53 Most Unique Signet Rings For Men You Can Buy

Signet rings for men have always had an association with status and wealth, having a special spot on the pinkies of the Aristocratic class. While their significance might vary slightly at present, these stylish accent pieces have made a major comeback and seem set to stay put.

It is great to have men’s signet rings back in fashion; depending on your personal taste, there is something for everyone. There are classic men’s signet rings with a minimalist design and elaborate pieces for those who love to stand out. We also have steampunk designs and culturally themed signet rings to celebrate your heritage. Wanna explore more about signet rings for men? Take a look at our curated compilation below!

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Unique Men’s Signet Rings

Whether you are looking to add a signet ring for men to your collectibles treasure chest or would like a trendy and unique ring for a special friend, we have precisely what you need.

We have compiled a list of stunningly unique men’s signet rings that will leave you spoilt for choice. Take a look at our collection and make your pick!

#1 Men’s Silver Square Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

This minimalist silver square ring has a lot of potential. Thanks to its simplicity, it can appeal to most personalities. It also has sufficient room for personalization in any font of choice. Besides, you can even print your handprint on the signet to add sentimental value and emphasize that this piece belongs to you by heart. This combination makes it a great gift choice for a special man.

#2 Solid 14k Anchor Design Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

This solid signet ring for men is ideal when nothing but the best will do. Its nautical design makes it a great gift choice for someone who loves the open sea. Choose between a matte and mirror shine finish for the ultimate elegance. Given your black and blue color options, we recommend picking blue that depicts ocean vibes. But for those who don’t fancy striking color contrast, then black is the perfect one.

#3 Men’s Chevaliere Homme Black Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

When it comes to signet rings for men, an all-black piece is the best choice for a bold and sophisticated look. This minimalist piece comes with a customization option to add to its dashing appeal. A fantastic combo for someone with a fierce personality who loves to wear discreet rings. The finish with patina over time for a truly unique appeal that will last for a long time.

#4 Gold Filled Square Onyx Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

Gold and onyx make a remarkable blend in this piece. The elegant combination turns an otherwise understated ring into a statement piece. Strut your style with this alluring piece, and you will be sure to get all heads turning your way. The touch of gold makes this signet ring not look plain black, so that you can wear it to glamorous formal events.

Strut your style with this alluring piece, a suit, sunglasses, and sleek black leather shoes. You will be sure to get all heads turning your way.

#5 Seven London Sterling Silver Blue Stone Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

This handcrafted luxury piece combines sterling silver and the blue gemstone for the ultimate appeal. It is a great choice for a man with attitude and confidence! This men’s signet ring has a unique touch of class that places it a notch above the rest, making it sparkle under the light.

We highly recommend wearing such a stunning piece to hang out or attend a casual garden party. If you don’t want to look too flashy, pair it with a denim jacket and trousers, be they short or long, the color of which blends in with the gemstones.

#6 Compass Signet Ring

signet rings for men

A 3-D compass design defines this stylish and creative men’s signet ring. It features elaborate craftsmanship with meticulous detailing in every aspect. The piece combines silver and white zircon to offer unmatched elegance and sophistication.

It’s no wonder that this ring will effortlessly match various formal and casual outfits, such as tuxedos, suits, blazers, or simply sleeves and hoodies. But to radiate its potential, pair it with dark-tone clothing.

#7 Sterling Silver Israeli Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

This patriotic piece gets inspiration from the American flag. It features an eagle with wings spread out and a patriotic shield. Turn it into a one-of-a-kind signet ring with a custom engraving on the inside. This silver piece is one of a kind for those who prefer a simple but elegant signet ring to wear occasionally. It highlights the luxurious side of the shiny sterling silver material.

Also, it bears scratching marks all over the surface, which gives a unique accent, far from being boring. Whether wearing the signet ring to the ball, prom, or even meeting, it won’t disappoint you, thanks to the sophisticated design.

