25 Unique Silicone Molds for DIY and Crafting

DIY has been a trend for the last decade. Starting from furniture to various decorations, DIY stuff becomes something that can give us a more satisfying result. One way to start your DIY project is to use a silicone mold for casting, because you can do simply anything using a silicone mold. Silicone mold can perfectly replicate the shape that we want to apply. Also, providing details to the most difficult parts such as fingerprints can be formed using a silicone mold. It was made of material is flexible and strong, ensuring the durability of the mold. In addition, resistance to high temperatures is also a plus point of silicon mold, making it safe to use for cooking.

Based on all the advantages mentioned above, we decided to create a list of unique silicon molds, only for you. For those who need silicone molds or make silicone molds as DIY gifts, make sure you scroll down because you will find 25 recommendations of unique silicone molds that you can use for various needs. Let’s get started!

1. Coaster Mold for Wine Glass

Coaster Mold for Wine Glass

Coasters with plain patterns can be boring sometimes. Therefore, we come with this coaster mold for wine glass for your DIY coaster. A unique silicone mold with a line art motif so you can get more fascinating coasters, especially for fancy events. This item comes as a set of 4 line art molds that you can choose for your custom coaster. Aside from having the appropriate diameter size for a good coaster, this item will give beautiful coaster results, making it perfect for your drinking companion.

2. Dinosaur Silicone Mold

Dinosaur Silicone Mold

Look at this cute dinosaur silicone mold! It’s truly a unique and food grade silicone mold to suit your cooking needs. By using this mold, you can get four different dinosaur shapes for better molding purposes. Cast your cake, candy, pudding, or even your soap on this mold to get a unique dinosaur shape. By doing so, you’ll see that it provides detailed and clear results of adorable dinosaur shapes. Made of a durable silicone material, it means that you can definitely use this mold for a long period of time.

3. Baby Fox Mold

Baby Fox Mold

To get a real baby fox shape may be very difficult, but what if you make it yourself at home? By using this unique silicone mold, you can make a baby fox from resin or chocolate that you like. Baby fox mold is perfect for those who love to DIY and craft at home, especially to create adorable stuff.

4. Key Set Silicone Mold

Key Set Silicone Mold

Locks are made to have a simple shape and with cheap materials for efficiency. Now, you can also have a unique and aesthetic custom key by using this key set mold. A unique silicone mold for resin is cast to make keys with unusual shapes. In addition, it also has a lot of selection key shapes in one large silicone mold to fulfill all your needs.

5. Cloud Shape Silicone Mold

Cloud Shape Silicone Mold

Now you can have a cloud that looks fluffy and soft with this unique silicone mold. This item is definitely a 3D silicone that you can use to make anything you like, including DIY resin, soap, or food in a shape like a cloud. Please bear in mind that it would be better for you to use materials that do not produce toxic substances, so you can have it as a food grade mold. In addition, this is also a tough item that can withstand temperatures of -50 to 230 Celsius degrees, which ensures its durability. Perfect as a gift for those who like DIY things at home.

6. Lotus Silicone Mold

Lotus Silicone Mold

Lotus is a beautiful flower that symbolizes purity and rebirth. Having accessories such as earrings with beautiful flower shapes can give you more values. This one is an example, because it comes as a unique silicone mold that you can use to make beautiful lotus-shaped earrings. Moreover, you can give this lotus silicone mold as a gift for those who like DIY accessories. This item is the perfect handmade silicone mold can produce a precise shape when used. Plus, it also offers high durability, guarantees the lifetime of this item.

7. Large Compass Silicone Mold

Large Compass Silicone Mold

You can also have a unique silicone mold with this large compass shape. This item comes as a large and round silicone for resin casting, with a wide diameter for decoration with large sizes. You can cast it by spraying gold dust before it molds in this silicone mold to get more stunning results.

