Awesome Hoodies For Guys

73 Awesome Hoodies For Guys That Are Unique

Let’s face it: Hoodies are awesome! What man does not like a sweet looking hoodie? They are warm, snug, and make you look cool too!

Unfortunately, the truth is that most hoodies are rather bland and rather boring. So, we set out to find the “Most Awesome Hoodies for Guys” from around the universe, that are perhaps a little more “unique” and creative.

Whether they conceal secret compartments, contain humorous quotes, or feature unique accessories you’re bound to find something cool from this collection of unique hoodies for men.

The History Of The Hoodie


The modern hoodie has come a long way. Back in the early part of the 20th century, a clothing line called Champion brought the hoodie onto the outerwear scene, becoming an instant hit amongst boxers, and other athletes. When workers at the time found out about the hoodie, they latched onto its comfort and efficiency, as well.

What better way to save a few dollars, than to purchase a shirt that could double as a coat? By the 1980s, the hoodie had become an icon of the hip-hop genre, and its use as a simple article of street clothing was cemented into fashion history.

Cool Hoodies For Men:

Hoodies are a global staple of casual fashion, and the clothing industry is full of them. Choose your favorite from the list of creative hoodies, and learn something about this classic garment in the process!

#1 The Drinking Hoodie

the drinking hoodie

This shirt is easily one of the coolest hoodies for guys around. The shirt itself is soft and comfortable and includes a built-in bottle pocket designed to hold a drink and keep it from getting warm. The zipper works as a bottle opener, and the attached drinking mitts allow you to keep your hands warm when sipping your chilled beverage. With plenty of outside and hidden inside pockets, You should have no problem keeping your friends close, and your drinks closer with this awesome hoodie.

#2 The Vaporizer Hoodie


The Vaporizer Hoodie is just one of those funky hoodies you have to have. If you love to vape, you will definitely love this great shirt. The hoodie is made of a comfortable fabric blend and comes in a variety of colors. The real magic happens in the drawstrings, which are attached to a built-in vaporizer system that is concealed beneath the shirt. With a simple, subtle puff on the end of your drawstrings, you can be vaping in no time!

#3 American Flag Hoodie

Whether you come from the USA or not, you have to admit that the American flag has become not only a symbol of a country but also an incredibly popular piece of clothing pattern. So why not use it to your advantage and look pretty stylish wherever you go in this cool hoodie?

#4 Crows Before Hoes Hoodie

Crows Before Hoes Hoodie

If you put your mates first over anything else you, my friend, are a true Crow. This cool Game of Thrones hoodie will be a blast with all the other show’s fans you know. Even those who have never heard of the show (do such people exist?) will definitely appreciate this awesome hoodie for the message it carries.

#5 The Ranger Hoodie

the Ranger Hoodie

Choose the Ranger Hoodie for that outdoorsy adventurer in your life. This shirt is one of the more unique hoodies for guys on the market, and it is made from a durable fabric that is designed to fight off wind and repel rain. Six pockets on the hoodie’s body and arms provide plenty of space for storing hiking and exploration gear. Best of all, the shape of the hood itself keeps the wearer’s face as concealed and warm as possible, even in the midst of harsh weather.

#6 Rustic Hand Woven Tribal Hemp Hoodie

Rustic Hand Woven Tribal Hemp Hoodie

If you value a hoodie not only by its looks but also by its feel, material, and manufacturing technique, then you are in luck. This handwoven, hypoallergenic, organic and unique hoodie not only looks good but is also meant to make you feel as comfortable as it gets.

#7 The Reversible Disco Hoodie

the reversible disco hoodie

The flashy Reversible Disco Hoodie is the perfect gift for the man who has everything. The hoodie is made of shimmery fabric on its party side, which can come in either gold or disco-ball silver, while the reverse side is made of black terry cloth. Flip the shirt one way by day and the other by night—the choice is yours!