#8 Men’s 14k Solid Gold Signet Ring with Racing Tire Designs 

signet rings for men

Racing tire patterns make this a most stylish signet ring. It is a solid gold piece with a personalization option, making this piece even more sentimental as a gift. The handcrafted design ensures that every piece is as unique as its wearer. It comes in a variety of metal color options you can choose according to your man’s taste.

Black and gold radiate luxury wrapped in bold design, while the solid black makes a perfect verdict for casual styles. This makes it a great gift choice for someone special.

#9 Mens Silver Carpe Diem Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

Seize the moment with this avant-garde signet ring for men. Sterling silver is the material of choice for this stylish piece. The design shows great attention to detail and makes it a captivating statement piece for men who live for the moment.

Unlike most signets, the frame isn’t too thick and large, making it an awesome pick for those with small fingers. Its silver color also makes it ideal for wearing on any occasion.

#10 Stone Textured Skull Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

Looking for a modern signet ring for a steampunk enthusiast? This skull ring will wow them beyond their wildest expectations. It has a set of realistic teeth, hollowed-out eye sockets, and a high-polish finish to boot!

And so, if you want to adorn your style for Halloween, look no other than this eerie but cool signet piece. What more could he wish for? You can also gift it to your friend who has fancy gothic items.

#11 Black Diamond Silver Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

The black diamond is a reserve of the top cream of society. This modern signet ring features a classy blend of sterling silver and a hint of black diamond that makes it stay away from dullness. This touch of sophistication turns it into a must-have for a fashion-forward man. Given the chic appeal, it will effortlessly blend in with your light-colored suits, like warm white, beige, or even plain white ones.

#12 Classic Rectangle Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

Simplicity is the game’s name when it comes to this classic signet ring design. Depending on your preference, it could come in a shiny or brushed finish. But if you prefer shiny jewelry, a sparkling finish will be your ultimate choice.

Meanwhile, the matte finish will be a favorite for those who are too lazy to polish it again to make it look gleaming. In addition, this silver piece is perfect if your style is demure.

#13 Custom Letter Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

If you are wondering how to wear a signet ring then here is the ultimate piece to introduce you to the trend. It comes in silver with a black gemstone as its focal point and an option for customization with your initial to make it more personal. Considering the dashing design of the black and silver combo, you can wear it confidently with your sweatshirt and shorts. But for the best appeal, a long sleeves or polo shirt are brilliant choice.

#14 Sparta Warrior Signet Rings 

signet rings for men

The Sparta ring is rich in historical symbolism and makes a great choice for a lover of mythology. It showcases an ancient Greek warrior and a solar symbol. These exclusive men’s signet rings look great and are full of meaning. Given the striking look, having it with t-shirts and shorts might look less attractive. But when you pair it with your suit to attend a formal wedding party or prom night, the signet will steal the spotlight.

#15 Handcrafted Green Agate Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

A fusion of green agate and sterling silver makes this a unique signet ring. It is a bold and striking piece with lots of potential for capturing attention. The handcrafted design and curved silver focal point contribute to its high visual appeal. Its bright color will make an ideal match for your summer vacation, synonymous with the cheerful vibes of the holiday season.

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#16 Men’s Architectural Concrete Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

Looking for the best signet rings for architects? This concrete ring will do you proud! It is all silver with a setting of urban concrete. This combination adds visual and tactile appeal to make it a remarkable statement jewelry piece. Besides, the combo creates a chic appeal that will easily match bold and elegant styles. Pair it with a slim-fit sweatshirt and shorts to make your friend look like a fashion guru.

#17 Sterling Silver Marquise Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

The Caduceus symbol makes this signet ring a meaningful choice for someone in the healthcare profession. The piece is full of aesthetic appeal and evidence of remarkable craftsmanship. Customize it with your family crest or any other engraving of your choice to make it memorable.

In case you want to gift this signet ring to the doctor or nurse in your life, make sure you know where they usually put their rings. Pick smaller sizes for those who love to wear the ring on their little finger. Meanwhile, buy one following their actual size if they often wear it on their ring finger.

