Pepper Spray Camera Defence Device

This Pepper Spray Camera Defence Device not only sprays your attacker with painful paper spray but also takes their photo and sends it to the police along with your GPS location.

This device will finally give you some sense of security the next time you go on a late night jog or walk. In the perfect world, you wouldn’t even need this device in the first place, feeling safe and secure.

But the world is a cruel place and you must be prepared for the worst case scenario. This pepper spray camera defence device might help you ease your mind. 

The device might look like a simple spray bottle wrapped in a high-tech exterior, but it’s actually so much more.

Pepper Spray Camera Defence Device

Not only it contains the highest concentration of pepper spray available, it can also take a picture of an attacker, flash an extremely bright light into their face, and sound a loud alarm to bring attention to your location.

It seems like you’d be covered from all angles with these features only, but the device’s features do not stop there.

Pepper Spray Camera Defence Device

After taking the picture, the device connects with an app that comes along with it (available for both iOS and Android).

The app sends the picture of the attacker to the 24/7 monitoring service along with your GPS location and other authorized information.

Moreover, you can switch between the types of alarms you’d want to send. With a flick of a thumb, you can send a medical alert instead of a safety one, notifying medical authorities that way.

Pepper Spray Camera Defence Device

This device can help you completely redefine personal safety anywhere you go.

Feeling more secure and confident is completely worth every penny whether you buy this device for yourself or someone you love.  

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