8. Dinosaur Fossil Fondant Mold

Dinosaur Fossil Fondant Mold

A fondant cake with flower or heart decoration is old fashioned. Now you can have a fondant cake with a unique silicone mold for an extraordinary dinosaur fossil shape. The extra-large silicone mold can help you make cakes with extraordinary decorations for even more spectacular results. Made of food-grade material, this item guarantees the safety of the cake that you make.

9. Western Cowboy Hat Silicone Mold

Western Cowboy Hat Silicone Mold

Hello, you lucky cowboy! This unique silicone mold is made for printing western cowboy hats for fondant cake decoration. This 3D silicone mold is perfect for creating cool decorations or also lucky charms with resin. It’s made of food-grade silicone material, which ensures the safety of the products you make.

10. Dragon Mold

Dragon Mold

Unique and rare items are great gifts for your loved ones, just like this dragon mold that is made of silicone. You can use it to make fondant, chocolate, or basically whatever you like. Looking at the dragon shape, this item is clearly a rare silicone mold, which will become the perfect gift for those who love making DIY stuff. After all, sweet things in the form of the mythical beast dragon must be very appetizing, right?

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11. Adorable Cactus Mold

Adorable Cactus Mold

Another unique silicone mold that we have for you is this adorable cactus mold, which comes as a silicone mold for resin cast to get a cute cactus shape. Complete with two curved branches further emphasize the resulting cactus figure, this item is available in two sizes, small and big, which you can choose according to your needs.

12. Candle Rose or Crystal Hand Mold

Candle Rose or Crystal Hand Mold

In addition to casting fondant and resin, silicone molds can also be used to make candles. Likewise, this unique silicone has a unique shape, namely a rose or crystal hand, to make your candle looks more aesthetic. The presence of detailed ornaments definitely strengthens the beautiful impression of your candle. In short, this silicone mold is definitely worth buying!

13. Women’s Beautiful Head Mold

Women’s Beautiful Head Mold

Creating beautiful candles will be a lot easier with this unique silicone mold. With the shape of a large woman’s beautiful head, it can produce not only candles but also resin as a stunning decoration. This item will also make the resulting product even more beautiful because of the flower details on the hair or blindfold. Available in four styles, you can choose the best on to suit your candle-making requirements.

14. Geometric Silicone Mold

Geometric Silicone Mold

Look at the shape of these candles that have the unique elements of geometry! Now you can make it yourself at home by using this geometric silicone mold. As a unique silicone mold that you can use for making candles, this item will add an artistic value to your candles for sure. This mold is made resistant to the heat of the wax material that will be casted in this mold. Undoubtedly, this item will be the perfect as a gift for people who like DIY scented candles at home.

15. Tarot Card Silicone Mold

Tarot Card Silicone Mold

We have good news for you, tarot card enthusiasts! Now you can DIY pendants or other accessories with the attributes of a tarot card using this unique silicone mold. This tarot card silicone mold is available in two choices, one that has 10 tarot styles, and another one that has 12 styles. You can definitely make this adorable item as a gift for tarot card lovers who like crafting. Moreover, you can also produce clear and detailed tarot card shapes perfectly with this mold. It can withstand temperatures from -40 to 210 degrees Celsius, which ensures its durability.

16. Zodiac Pendant Mold

Zodiac Pendant Mold

We have to greet you and all of the astrologers out there, because we have some special and unique silicone molds just for you. This item is a round silicone mold for resin casting with the 12 signs of the horoscope. It can also be used as a mold for a keychain with ornaments of your zodiac, which will be a wonderful personalized item. This item also features 0.3 bail hole shape for a fine keychain slot. In addition, since it’s made if formidable and durable silicone material, you don;t have to worry about its quality and durability.

17. Mandala Mold

Mandala Mold

The famous mandala flower in Hinduism is a tool to see the spiritual universe and represent the cycle of life. We present a mandala in the form of a silicone mold that be yours. In addition, this unique silicone mold is also suitable as a gift for your Hindi acquaintances who love crafting coasters or soap.