#18 Sterling Silver Horse Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

Horses have always been a symbol of royalty. A galloping horse defines this classy ring and makes it an object of beauty. It is a solid sterling piece meaning it is a durable piece as it will not lose its original shape or bend any time soon. You can also gift this signet ring to someone who loves polo or the athlete in your life, knowing the horse is their favorite animal.

#19 Sterling Silver Art Nouveau Lion Head Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

For someone who happens to be an art nouveau enthusiast, this is the best choice. These signet rings for men show great attention to detail and ornate craftsmanship. The side detailing and the lion’s head make it a masterpiece.

Besides, the lion itself symbolizes strength, courage, and majesty, all the characteristics a man wishes to have. Thus, wearing it gives an impression of the excellent personality of the wearer.

#20 Ancient Fortress Handcrafted Sterling Silver Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

This handcrafted piece derives inspiration from ancient Bali fortresses. It bears a unique design and high-quality material to ensure great looks and optimal performance. By having this ring, you add a touch of sophistication to your style. Besides, the design is timeless. Hence, you don’t need to buy another to match your outfits for any occasion.

#21 Silver Amethyst Signet Ring

signet rings for men

Gothic rings have an element of authenticity that lends to their appeal. That much is evident from this impressive piece. It gets inspiration from the high middle ages. You can wear such an unusual piece to match your partner’s dress when attending a ball. Or a prom night to show off your dancing skills on the dance floor. Thanks to the timeless look, it could also serve as a family heirloom.

#22 Mens Silver Vintage Style Monogram Ring

signet rings for men

You can never go wrong with vintage style signet rings for men such as this one. It bears your initials in a classic font on the front and a unicorn on the side. Its rugged look is ideal for badass men who are not afraid to stand out. Steal the chance to showcase these pieces at prom or bachelorette parties with your best friends. We recommend wearing suits or blazers at least to match this dashing ring.

#23 Knight’s Gold Signet Ring

signet rings for men

Bring your knightly fantasy to life with one of these cool rings. Its focal point takes the shape of a knight’s shield with a sword right in the middle. It is a solid ring that could come in a shiny or matte finish to suit your fancy style. Given the royal design with a golden cross, it would perfectly match your style to attend the Sunday prayer at church.

#24 Modern Gold Red Stone Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

Here is a big gold ring with a bold red stone to match your vibrant personality. It is the ultimate choice for an adventurous soul who loves a challenge. This modern ring could be the missing piece in your stylish collection. Despite its striking appearance for everyday wear, such a stunning piece will be perfect for attending formal events, such as meetings, festive attire, cocktails and engagement parties.

#25 Seven London Sterling Silver Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

With such a stylish silver signet ring, you will be sure to get all the lady’s attention. It makes use of a fusion of visual and tactile appeal. Its slimmer size makes it suitable for all finger sizes, small or big ones. So, you don’t have to worry about the ring being overwhelming as a daily accessory. Make it part of your everyday wear and seize each day, living to the fullest.

#26 Men’s Two-Tone Gold Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

Combine the allure and elegance of white and yellow gold for a memorable look. This two-tone ring will highlight your personal style as no other piece can. Even without additional carvings on the frame, the combo of both colors fills the missing ornaments.

In fact, designs like this are the ones that many people like because they are not too flashy, so they are suitable as accessories for the office, weddings, and even casual hangouts with friends. One of these men’s dress rings is all you need to become the talk of the office.

#27 Unique Gold Skull Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

Highlight your trendy side with this captivating skull ring. It takes on a life of its own thanks to the unique hollow band design. This is a statement piece that can add visual interest to any given outfit. However, it will display its best potential when paired with Halloween costumes or gothic sets dominated by black, dark red, or gray.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look awesome to wear for formal events, like prom night (in fact, the quirky design will steal the spotlight!).