#8 Zombies Hate Fast Food Hoodie

Don’t you just love puns? We surely do, especially those that carry such wisdom as this one. If you need additional motivation in training for the marathon or your daily workouts just remember: zombies hate fast food and that food is you.

#9 The Game of Thrones Hoodie

the game of thrones hoodie

If you are looking for the epitome of cool hooded sweatshirts, this Game of Thrones Hoodie is just what you need. Made of a soft cotton and polyester blend, this hoodie is an official Game of Thrones product that will let the world know just where your loyalties lie. The front of the hoodie is embroidered with the Stark family’s crest, while the back is emblazoned with a much larger version of the same. Show off your love of this popular HBO show with this excellent hoodie!

#10 Netflix And Chill Hoodie

Yep, it’s Netflix and Chill time again. This funny hoodie will be perfect for making anyone aware of your evening plans. Whether those involve having someone over or eating ice-cream alone is none of our business.

 #11 The Audio Engineer’s Hoodie


In the world of creative hoodies, this Audio Engineer’s Hoodie stands head and shoulders above the rest. This black hoodie is designed with the music buff in mind, and includes two front kangaroo-style pockets with a headphone pass-through to allow you to keep warm while still listening to your favorite tunes all day long. The hood is made of speaker cloth, so that you can easily hear music through the fabric even while keeping your head warm. This is the perfect gift for any music lover!

#12 Wu-Tang Clan Hoodie

Wu-Tang Clan Hoodie

Are you a Wu-Tang Clan fan? If yes, then look at this cool hoodie. This would be a perfect gift for any person that appreciates the spirit of the 90s hip hop.

#13 The Chewbacca Hoodie

chewbacca hoodie

Who knew Star Wars was so synonymous with awesome hoodies for guys? This fuzzy brown hoodie will make any guy look just like Chewbacca, one of the popular characters from the Star Wars franchise. The shirt itself is a fully functioning hoodie, and it is decorated with a faux strap mimicking Chewy’s weapons belt. Put together the perfect street costume with this great hoodie!

#14 The Hubby Hoodie

The Hubby Hoodie

If you’re looking for a hoodie for a husband or a hoodie for a boyfriend (just to give him a little push), then take a look at this one. Its simple design and light sweater knit give it a very stylish vibe, that will look good on anyone wearing it, indoors or outdoors.

#15 The North Fate Hoodie

Whether you have seen the newest season of Games of Thrones or not, you must have always known that the inevitable will happen.

The Night King has been a menace since the very beginning and there’s no secret that he holds the gate of the North in his cold wrinkly hands. Join Team Night King.

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#16 The Armored Knight Hoodie


There is something to be said for the nerdy side of hoodie culture, and this Armored Knight Hoodie fits that description perfectly. This reinforced cotton shirt looks like a traditional knight’s ensemble with none of the sharp, pointy bits. The shirt itself has faux gauntlets and a breastplate section, while the hood comes equipped with a visor and faceplate that can be retracted just like those on a real knight’s helmet. Get ready to defend your kingdom’s honor!  

#17 Dragon Ball Z Hoodie

Dragon Ball Z Hoodie

There is a high chance that as a kid you used to always watch Dragon Ball after school. Now you can make your childhood dreams a reality. This awesome hoodie will make you look like Goku coming home after a training session with Master Roshi. Go super sayan every day.

#18 The Mercenary Hoodie

the mercenary_hoodie

Reach for the Mercenary Hoodie when you want to feel casual while pretending you are a superhero. The shirt is made of a soft sweatshirt fleece fabric and features a standard front pocket as well as a vertical zipper. Although the majority of the shirt is black, the neon orange highlighted sections are sure to make you stand out like a visitor from the future when you step out into a crowd wearing this stylish hoodie.

#19 Wrestling Panda Hoodies

If you’re wondering why in the world two wrestling pandas are on this hoodie, we’ve got your back. The thing is the World Wrestling Federation and World Wildlife Fund have one thing in common – the first letters. Or do they? Maybe, there’s a bigger conspiracy at place? This cool hoodie might be the answer to our questions.

