56 Unique Game Of Thrones Hoodies & Sweatshirts For Fans

The waiting for the newest season of Game of Thrones was agonizing, to say the least.

Now, with it almost over and winter steadily coming our way we all need something to warm us up.

We’ve covered the best Game of Thrones T-Shirts, now we want to share the coolest and most unique Game of Thrones hoodies that will keep you warm and make you feel much closer to your favorite show.


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Game Of Thrones Hoodies & Sweatshirts:

Just in case, there are some minor spoilers for season 7 in here. Teeny-tiny. So if you are not caught up with it yet, cozy up in your brand new GoT hoodie and start watching.

#1 Let It Snow Hoodies

Game Of Thrones Let It Snow Christmas Sweater

Say what you want, but Jon’s last name is an endless goldmine of cheesy winter and Christmas puns and we love it. This statement is only reassured by this funny Game of Thrones hoodie.

Wear throughout the winter and you’ll see how many people you can make appreciate your sophisticated sense of humor. 

#2 Targaryen Fire and Blood Retro Hoodie

Game of Thrones Fire and Blood Targaryen Hoodie

Ever since the Doom of Valyria, the secret of how to produce such awesome hoodies has been lost. Until now.

We have managed to find one of the three skilled tailors in all of The Seven Kingdoms to sew one just for you. Now, you can proudly wear one of these with no care in the world.

#3 Night’s Watch Castle Black Hoodie

Night’s Watch Castle Black Hoodie - Game of Thrones hoodies

What Game of Thrones hoodies list would be complete without a nod of respect towards the brothers of the Night’s Watch?

Now, that the winter is here you can proudly wear this hoodie to show off your allegiance to the Watch. For more authentic look throw in a rug from IKEA on it and you’re all set.

#4 Hodor Door Stopper Hoodie

Hodor Door Stopper Hoodie

Now, this is one of the most sophisticated Game of Thrones hoodies you can find. At least humor wise. It mixes Hodor, door stopper, IKEA, all wrapped up in a nice metaphor.

If you want to truly stand out among your GoT fan-friends, this is the route to go.

#5 Iron Man & House of Stark Hoodie

Iron Man & House of Stark Hoodie

This is the epitome of a Game of Thrones Stark hoodie with a little Marvel twist added to it. So, you might be a fan of both the GoT and Marvel creations.

Or maybe you want to show off that both Spiderman and Jon Snow have a lot more in common than you might think, starting with a Stark father figure.

#6 Stylish House Stark Winter Is Coming Hoodie

Stark New Fashion Brand Print Mens Coats Hoodies Men Pullover Harajuku Raglan Hoodie Spring Warm Game Of Thrones Wolf Male

Any “Winter Is Coming” apparel is a classic. So if you’re all for simplicity and style, I would bet at this hoodies as being the one for you. After all, you have to carry the message dear papa Ned Stark into the world, right? 

#7 Night’s Watch And Chill His And Hers Hoodies

Night Watch And Chill Fantasy TV Show Funny Adult Long Sleeve Hoodie Sweatshirt

What would you do if Tormund invited you for some Night’s Watch and chill? I really don’t want to know what that means and just feign innocence. But who can say no to our favorite “kissed by fire” ginger?

Probably no one. So if you want to win someone over this funny Game of Thrones hoodie is your best bet.

#8 Arya’s Meat Pies Hoodie

Arya’s Meat Pies Hoodie

If you’re still catching up on Game of Thrones, then here’s a little spoiler: Arya Stark settles down with Hot Pie and together they set up a small bakery.

Let me tell you, Arya’s pies are to die for. But if you’re all caught up with the latest episodes, I salute your dark sense of humor.

#9 Game Of Thrones Noble Houses Sigils Unisex Hoodies

Game of Thrones House Badges Logos Symbols Kids Hoodie

If you’re planning on hooking up someone on Game of Thrones, you’d better have this hoodie somewhere nearby. This hoodie has a basic list of the most important Houses you meet on the show.

This makes this hoodie a perfect cheat sheet for anyone who’s only starting to get into the Game of Thrones. 

