25 National Police Week Gifts To Show Your Sincere Appreciation 

Are you familiar with National Police Week? It is usually held in the middle of May for the whole week. It was started in 1962 when President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation that made May 15 as the Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week that day falls is the National Police Week. In 1791, it was the first recorded death of the first law enforcement officer in the United States, Contable Darius Quimby. Being a law enforcement officer or police is not an easy and safe job to do. It comes with the obligation and risk of having to sacrifice your own life. This is why it was a great movement to have a designated week to celebrate and honor them. 

Gifts are always a great idea to show someone how much you care and treasure them. We gather 25 different items on this list of National Police Week gifts that you can consider getting for your favorite police officers. Those police officers that have helped you out, your family member who is a police, or your friend who is a police will love getting an appreciation gift during the National Police Week. 

1. National Police Week Tee

National Police Week Gifts

Starting this list of National Police Week gifts with a simple one. This National Police Week tee is a simple and straightforward choice that you could always go to. You can have your whole family wear them the whole law enforcement week to show your favorite official how much you appreciate them. Law enforcement week is there for us to be able to celebrate them as our way of showing some appreciation. 

2. Appreciation Tag

Appreciation Tag

Another simple gift choice you can consider is this appreciation tag. The tag says “We need s’more police officers like you!” Thank you! It is a fun way to say thank you to the police officers. You can have this tag as a thank you card or stickers. If you give them a gift that is not actually related to the law enforcement week, you can have your gift on theme with this tag. 

3. Blue Line Flag Print

National Police Week Gifts

The police officer’s official color is blue. In order of celebrating police appreciation week, you can get them this blue line flag print. The print design is the shape of America with the flag pattern and in blue color. You can put a little personalization with their last name and year or badge number. It will be best to have it framed. Then, they can hang them easily on the wall as a wall decoration that will suit any interior style. 

4. Law Enforcement Custom Portrait

National Police Week Gifts

The law enforcement custom portrait will be a great personal gift for police appreciation week. You will have their picture drawn in cartoon form with the background of the city. They will have them drawn in the yellow cartoon character. A colorful customized picture that would add a pop of color to their room or home. This will definitely be a memorable gift

5. Police Officer Appreciation Mug

National Police Week Gifts

The police officer appreciation mug is a simple and practical gift that you can get. The design of it is quite funny and it says “nacho your average police officer”. A simple and funny remark on the mug actually could let them know how much you appreciate them and are proud of what they have done. 

6. Respect The Men In Blue Sign

Respect The Men In Blue Sign

A simple and fun gift that you can get is the respect of the men in blue sign. It is an aluminum sign that is easy to hang. A fun and unique room decoration that they can put up in their room or office. The writing is fun yet thoughtful and would remind them how much you appreciate and respect them. It is made from durable aluminum so it will last for a long time. 

7. Personalized Police Badge

National Police Week Gifts

The personalized police badge is a piece of simple metal jewelry that could be used as a necklace or bag accessory. You can personalized the badge with their name on one side with the US flag background and a special writing at the back. If you want something simple and personal, you can get them this for police appreciation day. 

8. Classic Watch

National Police Week Gifts

The classic watch would make a great gift for appreciation week. The watch comes with a classic yet unique design. It has a roman numeral numbering just like a classic watch. The black leather strap makes it look very classy and chic. Also, the watch require motion instead of batteries to operate. A watch will make a great token of appreciation for your favorite police officer. Particularly this watch would be super special for them because it comes in a classic and vintage style and mechanism. 

9. Docking Station

National Police Week Gifts

The docking station would be a thoughtful and practical gift to get for police appreciation day. It is made from plywood and would make a great charging station for their phone and also to keep their keys, walle, etc. You can customize the docking station with the US flag, the police logo, and have their names engraved on it too. 

10. Police Officer Funny Socks

National Police Week Gifts

Socks would be a useful gift to get them for the National Police appreciation day. This Police officer’s funny socks come in gray color with a cute police car, cap, and badge pattern. The typical spandex crew socks that are great to wear for work or at home. You can add a little note of appreciation for your favorite police officer on sock wrap. 

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11. Embroidered American Flag Baseball Cap

National Police Week Gifts

Having everyone in your family to use the American flag baseball cap would be a great way to celebrate your favorite police on National Police Week. It comes in a simple black color with a US flag embroidery that comes with a blue line. It will be a great way to show your favorite police how much you respect and appreciate them. You can also have them wear it together with you to celebrate the whole police appreciation week.

12. Police Hooded Sweatshirt

National Police Week Gifts

Another practical and useful gift you can consider on this list is the Police hooded sweatshirt. It comes in several different colors that are easy to wear. A great outfit piece for both men and women so you can have the whole family having the same one to wear during National Police Week. If you want something easy and useful, this sweatshirt is the way to go. 

13. Personalized Law Enforcement Padfolio Bundle 

Personalized Law Enforcement Padfolio Bundle

The personalized law enforcement padfolio bundle would be one of the most practical gifts for police week ideas you can consider. It is made from premium simulated leather. This padfolio comes with a memo pad, pen holder, document holder, USB holder, and also business cards holder. It will be a useful item to bring in all their important documents when they need to do their patrol or step out of the office. Also, you can have their names engraved on it for a more personal touch.