#20 Ryu Street Fighter Hoodie

Ryu Street Fighter Hoodie

If you want to get as close to being like Ryu in Street Fighter with as little effort as possible, then here’s the answer for you. This is the coolest hoodie in terms of attention to detail. Just look at it, you can even wear the red headband!

#21 Night’s Watch And Chill Hoodie

There’s no better way to sway a lady than with this hoodie. Night’s Watch, chill, and Tormund, honestly no one would be able to resist. Maybe this is how Tormund should approach his “big woman” to finally be able to make giant babies that will take over the world.

#22 The Electro Hoodie

The Electro Hoodie brings together the fun and functional aspects of unique men’s hoodies into one complete package.

Available in five different colors, this hoodie is fitted with EL wire, which lights up with the touch of a button. The lights can be set to pulse slowly, pulse quickly, or just stay on, depending on your mood. Just make sure you put batteries in the attached battery pack before you head to the club!

#23 Galaxy Zip Up Hoodies

COIKNAVS Boys' Youth Fleece Galaxy Pockets Zip up Sweatshirts Hoodies 4-16Y

This might not be a funny kind of hoodie but there’s no going around the fact that it is as stylish as hoodies get. We’ll not go the cheesy road saying that it will make you a star. But it will surely make you instantly noticeable, so go on now and wear it wherever you go.

#24 Fart Loading Hoodie

Fart Loading Hoodie

So when you saw this funny hoodie for men, did someone specific pooped, sorry, popped into your head? Your friend? Yourself? If yes, then it is time to buy that hoodie and wear it with pride…and make everyone else scatter around in panic.

#25 The Ninja Hoodie


At first glance, this shirt is a simple plain hoodie, with kangaroo pockets and a vertical zipper. However, when you take a closer look at the hood itself, you will realize that it is, in fact, the perfect disguise! The Ninja Hoodie includes a hidden face mask attached to the hood that covers the lower half of the wearer’s face and makes him look like a casual ninja. Aside from being helpful when blending into a crowd, this hood is sure to keep you warmer than most.

#26 Pac-Man Hoodie

Pac-Man is definitely one of the most popular arcade games of all time. Even though the game industry has gone a long way, this game is still highly addictive and fun.

So for all the game enthusiasts who know what’s best, this cool gamer hoodie is a must-have. Munch on those ghosts, come on.

#27 The 13-Pocket Hoodie

the 13-Pocket Hoodie

Never forget anything at home again with the 13-Pocket Hoodie on your back! This unique shirt comes equipped with thirteen different pockets to help you store all of your daily necessities, including an iPad pocket on the inside of the jacket and a smartphone pocket with touch sensitive screening to make texting easy even on a cold day. Best of all, if you love superheroes, you will probably recognize this hoodie from the X-men: Days of Future Past set!

#28 Winter Is Coming Stark Hoodie

No matter the season, it’s always safe to assume that winter is coming. At least, that’s how they roll in Westeros so why shouldn’t you follow suit? House Stark has always been the loudest proclaimer, so if you want to truly prepare for the winter, this awesome hoodie is for you.

#29 The Pet Pocket Hoodie

the 13-Pocket Hoodie

You no longer have any excuse not to bring your cat, small dog, ferret, rat, or other beloved pet along for the ride when you wear the Pet Pocket Hoodie. This hoodie is designed with cat ears on top of the hoodie and a paw print design on the sleeves, just to make sure the world knows how much you love your furry friends. Keep your pet occupied with the drawstrings, which have puff balls on the ends and double as kitty play toys. What more could you and your pet want?

#30 Light-Up Fiber Optic Burning Man Hoodie

Light-Up Fiber Optic Burning Man Hoodie

This is one of the coolest hoodies you’d probably ever see. Why? Because it is made out of high-tech optics fiber and can glow in four different colors, that’s why. You can operate this hoodie with a remote control. To make it glow all you need to do is charge it and then you’re good to go. The glow will last for 6-8 hours on a single charge.