#10 Winter Came For House Frey Hoodie

Winter Came For House Frey hoodie

This was one of the coolest moments of the latest season, hands down. So if you want to project the same power Arya did in that memorable scene you need to have this hoodie in your winter arsenal. After all, the winter has come to claim us all.

#11 I Drink And I Know Things

No products found.

I will forever maintain that this is one of the best, most relatable quotes Tyrion Lannister has uttered in his entire life.

Which is why every die-hard fan of Game of Thrones is ought to have a piece of clothing that proudly showcases this quote. So wear this hoodie, drink, and know things better than anyone else around you.

#12 The Stark Names Hoodie

The Stark Names Hoodie

If you want a Stark hoodie that is more original than just showcasing a sigil of the House, we’ve got your back.

This simple House of Stark hoodie lists out all the names of the Stark children, the pack that survives. Jon’s name written a bit differently than the others just adds uniqueness to the pullover and more than a bit meaning.

#13 Deadpool Game Over Hoodie

Deadpool Game Over Hoodie

Let’s be honest, if Deadpool somehow wound up in Westeros there would be no Game in the first place.

Cersei would have been taken care of with a Zamboni before she could even finish the famous quote on what happens when you play the Game of Thrones.

Someone should really pitch this idea to George R. R. Martin, crossovers are the best.

#14 House Baratheon Ours is The Fury Hoodie

Game of Thrones Ours is the Fury Hoodie

It’s a bit sad that House Baratheon has met its untimely end so soon. But that doesn’t mean that we should forget about the House that has started it all. The Baratheons live on in the books and on these cool Game of Thrones hoodies.

#15 Lannister Sigil Hoodie

Lannister Sigil Hoodie

If you’re known for always paying your debts or if people constantly hear you roar, this Lannister hoodie is the one for you. Plus, if you’re a Gryffindor, this hoodie will kill two birds with one stone, don’t you think?

#16 Winter Is Coming Map Hoodie

Winter Is Coming Map Hoodie

Ever since Ned Stark has uttered these words, our fate as GoT fans has been sealed.

Apart from becoming a meme, this quote has been setting up the most epic standoff Westeros has ever faced: the dead vs the living. The Starks will be the first to face it.

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#17 Talk To The Hand Hoodie

Talk To The Hand Hoodie

Remember how “talk to the hand” was a thing in the 90s? Well, when it comes to Game of Thrones this is an actual phrase someone can say without it being a veiled insult.

Poor Tyrion will have a lot of talking to do, that’s for sure. Good thing he loves it.

#18 A Girl Has No Name Hoodie

A Girl Has No Name Hoodie

Let’s be honest, the Faceless Men plot was one of the most fascinating ones in the whole series. From story to the soundtrack it was gripping and fascinating.

So there’s really no wonder that a simple phrase Arya had to learn the hard way is enough to make this one of the coolest Game of Thrones hoodies.

#19 Winter Is Coming Funny Hoodie


Although this can be a heart-wrenching and cruel show some funny Game of Thrones hoodies do exist. This is, by far, my absolute favorite.

Maybe it’s because this hoodie is so absurdly ridiculous, because it features the most done dog in the world, or because it is so bright and colorful. The only thing I’m sure of is that this sweatshirt is a must-have.

#20 Sorry Ladies Night’s Watch Hoodie

Sorry Ladies Night’s Watch Hoodie

The Night’s Watch oath is quite long. But what we do know for sure is that as far as romantic conquests go, once you join The Watch you have to leave those far behind.

But even if you dare to get this hoodie, don’t worry. Both Jon and Sam will tell you that nothing is set in stone.

#21 The North Fate Night King Hoodie


If you are a bit fatalistic about what awaits the North in the upcoming seasons, we hear you. There’s almost no doubt that the Night King will wreak some havoc and sooner or later will breach the wall.

It’s only logical to make your own prediction of this event by wearing this cool hoodie. Available in different colors. 

#22 The Three Eyed Raven Sweatshirt

The Three Eyed Raven Sweatshirt

This is one of those cool Game of Thrones hoodies that is not so much “in your face”. Even those who have never watched the series will appreciate the beauty of this piece.

