48 Cool Bracelets for Guys that are Unique

For the fashion-forward man, accessories are the like icing on the cake. Guys’ accessories can accentuate their style and not to mention, make powerful statement pieces, too. When we say guys’ accessories, we are not only referring to belts or huge necklaces. Rings and bracelets are also some of the favorite accessories that men love to wear. However, on both casual and formal occasions, there are plenty of cool bracelets for guys that will allow your personality to shine.

There is a bracelet that defines every man on the planet. While the most popular men’s bracelets are laidback, there are bold pieces as well for the adventurous types. We have playful beaded bracelets for men and trendy silver pieces that never go out of style. On this list, we have put together the ultimate list of the most incredibly cool bracelets for guys that money can buy. So sit tight and pick out the best pieces to add to your collection.

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#1 24K Gold Plated Anchor Bracelet 

Cool Bracelets For Guys
24K Gold Plated Anchor Bracelet
24K Gold Plated Anchor Bracelet 

The nautical trend is here to stay. Embrace its classic appeal with this bracelet, which in our opinion, is definitely one of those cool bracelets for guys. Based on the design, we can really say that the woven leather band is the crucial part of the concept. It adds flair to the style and makes this the ideal piece to complete your sailor look. However, if gold is not your color, the anchor also comes in other colors like silver and black.

#2 Men’s 7 Chakra Healing Bracelet 

Cool Bracelets For Guys

Buying a gift for a special someone -who makes Yoga as his daily routine- should be a breeze with one of these adorable Chakra healing bracelets. It has a visually impressive appearance, thanks to the rainbow colors of the stones. As for the colorful stones, they represent the seven chakras and believed to be able to bear positive energy and have healing powers.

#3 Miansai Hook Cord Silver-Plated Wrap Bracelet 

Cool Bracelets For Guys
Miansai Hook Cord Silver-Plated Wrap Bracelet

If you never quite got over the pirate fantasy, then this bracelet can be a way to bring it to life. Unlike the first item that we have shared earlier, this maritime bracelet is made of woven cord and it features a silver-plated hook, which will take you on a trip back into time. We must say that the knotted navy cord completes the seafaring appeal perfectly.

In addition, it would also be a great idea for you to have this as a gift for a friend, because it comes with a lovely embroidered pouch.

#4 Men’s Personalized Oxidized Brass Bracelet 

Cool Bracelets For Guys

For a rustic look, seize the carpe diem bracelet to wow the man in your life. Comes in a simple design with solid material, this item comes as one of those cool bracelets for guys that uses oxidized brass to achieve that antique elegance. In our opinion, it would an excellent choice of a birthday gift for your boyfriend, and that is because it is a personalized item. You can get any custom message affixed to this bracelet, to suit his personality.

#5 Johnny Depp Style Leather Cuff Bracelet 

Cool Bracelets For Guys

There is something about leather that will always hold a certain sense of sophistication, just like this classic leather bracelet. This one is the absolute timeless piece that will never goes out of style, thanks to that effect and the fact that Johnny Depp wears it. It is made to last and will always turn heads wherever you go.

#6 Leather Bracelet with Stainless Steel Magnetic Clasp

Cool Bracelets For Guys
Leather Bracelet with Stainless Steel Magnetic Clasp

Fashion-forward men would really appreciate the value of layered bracelets. They are stylish and make loud statements, and they will also make a perfect fit to any kind of attire. Therefore, if you or the man you love thrive on attention then this is the piece for you. Plus, it also has a design that offers a magnetic clasp to boot!

#7 Triple Bullseye Level Bracelet with Brass Chain

Cool Bracelets For Guys

Looking for a handyman gift with a stylish edge to it? Look nowhere else and get this one instead. This is one of the most unique and cool bracelets for guys, which will fit the role amazingly. We would say that the band is understated, but its centerpiece more than makes up for this and adds utility to the idea.

#8 Men’s Personalised Coordinates Bracelet 

Cool Bracelets For Guys
Mens Personalised Coordinates Bracelet

For a man whose style is laidback, then in our opinion, these coordinates bracelets are ideal. They use a simple leather strand plus gold and silver charms for personalization. Its simple and minimalist appearance will make a great accessory to wear daily. If you can’t decide what color to pick, then getting all three of them is definitely not a sin. Lastly, get the memory of your favorite destination engraved and you’re good to go!