#28 Masonic Diamond Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

Whether you happen to belong to the Freemason fraternity or harbor a love for symbolism, this is the ring for you. The all-seeing eye design gets inspiration from antique nations. We know it bears an intimidating design, but it looks intriguing and luxurious that you can show off when you get together with your friends.

Pair it with your white shirt, be it short or long, and black shorts to make the ring stand out. This statement piece has a captivating appeal that will stand the test of time.

#29 Handmade Engraved Turquoise Stone on Sterling Silver Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

Men who love to stand put will appreciate this cool signet ring design. It has a captivating turquoise centerpiece with attention-grabbing potential. This piece is an artistic work of contrasts and patterns defining the band.

Coming in three shades, you have a chance to suit your personality at its best. You better choose black if you want to highlight your fierce personality. In contrast, the maroon will radiate your dashing characteristics out loud.

#30 Bold Wicker 925 Sterling Silver Signet Ring 

signet rings for men

A woven wicker motif dominates the entire exterior of this masterpiece. It has a flat crown and a design that lends high visual and tactile appeal. Its Balinese inspiration makes it a unique work of art for a man who values creativity.

Besides, the pattern offers a bit of rustic touch to this rare signet. That’s why you better showcase it with your best outfits, like a black sweatshirt, white shorts, and light-colored sneakers but with warm tones to create an eye-catching appeal.

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#31 Tiger Eye Signet Ring 

This tiger eye signet ring is so much more than an accent piece for your outfit. Thanks to the gemstone, it also holds protective and creative potential for its wearer. It also symbolizes courage and integrity, the perfect icon for a bold personality. Knowing the quite big gemstone size, you may consider putting it on your ring or middle finger so that it makes a balanced sight.

#32 Sovereign Signet Ring 

Sovereign Signet Ring

Add this alluring piece to your Viking jewelry collection. Any lover of mythology will appreciate the captivating symbolism that defines the design. The color contrast on the piece also contributes to its high appeal.

For those who love to highlight your lavish lifestyle, this signet ring speaks volumes about your wealth and dignity. Match it with your suit or blazer, black sunglasses, shirt, and long trousers with a pair of whole-cut Oxford shoes to make you the center of attention.

#33 Tomahawk Signet Ring 

Sterling Silver Men's Axe Signet Ring

Celebrate Native American heritage with this tomahawk ring. It features the characteristic axe design as its centerpiece. This signet ring for men not only has high appeal. It also tells a story with lots of meaning for lovers of symbolism.

You can also gift it to people who love the art of sculpting as the hammer becomes one of their lives to create crafts that are worth millions.

#34 Athena Coin Signet Ring 

Mens Signet Athena Coin Ring Heavy Weight

Are you looking for a heavy-weight ring for the special man in your life? This piece is a great choice when it comes to quality and visual appeal. It has a bronze Athena coin and a hammered silver band as its centerpiece. With a ring design like this, casual looks might not be the best choice to make a great combo. Instead, wear it when attending formal events, such as art exhibitions, weddings, or when you are a groomsman.

#35 Java Eagle Handcrafted Sterling Silver Garnet Ring 

Java Eagle Handcrafted Sterling Silver Garnet Ring

This is the ultimate masterpiece for someone who appreciates high-quality art. It has a lifelike red garnet as its centerpiece, showcasing great attention to detail. The band features cutout motifs of a rare Java Eagle that look dashing and firm, two characteristics men wish to behold.

Besides, the crafting adds to its elegance and stunning beauty. Consider purchasing this one if you are someone who appreciates art, and culture, as well as unique and bold looks.

#36 Custom Soundwave Signet Ring 

Custom Soundwave Signet Ring

A personalized signet ring is a memorable gift choice for someone you love, especially for those who are in a long-distance relationship. This piece features a sound wave from a custom message recording. It holds lots of sentimental value and guarantees a unique visual allure. Thanks to its simple design, you can wear it wherever you go to feel closer to your loved ones.