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#31 Positive Motivational Hoodie

If you can dream it you can achieve it. Isn’t that great? Well, maybe these words aren’t exactly true if you are dreaming of having a pet dragon or having super powers but there are more important things in life. When you need a daily dose of motivation and a kick to do something, this hoodie will be there for you.

#32 The Massage Hoodie

Do you have chronic back pain or a lot of stress in your life? If so, you might be the perfect candidate for the Massage Hoodie. This hoodie is basically fitted with the same system that you might find in the back of a massage chair, all with easy to program functions that you can manage from your smart phone. Wear it in the car or even on an air plane to ease the pain of travel, or wear it around the house and use it to help relax after a long day at work.

#33 Deadpool Hoodie

Deadpool Hoodie

The Deadpool hoodie is one of the best hoodies for men when it comes to showing how cool and stylish a minimalist design can look. Red hoodie, two black eyes and you still know that you’re looking at the merc with a mouth.

#34 The Stealth Hoodie


When you are ready to head out into the brisk winter weather and participate in your favorite outdoor activities, don’t forget the Stealth Hoodie to keep you warm and camouflaged at the same time. This hoodie is very technologically advanced. It is capable of keeping you cooler when your body temperature rises and then using your own body’s head to warm you up when things start to get cold again. Best of all, it is a tough and rugged shirt that will not rip or tear with frequent use.

#35 Warcraft Lothar Armour Hoodie

Warcraft Lothar Armour Hoodie

If you’re looking for a unique hoodie that looks completely out of this world and more out of the Warcraft world, then you, my friend, have found it. Just look at it! The amazing attention to detail and the layered up material makes it look completely mind-blowing and cool.

#36 The R2-D2 Hoodie

R2-D2 hoodie

Pair this R2-D2 Hoodie with the Chewbacca hoodie and rock the streets in geeky Star Wars style with your friends. This white hoodie is designed to look like the body of R2-D2 and features a vertical zipper on the front. The hoodie does not include pockets or a drawstring. Instead, the hoodie is capable of zipping all the way up to the top of the wearer’s head, to make him look even more like R2-D2.

#37 Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern Hoodie

Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern Hoodie

No matter when you’re reading these words it’s probably time to be preparing for Halloween. So why not start with this cool Halloween hoodie with a Jack-O-Lantern face on it?The hoodie is available in multiple colors if you’re feeling adventurous.

#38 The Light Up Hoodie


No one will ever wonder where you are again when you wear this awesome glow-in-the-dark Light Up Hoodie! The hoodie itself does not glow, but the zipper and trim on the hood are fitted with lighted wiring to bring a splash of color to the shirt, even in the dark of night. Great for clubs, parties, or just showing off, this hoodie is available in five different colors to match your personality perfectly.

#39 Medieval Knight Hoodie

Medieval Knight Hoodie

If you think that hoodies come only in one layer of fabric you are greatly mistaken. This amazing hoodie fully makes up for a lack of a printed punchline with layered fabric that makes it look like a knight’s armor. This hoodie brings up front a new more comfortable age of chivalry.

#40 Tough Guys Wear Pink Hoodie (Breast Cancer Awareness)

Tough Guys Wear Pink Hoodie (Breast Cancer Awareness)

This is an awesome hoodie for guys that don’t shy away from messages that are more than just a catchphrase on their hoodie. If you want to spread awareness about breast cancer, then this hoodie is definitely for you.

#41 Thuggie -The Extra Long Hoodie

thuggies extra long hoodies

Part blanket with sleeves, part ultra-warm hoodie, the Thuggie is made to be as functional as it is tongue-in-cheek. Wear this warm shirt anytime you need to lounge around in comfort. The Thuggie is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and it comes in men’s and women’s styles both. Wear it with your most comfortable pair of pants and kick back on the sofa the next time you feel like calling in sick to work.