18. Angel’s Trumpet Silicone Mold

Angel’s Trumpet Silicone Mold

How beautiful these couple of angles are! As the holidays approach, you may be buying decorations with a holiday theme to match them. Now you can make your decorations by using this unique silicone mold which generate a beautifully clear form of a pair of angles playing the trumpet. This item is suitable as a gift for those who also like to make their own decorations at home. Furthermore, it was made of durable silicone material, which is totally friendly for our environment.

18. Dragon Egg Silicone Mold

Dragon Egg Silicone Mold

For those who love fantasy such as middle age folklore, then you must have heard about dragon stories quite often, right? A fierce mythical creature that can spit fire from its mouth is terrifying, but what if you can get hold of a dragon egg? With this item, you can make your own by using this unique silicone mold by casting resin into it.

20. Full Chess Set Mold

Full Chess Set Mold

If you’re feeling kind of bored with your ordinary-shaped chess set, why not make your own? With this full chess set mold, you can pour your creativity to get a more interesting chess set. In addition, you can have a unique silicone mold with an extra-large size or use it as a gift for a chess lover.

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21. Super Mario Theme Mold

Super Mario Theme Mold

This product is special for you who love retro games like Super Mario Bros. Comes as a unique silicone mold with a shape inspired by the game, this mold is perfect for making cake decorations. Mario, mushroom, or even a pipe in that game are all available in this silicone mold. Moreover, it is also a food-grade product that ensures your safety.

22. Safari Animals Mold

Safari Animals Mold

You can have this safari animal mold as a gift for those who love animals with adorable shapes. These five animals that are deliberately made cuter are suitable as decorations for birthday cakes or special occasions. Lion, monkey, giraffe, hippo, and elephant, you can have them all in this one unique silicone mold.

23. Michelangelo’s Mouth Mold

Michelangelo’s Mouth Mold

David by Michelangelo is a famous work as we know it. Now you can make a mouth of David by using this silicone mold, because this is a unique silicone mold for casting a scented candle in the form of a big mouth. Made of heat-resistant material from wax, it can be casted to ensure its safety. Without a doubt, it is a durable silicone mold that will not be damaged for a long time. In addition, you can make it more special by giving this as a present to the person who loves DIY artistic stuff at home.

24. 3D Dog Silicone Mold

3D Dog Silicone Mold

It is impossible for dog lovers not to fall in love with this one mold, because this one comes as a unique silicone mold for candles with a very detailed dog shape. A 3D silicone mold is available in three styles of dog shapes, which you can choose according to the type of dog you like. This is definitely one of the most suitable items as a gift for those who like DIY artistic candles at home.

25. Sun and Moon Face’s

Sun and Moon Face’s

The unique silicone mold has a sun and moon face shape for your needs. This item is suitable for making candle, wax, or soap to create a more artistic and lovable result. This is definitely the best 4 -in-1 silicone mold that you can make as a gift for those who like DIY things at home. This durable 3D silicone mold is worth it to give as a gift, and it’s also resistant to heat and safe for the environment.

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What are the best molds for silicone?

We recommend dinosaur fossil mold best for baking purposes, 3D dog shape mold best for candle cast, and angel playing trumpet mold best for resin. Basically, the best ones are those that can specifically become the answer to your needs. It all depends on the function, shape, and preference that you are looking for. 

Can silicone molds go in the oven?

Yes, some silicone can go to the oven. You can choose a specific silicone mold that does not produce harmful substances when exposed to hot temperatures from the oven for your cooking needs.

Can you bake a cake in a silicone mold?

Yes, it can. Because some of them are resistant to baking and microwave temperatures such as dinosaur fossil mold and cloud shape mold, so they are safe for you to use. The market does offer many types of silicone molds. You can choose various types of unique silicone molds that are specific for cooking purposes.

Is silicone toxic to humans?

No, because many silicone molds are food-grade guarantees such as western cowboy hats mold and Super Mario mold. With this claim, it means that they assure that the silicone molds they make are free from materials that can be toxic to humans and safe for cooking purposes. 

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