#37 Serotonin Molecule Signet Ring 

Serotonin Molecule Signet Ring

Get every one of his days off to a great start with the serotonin molecule ring. This creative ring design makes the perfect choice for the nerd in your life or someone who is always happy despite having a rocky road.

Having the happy hormone with him everywhere he goes always guarantees happiness. There is no need to worry about the fashion styles as this piece bears a silver color with discreet carvings, perfect for everyday wear.

#38 Men’s Octagon Black Onyx Signet Ring 

Men's Octagon Black Onyx Signet Ring

The stunning beauty of the octagon onyx centerpiece makes this ring an instant charmer. The mix of black and silver and the ornate detailing on the sides add to that color contrast. Besides, the crystals on all four sides of this signet offer a luxurious impression, making it the best bet for any formal occasion. This combination is a sure recipe for success in terms of visual appeal.

#39 Silver Dragon Signet Ring 

Silver Dragon Signet Ring

Breathe life into your mythological fantasy with one of these signets rings for men. The design is perfect for dragon lovers and makes it a sure attention grabber. And interestingly, you can turn it into a custom signet ring with your initials on the front to have a sense of belonging.

Besides, its gothic design makes it a perfect piece for those who love this style. Consider choosing a larger size if you want to put it on your middle finger.

#40 Three Arrows Signet Ring 

Three Arrows Signet Ring

When it comes to symbolic meaning and visual appeal, few rings come close to this one. It is simple yet highly captivating, with three arrows in three different directions representing different goals, but one person can make them happen. Given the black and silver combo, it will melt into any personality. Also, this masterpiece is ideal for a man who loves an understated look. Find it Here.

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#41 Gold Dad Signet Ring 

Gold Dad Signet Ring

Surprise your dad with one of these stylish signet rings. It features a fusion of yellow gold, diamonds, and onyx for the ultimate classy look. This artistic work of contrasts is a beauty to behold and a great token of appreciation for that special man.

If your father loves to collect sparkling jewelry, this one is an absolute gem! He can show off this ring when attending a friend’s wedding invitation or simply going on a fancy vacation.

#42 Handmade Enamel Signet Ring 

Handmade Enamel Signet Ring

Handcrafting adds a touch of authenticity to this blue ring. The dominant material is sterling silver with an enamel gemstone centerpiece that stands out amid the gold color, making it less plain. The minimalist design makes it suitable for men who prefer understated jewelry. He can confidently wear it every day to grab a drink with their friends or have a romantic date with you.

#43 Custom 14k Gold Signet Ring 

Custom 14k Gold Signet Ring

Vintage-style rings have a timeless allure, as is evident from this brilliant piece. Instead of gemstones, it sports a handcrafted design with a matte centerpiece. Those who aren’t fans of shiny jewelry will find this signet ring a perfect deal, making it easy to match their casual outfits. This ring could make a great gift for a special man thanks to its high sentimental value.

#44 Men’s Silver and Bronze Sailing Ship Statement Ring

The Sirens Ship

The sailing ship statement ring is the ultimate choice for a nautical theme lover. If you happen to work in the sector or wish you did, this ring defines you. The piece combines sterling silver and bronze with ornate craftsmanship for perfect results.

Even though you are not into naval-related items, it will make an insane addition to your appeal. Pair it with your polo shirt, shorts, and sneakers to grab a drink with your friends to create a casual yet eye-catching look.

#45 Men’s Cardinal Sterling Silver Cross Signet Ring 

Mens Cardinal Sterling Silver Cross Signet Ring

The cross ring gets inspiration from the cardinal ring design. It is a fitting tribute to the Christian faith characterized by its cross-crafting. Anyone who appreciates meticulous details will love the design and its precise execution.

Oxidization creates an appealing contrasting effect to complete the concept. We recommend matching it with your formal wear, such as a blazer or suit, to attend a wedding or bachelorette party.

