26 Wonderful Gifts for Blind People

One of the most common handicaps is blindness. Unfortunately, many people cannot see the beauty of mother Earth because of vision impairment. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we cannot support and help them get on with their lives. For instance, we can provide them with gifts suitable for blind people.

We should not take our ability to see for granted. Instead, we should provide all the support for those who are less fortunate. Various things, such as gadgets and games, are specifically designed for blind people. Those products can be beneficial to boost the spirit of people with vision impairment. If you are looking for gifts for blind people, just look at our comprehensive list below!

Unique Gifts for Blind People

Games and unique items can be beneficial for blind people. They can act as a morale booster while being useful for their daily activities. Currently, there are a lot of things that you can get as gifts for blind people. Let’s take a look at some of them!

1. Conversation Game as for Blind People

The Hygge Conversation Game

Not being able to see doesn’t necessarily mean that your friend is not able to enjoy some game. In fact, you can get him this fun game that will trigger some fun conversation. Did you know that the word hygge means “a feeling of well-being and togetherness” in Danish?

2. Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

 Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

Sometimes, blind people will feel lonely because they won’t be able to see their loved ones. Cheer them up and show your support with this lovely bracelet. Keep one for yourself and ask them to wear the other one. You can send your love through this bracelet by touching it, and your friend’s bracelet will vibrate!

3. Visually Impaired Badge for Blind People

Visually Impaired Badge

Despite our love and support for our friends, there will always be people who won’t be nice to handicapped people. This incredible set is available so that people will notice and help your friend whenever they need one. 

4. What Have You Done? Party Game

What Have You Done_ Party Game

Conversational games are a fun idea for visually impaired people. That’s the reason why you should buy this fantastic party game for your friend. When playing this game, all players can spill any fun stories. 

5. Starbucks Collectible Braille Gift Card 

Starbucks Collectible Braille Gift Card

Blind people also have hobbies and items that they collect too. If they love collecting gift cards or other similar collectibles, you should buy this classic gift card from Starbucks. Its points cannot be used anymore, but it will be a unique item that your friend can keep.

6. Guitar Pick Punch DIY as a Gift for Blind People

Guitar Pick Punch DIY

There are a lot of handicapped musicians out there, like Stevie Wonder. If your friend truly loves music and guitars, then they will absolutely love this DIY Guitar Pick Maker. Just punch it through a used card, and it will transform into a great guitar pick that your friend can use.

7. Orba Handheld Multi-Instrument

 Orba Handheld Multi-Instrument

If your friend loves music, but they don’t play any instrument, you shouldn’t worry much. Just buy them this amazing Orba Handheld Multi-Instrument as part of your gifts for blind people. With this item, they can tap and slide to produce endless sounds.

8. Folding Cane as a Gift for Blind People

 CHICIRIS Folding Cane

Your friend might not be able to see it, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get them fancy walking cane. With this awesome cane, they can walk through the street in style. It is made of superior alloy material, so it is highly durable and sturdy. 

9. Braille Rubix Cube as a Gift for Blind People

Braille Magic Cube Puzzle

Kids love to play magic cube puzzles. Fortunately, we’ve got a cool Braille magic cube puzzle that you can buy as one of the loveliest gifts for blind people. Let your kids have fun and sharpen their minds with this awesome toy. So, get one now and tell your special children that you love them!

10. Vintage Soviet Watch as a Gift for Blind People

RAKETA Vintage Soviet Watch

Blind people use different kinds of watches. Because of their disability, they are required to use braille watches. However, it doesn’t mean that they still can’t travel with style. Get them this beautiful vintage Soviet watch for them now. 

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11. Braille Fingerboard as a Gift for Blind People

Braille Skateboarding Mystery Set

The trend of finger skateboarding or fingerboard hasn’t died yet. If you like to play some fingerboards with your blind friend, perhaps you can consider buying this marvelous Braille Skateboarding Mystery Set. Furthermore, your blind friend can even customize their own skateboard here!

Useful Gadgets for Blind People

Technological advancements have been really beneficial for blind people. Currently, there are a lot of gadgets that are useful for helping blind people’s daily activities. If you want to buy some of those items as gifts for blind people, you better not miss our compilation below! So, let’s check them out one by one!