Those who did will do that as well but with the right context. The Three Eyed Raven is a force to be reckoned with and here’s hoping we’ll see a lot more of his power in the future episodes.

#23 Game of Stones Gargoyles Hoodie

Gargoyles Hoodie

Attention, 90s kids! Do you remember the show Gargoyles? Stone by day, warriors by night? Well, if you do remember and love this show we have an awesome treat for you.

This hoodie shows how a crossover of Game of Thrones and Gargoyles would like. Honestly, the Game of Stones looks absolutely awesome. 

#24 Stark In The Streets Hoodie

Stark In The Streets Hoodie Wildling In The Sheets GOT Hoodies HOME - HOODIES - HOODIES QUOTES

Want to be a little bit more original than just wearing a House Stark hoodie? Well, this one will definitely cut it.

Although still showing your love for the Starks, it also shows that you have a lot more love left to show in other circumstances.

Whether you or your significant other is a “wildling in the sheets”, this hoodie would be a priceless gift. Available in different colors.

#25 Game of Toys Hoodie

Game of Toys Hoodie

For all the blood and gore Game of Thrones characters sometimes behave like children. This is where these cool Game of Thrones hoodies hit the bull’s eye.

Each plush toy in this unique design is made to represent each House and looks absolutely awesome. I wonder if they would make a squeaky sound when they fall off the Throne and hit the floor.

#26 Breaker of Chains Hoodie


Thanks to Daenerys’ long list of titles it definitely broadens the pool of what can be written in a hoodie to make it a Game of Thrones Targaryen hoodie. Like this one for example. Although it looks simple and minimalistic, it most certainly delivers the right kind of punch.

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#27 No Ugly Sweater Christmas Sweatshirt

No Ugly Sweater Christmas Sweatshirt

This shirt is absolutely brilliant and will give you the ultimate pass at yet another one of those Christmas Ugly Sweater parties. With this sweatshirt, you get to showcase your love for the Valar Morghulis folks as well as be the most fashionably dressed person at the party.

#28 Chaos Is A Ladder Littlefinger Hoodie

Chaos Is A Ladder Littlefinger Hoodie

Say what you want, Little finger is the character we love to hate. Never involving himself directly he has managed to cause too much chaos. The chaos that he loves to climb like a ladder.

This famous quote that has been echoed to us in the latest season 7 is definitely the one to remember. Available in different colors.

#29 Direwolves Names Hoodie

Direwolves Names Hoodie

Since the Stark children have earned themselves their own names hoodie it’s only logical for the Direwolves to do so as well.

This one lists out all the names of the beautiful Direwolves that we have seen on the show. Ghost gets to be written in a blank font which in itself is a nice detail full of meaning.

#30 Bend The Knee Hoodie

Bend The Knee Hoodie

I couldn’t resist throwing in some tiny spoilers for season 7. But honestly, it’s almost impossible to avoid them for the internet is dark and full of spoilers. Bending the knee has been the recurring gags of this season so it’s only logical to have a hoodie proudly showcasing it.

#31 Arya Stark’s List Hoodie

Arya Stark’s List Hoodie

There are heartwarming hoodies with the list of names of the Starks and Direwolves. Then, there’s Arya’s list. Not so heartwarming anymore, but pretty badass nonetheless.

So if you want to wear this hoodie until Arya or the show finishes off all the characters from this list, then there’s nothing standing in your way.

#32 A Man Has No Costume Halloween Hoodie

Mens A Man Has No Costume Halloween Sword T-Shirt

Do you hate dressing up for Halloween? Are you sick of answering the wide variety of “where’s your costume” questions?

Well, with this awesome hoodie you can take care of them forever while also trying out your best Jaqen H’ghar impersonation. Available in different colors.

#33 Porcelain Throne Hoodie

Porcelain Throne Hoodie - Game of Thrones hoodies

Listen, sooner or later toilet humor had to make its appearance. The Iron Throne might be too fictional for us to sit on, but a porcelain one? Oh, the porcelain throne is definitely worth sitting on.

It has endured much worse by now which makes this one of the funniest Game of Throne hoodies. Available in different colors.

