33 Most Unique Mens Rings Money Can Buy!

The modern man has built a taste for fancy fashion accessories and unique mens rings provide an awesome opportunity to bring this to the fore. This is largely the result of radical changes in the fashion rules that have seen jewelry lines emerge to specifically cater to the man’s need for fine things.

When you hear about jewellery what comes to mind might be dazzling diamonds and sparkly silver, the works!  But while these are indeed available and popular, we also have cool men’s rings that take into account the laid-back men in the house. There are exceptional rings that make loud statements and masculine rings for the gentlemen.

#1 Men’s Silver Signet Ring 

Mens Silver Signet Ring

Signet rings have for ages been symbols of power and a must-have for the royal class. What makes this one of the best rings for men is the simplicity informing its design. Its square shape captures the masculine aspect and the choice of silver for its color makes it an awesome piece without making too loud a statement. It could blend easily with both formal and informal wear.

#2 Black Tungsten with Red Anodised Aluminium Mens Ring 

Black Tungsten with Red Anodised Aluminium Mens Ring - Unique Mens Rings

This is a sleek choice for the stylish and refined man as it carries with it a sense of sophistication. The red and black combo is a timeless contrast option that always works wonders in creating visual interest. The black Tungsten has a matte finish to it that is unmatched in elegance while the red is subtly concealed as is the adventurous side of most of its wearers.

#3 Personalised Leather and Stainless Steel Mens Ring 

Personalised Leather and Stainless Steel Mens Ring

You can never go wrong with leather and its combination with steel on this piece makes it one of the most unique mens rings ever. It has a sort of rustic flair to it that is not too pronounced and carries as a certain sense of sophistication. This makes it one of the most enduring designs that might well last you a lifetime, making an impressive point of appeal all the while.

#4 Mens Lion Ring 

Mens Lion Ring - Unique Mens Rings

The manly men in the house will love this lion-embossed design that draws on the most innate masculine calling. It combines black stones and stainless steel for a beautiful contrasting effect. The textural aspect to it adds a great deal to its magnitude of appeal and takes it to a whole new height of awesome to connect with the wearer on the deepest level.

#5 Voice Powered Smart Ring 

Voice Powered Smart Ring

By virtue of its functional aspect, this ring makes it to the list of the most outstanding cool mens rings of all time. It eliminates the distraction and inconveniences that result from having to use a phone screen and enables the hearer to carry out communication without having to use a handset. It discreetly channels voice waves through bones and as such revolutionizes modern-day communication.

#6 Hammered Brushed Black Tungsten Carbide Ring 

Hammered Brushed Black Tungsten Carbide Ring

The two most astounding things about these awesome and unique mens gold rings are the color contrast between black and rose gold and the effect that results from the hammering of the black Tungsten. The interior boasts a polished mirror finish while the dark exterior is a brushed matte. Any man would love to get this as a gift and forever live to appreciate the sentiment behind the gesture.

#7 Wood & Tungsten Carbide Couples Rings 

Wood & Tungsten Carbide Couples Rings

These unique rings for men made out of actual wood and Tungsten are ideal for the contemporary couple who love the rustic allure. Apart from creating a sense of harmony for a pair in love these couple rings will awe you with the distinctive grain patterns that make each of them one-of-a-kind. The high-quality materials ensure that they will last a lifetime while still maintaining lightweight.

#8 Hammered Silver Hidden Message Ring 

Hammered Silver Hidden Message Ring - Unique Mens Rings

If you like to stand out and make a bold fashion statement then this hammered silver piece was made just for you. The ornately dented surface captures rays of light at different angles to create a sparkly effect that instantly commands attention no matter your angle of view. It makes a great conversation starter and thanks to the personalization option could be a most suitable gift choice.

#9 Mens Silver Aqua Marine Gemstone Ring 

Mens Silver Aqua Marine Gemstone Ring

This Aquamarine Mens Gemstone Ring is the ultimate point of balance between loud and demure for the fashion-forward man. Its combination with silver is simply unbeatable and serves to make this one of the most captivatingly unique mens rings. It can be matched with any given outfit and give you a touch of elegance on both formal and informal platforms, maybe even get a few girls to make a visual feast of your remarkable style.

#10 Sterling Silver Scorpion Ring 

Sterling Silver Scorpion Ring

The scorpion symbol is a timeless masculine choice and as evidenced by its ornate placement on this silver ring, can open up a whole world of appeal. The craftsmanship on this piece is second to none, capturing every detail to create a bronze and silver masterpiece. It is so full of symbolic meaning and makes a great conversation starter especially if you happen to be a bit on the shy side.

