Honda Self-Balancing Robotic Motorbike

The Honda Self-Balancing Robotic Motorbike is a motorbike that can balance and even drive on its own.

It’s only a concept for now, but it might be one of the most down-to-earth futuristic motorcycles we’ve seen yet.

Don’t get me wrong some motorbikes that are heavily inspired by sci-fi are beautiful, but too wild and make the future seem as distant as ever.

But this Honda Self-Balancing Robotic Motorbike looks completely normal and yet cool, sleek and minimalistic. 

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Its design is not made to shock and the features have been developed more with usefulness and comfort in mind.

The self-balancing feature is possible thanks to Honda’s original robotic technology that activates itself when you are going slower than 3mph or are stationary.

Honda Self-Balancing Robotic Motorbike

It is not using heavy gyroscopes like most self-balancing vehicles because they alter the ride too much. Plus, Honda has shown that the bike can also follow the driver (like a little puppy if I might add), so there’s also the autonomous driving feature there.

That concept can certainly become a standard in motorbikes in the future and make every user stop worrying about the bike every falling over.  

Honda Self-Balancing Robotic Motorbike

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