25 Cute and Adorable Hello Kitty Gifts for All Ages

Hello Kitty is a cute Sanrio character that is so lovable and simply hard to resist. Even though the kawaii character is often associated with children, it is actually loved by adults too. No wonder why there are so many adults loving Hello Kitty and became hardcore fans of the cute cat character. It is so popular that even a non Hello Kitty fan became familiar with the character and the whole kawaii aesthetic. It is then involved and now it is not limited only to pink and red plush toys and stickers. You can find different aesthetics easily with different color schemes and materials. 

If you are looking for gift ideas for true Hello Kitty fans, the following is a list of the best Hello Kitty gifts for all ages.

1. Hello Kitty Jewelry Necklace

Chunky chokers in various forms and designs become very popular especially with the rise of street style. People often wear chunky choker and necklaces to their outfit and refer to it as flossing as a way to emphasize the blink. People who are particularly interested in relaxed and stylish street style will love to get this Hello Kitty necklace. It is chunky enough to attract attention but others will only notice the subtle cuteness of the Hello Kitty once they get closer. 

2. Hello Kitty Heart Earrings

Hello Kitty Heart Earrings

Hoop earrings also become a fashion statement that people wear proudly not only on special events such as festivals but on their daily life. And even though hoop earrings are usually good enough on their own, it becomes even cuter when it features a dangle Hello Kitty head on it. This is the ring that any Hello Kitty lover would love to wear on any occasion to make a cute but not too much statement. 

3. Hello Kitty Chunky White Plastic Ring

For Hello Kitty fans who love to wear bright colors and are not afraid of artificial looking plastic jewelry, these chunky Hello Kitty rings will be a nice addition to their cute jewelry collection. It can be a compliment for people who love to appear sweet and cheerful and do not mind to maximize the cuteness of their daily outfit.

4. Hello Kitty Air Force 1 Custom

Which Hello Kitty lover can resist Hello Kitty shoes, really? It looks super kawaii with the OG Hello Kitty aesthetic featuring mainly pink and white color. These shoes look so cute and can compliment any outfit from casual t-shirts to cute dresses. These Hello Kitty shoes are Nike Air Force custom made with Hello Kitty design made especially for true Hello Kitty fans who are not afraid to kick their day in a cute way. 

5. Hello Kitty Personalized Name Sign

Looking for a personalized gift for Hello Kitty fans? Say no more! With this custom made Hello Kitty name sign, you can make any Hello Kitty lover’s day, regardless of their age. This is an appropriate gift for both children and adults and can be displayed whenever they pleased, whether it is their bedroom, living room, or home office. A bit of cuteness won’t harm the professional setting, right?

6. Hello Kitty In Black Press On Nails

This is the gift to get if you are looking for the gift for adults especially if they opt for darker colors instead of bright pinks. This press on nails is very easy to use even for beginners and they will get an instant manicure without hassle. These press-on nails will make a great Hello Kitty gift basket filler. 

7. Diecast 2002 Nissan Skyline with Hello Kitty Figure

Diecast 2002 Nissan Skyline with Hello Kitty Figure

Even a non Hello Kitty lover would love to get this super cute Nissan diecast as a gift for adults. This Nissa Diecast is an Authentically licensed product from Hello Kitty. It features a die-cast body, rubber tires, opening hood, doors, and trunk. Also included with the truck is a collectible Hello Kitty die-cast figure and this is sure to be a standout in any Hello Kitty collection! 

8. Hello Kitty Tamagotchi 

Hello Kitty Tamagotchi

Remember this toy? Who didn’t play tamagotchi as a kid? It is fun, easy to carry and hence making it highly addictive. This Hello Kitty tamagotchi will bring back good memories from childhood making it the perfect nostalgic gift for adults. It will make a nice appearance in a gift box but is still appropriate as a gift on its own. 