#11 Solid Sterling Silver Wolf Rings 

Solid Sterling Silver Wolf Rings - Unique Mens Rings

If you are looking for a way to make a loud and clear personality statement then you just found it! These unique rings for guys are inspired by nature’s best and fashioned to amaze. The centrepiece is so bold as to have a life of its own separate from the band and captures every last detail bringing the wolf to life. The choice of silver is perfect as it does not distract from the ornate execution of the centerpiece.

#12 Silver Tungsten With Blue Anodised Aluminium Mens Ring 

Silver Tungsten With Blue Anodised Aluminium Mens Ring

This line of rings offers an amazing array of options in enticing colors to express the different personality types of their wearers. From the bold to the in-between, the adventurous and the demure gentlemen, everyone has a chance to express their individuality. The material is classy and sophisticated, making use of a high polish on the interior and the edges and a polite matte on the band’s centerline.

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#13 Solid Silver Skull Ring 

Solid Silver Skull Ring

The numerous concepts covered by gothic designs are all summarized in the awesomeness of this single piece. It brings to the fore a striking amount of expertise and leaves nothing to chance. The color is perfect for expressing the neutral masculinity common to a majority of men. It is designed to last under all possible circumstances and to generate lots of aesthetic interest by its ability to command attention.

#14 Mexican Biker Nautical Anchor Ring 

Mexican Biker Nautical Anchor Ring

The combination of a nautical design and geometric shape is ideally employed on this exceptional ring to make it one of the best mens rings of all time. It has put every trick in the book to perfect use and managed to bring to life a work of art that shares its breath with the wearer and everyone around him. The skulls on the sides are like icing on the cake and serve to arouse curiosity and enhance the allure.

#15 Mens Karma Spinning Ring 

Mens Karma Spinning Ring

This bronze and silver ring serves as an interesting distraction in awkward situations, a toy to fidget with or an entrancing conversation piece to take everyone’s attention away from your nervousness. It can be worn on any finger including the thumb and its spinning effect is a tried and tested way to alleviate anxiety. It speaks volumes about an adventurous spirit and can be worn with an outfit for the same remarkable effect.

#16 Mens Gold Triangle Ring 

Mens Gold Triangle Ring

Unique men’s rings that deviate from the societal norm are the most ideal choice for anyone who loves a great way to stand out. The most enthralling aspect of its design is that there is a gap where you would expect a centerpiece and nothing can beat that when it comes to creating visual interest. The brushed brass creates an alluring vintage effect and the contrast between the dark bad and shiny golden triangle is superb.

#17 Mens Rustic Brass Feather Ring 

Mens Rustic Brass Feather Ring

This has got to be the most amazing of all the unique rings for men ever invented. It mimics the design of nature’s most outstanding symbol of delicate appeal – the feather. Making use of antique brass, this ring seems like an icon of times past and is an instant visual magnet to make you the center of attention no matter where you go. The ornate detailing lends credibility to the rustic workmanship comparable to no other.

#18 Sterling Silver Sloth Ring 

There is something for everyone including an adorable nature-inspired ring for the whimsical soul. It captures the essence of the masculine spirit that allows you to sit back and do absolutely nothing whenever you feel like it. It is a cheerful gift choice to surprise someone near and dear and inject some glad tidings into their soul. The alluring centerpiece is made all the more outstanding by the slim bad supporting it.

#19 Secret Decoder Ring 

Secret Decoder Ring

If you love a puzzle and have a knack for deciphering hidden messages then this ring is a must-have. This is perfectly contained in a stylishly elegant piece that is certainly timeless and undying in its appeal. It is a remarkable piece to help you spend some quality time with friends and family. It would also make a most exceptional gift idea for that special person who loves to have some fun breaking codes.

#20 Handmade Sterling Silver with Turquoise Gemstone Ring 

Handmade Sterling Silver with Turquoise Gemstone Ring

Are you looking for a chunky ring to express your personal identity and make a fashion statement while at it? These unique aquamarine gemstone rings give you the perfect excuse to excite and wow everyone around you and get some loyal fans while you are at it. Size is everything on this amazing piece, with the big and bold centerpiece contrasting perfectly with the minimalist yet ornately done band.

#21 Rustic Silver and Copper Mens Ring 

Rustic Silver and Copper Mens Ring

Silver and copper are like the ketchup and mustard of the jewelry world and this ring is the perfect exemplification of that. This handmade work of art, by virtue of its design and production process, is a most impressive rustic accessory for the modern man who is not afraid of history. It’s like a page straight out of legend, seeming to tell a story to all who would care to listen and holds a timeless appeal.

#22 Eagle Ring with Natural Copper Turquoise Stone

Eagle Ring with Natural Copper Turquoise Stone

The eagle is a true inspiration from nature’s stores full of meaning and symbolism for the masculine persona. The claw holding a gemstone on this ring makes it most outstanding tantalizing the senses making it hard to make a pick between the two points of visual appeal. The turquoise blue gem makes a most interesting contrast against the copper background making this one of the most creative pieces ever.

