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Silicone Food Covers

These Silicone Food Covers tightly “hug” your cut up fruits and veggies to prevent them from drying up.

You probably know the pain of having leftover fruits or vegetables that haven’t been used in your latest cooking session.

What do you do with them? Leave them in the fridge or fruit basket to dry. That’s just a waste.

These Silicone Food Covers come in various sizes, so just pick one that is the closest in size to the fruit or vegetable, pop it inside the cover and you’re done. Happy food, happy mood.

You can also use these covers for already open yet not entirely used cans and jars of food.

This might not be a groundbreaking invention, but it will keep your food fresh and there’s always room for improvement in kitchen maintenance.

Silicone Food Covers
Silicone Food Covers

Silicone Food Covers

Silicone Food Covers

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