#9 Larkavite Men’s Beaded Bracelet

Cool Bracelets For Guys

Matte black is the color tone that will suit your masculine personality very well, and that much is evident from this piece. Plus, the one blue focal bead does a great job of enhancing its appeal. If you are looking for a nice and meaningful gift for your boyfriend, this bracelet would be a wonderful pick. However, before you do, make sure you choose a meaningful gemstone that will blend perfectly with your partner’s personality and traits.

#10 Mens Pet Memorial Bracelet 

Cool Bracelets For Guys
Mens Pet Memorial Bracelet
Mens Pet Memorial Bracelet

The pain of losing a precious furry friend is hard to put into words. However, we do understand if you want to keep the memory of your pet using one of these creative men’s bracelets. The appearance of the bracelet is pretty masculine as it features raw-looking leather and metal. The cute little paw engraved on the metal accent also brings back the happy times and ensures they are always close to your heart. Plus, you can also engrave your pet’s name on the backside of the metal.

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#11 Wazoo Survival Gear Adventure Bracelet 

Cool Bracelets For Guys

The next item on your list is a bracelet that will be super useful for adventurous men who love to spend their time exploring nature. Beneath its stylish veneer, this bracelet holds the power to save your life. Every little detail will help you in emergency situations. The paracord, compass, knife, and firestarter buckle are only the tip of the iceberg. In short, never leave home without this bracelet!

#12 Anxiety and Anger Management Healing Gemstone Bracelet 

Cool Bracelets For Guys
Anxiety and Anger Management Healing Gemstone Bracelet

Let’s face it, each and everyone of us have our own struggles. At times, controlling our anger might be as easy as people say. If you or someone close to you has to deal with anger or anxiety issues, then we think that it would be a wonderful gesture to give him this healing gemstone bracelet. It will be a meaningful gift that offers relief, since gemstones are believe to heave healing ablities. It uses a delicate gemstone combination that also accounts for its high appeal.

#13 Mixed Tiger’s Eye and Gold Beads Bracelet

Cool Bracelets For Guys

What is the first thing that springs to mind when you see this bracelet is style? If your answer is elegant, then we second that. This bracelet is a must-have item for every fashion-forward gentleman. Just think of how thrilled he would be if you surprised him with one of these cool bracelets for guys, especially on his special occasion!

#14 Personalised Bracelets for Him & Her 

Cool Bracelets For Guys
Cool Bracelets For Guys

At first sight, these bracelets appear to be like the regular matching bracelets for couples. But little we know that they actually hold a secret only the two of you know about. Add that fact to the demure yet stylish leather band.

If you want your anniversary to be a bit more special this year, you can get this pair of bracelets for you and your loved one, and personalize them by adding a secret message that has a special meaning for both of you. With that, we can really sat that it takes these items to a whole new level.

#15 Rigid Bracelet

Cool Bracelets For Guys

A remarkable great man deserves a remarkable gift, and for that reason, we believe that this Rigid Bracelet ticks all boxes with regard to elegance. Also, the ornate detailing adds value to the product. In short, the simplicity aspect of this bracelet makes it ideal for most males. This is so especially if they are not so keen on attracting attention.

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#16 Multi-Tool Bracelet

Cool Bracelets For Guys

Getting a suitable blend of function and aesthetic is a rare thing to get. However, we can assure you that it’s not the same with this one. This bracelet offers the best of both worlds. It is pleasing for the eyes and useful when it comes to function, too. Every link bears an everyday tool. To utilize each of them, simply remove the link and you can now have access to a bottle opener, glass breaker, screwdriver, and many more.

#17 Men’s 14k Gold Infinity Bracelet 

Cool Bracelets For Guys
Men's 14k Gold Infinity Bracelet

Cool bracelets with meaning make the most memorable presents, just like this one. The infinity symbol does a pretty good job at giving this piece a special meaning. This is one of those cool bracelets for guys, which is girls might want to take a look at this item as a gift for their boyfriend. It is best for lovers as it signifies undying affection. The choice of black leather and white gold takes the concept up a notch as well.

#18 Men’s Sodalite and Sterling Silver Bracelet 

Cool Bracelets For Guys

The artist in your life deserves this sodalite bracelet. holding a reputation for inspiring creativity and intuition, this bracelet has a look that is hard to beat, especially because of its high visual allure. The colorful blue jewels and the sterling silver focal beads work well to convey good taste. We believe without a doubt that any man will be proud to wear one of these on their wrist.