9. Hello Kitty Makeup Brushes Set

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Looking for a gift for adults who love both makeup and Hello Kitty? Nothing is better than a Hello Kitty makeup brush set. Each set contains 12 kinds of brushes that can meet their eyeshadow, powder, blush,eyebrow and mascara makeup requirements. Each set is packed into a cute pink velour pouch that can protect the brushes safely when traveling and make it a nice gift set for makeup lovers. 

10. Hello Kitty Ramen Noodle Bowl with Chopsticks

Hello Kitty Ramen Noodle Bowl with Chopsticks

Eating noodles should not be boring. A Hello Kitty fan should be able to enjoy their noodles and other food in a kawaii way including using this cute Hello Kitty bowl that comes with chopsticks. Even though it has a cup noodle design on it, this bowl can do so much more than that. It can be used to enjoy other food such as rice, salad, and even ice cream. 

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11. Hello Kitty Duo Charm Bangle Bracelet

Hello Kitty Duo Charm Bangle Bracelet

Hello Kitty is not always pink and red with super bright kawaii colors. It can appear more subtle and elegant such as this Hello Kitty charm bracelet. This bangle bracelet has a shiny gold finish with an adjustable sliding clasp allowing a customized fit. It is the best gift you can get for Hello kitty fans of all ages. 

12. Hello Kitty Smartwatch Band

Hello Kitty Smartwatch Band

Anyone can show their love for all things Hello Kitty in this smartwatch band, which fits comfortably on nearly every wrist making it the best gift for all ages. It showcases a bedtime-inspired design with the moon and stars, as well as the famous kawaii character herself and Hello Kitty text on the free loop. This smartwatch band design is officially licensed by Sanrio and can accomodate Apple Watch Series as well as Samsung and other smartwatches with a 22mm pin. 

13. Hello Kitty Gumball Machine

Who can resist a gumball machine as a gift, really? No matter what their aesthetic and personal preferences, having a personal gumball machine is definitely a dream for people who love to have fun. It features a super cute Hello Kitty perched on top and it comes with the gumballs in pink and white. Simply turn the key to dispense delicious gumballs in assorted colors.

14. Hello Kitty Double Wall Plastic Travel Mug

An easy way to create the ultimate Hello Kitty gift box is by including a Hello Kitty travel mug. It is perfect as a gift basket filler and makes a nice standalone gift as well. It features a classic Hello Kitty design in red with matching lids making it a fantastic gift option for children and adults. 

15. Hello Kitty Face Mini Ceramic Planter

This is the gift you need to get if you are planning on surprising a plant mom who happens to love Hello Kitty. This planter comes with artificial plants so that way there’s no upkeep necessary to reap the stylish rewards. However, a true plant mom will also be able to plant real plants on it. The size of this planter is moderately small making it perfect as an indoor planter to put on a coffee table, desk, or shelves. 

16. Hello Kitty Flower Pink Throw Fleece Blanket

After a long day of work or school, there is nothing better than being able to just chill in bed watching films or TV shows while being hugged by the cutest character ever. This Hello Kitty fleece blanket provides warmth for any Hello Kitty lovers looking for extra comfort. This blanket can make a nice gift basket filler and will make any Hello Kitty fan happy. 

17. Hello Kitty Double Dippers Collectible Figures

These Hello Kitty Double Dippers collectible sets are filled with sweet surprises. Each set includes 1 Hello Kitty figure, 1 removable hat accessory, 1 donut or cake accessory, and 1 collector sheet. The Hello Kitty collectible comes in a “blind” milk jar. Fill the jar with water, then dip Hello Kitty in for a fun reveal. Watch as the layer of washable paint comes off to reveal a “new” Hello Kitty! So much fun as a gift box filler or a gift set. 

18. Hello Kitty Rotary Power Soft Toothbrush

Having a hard time encouraging kids to brush their teeth? This Hello Kitty toothbrush will likely work. This battery operated toothbrush gives kids more cleaning power than a manual toothbrush. The compact rotary head makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. Also, the soft bristles massage the gums to help against tartar build-up. Kids can now defend their teeth against cavities with the cute Hello Kitty as their personal motivator. 

