Robotic Hands Mechanical Steampunk Gloves

If you want to look super awesome on the next costume party, then you have to get these Robotic Hands Mechanical Steampunk Gloves.

The possibilities of costumes you can integrate these gloves into are endless, starting with Star Wars’ C3PO and ending with Marvel’s Iron Man.

These handmade gloves are made out of nitrile coated nylon and plastic, so you won’t have to drag actual metal on your hands.

They also come in different colors, so your imagination is the limit with this cool steampunk item. You can also choose the size that will be the best fit for your hands, so that you would feel confident and comfortable in your costume.

I wouldn’t even put it past you to just walk around the house shooting imaginary enemies and Doombots while making repulsor noises. I would do that for sure.

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