12. WeWalk Smart Cane

WeWalk Smart Cane

Say goodbye to the traditional walking cane and say hello to the latest smart cane available! With this cool cane, your friend won’t have to worry about crashing anybody anymore. The WeWalk smart cane is equipped with ultrasonic sensors, and she can signal you with vibration and sound alerts. 

13. Voice Labelling System as a Gift for Blind People

PenFriend 3 Voice Labelling System

Having lots of stuff back at home can be a little confusing and challenging for your blind friend. But you don’t have to worry if you get them this awesome PenFriend item labeling system. With this awesome item, they can organize their things and record anything that they need to memorize. 

14. Echo DOT Smart Speaker

o DOT Smart Speaker

Playing music with a lot of different buttons may prove to be a challenging task for your friend. That’s why you should definitely buy this smart speaker for your friend. Now they can jam to their favorite tune using voice control. 

15. Talking Kitchen Scale

 Talking Kitchen Scale

This lovely scale is a must-have for your cooking-loving friend. They won’t have to wonder about the weight of the ingredients that they’re going to cook if they have this awesome scale. 

16. OrCam AI Reader

OrCam AI Reader

Reading is an important hobby that keeps us up to date with the latest knowledge and information. Help your disabled friend with this cool device. It is able to read large amounts of text on a daily basis. This is truly a must-have for your friend. 

17. Bluetooth Speaker and Water Bottle

 Bluetooth Speaker and Water Bottle

Play some music while keeping hydrated with this awesome water bottle speaker! Your blind friends can crank up their favorite music while carrying this trendy bottle for their daily chores. Awesome, right?

18. Solar Charger for Handphone

Solar Charger for Handphone

If your friend ever needs a compact phone charger, this item will be perfect for serving the purpose. It can be charged through sunlight because this awesome charger is equipped with a solar panel. Plus, it is extremely durable to water and dust too!

19. Powerful Bluetooth Tracker

19. Powerful Bluetooth Tracker

Never lose your phone again when you have this awesome device. If you own this amazing item, you can track down your lost phone by simply pressing the Tile button. Then, your phone will ring even if it’s set on silent mode.

Shirts for Blind People

Blind people also need fancy shirts so that they can attend events in style. But we’re not talking about formal outfits. Instead, we’re going to mention cool shirts that they can use for casual purposes. Let’s check out our cool list of shirts that you can get as gifts for blind people. 

20. Don’t Look Blind Shirt

Don’t Look Blind Shirt

This shirt is perfect for your friend who loves sarcastic things. Some people are able to walk through the town gracefully and people start to think that they’re faking their disability. You can get him this cool shirt if your friend is adept too. 

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21. Blind Spot Shirt

Blind Spot Shirt

For a visually impaired person, every spot is a blind spot for them. Hand your friend this beautiful shirt for their everyday chores. They will look cool while wearing this extremely comfortable shirt. 

22. Insight is Blind Shirt

Insight is Blind Shirt

This awesome shirt has a very wise quote. Although we may see everything with our eyes, it doesn’t matter if we don’t have great insights into things. If you have a wise friend, you should definitely buy this shirt for them.

23. Blind Lives Matter Shirt

 Blind Lives Matter Shirt

This shirt is a unique play of words from the “Black Lives Matter” phrase. It shows you that blind people should be treated equally, too, and they are part of our society. Show your support with this shirt!

24. Legally Blind Driver Shirt

Legally Blind Driver Shirt

This hilarious shirt is perfect for your funny friend. If your friend has some ironic and dry jokes stored inside them, we’re 100 percent sure that they will love this shirt. Get one now for them while the stock lasts.  

25. Blind V for Vendetta Shirt

 Blind V for Vendetta Shirt

We know for a fact that your friend will look so cool while wearing this awesome shirt. With the fantastic design printed on the shirt, people will definitely gaze at your friend with awe. 

26. Braille-iant Shirt

Braille-iant Shirt

We’re going to end our list with this cool shirt. You’ll notice how the design will match your friend’s style perfectly. Show your appreciation and how much you adore your blind friend by giving them this cool shirt.

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