#46 Rustic Leaf Signet Ring 

Rustic Leaf Signet Ring

A nature-inspired design creates a noteworthy highlight on this rustic piece. It is a hammered sterling silver unit with a gold leaf pattern as the centerpiece. Its handcrafting guarantees the uniqueness of every single piece making it a great gift idea.

Despite having such an old-soul design, the combo of gold and silver creates a stunning appeal no one can resist. Pair it with your fancy outfit for a gala dinner; it will steal the attention.

#47 Mens Celtic Signet Rings 

Mens Celtic Signet Rings

Celtic designs like this one are full of symbolic and visual appeal. This modern signet ring has a striking design thanks to the use of an ancient wax casting technique. It is full of character and has the potential to last a lifetime.

Someone who fancies jewelry but not the flashy one will dearly appreciate this signet if you wrap it as a gift. Given the meticulous carving, it will make the best combo with plain shirts.

#48 14k Yellow Gold Olympic Signet Ring 

Glory Gold Ring

If you or someone you know ever had a part in the Olympics, here is a way to keep that torch burning. This yellow-gold piece has the Olympics insignia as its focal point. Besides, the genderless design makes it an awesome gift for your girl or boyfriend to feel the vibes of the competition. Add a customization touch on the inside to make it special memorabilia.

#49 Native American Indian Signet Ring 

Native American Indian Signet Ring

Celebrate the rich Native American culture with this unique signet ring. It has a blend of mid-century design and combines a number of gemstones for a sophisticated look. The execution is top-notch, making it an eye-catching accent piece. You can gift it to someone in your life who has native American ancestry. By wearing this ring, he will definitely feel close to his ancestor.

#50 Vintage Jade Mens Signet Ring 

Vintage Jade Mens Signet Ring

Jade offers a combination of great looks and symbolic meaning for the wearer of this piece. For anyone born in May, it could serve as their alternative birthstone. For the rest of mankind, it could act as a good luck charm. Pair it with neutral-colored clothes like black, white, and beige with lighter tones so that the green color of the gemstones stands out.

#51 Lion Yellow Gold Big Signet Ring

Lion Yellow Gold Big Signet Ring

Showcase his glamorous style by gifting this gold lion big signet ring for his special occasion. Highlighting a lion that symbolizes majesty and strength, the signet ring is an ideal gift choice for your man. It is made of gold-plated sterling silver, which is durable and anti-rust. The color adds even more luxurious appeal to this eye-catching ring, a perfect one with a lavish lifestyle.

#52 Eye of Providence Star Signet Ring

Stainless Steel Eye of Providence Star Signet Ring

You might be familiar with the symbol featured in this magnificent signet ring. It is a signet ring with the mark of The All-Seeing Eye, the most famous Freemasons symbol, as its main decoration. The ring also highlights a black stone, further strengthening this ring’s bold impression.

If your boyfriend is a fan of freemasons, this is the perfect gift to add to his accessories. He can match it with a black beaded bracelet and all-black clothing to make his appearance look dashing.

#53 Qida Natural Onyx Agate Signet Ring

Natural Agate Ring for Men S925 Sterling Silver Black Agate Stone Ring Vintage Castle Men's

Any natural gemstone lover will agree that this is one of the most unique signet rings for men they could ever find! With its gothic style, this ring will get you goosebumps. Castle carvings, gold flowers, and silver patterns give a super luxurious impression, an ideal pick for someone who loves goth items with a touch of chic.

Moreover, a black onyx agate stone is perfect for combining various accents that are beautifully engraved on this piece of sterling silver jewelry. Definitely worth buying as a gift!

Final Thought

Signet rings for men are no longer the reserve of a special class in society. They are a great way to make a fashion statement and ensure you get noticed. This list of stylish signet rings offers you the opportunity to ride the wave for all its worth. But mind you, choose the correct size to match your fingers. Pick smaller ones if you want to wear them on your little finger and the actual size for the ring finger. Have fun and stay ahead of the trend!

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