#19 Men’s Handcrafted Leather and Onyx Bracelet 

Cool Bracelets For Guys

Black braided leather and a silver clasp make this item one of the coolest guys bracelets that money can buy. The woven design is simple yet stylish. The material is also very solid and long lasting. Moreover, let’s not forget about the tiny black onyx gemstones, as it makes this bracelet looks more stunning, which can harmonize the concept, too!

#20 Men’s Leather Infinity Bracelet 

Cool Bracelets For Guys

Moving on to the next item on the list, this piece is not only appealing. This bracelet also carries deep meaning too, particularly for couples and lovebirds. The combination of the three-tier design and infinity symbol create a stunning piece, as both are known as meaningful icons. In our opinion, they define true love in the most wonderful way possible. Therefore, buying this as a gift for your man could be the antidote to relationship blues.

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#21 Men’s Leather Geometric Bracelet 

Cool Bracelets For Guys
Mens Leather Geometrie Bracelet

Looking at this bracelet makes us think that slim bands and prominent centerpieces can really blend perfectly. This leather bracelet features a focal point that uses a geometric pattern to stir up interest. If you plan having this as a gift for your boyfriend, then make sure you choose his favorite color for the band. If you ask us, we would say that he will soon have a gift that he will never forget.

#22 Miansai Moore Leather Rhodium-Plated Wrap Bracelet 

Cool Bracelets For Guys

Wrap bracelets are all the rage right now, and this one is an example of that. It is definitely one of those cool bracelets for guys that uses soft leather to ensure comfort to the wearers. The black burnished chain hook does not detract from the design. Even better, it lets the woven pattern shines through and through.

#23 Men’s Sterling Silver and Blue Jasper Beaded Bracelet 

Cool Bracelets For Guys

Something about this bracelet calls to mind celestial bodies. It is a beautiful piece for a man who does not shy away from attention. The Bali beads adorably add a dose of authenticity as well. Last but not least, the well-placed logo caps it all up to complete the ideal gift for him.

#24 Men’s Beaded Black Square Wood Beads Bracelet 

Cool Bracelets For Guys

Wood is a unique choice for cool men’s bracelets. It offers a distinct appeal that cannot be achieved with any other material out there. Black is the color that will goes of style, and black also makes the bracelet has a uniquely mysterious appearance. Aside from the stunning look, let’s not forget about the whimsical square beads, too. They have round edges that make them look exquisite.

Cool Bracelets For Guys

Black is the ultimate color choice for men’s fashion bracelets, and we can see that it’s a fact by looking at this next item. This Tungsten piece promises exclusivity and will also last a lifetime. Any fashionable man will love the matte finish, which is an element that makes it a stylish accessory to match any outfit. Not to mention the polished links that beautifully add flair to the design.

#26 Viking Wolf Bracelet Cuff 

Cool Bracelets For Guys

Vikings jewelry items are second to none when it comes to masterful artistry. The Nordic wolf head bracelet speaks volumes about this rich heritage. It is bound to thrill a nature-loving gentleman and make a great statement piece. In short, this is one of those cool bracelets for guys that needs to be added to your shopping cart immediately!

#27 Mens Copper Viking Bracelet 

Cool Bracelets For Guys

The etched design of this copper bracelet makes it one of the most unique men’s bracelets on the list. The raw material is pure copper and it has a unique healing powers. Many believe, including the the experts, that the powerful magnetic forces on this piece has the ability yo relieve pain and fatigue, plus improve sleep quality, too.

#28 Juniper & Eloise Beaded Spartan Helmet Bracelet 

Cool Bracelets For Guys

Anyone who loves attention to detail would definitely treasure this bracelet. This stunning bracelet features matte onyx beads, two rose gold spacer beads and also an ornate Spartan helmet. A man who loves to look neat and tidy would love this bracelet. Plus, he would also love the fact that it would also make a great conversation starter as it resonates with character.

#29 Bunney Gold-Dipped Sterling Silver ID Wrap Bracelet 

Bunney Gold-Dipped Sterling Silver ID Wrap Bracelet

The chainlink concept and wraparound design have both been around for ages. It has been proven that they have not lost an ounce of their original allure. This item comes as a bracelet that gives an added momentum to the concept. It comes with a gold-dip aspect, which put this piece far ahead of the hype.

