Futuristic Smart Toilet

What could you possibly add to a toilet apart from a self-cleaning angle to call it a Futuristic Smart Toilet? Oh, prepare to be surprised.

Some of the features these unique toilet boasts are pretty mild and quite useful. The lid automatically snaps open as you approach it.

When you sit down, the seat heats up to a comfortable temperature which is much more pleasant than finding an already warmed up seat in a public bathroom.

The bowl requires no maintenance since it clans itself. Before every use, the deodorized water is sprayed onto it to keep the waste from sticking to it. 

Futuristic Smart Toilet

After the use, UV light breaks down microscopic waste particles and kills off the bacteria.

But the crown for the weirdest feature this toilet has goes to a retractable cleanser. A retractable wand sprays water between your buns supposedly eliminating the need for toilet paper. It is virtually a bidet built into the toilet bowl.

Futuristic Smart Toilet

The water from the wand comes clean, electrolyzed, and it sure will save you some money on toilet paper. Whether you are okay with letting your toilet gently clean Uranus is for you to decide. 

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