver Appreciation Shirt

It will be a big surprise for the bus driver if all students are wearing this appreciation shirt to school. Everyone can choose their favorite color and pick their size, since this shirt comes in various color options and sizes. Don’t forget to have one for the main character of the event, too! The kids’ favorite bus driver will be smiling throughout the journey to the school. Also, this gift will definitely brightens up his day.

2. Personalized Card Holder

Personalized Card Holder

Since bus drivers travel from one place to another every single day, carrying his important cards like ID, ATM, or Credit Cards are crucial. If your kids are looking for the best gift for their favorite bus driver, then this personalized card holder can be an option. This item features four card slots, and it can also be personalized by putting the driver’s name on the front side.

3. Unique Handmade Seat Belt Cover

Unique Handmade Seat Belt Cover

Bus drivers need to have their seatbelts on at all time. Therefore, this handmade seat belt cover with New York Mets Basketball Team design will be an excellent gift for bus drivers. This item cover offers shoulder protection with a unique design on it. Moreover, it uses recycled remnants in creating the multicolored cover and trim.

4. Wellness Lollipops

Wellness Lollipops

Isn’t it sweet to give this adorable candy as a gift for bus drivers? This sweet lollipops consist of healthy ingredients, which is why these candies can be good and healthy snack to enjoy on the road. For bus drivers, these lollipops can help them dealing with fatigue and boredom. With two available flavors, you can choose between Immunity Lollipops or the Longevity Lollipops. Either way, your favorite bus driver will definitely enjoy healthy and yummy lollipops on the road.

5. Celestial Dog Walk Fanny Pack

Celestial Dog Walk Fanny Pack

If your favorite bus driver owns a dog as a pet and loves to take his furry friend for an afternoon walk? Then this astronomical fanny pack can be one of the most thoughtful gifts for him. He can wear his fanny pack on their waist when walking his dog to the park. In addition, it can also hold his essentials like smartphone or sunnies, and not to mention his dog’s poop bags, too!

6. Utility Bracelet

Utility Bracelet

Driving kids home after school every is a pleasant thing to do. The bus is never a quiet place when loud and funny kids are inside. They will always find a way to involve themselves in ridiculous and funny situations, and things can get ugly sometimes. That’s why this utility bracelet can be a useful tool for bus driver in emergency situations. So if you’re looking for something useful, this item is something to consider.

7. Car Seat Cover Massager 

gifts for bus drivers

This seat cover massager will be an excellent gift for bus drivers. They often sit in the driver’s seat for a long period of time, which can give them back pain or stiffness in the neck. Therefore, this wooden seat cover is a nice gift to relieve some stress and body aches while they’re on the road.

8. Personalized Tumbler with Straw

gifts for bus drivers

You should consider this cool tumbler as one of the most recommended gifts for bus drivers. Being on the road all the time means they need to stay focus and fresh, and coffee will always help. These tumblers can keep their coffee warm for eight hours. If your favorite bus driver prefers iced coffee, that’s even better, because this tumbler can keep his coffee cold for more than 24 hours. If you pick this item, you will get a silicone straw that comes with the package.

9. Skullcandy Dime True Wireless In-Ear Earbud

Skullcandy Dime True Wireless In-Ear Earbud

We all know that we can’t accept calls when we’re driving. However, important calls cannot wait until the working hours’ end. That’s when this wireless earbud comes handy, since it will allow bus drivers to take urgent calls without having to take off their hands from the steering wheel. The earbuds last for 12-hours, so any bus driver can wear them for long-distance drive. Without a doubt, these earbuds can be one of the best gifts for bus drivers.

10. Anytime Shirt Jacket

gifts for bus drivers

This fluffy fleece shirt jacket will definitely become the perfect gift for women bus drivers. Made of high-quality fabric, this jacket will keep them warm during winter. Moreover, they can also wear this jacket for other occasions as well. It has an oversized fit cut that will work perfect with casual attire like jeans or t-shirts. Moreover, it’s machine wash friendly.

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11. School Bus Driver Socks

gifts for bus drivers

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a funny and cheerful bus driver, then you might want to add these lovely school bus driver socks to your cart. The vibrant colors of bus graphics will light up the bus driver’s day. These socks use polyester and spandex material with cushioned bottoms, making them comfortable to wear.

12. Keychain Gift for Bus Drivers

gifts for bus drivers

This keychain is a thoughtful gift for your kid’s favorite school bus driver. It has a sweet charm engraved with adorable message to represents your kid’s gratitude to the funny driver. This keychain will not only keep his keys safe and handy, it will also long lasting because it was made of lead-free and nickel-free materials. 

13. Contour Map Necktie

gifts for bus drivers

Kids would love to collect their money to buy a sweet gift for their favorite school bus driver. When it comes to choosing the best gift, the kids would appreciate a little advice from you, and this tie is a great recommendation. This tie was made of silky and soft fabric and comes in six color options with a dove gray print design. Moreover, the kids can write their own thank you notes and fabric care instructions.

