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11 Awesome Expedition Vehicles You Need To See!

The world is full of adventure just waiting for the right explorer to venture out and have a great time. Many are the times when our dream destinations are simply beyond reach as they involve wading through murk and all form of unfriendly terrain. What if there was a way around it?

Fortunately, there are a number of options in the form of expedition RV vehicles. These automobiles ensure that no obstacle can stand in your way of having a good time outdoors. They chew through all types of terrain and deliver you to your destination in utmost comfort.

Most importantly, they are equipped with all of the features you need to live off the grid. This means you don’t have to cut your expedition short for any reason on the planet as these expedition vehicles are a complete home away from home.

The Coolest Expedition Vehicles:

Why not get some inspiration to live your own dream by taking a look at some of the most amazing global expedition vehicles for sale ever?

#1 Earthroamer XV-LTS 

Earthroamer XV-LTS

If you are looking to make your dream of living completely off the grid a reality, the Earthroamer ultimate off road RV is your best bet. Built on the chassis of the badass Ford F-550, this beast craves expeditions and takes you to places you might never have imagined.

Earthroamer XV-LTS - Expedition Vehicles

It is extremely easy to drive, equipped with a 50-degree wheel turn capacity that enhances maneuverability in narrow winded paths.

The super quiet engine has a capacity of 6.7 liters and automatic transmission with optional manual override. This coupled with the 750-lb torque and 330-hp makes the camper a delight to ride.

Earthroamer XV-LTS

The robust tires have an impressive tread to get a firm grip on any terrain. The excellent off-road shocks make even the roughest of Mother Nature’s surfaces seem like a highway to the passengers.

Earthroamer XV-LTS

The interior space is a marvel designed to give you a 5-star experience. The surfaces are made of wood and granite with a classy finish.

It has all of the conveniences of a modern home including a hot shower, 32” LED TV, a microwave oven and solar power system. To top it all off, it comes with a proper air conditioning system.

Earthroamer XV-LTS
Earthroamer XV-LTS

And on warm summer nights or cool afternoons when the mood is right for a party, you might consider getting the food preparation and barbecue option fitted.

On a serious note, with a beast like this who needs to stay home while you can enjoy the marvel of the wild all year round?

You can also see our video of the Earthroamer XV-LTS   

#2 Orangework Expedition Vehicle 

Orangework Expedition Vehicle - Expedition Vehicles

These are among the world’s most outstanding expedition campers thanks to a few significant tweaks on an already awesome model.

The chassis used for the Orangework expedition vehicle belongs to the Mercedes G-Wagon. It is then transformed into a wonder on wheels that is as functional as it is visually enticing.

Orangework Expedition Vehicle

Looking at it from the outside you would never envision what awaits you on the inside. The interior is designed with the express aim of making the vehicle as complete as possible in all respects.

There is a regular bathroom and kitchenette inside and a convertible area that serves as the lounge, dining and sleeping area.

Orangework Expedition Vehicle

All of the little details inside the Orangework spell luxury. From the solid walnut table and veneer sideboards to the Corian worktop and ceramic taps; everything is carefully selected for a classy adventurer who wants only the best for his vacation expedition.

Orangework Expedition Vehicle

This mean machine is powered by a 224-hp engine. Its transmission system is automatic and it is a full four-wheeler at all times. You have no chances of losing your way as it comes with an audio navigation system pre-mounted.

Orangework Expedition Vehicle

The two front seats are electronically adjustable to maximize comfort and to create additional seating for the dining arrangement.

There is an indoor and outdoor shower option whose use will depend on which side of the woods you find yourself in.

The solar heating system is the icing on this marvelous cake of ride. Who needs an exclusive holiday apartment when you have this in your garage?

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#3 Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicles

Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicles

Looking for the ultimate luxury RV to take you through the Apocalypse and beyond?  Bliss Mobil expedition vehicles are your best bet.

Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicles

This global traveler is designed to fit virtually any type of truck. It comes in form of a removable, container-sized home fit for four adults or two adults and two kids.

Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicles

The standard model has a full size double bed and a u-shape couch that transforms into a double bed when night comes. Alternatively, you could opt for the four-bed model which sports a double bed and two singles.

Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicles

With a separate bathroom and toilet and a fully equipped kitchen, it’s all you need in your home away from home!

#4 EcoRoamer 4×4 Expedition Vehicle

EcoRoamer 4x4 Expedition Vehicle - Expedition Vehicles

At one point or another you must have thought of clever ways to survive the Apocalypse. If the Ecoroamer expedition vehicles were not on your list then here are a hundred and one reasons to consider.

EcoRoamer 4x4 Expedition Vehicle

Size is everything on this beast of an off-roader. Right from the 46-inch tires to the construction type engine, you are sure this vehicle can handle anything. Once you step inside however, you might forget it is even a vehicle.

EcoRoamer 4x4 Expedition Vehicle

It comes fitted with all the necessities as well as luxuries of modern life. Water is the most basic human survival tool.

Sure enough, the water-purifier on the EcoRoamer was designed by NASA and is top-notch. It has an inbuilt Wi-Fi system accessible from a mile away.