#42 The Darth Maul Hoodie

For all the Emperor’s shenanigans, he still comes up short of Darth Maul. At least, when it comes to being the most recognizable face of the Sith movement. So it is really no wonder Darth Maul made his way onto this cool hoodie that any Star Wars fan with a good taste should have.

#43 Pokemon Litten Hoodie

Pokemon Litten Hoodie

When it comes to Pokemon hoodies, you probably expect some homage to Pikachu or Charmander. But here you have a geeky Pokemon hoodie that looks absolutely amazing and capitalizes on a younger generation Pokemon – Litten.

#44 The Beer Holder Hoodie


Nothing says “beer me” like the Beer Holder Hoodie. This quirky shirt is made of a cotton and polyester blend that will keep you warm and comfortable, and the front of the hoodie is fitted with a stretchable third pocket that is insulated to keep your drink cold. Use the beer pouch to hold bottles, cans, or other drink containers. The Beer Holder Hoodie makes an excellent gift for the tailgater in your life!

#45 Game Of Thrones Hoodie

Game Of Thrones House Stark The North Remembers Pullover Hoodie

House Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, Baratheon, Tyrell, Greyjoy. So many names but the most important one is still missing. Which one, you ask? Well, yours of course. Now, you can become a part of the noble Houses of Westeros with this cool hoodie.

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#46 The Flashback Photo Bomber Hoodie


Choose this athletic hoodie when you want to look like you are glowing from some sort of radioactive spill. The Flashback Photo Bomber Hoodie is covered in glass nanospheres to make it ridiculously reflective in the flash of a camera. Although it appears gray when unlit, the hoodie will make you look like nothing more than a silhouette against its brightly shining glow if anyone tries to take a picture of you. Perfect for those who do not like to have their picture taken!

#47 Sh#t Happens Poop Emoji Hoodie

Sh#t Happens Poop Emoji Hoodie

This funny hoodie for men carries out a serious philosophical message in a hilarious emoji-fueled way, and that’s great. Sh#t happens, move along with the same smile the emoji is sporting.

#48 Back To The Future McFly Hoodie

Listen, I could write a whole essay on why Back To The Future is the greatest movie franchise to ever exist. But unless I get myself a DeLorean, there’s not enough time for that. So for now, just enjoy this cool retro hoodie that bears the McFly name and the year that changed it all – ‘88.

#49 The Storm Trooper Hoodie

the storm trooper hoodie

No Star Wars hoodie ensemble would be complete without a Storm Trooper version. This black and white hoodie is made of a comfortable and light cotton and polyester blend that will not overheat the wearer. Designed to look like the iconic Storm Trooper’s body, the hoodie zips from bottom to top, including the hood itself. Close the hood and cover your face with a fabric version of a Storm Trooper’s helmet to complete your pseudo-costume just in time for the next sci-fi convention.

#50 Funny Beard Growth Chart Hoodie

Funny Beard Growth Chart Hoodie

Oh man, this hilarious hoodie cracks me up every time I see it. You can get it for yourself for future reference for your glorious beard. On the other hand, you can get it for someone whom you either admire or want them to realize that the bush on their face has gone too far.

#51 The Ultimate Travel Hoodie

the ultimate travel hoodie

Wear the Ultimate Travel Hoodie to look cool and casual without revealing all of the secret items you have hidden on your person. The hoodie is designed with several different compartments, each of which has a different function to help make traveling that much easier. Use one pocket to store your headphones, and another for your iPad. Yet another pocket is designed to hold a writing or stylus pen, and several others are included for the easy transportation of gloves, blankets, neck pillows, eye masks, and phone chargers, just to name a few. You will never worry about travel again with this hoodie!

#52 I Need Coffee Hoodie

I Don’t Need Any More Motivational Quotes I Need Coffee Funny Hoodies for Men Dark Grey

This is the best hoodie for men that cannot function without coffee and feel the constant need to replenish their caffeine levels. Let everyone know in advance why you are not responding well to external stimuli – the lack of coffee. I can only sympathize in solidarity.