19. Hello Kitty Ceramic Jewelry and Trinket Dish

Everyone just needs a place to put on their small knick knacks. A trinket dish will be able to hold all of the small jewelry while making it accessible. And why not add a bit of cuteness to the mix? This Hello Kitty trinket dish is made out of durable ceramic material that not only stands for a long time, but also makes any vanity and side table appear a lot cuter. 

20. Hello Kitty Kawaii Plush Toy

And of course, nothing will make a Hello Kitty lover happier other than a Hello Kitty plush toy. It is so cute and can work as a decorative item. And it is super soft too making it super comfortable to hold even for younger kids. It is the perfect gift to get for birthdays and also works as a cute gift for adults on valentine’s day or other occasions. 

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21. Hello Kitty iPhone Case

Incorporating the cuteness of Hello Kitty in daily life can be easily done with a Hello Kitty phone case. The Hello Kitty design appears cute and it gets even cuter with soft pastel colors of the case. It is perfect not only as a gift basket filler but it is actually functional and can be used for a long time. 

22. Hello kitty Japanese Stationery & Accessory Mystery Box

Got no idea on what items to get to create the ultimate gift set? You need to give this Hello Kitty accessory mystery box a try. You’ll never know what items to get but the cuteness is guaranteed. It will surprise both you and the Hello Kitty fans you gave the gift set. And you don’t have to worry because the gift set includes usable items including pouches, stamps, beauty goods, pencils, and many more. 

23. Hello Kitty Hand Mirror

Hello Kitty Hand Mirror

You know every makeup enthusiast has at least one hand mirror in their life. And for makeup enthusiasts who happen to be a Hello Kitty lover, there is nothing better than being able to use a Hello Kitty mirror every day. This mirror comes in medium size, enough to give them a nice view while doing their makeup routine and it is still small enough making it easy to carry when they need to go on travel. 

24. Hello Kitty Red Bow Ceramic Molded Mug

Hello Kitty Red Bow Ceramic Molded Mug

Sipping morning coffee or afternoon tea can be done in a cute way too. And this Hello Kitty mug will be the perfect company whether when a Hello Kitty fan is ready to start their day or simply taking a break from their daily activities. It can be the perfect gift box filler that is actually useful, and when not in use, it can still serve as a cute decorative item. 

25. Hello Kitty Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt

Hello Kitty Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt

We cannot end this gift list for Hello Kitty fans without having a Hello Kitty t-shirt. T-shirts are usually the easiest form of gift to get that will never go wrong. With this t-shirt, a Hello Kitty lover will be able to show their admiration towards the cute character in everyday life. This t-shirt also appears casual and suitable for Hello Kitty fans of all ages. 

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What do you get as a Hello Kitty fan?

As a Hello Kitty fan, you can get anything Hello Kitty related. The options are very wide as presented on the list above, from cute mugs to jewelry and even die casts. Hello Kitty related items are now not limited to the classic pink and red aesthetic. It is now available in various color schemes and materials too from black, to shiny gold. 

What are the best personalized Hello Kitty gifts for adults?

The best personalized Hello Kitty gift for adults is definitely the personalized name sign. It is suitable not only for bedroom decorations and works just fine in professional settings such as home offices. And if you are looking for something that a Hello Kitty fan will be able to wear, you can opt for the custom Hello Kitty shoes. They are great as a complementary fashion item to daily casual style and street style. 

What are the best Hello Kitty gift sets for grown ups?

The best Hello Kitty gift sets for grown ups includes Hello Kitty makeup brush set, Hello Kitty press on nails set, Hello Kitty accessories set, and so on. There are just so many options. If you want to create your own gift set, you can put together some Hello Kitty related items such as hand mirrors, mugs, bowls, and jewelry. 

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