14. 3 in 1 Wireless Car Charger

gifts for bus drivers

There’s nothing more convenient than having this 3-in-1 car phone holder. A true bus driver will be happy to have this item as a gift, since he will can put his on the bus’ dashboard while charging it simultaneously, without having to be mounted on them. Furthermore, the bus driver can also use it in his own car.

15. Cartoon Car Trash Can

gifts for bus drivers

The cute cartoon car trash can will be a lovely gift for a bus driver. It can be a funny decorative item with a functional aspect. This gift can encourage the kids to keep the school bus clean and put it into the trash in the cartoon car trash can. It’s a lightweight and portable trash can to be moved and installed easily.

16. Lumbar Support Pillow

Lumbar Support Pillow

Tell your kids that this lumbar support pillow can make their school bus driver happy. The back cushion can make the driver seat comfortable all day long. It has double adjustable straps to set the pillow to the preferred height. You can choose your appreciation gift from the three available colors.

17. Plaid Check and Solid Cashmere Feel Winter Scarf

Plaid Check and Solid Cashmere Feel Winter Scarf

Scarves undoubtedly make you feel warm and cozy during the cold winter days. This plum feather scarf offers a super soft cashmere feel, making it a beautiful gift for the bus drivers who will be out in winter too. The stylish scarf is a unisex gift that will fit both male and female school bus driver. 

18. Bath Bomb Gift Set

Bath Bomb Gift Set

It will be nice to have a bath with the six relaxing scents bath bombs after long working hours of picking up and taking the kids home. The bus driver can enjoy a leisure time with these organic bath bombs during the school holiday for maximum relaxation. They will come back with a fresh look and spirit after the school holiday is over.

19. School Bus Birthday Garland

School Bus Birthday Garland

As an appreciation for the school bus driver, your kids and their friends can arrange a little surprise to celebrate the driver’s birthday. If every child is assigned to bring something over, then you can suggest your kids to get this school bus birthday garland and join the decor team. This item is easy to install and they can put in on the backside of the bus. It will be a fun surprise and gift for the bus driver.

20. Artificial Flower Set

Artificial Flower Set

If bringing a real flower can burden the bus driver, your child can give this artificial flower for the school bus decoration. It uses odorless and non-toxic plastic for the plants and special paper pulp for the pot. It’s safe to be placed on the corner of the driver’s dashboard. without a doubt, the flower will give a fresh feel to the driver’s zone.

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21. Oven Pads Pot Holder

Oven Pads Pot Holder

If your favorite bus driver is a passionate cook, this oven-pads pot holder will be an excellent gift for him. The design of this pot holder will convey how grateful your kids are to the bus driver. The thick cotton provides maximum flexibility and heat protection during cooking time.

22. Makeup Bag

Makeup Bag

This makeup bag can be an appreciation gift for the bus driver. The design shows how much your kids love their bus driver. This small bag is not only suitable for makeup, but also perfect for a mobile phone, medicine, candies and snack bar, etc. It uses waterproof material to keep the design of its top quality for daily use.

23. School Bus Piggy Bank

School Bus Piggy Bank

The unique piggy bank will be a fun and creative gift for the bus driver. The yellow car will be the same as the one they drive around. They can display the school bus piggy bank on the dashboard to show it to the other kids. They can also bring it home and show it to their kids.

24. Bus Driver Monthly Planner

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The bus driver may have a regular changing schedule from time to time. Therefore, you can suggest this monthly planner as a gift for the bus driver. They can arrange the important dates and events in the 100 page planner. 

25. Christmas Ornament Gift for Bus Drivers

Christmas Ornament

The school bus driver should be proud of the kids who give him a gift that crowns him as the best driver ever. During Christmas, this ornament will be one the brightest decorations among other ornaments. The gold string can hold the ornament on the top of the Christmas tree. Your kids can wrap the ornament in a beautiful red ribbon before giving it to their favorite bus driver.

Final Thoughts

For a great bus driver who has a kind heart to help all students get home safely everyday, the best kind of gift would be the gift that makes him feel appreciated. Remember, the perfect gifts are not always the most expensive ones. The perfect gifts are those items that hold special meaning for the special people in your life. Some of the best recommendations of gifts for your favorite bus driver includes a car seat cover with a massager, a wireless car charger, or a casual jacket to keep him warm during winter. For more recommendations, make sure you check out the list above!

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What do you give a bus driver as a gift?

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How do you appreciate a bus driver?

You can start by saying hello and thank to the bus driver, before and after the ride to school. Try to follow the rules inside the bus, such as not disturbing people by talking too loud or littering. You can also give them small appreciation gifts. It will make their day more enjoyable to know that their passengers respect them.

What are the best-personalized bus driver gifts?

Bus drivers spend most of their time on the wheels. They will have their break time, usually after their duty time is over. Thus, we think this personalized tumbler will help them to have their coffee and tea to go easier. They can take a brief break before running through the town again.

What are the best funny bus driver gifts?

If you have known the bus drivers for a long time because of your work or school routine schedule, the playful gifts will surely entertain them. Send them the colorful school bus socks as a gift. Or prepare the school bus piggy bank just for fun.

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