14. America’s Blue Lion Police Challenge Coin

America’s Blue Lion Police Challenge Coin

The America’s blue lion Police challenge coin is one of the most unique gifts for police week ideas on this list. Challenge coin is a collectible that represents comradeship and unity. Owning one means you are part of a group and this particular coin shows that they are part of the US loyal police. It is also a way to show we appreciate and honor the actions of those on the receiving end. They can keep it as their token of identity and appreciation. 

15. Thin Blue Line Flag

National Police Week Gifts

To show your favorite police officer how proud you are of them, you can have this thin blue line flag hung at your home. By hanging the flag, we are showing them that we honor them. You can also give them the flag for them to hang on their own room or office. A classic token of honor for a law enforcement officer. 

16. Police Medallion Magnet 

National Police Week Gifts

Another token of honor to get for their national police week gifts. The Police medallion magnet is a simple home decoration they can stick on their refrigerator or other places. A simple way to show their identity as a loyal police officer and how much we are proud of their work. It is just a simple way to remind them how proud you are of them. If you stick them on your fridge at home, they will be reminded of it everytime they open the fridge. 

17. Silver Police Badge Leather Car Keyring

National Police Week Gifts

A simple and small gift that you can get for National Police Week gift is a leather car keyring. They can use them as a little accessory for their car key. It is made from leather with a silver police badge. An appreciation token that they can bring anywhere they go so that they will be reminded every time how much we value their work. 

18. Thin Blue Line Bracelet

National Police Week Gifts

The thin blue line bracelet is the old school silicone bracelet that you can get as a simple token of appreciation for the police officers. It is super easy to wear and match with any outfit. A simple and not so serious token of gratitude that you can get all the police officers that you know on police week. Since it is made from silicone, they don’t have to worry about getting them wet or dirty. They will be able to clean them easily. 

19. Policeman Gift Pen


This Policeman gift pen is a unique and sentimental gift that you can get. From time to time, people will get you a pen as a gift for occasions related to your career. Thus, you can give your favorite police an expensive looking pen for National Police Week. The pen has the policeman’s prayer engraved on it and it comes with a satin box which is perfect for gift

20. Police Tumblr


The Police tumblr is a great and useful gift you can always get. It comes in a clean black color with a laser engraved police badge. They can easily take it anywhere they go making it super convenient to use. It is made from stainless steel with great thermal insulation that will keep their beverage hot or cold for a longer period of time. Every police needs to hydrate themselves well even when they are on duty. 

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21. Thin Blue Line Beverage Can Cooler Sleeves


The National Police Week is an occasion to celebrate the work and dedication of police officers. Gathering with family and friends while enjoying a can of beer will make a great celebration. The thin blue line beverage can cooler sleeves will allow your beer cans to be cool for a longer period of time. Keeping the drinks cold so that the celebration lasts a little longer because every police officer deserves it. 

22. Police Officer Wall Print


A piece of home decoration to complete this list of National Police Week Gifts. You can get this Police officer wall print to remind them of the values they hold as a police officer. At the same time, to remind them that you respect them for having these values. It comes with a thin blue flag design which shows their identity more clearly. 

23. American Flag Pin


The American flag pin is a very fitting accessory for police officers. A simple and small pin with the thin blue American flag design. It will go super well with their uniform too. They can carry this simple token of appreciation when they are at work. Each pin is super well made and has a very easy open clasp making it easy to wear. 

24. Thin Blue Line Police Blanket


You might not expect this one on the list of National Police Week Gifts. This thin blue line Police blanket is a unique one. It is a super soft fleece blanket made from cotton polyester. It has a unique police related pattern. Something that they can use to sleep or relax after a full day serving the country and its people. 

25. Thank You Card

National Police Week Gifts

We are going to end this list of national police week gifts with the simplest yet most meaningful gift for police week ideas: a thank you card. What better way to tell someone how grateful you are for them other than saying the word thank you itself. You can have your thank you written down in a card so that they can keep them for a longer period of time. 

Latest Post:

What is National Police Appreciation Week?

The National Police Appreciation Week is the week to recognize and honor the law enforcement officers who died in duty. Also, it is the week to appreciate those who are currently serving and protecting communities from day to day.  

How do you celebrate National Police Week?

Everyone has their own way to celebrate National Police Week. This holiday started in 1962 and each year they organized a memorial service in Washington to honor those officers who died in line of duty. Also, the government has approved the building of the national law enforcement museum across the law enforcement memorial. However, each police family would have their own way of celebrating their officer in duty. Whatever celebration you do, the goal would always be to show your honor and appreciation toward the police. 

How do you show police appreciation? 

There is no particular way on how to show police some appreciation. You need to start from doing the simplest and most obvious thing which is saying thank you. This simple gesture is often overlooked and forgotten. If you have done this one and are thinking about doing something special for them, you can get them some gifts. The list above would definitely be a helpful one for you. 

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