#53 The Toaster Hoodie

Battlestar Galactica TV Series Funny Cylon Toaster Adult Pull-Over Hoodie

This lightweight hoodie is made for layering to achieve that perfect travel-worn hipster look. Although the majority of the hoodie is made of a soft fleece, the hood and shoulder panels are made of a water-repellent nylon to help keep you warm and dry when the weather takes an unforeseen turn. This is the ultimate hoodie for anyone who wants to backpack across the country and get messy in the process.

#54 Deadpool Hoodie

Marvel Deadpool SHHH No One Cares Whisper Hoodie

Ever since Deadpool graced the big screen with his presence we can’t get enough of him. How can you resist his charm? You just can’t. So for all the Deadpool fans, we bring this cool hoodie. Now you can confidently channel your inner Deadpool and wreak havoc wherever you go.

#55 The Light Saber Hoodie

Show off your affiliation with the Light Side of the Force with this warm and cozy hoodie. The simple black hoodie is designed with two standard front pockets and a simple vertical zipper. The front of the hoodie features a large Jedi Order symbol on the left breast, while the back displays a blue lightsaber surrounded by characters from the classic films.

Turn off the lights and watch the symbol on the front and the lightsaber on the back both change to a glowing, alien green. This hoodie is a great gift for any geek!

#56 Black and White Stark Hoodie

If you want a simple hoodie that manages to make a statement why not go for a Stark black and white contrast? Excuse the pun, but it’s true. This cool Game of Thrones hoodie effortlessly makes itself noticeable thanks to the cool art as well as the timeless line – Winter Is Coming.

#57 The Executive Hoodie

the executive hoodie

When you want to pretend like you are an important business executive but do not actually want to have to wear a suit, you need the Executive Hoodie. This stylish hoodie comes in either navy blue or gray, both of which are pinstriped to look as much like the real thing as possible. It should feel like the real thing, too—the Executive Hoodie is made of a wool and cashmere blend and even features a hidden breast pocket to complete the look. You may not be able to get away with wearing it to an important meeting, but at least you can lounge in style with this hoodie.

#58 The Punisher Hoodie

The Punisher Hoodie

Whether you love Frank Castle aka The Punisher from the comics, the movies or the TV series, it doesn’t matter. The iconic skull sign of The Punisher still manages to be easily recognizable and cool, especially on this awesome men’s hoodie for comic book fans.

#59 The Sound Activated Light Up Hoodie

Light up Cool Hoodies LED Fiber Optic Sleeveless Costume Hoodie Glow in The Dark

There are plenty of light up hoodies available on the market today, but none of them are quite as unique as this one. This hoodie is fitted with EL wire lights that run the length of the zipper and the hood’s trim. The wire attaches to a battery-operated pack that sits in a hidden inner pocket, and the battery pack itself is sound activated. This means that the lights on your hoodie will respond to the noise around you and move slowly or quickly to the beat of the music. What better way to show off at a club?

#60 The Sleeveless Body Spartan Hoodie


Head to the gym in style with the Sleeveless Body Spartan Hoodie. This unique hoodie is available in four different colors to best suit your personality and needs. The hood and body of the shirt are designed like any standard hoodie, with drawstrings and a front pocket pouch, but the biggest difference between this shirt and other hoodies is its notable lack of sleeves. Move around freely while you work out in this sleeveless, loose-fitting semi-hoodie.

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#61 The Skull Face Hoodie

Looking back, Skeletor was awesome. His insults have always proven to be epic and hilarious making him one of the funniest cartoon villains ever. So if you’re known to have the same sharp tongue, you absolutely have to grace the world in this hoodie, there’s no way around it.

#62 Live Slowly Sloth Hoodie

Ah, yes, words to live by. This unique hoodie manages to look classy and stylish and carry out a unique message at the same time. Additionally, this is a hoodie that has a sloth on it, so that is always a plus in my column.

