15 Fun Facts About Tanks that Will Blow Your Mind

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A tank is one of the ultimate tools for the military to fight wars. It is also a manifestation of human ingenuity and a massive feat of engineering. Aggressive attack capabilities and high mobility have turned tanks into formidable machines of destruction. So, let’s find out all the fun facts about tanks that will blow your mind!

Almost every country has main battle tanks as weapons, suitable for defense and offensive purposes. Here, we shall talk about their designs, fun facts, history, and role on the battlefield. Military buffs and armchair generals should not miss this article!

#1 Leonardo da Vinci Invented the First Tank

Leonardo da Vinci Designed the Prototype for the Predecessor of the Modern Tank
Leonardo da Vinci Designed the Prototype for the Predecessor of the Modern Tank

Who doesn’t know Leonardo da Vinci? The famous Italian painter and philosopher are known for his mind-blowing inventions and discoveries. Mona Lisa is his most impressive and well-recognized painting. Who would have thought that Leonardo da Vinci had also designed a combat vehicle in 1487? The first concept combat vehicle has inspired the prototype of a modern tank.

The predecessor to the modern tank featured a light gun mounted on a circular platform with a 360-degree angle of reach. This armored tank has a protective cover similar to a turtle shell. What is unique is the observation tower above. Its function is to coordinate the steering and firing of cannons at the enemy.

The concept of this steel tank can intimidate the enemy because of its large and sturdy size. Leonardo da Vinci’s design is the forerunner of the modern tank we see today. And there’s your first fun fact about tanks! It was something from around 600 years ago!

#2 Levavasseur Project

Levavasseur Project
Levavasseur Project

After Leonardo da Vinci’s first design, French Captain Léon René Levavasseur of the 6th Artillery Battalion adopted the concept of a combat vehicle. He outlined the plan in the Levavasseur Project in 1903.

The war vehicle was considered to be able to carry cannons mounted on a steel crate. The design of this tank is like a box running on a crawler track powered by an 80 horsepower petrol engine.

#3 Leopard 2A7+ as the Most Powerful Modern Tank

Leopard 2A7+
Leopard 2A7+

Do you know the most powerful tank in the world for now? The Leopard 2A7+ is the answer. This German-made tank is the main battle tank (MBT) adopted by the German Army (Bundeswehr).

This steel tank will be helpful to spearhead into the enemy’s defensive line. The stunning armored tank utilizes an L55 smoothbore gun with an astonishing range and explosive power. Yes, that’s right! The Leopard 2A7+ comes with a comprehensive weapon system.

In addition to the L55 smoothbore gun, this most potent armored tank also comes with an FLW 200 light gun station, grenade launcher, and machine gun programmed for long-range firing.

In addition to having extraordinary offensive power, Leopard 2A7+ also has an unbeatable defense system. This tank offers complete protection from gunfire, mines, anti-tank missiles, and other explosive devices.

#4 Amphibious Tank

Captive Air Amphibious Transporter Can Drive on the Water
Captive Air Amphibious Transporter Can Drive on the Water

When we hear the word tank, what we have in mind is a combat vehicle that can only operate on land. However, that assumption will be swept away when you discover the Captive Air Amphibious Transporter (CAAT).

This prototype amphibious tank has a unique design with a tread fabricated from air-filled pontoons. The track has an excellent lift, allowing the tank to move on water. CAAT can transport standard 20 to 40 feet of containers to shore without using a port.

This prototype continues to be developed to benefit military and natural disaster management.

#5 World’s Most Luxurious Tank

Luxurious Tank
Luxurious Tank

Maybe you would never think that a tank can have a costly price tag. The Korean-made K2 Black Panther tank has the most fantastic price tag of $8.5 million per unit. Guinness World Records has also recognized that this Korean pride tank is the most expensive battle tank

Do you know why it is so expensive? This steel tank developed by Hyundai Rotem incorporates the most advanced tank technologies worldwide. This extraordinary tank combines ergonomics and digitalization aspects far more advanced than tanks from other countries.

#6 Making a Cup of Tea in a British Tank

British Tank
British Tank

Here is a super fun fact about tanks operated by the British army! You can make a cup of tea in a British tank. Drink tea while fighting! Is that fair? Yes, that’s how the British soldiers get the job done. A cup of tea maker is available as a standard feature on all British tanks.

The boiling vessel to make fresh hot tea and warm foods such as soup as an army supply during the war. British soldiers had tea time in their wartime schedule. This unique habit has continued since World War II.

