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34 Good Gifts For Police Officers They Will Actually Appreciate

Finding the right gifts for police officers can be an uphill climb. Whether it is for an upcoming graduation or retirement party, to celebrate a promotion or an upcoming birthday, you need to find cop gifts that will give your recipient a reason to smile.

The good news is that there are plenty of cool police officer gifts to suit every occasion. There are funny police gifts that will give them the perfect start to every day, and a great way to unwind after a long day of work. There are also practical gifts for cops that serve to make their lives easier.

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Whether the police officer in your life happens to be a spouse or parent, there are gifts for cops that they will certainly appreciate.

Coolest Gift Ideas For Police Officers

We have compiled the ultimate list of police gifts for every occasion and every type of recipient. Take a look and discover some of the best cop gift ideas ever!

Custom Shoulder / Badge Number Thin Blue Line Cufflinks - gifts for police officers

Few gifts for police officers are as thoughtful as these Thin Blue Line cufflinks. They are functional and stylish and could become part of their everyday wear.

More importantly, they offer an opportunity to pay homage to fellow officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. The personalization option allows you to add a badge or shoulder number to make it that much more special.

#2 Thin Blue Line Police Officer Father Mug 

Thin Blue Line Police Officer Father Mug - gifts for police officers

Looking for a gift for your policeman dad? Look no further than this Thin Blue Line mug. It is a simple yet thoughtful gift, with high visual appeal thanks to the distressed finish.

It will get them off to a splendid start every morning. It is also a great way to ensure that they never leave home without their morning cup.

#3 Off Duty Police Socks 

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Policemen rarely get a chance to sit back and relax. Give them the perfect excuse to do so every once in a while with these humorous police officer gifts.

They are a high-quality pair of socks with a soft and comfy interior. They bear a timeless design that can never go out of style. And the humorous touch is on point, giving everyone around them a reason to smile.

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#4 I Heart Police Cotton Throw Pillows 

I Heart Police Cotton Throw Pillows

This is a simple police gift that will go a long way in showing you appreciate them. These will be the first words they see every morning, and the last ones every night.

Police officers have one of the toughest jobs ever and they need all the reassurance they can get. Immortalize your support on one of these and they will love you back for it.

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#5 Police Officer Definition Pillow 

Police Officer Definition Pillow 

If you are looking for a sure way to crack up the police officer in your life, this is your best bet. This funny quote captures every essence of their job and gives them an amusing perspective on it.

This might be all they need to get them in the right frame of mind after a difficult day. They will be in a position to unwind more easily after a good laugh.

#6 Police Officer Thin Blue Line Watch 

Police Officer Thin Blue Line Watch - gifts for police officers

The Thin Blue Line police officer watch is the perfect blend of style and utility. It sports a genuine black leather band and a brown face in gorgeous Sandalwood.

It is a minimalist piece, perfect for the laidback officer. The blue topstitching on the band as well as the second-hand makes it a special memorial token for fallen officers.

#7 Police Vest Drink Koozie 

Police Vest Drink Koozie - gifts for police officers

This is one of the funniest gifts for cops. It is a drink koozie in the shape of a tactical vest, with the word POLICE on the front side. It makes a great drink holder on duty, especially when they are clad in similar gear.

It is also a great choice off-duty, sure to crack up everyone around. The backside bears the Thin Blue Line American flag, giving the gift a sombre edge.

#8 Police Badge Custom 5 Piece Beverage Serving Set 

Police Badge Custom 5 Piece Beverage Serving Set

Choosing gifts for police academy grads can be a drag. But with this beverage serving set, we have you covered in more ways than one. It is the perfect piece for unwinding with friends over the weekend.

The customization option makes it truly special and thoughtful, an appropriate celebration for the achievement. This set could also make the perfect gift for a retirement party.

#9 This Funny Cop Coffee Mug

This Funny Cop Coffee Mug - gifts for police officers

Celebrate the boob inspector in your life with one of these inappropriate mugs. It is the ideal gift to ensure they get their daily coffee or tea dose.

But it comes with the added bonus of giving them a reason to smile every single day. At times, all a policeman needs is a reminder that they’re only human after all. This makes a memorable one.

#10 Police Officers Bedside Organizer 

Police Officers Bedside Organizer

The last thing any police officer needs is to misplace any one of their tools of trade. This bedside organizer is your safest bet that it will not happen.

It has hooks and surfaces to hold their phone, car keys, watch and anything else that has a high flight risk. It comes in an elegant wooden finish and a customization option to make it more special.

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#11 Personalized Police Officers Charm Bracelet 

Personalized Police Officers Charm Bracelet

This charm bracelet is one of the best gifts for police officers. It is a silver wire piece with three highlights to charm the socks off of him.

The first one is a birthstone of your choice to add a splash of color and meaning to the piece. The second is a disc with a badge imprint to hold his badge number. The final one is a biblical verse that shows the value of their calling as peacemakers.