EcoRoamer 4x4 Expedition Vehicle

As the name suggests, this vehicle has the planet’s best interests at heart. The amazing interior is surprisingly made from all recycled material.

The power source for a majority of its auxiliary functions is solar-based. The engine operates on bio-diesel. But in case that is not available, it can also use Dino juice to run just as well.

It has two massive tanks each of which can handle as much fuel as 130 gallons. Furthermore, it is extremely energy efficient. This translates to an ability to travel for about 750 miles without the need to refuel.

EcoRoamer 4x4 Expedition Vehicle

Versatility is yet another highlight of its design. Bearing a Ford F-650 chassis and Caterpillar engine, parts for repair are easily accessible in most countries. Who would not want to have this as their survival kit for any eventuality on the planet?

#5 Action Mobil Atacama 7900 Expedition Vehicle

Action Mobil Atacama 7900 Expedition Vehicle

Of all the global expedition vehicles for sale in the market, this has got to be the mother of them all! The Action Mobil Atacama 7900 is a monster in every sense of the word as it devours everything that crosses its path.

It has gone above and beyond everything in the book, defied all odds and delivered everything an expedition would ever dream about.

Action Mobil Atacama 7900 Expedition Vehicle - Expedition Vehicles

The Atacama comes in a variety of models to suit the different requirements of its clients. Its camper units range between 3.8m and 6.5m.

But unlike most others that come in similar sizes, this one makes use of a simple equipment package and design to keep the costs manageably low.

Action Mobil Atacama 7900 Expedition Vehicle

The interior is decked with luxurious fittings reminiscent of a classy hotel lounge. Almost everything from the seats and table to the sink and refrigerator come in regular size.

This is quite an advantage to anyone who minds the miniature provisions in smaller expedition vehicles. It even has an oven and dryer for towels so you can really live it up!

Action Mobil Atacama 7900 Expedition Vehicle

Some of the convertibles that allow for this level of convenience include a fold up bath and bed. When not in use, the bath goes right above the toilet and the bed is raised up to ceiling level.

Action Mobil Atacama 7900 Expedition Vehicle

Like most expedition trucks for sale, the Atacama is a power house featuring 12 transmission speeds and 340-hp. It has a 6.9 liter engine and the four-wheel feature is permanent.

Action Mobil Atacama 7900 Expedition Vehicle

The shock system is made up of springs so you might never feel a bump no matter where you go. This is definitely the dream expedition machine, is it not?

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#6 The Fiat Ducato 4×4 Expedition Camper Van 

The Fiat Ducato 4×4 Expedition Camper Van

In the range of medium-sized expedition RV vehicles the Fiat Ducato takes the gold. It offers versatility and practicality in the most luxurious packaging possible turning fantasy into reality. Just how does it manage this?

The Fiat Ducato 4×4 Expedition Camper Van

In terms of mechanical capability, the camper has a remarkably strong engine. It can take off on second or even sixth gear but is eerily quiet. Passengers might not even notice they are in motion till they notice the trees flying past in the opposite direction.

The Fiat Ducato 4×4 Expedition Camper Van

It has a 90 liter fuel tank that can be changed for a 125 liter one if need be. The transmission system is a unique automated manual one that does all the hard work for you.

It is a front-drive machine meaning that its consumption is quite low compared to most others.

The Fiat Ducato 4×4 Expedition Camper Van - Expedition Vehicles

It has an impressive suspension system and amazing stability on the road. The back area is noise-proofed so that if you want to take a midday snooze while your partner drives you can go ahead.

There are other small details that make driving this van fun. It has a tire pressure monitor, a road sign sensor and an automatic light dipper to lower your lights for oncoming traffic at night.

The Fiat Ducato 4×4 Expedition Camper Van

The best part about this vehicle is that the interior space is mostly customized to the buyer’s preferences.

This is a great plus for everyone who wants to inject their personality into the RV design. This indeed makes it possible to live your dream.

So if you like things done to your precise details, then here is an opportunity to design the RV of your dreams.

#7 8×8 Shaman ATV 

8x8 Shaman ATV

If for the most part your expedition vehicles have restricted you to solid roads, then here is a treat for you.

The 8×8 Shamman is a most outstanding RV. It is an amphibious vehicle that operates perfectly on land and water. It is neither too big as to seem out of place on the highway; nor is it too small as to be intimidated.

8x8 Shaman ATV

This vehicle can carry up to 12 people and thus it is a most convenient family expedition automobile. It can be modified to two major specifications, hunting and tourism.

Either one of these options comes loaded with features necessary for the full enjoyment of your recreation choice.

8x8 Shaman ATV

It is powered by a 146-hp engine that has 3 liter turbo diesel capacity. The transmission is manual and goes up to six-speed.

There are options that go as high as 240-hp if need be. Judging from the steering wheel, the vehicle is clearly meant for different terrains. It is set right on the center front section just like in a cockpit.

8x8 Shaman ATV

This gives the drives a perfect perspective on the surroundings. It is designed with three different driving capabilities.