#7 The Massive Tank Museum

Massive Tank Museum
Massive Tank Museum

Do you want to see the most complete collection of tanks? Come to the Tank Museum, owned by the American Armored Foundation (AAF). This museum is located in Virginia, United States. Tank and cavalry artifacts from various countries are available for you to see. You will find more than 100 tanks with different designs and features.

These tanks date back to the first and second world wars. Every corner of the museum room is decorated with steel tanks equipped with incredible weapons and ammunition. Take your family to visit this Tank Museum and dig up as much information as possible about the history of world wars.

#8 Why Do Tanks Have Genders?

Why Do Tanks Have Genders?
Why Do Tanks Have Genders?

Believe it or not, tanks have gender. How could that be? You must be surprised to hear this statement. Tanks saw combat for the first time in the early 19th century at the Battle of Flers-Courcelette. The term gender in tanks was first introduced by the British army.

The British Army assigned a gender to the tank to make it easier to identify the tank type. The female tank has two heavy Vickers machine guns equipped with turrets. The male tanks mounted a six-pound gun and added three submachine guns.

#9 Tank Autoloader

fun facts about tanks
Tank Autoloader

Automation and digitalization also have affected tank technology. For instance, we have autoloader equipment instead of using human soldiers to load the tank canon. The autoloader makes reloading cannon shells into tanks and artillery much faster and more efficient.

Steel tanks will be more effective in battle if you use an autoloader. The tank’s weight will also experience a significant decrease due to the absence of army personnel in it.

#10 Woosh! This Tank is Fast!

fun facts about tanks
Tank is Fast!

Speed ​​is an essential factor in winning a battle. You can take down your enemies with powerful and fast combat vehicles. If you want to know which tank is the fastest, then the M18 Hellcat is the answer! This reliable tank destroyer can reach 44.7 mph or 72 km/h.

This tank can easily penetrate the opponent’s defense and quickly retreat if pressed. In addition to its incredible speed, the M18 Hellcat uses powerful and accurate weapons. This steel tank can also detect the enemy’s position to destroy its defenses.

#11 Dazzling Pink Tanks

fun facts about tanks
Pink Tanks

Tanks are synonymous with devastating warfare. They use a camouflage color scheme to avoid detection by the enemy’s weapons. However, did you know that there is a tank that is painted pink? David Černy, an artist and provocateur from the Czech Republic, transforms an ordinary tank into a charming pink.

David Erny painted the tank in 1991 to serve as a monument to his country’s liberation. This pink tank monument symbolizes the Czech Republic’s gratitude to Russia for its independence.

This fun tank is nicknamed “Tank Pink 91”. Now you can see this famous pink tank at the Lešany Military Museum, located about 20 km outside of Prague.

#12 Why Are Tanks So Heavy?

fun facts about tanks
Tanks So Heavy

Here is a fun fact about tanks’ weight! A steel tank can weigh tens of tons. This very heavyweight certainly requires a strong driving motor as well. The construction and materials that make up the tank are significant contributors to the weight.

Steel, metal, and carbon, often used as construction materials, have a heavy molecular weight. For instance, a tank weighing 50 tons comprises wheel tracks, each weighing 4 tons, a piston weighing 3 tons, and an engine 2 tons.

Transmission, wheels, armor, hydraulic system, ammunition, suspension, and fuel also significantly affect the total weight. So, it is not surprising that a tank can be cumbersome.

#13 Longest Range Hit by a Tank

fun facts about tanks
Hit by a Tank

The range of fire from a tank is crucial in defeating the enemy’s armors. The farther distance allows the tank to have more cover and a higher chance of survivability. Reporting from the Guinness World Records website, the British Challenger tank from the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards set a record for the longest range hit of about 2.54 miles or 4.1 km.

This tank saw combat during the Gulf War ground offensive in early 1991. What do you think? Is this distance already exceptional? Give your feedback in the comment column below!

#14 24 Tons! It’s Light!

fun facts about tanks
24 Tons! It’s Light!

In general, a tank weighs around 40-50 tons. Do you know the lightest tank in the world? The Advanced Composite Armored Vehicle Platform (ACAVP) tank set a world record for the most lightweight tank at 24 tons (52,910 lb).

Instead of using heavy steel, metal, and carbon, ACAVP uses e-glass epoxy, glass fiber, and plastic composite materials. The glass fiber is much lighter than steel but provides special protection.

#15 What is the Greatest Tank Movie of All Time?

fun facts about tanks
What is the Greatest Tank Movie of All Time?

Here is the last fun fact about tanks for those who love war and action films! The Beast of War, released in 1988, was named the best tank movie of all time with an IMDb rating of 7.3.

If we are talking about the most popular ones, Fury perhaps takes the first place. You definitely should check both movies out and see which one you prefer!

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