#30 Lava Stone and Copper Boho Bracelet

Lava Stone and Copper Boho Bracelet

This one is one of the cool bracelets for guys that depicts the power of contrasts. Just look at the amazing difference between dark lava beads and glossy copper spacers. They look super harmonious, making this bracelet comes with a distinct zen appearance that makes it a true jewel. Therefore, wait no more and add this item to your man’s collection and he will love you more for it.

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#31 Big Heavy Biker Skull Sterling Silver Bracelet 

Big Heavy Biker Skull Sterling Silver Bracelet

Does your significant other is a biker and has a thing for chunky bracelets? If he does, then this skull bracelet is as big as they get. It fits a gothic personality as it links skulls from end to end. Plus, high-quality sterling silver is the material of choice for this thing. Lastly, its fine polish denotes class and elegance.

Suprano Tungsten Carbide Men's Link Bracelet 

Tungsten is a favorite brand for many men, and it happens for good reasons. Tungsten products are strong enough to last a lifetime, yet light enough to give comfort to the wearers. As for this one, it has the wave pattern that makes this bracelet unique and highly desirable. Make one of these bracelets yours, and we ca assure it will be the perfect piece to make a lasting first impression.

#33 Mens Native American Bracelet 

Mens Native American Bracelet

Native American jewelry features unique craftsmanship. The beads join together in a distinct style, and the leather cord grant the design authenticity. Plus, the knotted edges make it looks outstanding, too. In our opinion, the color choices are also pretty impressive, which comes as one element that makes this bracelet an amazing piece to own.

#34 Mens Chunky Silver Gothic Style Knight Bracelet 

Mens Chunky Silver Gothic Style Knight Bracelet

This is a tastefully executed masterpiece fit for royalty. It uses oxidized silver to achieve that one-of-a-kind hue. Moreover, the details are also crisp, making the bracelet a powerful statement piece for any man to wear. In short, this is definitely an instant head-turner that you should gift to someone you genuinely treasure.

#35 Men’s Sterling Silver Handmade Dragon Chain Bracelet 

Men's Sterling Silver Handmade Dragon Chain Bracelet

Keep the legend alive with this dragon chain bracelet. This item was inspired by the scales of the mythical dragon. It is capable of taking your outfit to the next level no matter the occasion. Therefore, if you really want to meet the one, you must remember to bring this bracelet along with you. Just consider this as a good luck charm.

#36 Mens Minimalist Tree of Life Bracelet 

Mens Minimalist Tree of Life Bracelet

Minimalists will definitely love this tree of life bracelet. It is so demure yet has a way of drawing you in. At times, the simplest gifts in life make the greatest impact. We believe without a doubt that this delicate piece will get you to places you have never imagined before. So, care to give it a shot?

#37 Leather Hunting Arrow Bracelet 

Leather Hunting Arrow Bracelet

Hunter dads and husbands make the best companions. They are always yearning for adventure and do not spare any efforts in that regard. If that is your current condition, then why not show them you care by getting one of these inspired pieces? Honestly, we do think that yu will never go wrong when you hit so close to home.

#38 Stylish Mens Best Dada Bracelets 

Stylish Mens Best Dada Bracelets

He might be the best dad for your kids or for you. Either way, he needs to know. You could wait till Father’s day or say it today in style by giving him this wonderful and elegant bracelet. The tasteful design is a sure way to make an indelible mark. Moreover, the construction of this item will also sing your praises for a while to come.

#39 Men’s Beach Surf Bracelet 

Men's Beach Surf Bracelet

Few things can match the pleasure of listening to waves crashing against the shore. This piece lets you bring that feeling home with you. It will keep the summer dream alive till the season comes again. In the meantime, enjoy the glances that will come your way with this unique piece.

His and hers beach ocean surf bracelets

(Inset) See also the His and Hers beach ocean surf bracelets

#40 Mens Leather & Copper Twist Bracelet 

Mens Leather & Copper Twist Bracelet 

Who would have thought that leather and copper could work so well together? The fact that it is entirely hand-made gives it an authentic appeal. The leather band houses the twisted copper perfectly. It holds a traditional aspect that makes it ideal for the manly man.

