This Robotic Cat Nybble is The Most Adorable Feat of Engineering

Would you like to play with the cutest mini robotic kitten? Meet the highly intelligent Nybble! This adorable robot features a highly advanced design that can accurately mimic a cat’s movements. It uses sophisticated programming and a complex robotic frame to simulate the behavior of a precious kitty cat.

In addition, Nybble uses open-source platforms such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. It means that you can edit and modify this cat’s programming and add more computational power to make your Nybble smarter.

The designer of loveable Nybble, namely Petoi, has dubbed this invention the lightest and the fastest robot that can walk on four limbs like a real cat. Due to its open-source nature, Petoi will let you teach your sweet Robo Kitty new behavior, attitude, and tricks! You just need Raspberry Pi to improve Nybble’s intelligence.

You can trace the origin of Nybble to the OpenCat project. This platform is where programmers share the growth of their quadruped robots. You can communicate with experienced Nybble owners and exchange ideas to improve your own robotic cat.

This futuristic pet can move around like a real cat because of the Arduino microcontroller components. This part controls the motion of your Nybble as it stores the muscle memory of a living kitten. 

In addition, you can mount a Raspberry Pi mini-computer on your robotic feline to improve its decision-making capabilities. You can put any kind of command however you like! Give your Nybble the ability to walk around, jump or perhaps even run.

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NYBBLE Robotic Cat

If you do not have much experience with programming, Petoi offers a tutorial with detailed instructions. Beginners can follow this default setting first.

As you gain more knowledge, you can customize your Nybble with additional programming or mods. For the robotic body, you can also modify it with paint and add new parts using DIY craft supplies or 3D printers.

Nybble’s frame is made out of wood! It is a light, strong, and flexible material. With the accompanying instruction, you can assemble your own adorable robot kitty’s frame. You do not need to use any screwdriver as the parts are intentionally designed to be like a fun puzzle.

NYBBLE Robotic Cat

Petoi equips Nybble with a highly sophisticated NyBoardV0 that features a 6-axis gyro sensor, independent power for the main chips and servos, and wireless capability.

One of the most outstanding features of Nybble is Petoi’s attention to detail. This endearing robotic companion programmable joint turner can accurately imitate organic cats.

The precious Nybble is not just a simple pet. It is also a gateway to STEM education. It can motivate you to learn to program and perhaps even inspire children to study robotic technology. In the future, the inventors hope to create a life-sized version of a robotic animal. This can be made possible as our understanding of programming and robots keep expanding.

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