#34 House Name Jersey Sweatshirt

House Name Jersey Hoodies

If you treat the Game of Thrones as an actual sports game you need to look the part. With these House Targaryen, Stark, and Lannister hoodies, you can finally root for your favorites in the appropriate clothes. Available in two colors.

#35 Stark Direwolf Heartbeat Hoodie

Stark Direwolf Heartbeat Hoodie

In the Game of Thrones, North is not just a place. It’s in your blood, it’s what makes you the King in The North whose name is Stark.

This House Stark hoodie perfectly sums it up in a minimalistic but very meaningful way. Available in different colors.

#36 House Mormont Bear Island Hoodie

Game Of Thrones Bear Island House Mormont Sweatshirt Gray Small S

What list of Game of Thrones hoodies would be complete without mentioning House Mormont? None whatsoever. Bear Island might be small but it is fierce, just look at the current head of the House.

If you are a big fan of Jorah or Lyanna Mormont, this hoodie is the one for you.

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#37 Hold The Door Hodor Hoodie

Hold The Door Hodor Hoodie

The dramatic departure of our favorite giant was probably the most eye-opening and chilling scene in the whole series. As well as gut-wrenching, of course. This hoodie shows just how Hodor came to be the man he was in a simple but powerful way.

#38 Colorful Winter Is Coming Sweatshirt


It seems like we’ve been repeating that winter is here for quite awhile. But it is a big deal and you can convey the message in more ways than one. This is one unique Game of Thrones hoodie thanks to the beautiful design, vibrant colors, and the chill it can send down your spine.

#39 Be A Dragon Hoodie

Colorful Winter Is Coming Sweatshirt

It seems that Daenerys can never find the middle ground with the fans of the show. First, she is considered too soft. But the next thing you know she is called a Mad Queen. But this quote that was given to us by the 7th season perfectly sums up who she is. A dragon.

#40 Squat Like Jon Snow Is Watching Hoodie

Squat Like Jon Snow Is Watching Hoodie

If you have ever needed more workout motivation in front of the mirror, this is one of those Game of Thrones hoodies that shall give it to you. Indeed, the best way to find your mojo while squatting is to pretend that Jon Snow is watching.

ou can come up with the backstory for this situation by yourself, but you will be motivated that is for sure.

#41 Winter Has Wings

Winter Has Wings Hoodie - Game of Thrones hoodies

If you haven’t seen the latest season, then move along, nothing to see here. If you did, well, winter definitely is here and it is hitting hard. Who would have thought that Game of Thrones would introduce some Olympic Games disciplines, right?

#42 Tyrion Lannister I Am The God Hoodie


This quote really should be on Tyrion’s resume. If he ever gets kicked out of his current work, this would definitely get him to places.

In all seriousness, if you are absolutely unapologetic about who you are and love a good laugh, this is one of those Game of Thrones hoodies you have to have.

#43 Casterly Rock Lannister Hoodie

Casterly Rock Lannister Hoodie

Say what you want, but House Lannister is probably the most capable of stirring emotions in the show. Starting with Tywin and Tyrion and ending with Cersei, this House is absolutely marvelous at playing the Game.

If you want to show off just how much you appreciate that, this hoodie is for you. Available in more colors.

#44 I Know Stranger Things Hoodie

I Know Stranger Things Hoodie - Game of Thrones hoodies

I absolutely love fandom mash-ups. So mixing the Game of Thrones’ most iconic quotes with Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things looks absolutely epic.

With this hoodie, you can kill two birds with one stone making the ultimate hoodie for binge watching your favorite series.

#45 You Know Nothing Jon Snow Hoodie

You know nothing Jon Snow shirt

Jon Snow is a peculiar character. We’re seven seasons in. He still knows nothing. But somehow he does everything. That’s who you should be drawing your adulting inspiration from. Jon Snow, the king of fake it till you make it.

#46 Mother Of Dragons Hoodie

Mother Of Dragons Hoodie

Out of all Daenerys’ long and tedious titles, “Mother of Dragons” is the coolest. Who else can boast the fact that they are in possession of three not-so-small dragons? Well, now you can do that.