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#41 Men’s Leather Bracelet with Guitar Ornament

GAGAFEEL Mens Leather Bracelet Braided Wristband

When else will you be able to find a unique bracelet for men like this? This black bracelet, which is decorated with hand-made braided leather rope and white guitar ornament, illuminates a thick touch of music. Microfiber leather is used to create this wonderful piece which is known as a durable and hypoallergenic material. Moreover, the clasp lock is made of flexible stainless steel, thus it is easy to be put off. Definitely one of the coolest bracelets for guys.

#42 Initial Bead Bracelet for Guys

No products found.

Are you passionate about natural gemstones? Then, this bracelet is surely made for you! It is made of onyx and tiger eye gems that will boost positive energy and a good mood during the day. The combination of black and earth tone colors radiates a charming look for whoever wears it. The size of the bracelet is adjustable so that you can fit it to your wrist. In addition, you can choose a bracelet according to your initials. Interested?

#43 Feraco Magnetic Bracelet with Blue Carbon Fiber

Feraco Magnetic Bracelet for Men with Unique Blue Carbon Fiber Titanium

Spark your masculine aura with this bracelet. This one of the cool bracelets for guys has a magnetic design with blue carbon fiber which gives the chain a unique style. Not only as fashion, but the magnets on this bracelet can also be useful for muscle relaxation, calming during sleep, and reducing stress. It is made of premium titanium steel that is hypoallergenic and known as a long-lasting material.

#44 Black and White Beaded Bracelet

Black and White Beaded Bracelet

This bracelet is not only stylish but also represents the balance between Yin and Yang! It reminds whoever wears it to balance their life. The black and white colors are completely natural. The black beads are crafted from lava stone while the white ones are pine stones. At the center, there is a topaz that looks stand out among the monochrome beads.

#45 Itachi Eye Pupil Pattern Bracelet

Naruto Braided Leather Bracelet

Men often feel embarrassed to wear anime-themed accessories despite their love for the series. They do not want to be labeled as nerds. However, this braided leather bracelet is different. It offers a subtle reference to Itachi. It looks very stylish with the black and red combination.

Made of stainless PU Alloy material, this bracelet will lasts a lifetime. Plus, it will also be perfect for covert anime fans who do not want to flaunt their nerdiness.

#46 One Piece Skull Bracelet

One Piece Skull Bracelet

Here is another incredibly stylish braided bracelet that features a subtle anime reference. For people who do not know the One Piece series, this bracelet would look like an ordinary fun skull-themed accessory. However, anime fans would instantly recognize the meaning behind the iconic skull symbol. Get one for your boyfriend who loves One Piece!

#47 Death Note Bracelet

No products found.

This bracelet that takes inspiration from the Death Note series is perfect for guys who love darker style. As you might have known, Death Note is a show that has a very somber atmosphere and anti-hero characters.

So, this bracelet would go together very nicely with an all-black outfit. The design is very casual and subtle so it does not come off as nerdy. Moreover, the bracelet will fit any wrist sizees because it features an adjustable band.

#48 Braided Bracelet With Imperial Symbol

Braided Bracelet With Imperial Symbol

Hardcore fans of the Star Wars franchise would immediately recognize the Imperial symbol on this bracelet! Because of its subtlety and exquisite premium design, this bracelet would fit all men, even those who’ve never watched the series.

Final Thoughts

We all know that bracelets are not for females and girls only. There are plenty options of cool bracelets for guys, too. However, the most recommended bracelet style for guys would be leather bracelets with metal accents. They are long lasting and pretty useful to boost men’s confidence and style, too. So, give a special man in your life a cool bracelet that will become his favorite accessory of all time. We hope our list above can give you more inspirations and ideas.

What are cool bracelets for guys?

1. Men’s Leather & Copper Twist Bracelet 

2. Men’s Leather Bracelet with Guitar Ornament

3. Initial Bead Bracelet for Guys

4. Feraco Magnetic Bracelet with Blue Carbon Fiber

5. Leather Hunting Arrow Bracelet 

6. Big Heavy Biker Skull Sterling Silver Bracelet 

7. Juniper & Eloise Beaded Spartan Helmet Bracelet 

8. Foundwell Vintage’s Sterling Silver Cuff 

9. Mixed Tiger’s Eye and Gold Beads Bracelet 

10. Larkavite Men’s Beaded Bracelet 

The different types of bracelets can give distinction to any outfit. They will make you stand out in simple ways and add flair to your style. And for the special men in your life, these cool bracelets for guys will show them you really care. So choose wisely and the gesture will be remembered for a long time to come.

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