#63 I Drink And I Know Things Hoodie

I Drink and I Know Things Hoodie

You know, the longer you try adulting the more Tyrion’s words resonate with you. Still not sure about the latter part of the saying, we feel more like Jon Snow when it comes to knowing things. But the former part…Yep, definitely true.

#64 The Academic Hoodie

This wool and nylon blend hoodie is sure to make you look like a professor who just wanted to be comfortable for the day. Designed to look like a sport coat complete with elbow patches, this hoodie is perfect for anyone who fancies himself an academic type. Choose between gold and gray to create your own scholarly style.

#65 Design Your Own Hoodies

Design Your Own Hoodies

Who knows what design you want on your hoodie better than yourself? No one. This is why in this listing you can design your hoodie completely by yourself. Finally, you’ll be able to show the world your creative side.

#66 The Hand-Grab Hoodie

You have probably had to squeeze into an outfit or two, or tried to pass off those skinny jeans from five years ago as still fashionable, but when was the last time your outfit squeezed you? Stand out in a crowd with this awesome hoody, as others turn their heads and wonder, who is that person being crushed by a giant hand! giant hand!

#67 Game of  Stones Hoodie

Game of Stones curling Pullover Hoodie

The 90s kids have had the pleasure of witnessing one of the greatest cartoons ever – Gargoyles. We’ve developed a great taste early on, so there’s no doubt we love Game of Thrones as well. This cool hoodie fuses both shows effortlessly and makes you wish that some kind of crossover would have emerged. That would be mind-blowing.

#68 The Dinosaur Hoodie

Dinosaur Hoodies Sweatshirt Patchwork Long Sleeve O Neck Autumn Winter Warm Comfort Pullover Blouse Crop Tops

You can wear this unique hoodie at home or outdoors if you prefer to be drawing looks to yourself on the daily basis. This cool hoodie might especially come in handy if you’re not the one to dress up in fancy costumes for Halloween but would still prefer to at least somehow acknowledge the Holiday. Whatever your reason for wearing it would be, you cannot deny that being a dinosaur is awesome!

#69 The Relaxation Hoodie

The Relaxation Hoodie

The relaxation Hoodie is a specially designed hoodie that was originally designed for athletes but is now available to the public and you can learn more about the science behind the design

#70 The Assassins Creed Hoodie


Whether you are going to be stalking through the shadows, or just looking to stand out in a crowd, nothing does the job better than the Assassin’s Hoodie. Available in nine different colors, there is something amazing and awesome for everyone to love.

#71 Awesome Hashtag Hoodie

Awesome Hashtag Funny Internet Meme Quote Social Media Pullover Hoodie

What is a better way to end this list than with a #awesome hoodie? None, that’s why we’re doing this. Having a positive outlook on life is crucial and this is where this hoodie comes into play. Retain your awesomeness clad in this hoodie and take your life by storm in this or any other of hoodies on this list. You can thank us later.

#72 3D Pattern Print Novelty Hoodies

No products found.

Show your boyfriend how much you know him well by giving the hoodie with his favorite snack, food or any beverages printing on it! For example like Cheetos printing hoodie or ramen beef printing hoodie. It is not only unique but also fun to wear. You can get your own as well. Then, wear it together while chilling during the holiday season. Make sure the size fits him right.

#73 NASA Realistic 3D Print Hoodie

Chaos World Men's Hoodie NASA Realistic 3D Printed Sweatshit Hooded Cosplay Costume Unisex

If your boyfriend is interested with space, galaxy, planet, and other outer space, it is the best time to get the greatest gift for him. A NASA printing hoodie will fit the best for him. The printing looks like NASA costume but with hoodie material. His smile will be wider and sweeter when you give this. Let him explore more about outer space like NASA’s astronaut with this hoodie.

Now you have access to a list of the coolest, most awesome, and unique hoodies available from around the world today. Use this list to help you make your next hoodie purchase, and be sure to share it with your stylish friends who might appreciate these excellent hoodie suggestions!

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