#23 Whiskey Barrel Rings 

Whiskey Barrel Rings

The whiskey barrel is the most time-honored symbol of masculinity full of rich meaning and timeless appeal. The black and brown blend on these unique men’s rings effortlessly and the amazing range of materials chosen make this a true masterpiece. The black ebony stripe running around the band’s midsection makes a great center of visual interest as do the black specks randomly scattered all over the work of art.

#24 Blue and Matte Black Tungsten Deer Hunting Scene Ring 

Blue and Matte Black Tungsten Deer Hunting Scene Ring

Whoever said an outdoorsy piece has to stick to the conventions of earth colors would be stunned by the exceptional beauty of this ring. The royal blue edges running all around the band and the etchings of silver are a welcome deviation from everything in the rule book. It pays such great attention to detail that the hunting scene comes to life with man and dog keen in solidarity against their fleeing target.

#25 Mens Engraved Family Initials Signet Rings 

Mens Engraved Family Initials Signet Rings

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone on the family had a way to show their allegiance to their nearest and dearest? This idea makes a most unique concept come to life that is not just a source of unmatched beauty, but also makes a distinct signet ring to seal family deals in style. No matter how far apart you happen to be, this ring keeps these precious ones close to your heart and is thus a most inspiring gift choice to show you care.

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#26 Copper Wolf Paw Ring 

Copper Wolf Paw Ring

These unique rings for men bring together a love for nature and a sense of fashion, capturing these two in the most appealing way imaginable. They feature a wide and stylish band that just has to get noticed and the inclusion of a wolf’s paw brings its adorability to a whole new high. The double band makes it all the more prominent and the highly polished copper evokes a sense of sophistication.

#27 Dragon Scale Ring 

Dragon Scale Ring

This unique ring design brings to life a world of legend and is bound to appeal to any loyal fan of the Game of Thrones as well as anyone else who has a fascination for dragons. It utilizes a simple textured pattern of dragon scales that one would hardly expect to hold such a high level of appeal. It retains a certain level of perfection in its attention to detail and the smooth inner surface contrasts perfectly with the outer layer.

#28 Peaks Silver Mountain Range with Diamond Ring 

Peaks Silver Mountain Range with Diamond Ring

This is a most outstanding ring boasting an authentic design based on natural landscape. This choice in itself is a guarantee for aesthetic success and the manner in which it is executed makes it all the more entrancing. It features small yet highly outstanding diamond moons that add a level of sophistication as well as visual interest to the design making it one of the best rings for men who appreciate true elegance.

#29 Sterling Silver “Elysium” Skull Gemstone Ring 

Sterling Silver “Elysium” Skull Gemstone Ring - Unique Mens Rings

There is a tough battle going on with this unique skull and gemstone ring. The blue gemstone brings out the masculine aspect with a twist thanks to the love heart. The skull just beneath it takes the manly man by storm and takes its aesthetic value several notches higher. The band is perfectly simple and slender so as to let these two focal points battle it out. You would have to wear it to pick a winner though.

#30 Game of Thrones Stark Direwolf Ring 

Unique Mens Rings - game of thrones ring

The House Stark legend is brought to life in every element of his mythical being. Direwolf is executed masterfully seeming at one indifferent and unaffected yet highly impressive in all his might. All Game of Thrones aficionados should pick one of these as a symbol of loyalty as well as an unmatched way to make a powerful personality and fashion statement using one ornately detailed piece.

#31 Tiger Head Rings

Tiger Head Rings

We fell in love with this tiger head ring at the first sight. Just look closer to the details. It is cool, masculine and hard to resist. The color is vivid and shiny while the material is durable and heavy but still comfortable to wear. This ring is beautiful, finely detailed and manly for you. Is there any reason to miss this fashion item? Guess not. 

#32 Steel Octopus Sea Monster

Steel Octopus Sea Monster

If you are into something about the sea, then this is the reason you should own this cool ring. A stainless steel ring shaped like an octopus sea monster. You may adjust the size easily since it is an open ring. Hence, no worries that this ring will not fit to your finger anymore. Wear it now and see how cool your whole look just at a glance.  

#33 Gothic Skull Eternity Open Ring

Gothic Skull Eternity Open Ring

A very masculine ring for the bikers or if you just love something about gothic stuff. The material is made from stainless steel, hence it is durable and non-corrosion for a long time. Since it is an open ring, you can adjust the size to fit your finger easily. The details, if you look closer, you can see the beautiful and fine details that feel so real.

Actually, there is a ring that is unisex for daily wear and a specific ring for each gender. These trendy and unique mens rings are perfect for you to add some fashion statement to your daily look or as a gift idea to someone you know very well. Not sure about the size of his finger? Then, why not choose the open ring? Because it is one size and adjustable.

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