8x8 Shaman ATV
8x8 Shaman ATV

One is for regular roads and features front-wheel drive and another for off-road with 4-wheel drive. The third and most stunning option is the crab mode. This one uses all eight wheels and effectively scuttles over any surface.

8x8 Shaman ATV

This third option opens up so many possibilities. From taking a 45-degree angle drive upwards to traversing a river surface or just floating nonchalantly; the options are endless. This is the perfect machine for adventure.

#8 The Toyota Hilux Expedition V1 Camper 

Toyota Hilux Expedition V1 Camper - Expedition Vehicles

The Toyota Hilux already has a huge following around the world. But as if that was not enough, they decided to spice things up and create the ultimate expedition vehicle. It is transitioned from a regular pick-up truck into a beast of a machine capable of amazing feats.

Toyota Hilux Expedition V1 Camper

The engine is 3 liter and 225-hp and the fuel storage capacity is a whopping 240 gallons. The truck has solar panels on its roof that supply electric power to run the auxiliary systems in the vehicle.

It has an inbuilt shower and a fitted kitchen with the most important amenities. These include a sink, cooker and lots of counter space.

Toyota Hilux Expedition V1 Camper

The heavy duty tires ensure that you can devour any terrain without fear of failure. The ground clearance underneath is also the stuff of legends.

It gives you a lot of leeways to get around the wilderness with ease. In fact, it is possible to drive the Hilux through a water body without a second thought as it won’t come to any harm.

Toyota Hilux Expedition V1 Camper

The vehicle comes with amazing HELLA lights and a snorkel kit. It can comfortably seat up to 5 people in the cabin. This means that all of its potential for fun and adventure will not be wasted as you can bring the entire family along.

Toyota Hilux Expedition V1 Camper

Every ounce of the interior space is tastefully furnished to make it a beautiful sanctuary. This vehicle simply goes to show just how much you can do when you really set your mind to it.

Toyota Hilux Expedition V1 Camper

#9 The Terra Wind Amphibious RV 

The Terra Wind Amphibious RV

One of the biggest issues that RV enthusiasts face is so much ambition yet so little space to execute. There is only so much you can fit in most motorhomes and try as we may to claim they are a home away from home, we always miss home.

The Terra Wind Amphibious RV

This might not be the case for the Terra Wind amphibious RV because the one thing it has in plenty is space. Not only that, but this amazing motorhome can drive through water as comfortably as any marine vessel!

The Terra Wind Amphibious RV

It features a complete transformation system that converts it into a real motorhome boat. This is done by use of bronze propellers. The front of it looks like a modern cockpit complete with a navigation system.

It also has GPS and a docking system for your computer. This ensures that you never stray into uncharted waters in the course of the expedition but stay on track.

The Terra Wind Amphibious RV

Its speed on land is a comfortable 80 km/h while on water it goes at 7 knots. It has a powerful 330-hp caterpillar engine that has almost 1000lbs of torque. Considering its length and weight, such power is definitely needed to haul the massive luxury home.

The Terra Wind Amphibious RV

Step inside the Terra Wind and you will for a moment forget where you are. It is luxuriously lined in choice fabric and classy fittings.

It has a plush carpet, marble countertops, teak furniture and leather seating. To top it all up, it fits a 42-inch wide TV screen so you won’t have to miss any NFL games.

#10 The EarthRoamer HD

This vehicle is not only offering you the spacious and sturdy design, but also the looks and the amenities you need inside. If you are looking for the expedition vehicle with no noisy generator, there is no other greater than EarthRoamer HD. Build with the latest technology, all you need from the electricity, fuel, fresh water and solar supplies are available more than enough for exploring with your family or friends. There are 250 gallons of fresh water and 20,000 watt hour battery bank for you inside. There is no excuse to not going in to the adventure, right? Now, it is time to say hi to the nature by drive in the vehicle that looks like a hotel room here

#11 Bremach T-Rex Four-Wheel Drive

Explore the nature with the children using expedition vehicle needs something attractive for the kids. This four-wheel drive from Orange Work is the answer. Come up with attractive design for the children, a t-rex painting on the outside, who can deny t-rex? Every children love t-rex! If you step in, you will realize the interior fits for people who love minimalist look, such as the foldable washbasin, and many drawers to store your supplies there without taking many spaces inside. The earth color inside will build relaxing feeling once you start the adventure. Hence, you can take a ride and enjoy the nature outside in warm and cozy atmosphere together with your kids.  

If you plan to take a rest and bicycling, simply put your bicycle on the back since there is a rack for the bicycle on this vehicle. So, ready to explore? Let’s meet the Bremach T-Rex here!

Mostly, the expedition vehicles is equipped with over 100 gallons of fresh water to fulfill your needs during the trip. It is more than enough. So no need to worries if you are afraid of out of water supplies in the middle of nowhere. The fuel tank can be upgraded as well in order there is an emergency case in the future. The design of them are sturdy, it is not only different material, but also different technology to use for. 

These expedition vehicles make it easy and fun to enjoy every facet of the outdoors without limitation. They are everything all lovers of nature constantly dream about. They bring all of these dreams to life and provide the inspiration you need. So go on and grab it!

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