#12 Pistol Grip Mug 

Pistol Grip Mug - gifts for police officers

Take your gift-giving to the next level with one of these humorous cop gifts. The handle comes in the shape of a gun, offering a firm grip and a reason to laugh out loud.

This is the perfect mug to ensure they start every day on the perfect note. It is also a beautiful addition to the kitchen display shelf, the ideal centerpiece for a cop’s home.

#13 His and Hers Police Officers Couples Gift 

His and Hers Police Officers Couples Gift

These couples’ police gifts are a great choice to keep each other in mind all day long. They are aluminum key rings, each ne bearing a special message charm.

These pieces have the police officer’s prayer as well as a heart charm bearing both your initials. They are a sure way to celebrate both your love and their calling as officers.

#14 Minimalist Police T-Shirt 

Minimalist Police T-Shirt

Picking out a gift for a minimalist police officer is not the simplest task. But this understated t-shirt holds a guarantee that you cannot go wrong.

It comes in plain black or navy blue with the word POLICE across the chest. The fabric is heavy yet soft, and it has double stitches on the sleeves and neckline for durability.

#15 Personalized Thin Blue Line Stainless Steel Water Bottle 

Personalized Thin Blue Line Stainless Steel Water Bottle 

Keep the policeman in your life hydrated with one of these thoughtful gifts for police officers. This stainless steel water bottle has a Thin Blue Line Flag with the message “Blue Lives Matter”.

It also offers lots of room for personalization. You can get the officer’s name, rank and even department acronym on it. It has a loop that allows for fastening to a key chain and a wide enough mouth to fit ice cubes.

#16 Winston Porter Police Officer Figurines

Winston Porter Police Officer Figurines

These figurines are ideal appreciation gifts for police officers. They come in elegant faux wood material and bear a copy of the police officer prayer.

They are a timely reminder to place God first in every aspect of life including work. These are great accent pieces for a cop’s home décor. They beg for attention and offer high visual appeal, and they are also durable.

#17 The “I Like Big Busts And I Cannot Lie T-Shirt” 

#17 The "I Like Big Busts And I Cannot Lie T-Shirt” 

This stylish tee is a great gift idea for a police officer who loves to spread good cheer. The quirky message is bound to elicit a second glance from every passerby.

It does not hurt either that it comes in a slim fit, ensuring a timeless look always. The design has comfort at its core and will keep the policeman in your life in high spirits.

#18 Personalized Thin Blue Line Flag Wall Art 

Personalized Thin Blue Line Flag Wall Art - gifts for police officers

Housewarming gifts for a policeman’s man cave do not come any better than this. This wall art canvas piece comprises the Thin Blue Line Flag with a personalized touch.

It is a great choice for art lovers who also happen to be police officers. The distressed finish gives it a touch of authenticity and ensures a timeless appeal.

#19 Police Badge Keychain & Necklace 

Police Badge Keychain & Necklace - gifts for police officers

This set is one of those gifts for police officers that keeps giving. It comprises a keychain and necklace with the most alluring charms.

The smaller charm takes the shape of a police officer’s badge cut out of the other piece. what a remarkable symbol of a harmonious love relationship. All you need is to choose a significant custom message and you are good to go!

#20 Trademark Global Police Officer Wood Dart Cabinet Set 

Trademark Global Police Officer Wood Dart Cabinet Set

Policemen who love a game of darts would treasure one of these police officer gifts. It is a wood dart cabinet with official licensing for true enthusiasts.

It comes with all the components necessary for a great game session with friends. These include a self-healing board in sisal fiber, six darts with steel tips, a scoreboard (dry erase), marker, out chart and mounting equipment.

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#21 Police Officers Thin Blue Line Wallet 

Police Officers Thin Blue Line Wallet

Every man needs a wallet, and this is the ultimate piece for the police officer in your life. It has genuine leather accents and a depiction of the Thin Blue Line American flag.

The piece has a vintage appeal thanks to the distressed finish on the flag. This is a compact, practical and stylish police gift to showcase patriotism.

#22 Thin Blue Line Cops Tee 

Thin Blue Line Cops Tee

This unisex tee would make one of the most captivating police officer gifts to show your support for the sacrifice they make. It prominently bears the Thin Blue Line flag in the shape of a police officer’s badge.

How cool is that! And the best part about it is that you can choose from a wide array of colors to meet your recipient’s preferences perfectly.

#23 Police Officers Paracord Bracelet 

Police Officers Paracord Bracelet

The most challenging part about choosing practical police gifts is that officers already have almost everything they need for the job. But what makes this paracord bracelet an ideal gift is its versatility.

It comprises tough twisted ropes that will likely outlive the officer. To add to this, the design comes in black with a Thin Blue Line.

#24 Police Officer Double Ring Neon Wall Clock 

Police Officer Double Ring Neon Wall Clock

Virtually every space in the house could use a neon clock. It is full of visual appeal and functional value. This piece holds additional meaning for police officers thanks to the badge that forms its focal point.