Too bad there are no actual dragons around to adopt, that would be fun for sure. Oh well, we’ll have to settle for fictional ones.

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#47 AC/DC Inspired Game Of Thrones Hoodies

AC/DC Inspired Game Of Thrones Hoodies

Jon Snow might not be Back in Black but Arya is definitely Shooting To Thrill her enemies. Okay, the pun-time is over.

Setting aside my horrendous sense of humor, the truth is this is the hoodie that unites the most awesome of awesome – AC/DC and Game of Thrones. So every fan of both is obligated to have this hoodie in their closet, that’s just the truth you need to accept.

#48 Mother Of Pugs Hoodies

Mother Of Pugs Hoodies

With this adorable hoodie, you can showcase your love not only for the Game of Thrones but also for pugs. If you squint hard enough, pugs are a bit like dragons. Ferocious, potato-shaped, but nonetheless cute dragons.

#49 Crows Before Hoes Hoodie

Crows Before Hoes Hoodie

Crows before hoes” is basically a boiled down version of one of the passages of the Night’s Watch Oath. If it were written by Barney Stinson that is, which would make for an awesome crossover.

So if you want to find a perfect hoodie for your best bro or want to show your own dedication to your friends, this hoodie was definitely made for you.

#50 Khaleesi Hoodie

Khaleesi Hoodie

Danny’s official standing as a Khaleesi might have been questioned several times throughout the show.

But when you wear this hoodie no one would dare question your power. Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons, Fire and Blood. Those words alone can inspire armies.

#51 You Had Me At Snow Sweaters

You Had Me At Snow Sweaters

Even if you have never seen the show there are some characters that you can instantly recognize and love from a distance. One of them is, of course, the dashing Jon Snow. So if he is all that it took to get you to watch the Game of Thrones, you’d better wear this sweater wherever you go.

#52 Funny Baby Is Coming Pregnancy Announcement Sweaters

Funny Baby Is Coming Pregnancy Announcement Sweaters

If Winter in the North is awaited with doomed mortification, then in our world a baby is expected with completely opposite emotions.

But if you want everyone to know what kind of family your baby will be born into (the most awesome one of Game of Thrones fans) then this pregnancy announcement shirt is the ultimate baby shower gift you should request.

#53 Winter Is Coming Game of Thrones Hoodies

Game Of Thrones Winter Is Coming Wolf Hoodie, Hooded Sweatshirt

Usually, when it comes to favorite fictional worlds, you wish you could live there. Be a wizard, or a Jedi, or a superhero. With Game of Thrones? No, thank you.

But if you are brave enough and think you could rule The North you’d need to establish your own House first.

#54 Red Dragon Dracarys Game Pullover Hoodie

No products found.

The most famous dragon in Game of Thrones is on the hoodie. The design is simple but cool for daily wear. There is a hood to protect your head and hair from the direct sun or rain. Dracarys is one of the words that means ‘all men must die’ for the High Valyrian. Dracarys is another word for dragon-fire, therefore it means all men must die through the dragon-fire.

#55 The Night’s Watch I Am The Sword Pullover Hoodie

Game Of Thrones The Night's Watch I Am The Sword Pullover Hoodie

If you are into Game of Thrones and admire how The Night’s Watch holds and guards the Wall in the darkness, then this pullover hoodie is absolutely yours. This hoodie is also an official merchandise of the series itself. So, no worries about the quality.

#56 Ugly Sweater I Drink and I Know Things

Ugly Sweater I Drink and I Know Things Funny Sweatshirt

Ugly sweaters are not that ugly if the design is inspired by Game of Thrones. This ugly sweater is pretty cool, simple and catches people’s attention. This ugly sweater fits for the Throne lovers’ gift. It is warm, undeniable and unique.

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Everything about Game of Thrones is undeniable since the series itself successfully catches many audiences when it is airing for 9 years. Hence, buying the sweaters with a design that is inspired by Game of Thrones would be a great idea. Whether it is about Daenerys, Jon Snow or the drogon. Find out what character you love the most from our recommendation.


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