The piece has two neon rings to give the logo a brilliant shimmer. The elegant chrome finish makes it one of the classiest gifts for police officers.

#25 Personalized Police Officers Caricature Gift 

Personalized Police Officers Caricature Gift

Draw out a smile from your favorite police officer with one of these funny police gifts. All you need to get one of these is a few photos of the officer.

Add a text of choice and finer details like hair color and clothes, and voila! You have yourself the perfect police gift! Imagine how great it would look on the wall of his man cave or loft!

#26 Thin Blue Line Heart Flag Hoodie 

Thin Blue Line Heart Flag Hoodie - gifts for police officers

Showcase your love and loyalty to a dear police officer with this practical gift choice. Everyone, including police officers, would love a soft, cozy sweatshirt to keep snug on cool evenings.

It is a stylish all-black piece with the Thin Blue Line American flag in the shape of a heart. This hoodie and a hot cup of coffee is all you need to get into his heart and stay there.

#27 Police Officers Leather Traveler Notebook 

Police Officers Leather Traveler Notebook

Paperwork and police work go hand in hand. This makes the leather traveler notebook one of the most functional police officer gifts. It bears the Thin Blue Line, as a symbol of the affection you feel for law enforcement agents.

The covers are handmade from vegetable-tanned leather and guarantee durability. It makes a perfect blend of style and quality for a dear police officer.

#28 Police Officer Pub Table 

Police Officer Pub Table 

If the police officer in your life loves to entertain, then this would be the most appropriate gift for them. This chrome pub table bears the law enforcement logo and is, therefore, the ideal addition to an officer’s home.

It could act as a stylish accent piece for any room, bringing in function and comfort. It has an adjustable footrest and a lightweight base to ensure portability and convenience.

#29 Thin Blue Line Heart Necklace 

Thin Blue Line Heart Necklace

This understated necklace is a great choice for a laidback law enforcement agent. It sports a stylish heart charm with the Thin Blue Line and a custom badge number.

If you are looking for a surprise police wife gift for any occasion then this piece fits the bill. In its simple elegance, it is full of meaning and would make a great sentimental gift to let her know you care.

#30 World’s Best Police Officer T-Shirt 

World’s Best Police Officer T-Shirt - gifts for police officers

There are times when all a police officer really needs is love and support, an assurance that someone appreciates the sacrifice they make. This tee is perfect for times like that. In a single line, it says it all. And the double thumbs-up makes it all the more meaningful. Choose the perfect color for that precious officer and let them know you care.

#31 Customized Wall-Mounted Tactical Duty Rack 

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You may wonder what to buy for your favorite police officer who fancies impressive stuff. It seems like a personalized item is the best bet. This wall-mounted rack can be a terrific alternative as a gift for him. Designed with a custom highlighting police officer symbol, this piece is rare since it speaks to the heart dearly. Moreover, they can hang their personal police items, like vests, belts, and even put things on this rack. It is a convenient gift that is beneficial and pleasing to the recipient.

#32 Authentic Solid Copper Projectile Glass 

Authentic Solid Copper Projectile Glass

This kind of glass is undoubtedly beyond belief. Exposing a great detail of a bullet that seems to have been shot through a glass makes the appeal look splendidly striking. Whether your police officer wants to use it as a wine glass or simply display it as decoration, it wouldn’t make the glass any less inviting. Moreover, the glass features an American police flag symbol that depicts someone whose glass belongs. What a mind-blowing gift idea it is!

#33 “I Can’t Fix Stupid But I Can Cuff It” Coffee Mug 

“I Can’t Fix Stupid But I Can Cuff It” Coffee Mug

Channeling ridiculous jokes might be hard for police officers as they need to appear firm and brave every time. However, you can help slightly escape from that stigma by giving a funny coffee mug as a gift. Displaying a great sense of silly words, this mug will absolutely break a burst of laughter for any police officer who reads it. Furthermore, they can make a cup of coffee with this mug and create a company out of it, especially during a long night shift.

#34 Police Patrol Bag Organizer 

Police Patrol Bag Organizer

Police officers must always be ready to face any situation. They are required to have complete equipment, just in case, there is something emergency ahead of them. And for this reason, a police patrol bag organizer will be a good gift for them. Designed in such a way with spacious storage and compartments, this bag is a perfect item to carry everywhere. From laptops to hand-cuffs, everything can fit in this versatile bag. Your police officer will definitely be very grateful for your convenient gift.

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What makes good gifts for police officers? 

The best gift for police officers is certainly practical, supports their work, and makes them proud to be police officers. For example, gifting personalized items, a bag organizer, or just a coffee mug accompanying him on guard at night. Sometimes a simple gift makes a meaningful one.

There is no end if we are talking about good gifts for police officers. But, hopefully, this list will give you some insights about what to buy for them. From personalized items to funny ones, they will make a great gift choice that will be appreciated. 

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