50 Magical Steampunk Necklaces & Pendants You Can Buy

Classic necklaces and pendants are timeless accessories that never go out of style and never lose their appeal. Steampunk necklaces and pendants, in particular, have become a must-have item for every fashionable lady today.

Whether you buy them for yourself or as a steampunk gift for someone dear, they have a unique enchanting way of bringing a smile to the face and a spark in the eyes and will hold a lot of sentimental value.

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Whimsical Steampunk Necklaces:

Try some of the whimsical steampunk necklaces available and choose the perfect piece to ensure you get that sparkle.

#1 Mechanical Blue Heart Steampunk Pendant Necklace

Mechanical Blue Heart Steampunk Pendant Necklace

This lovely vintage piece uses a beautiful heart shape to symbolically remind the wearer that you cherish them and hold them close to your own heart. The striking combination of silver and blue makes it a striking piece that could go with almost any outfit.

#2 Mini Glass Orb Watch Parts Steampunk Pendant

Mini Glass Orb Watch Parts Steampunk Pendant

The miniature orb making this pendant creates an appealing focal point, with the collection of tiny watch parts charmingly floating around its confines. The effect of light bouncing off the individual pieces makes it a display of unique ingenuity.

#3 Velvet Steampunk Octopus Choker

Velvet Steampunk Octopus Choker

From a distance one cannot really tell that the intricate pattern on this choker is the outline of an octopus. The contrast of the brown centerpiece against the black velvet background makes it stunningly elegant.

#4 Orange Glow Steampunk Pendant

Orange Glow Steampunk Pendant

The only thing more attractive than a splash of color is a glow-in-the-dark effect as is evidenced by this steampunk necklace. Its appearance conveys a sense of mystery and bestows upon it a rare magical effect to wow every beholder.

#5 Planet Steampunk Pendant

Planet Steampunk Pendant

This unique pendant blends the vintage appeal of the gear design with an astounding celestial portrayal and this makes it truly outstanding. Its bronze finish makes it appear like an astute time-traveler visiting from a past dimension in a far-off planet.

#6 Cosmic Dragonfly Steampunk Pendant

Steampunk Dragonfly Neckace - White Dragonfly Pendant

Steampunk necklaces do not get any better than this unique piece. It features a combination of gothic and neo-Victorian designs and its delicate glassy finish creates a beautiful dance with light bouncing off its smoothly curved surface.

#7 Cogs & Gears Steampunk Choker

Steampunk necklace, Red velvet, Alternative wedding, Gift for a steampunk, Cogs and gears, Gothic jewellery, Victorian cosplay

This adorable piece is the very essence of elegance and sophistication. It seems to have a story to tell and at the same time conveys a splash of personality. Get it as a gift for a fashion-conscious recipient and they will forever keep you next to their hearts.

#8 Vintage Style Diving Helmet

Vintage Style Diving Helmet

The diving helmet and shiny pearl blend two different worlds so perfectly and evoke a nostalgic feeling usually associated with marine accessories. In its simplicity it finds a way to offer unparalleled elegance to its wearer and a sense of awe to onlookers.

#9 Antiqued Silver Steampunk Locket Necklace

Antiqued Silver Steampunk Locket Necklace

Vintage necklaces have a way of making one have a yearning for historical times. This aspect together with the contrasting raised leaf patterns and the time-piece underneath all work with one purpose, to perfect its visual appeal and leave you thoroughly dazzled.

#10 Watch Parts Steampunk Owl Pendant

Watch Parts Steampunk Owl Pendant

The watch movement pieces making up the various parts of the owl make this steampunk pendant totally unlike any other. But isn’t that what steampunk accessories are all about? If standing out from the crowd is your cup of tea then, by all means, relish the moment with this one.

#11 Octopus Watch Parts Necklace

Steampunk Octopus Necklace Steampunk Octopus Pendant Clock Gears Pendant Clock Gears Octopus Jewelry Steampunk Octopus Cabochon

The way the Octopus tentacles hook on to the time movement gears is simply fascinating. And the choice of brass for both the chain and the detail pieces is quite stunning. This type of vintage necklaces can be worn on practically every occasion and convey the same stylish effect. 

#12 Victorian Style Butterfly Choker

Vintage style butterfly charm necklace VN011

Butterflies are among the daintiest creatures known to man and this butterfly choker creates a similar appeal making the wearer seem stylish yet delicate. Combine it with a Victorian style fashion piece and there you have yourself a winner!

#13 Black Clockwork Heart Pendant

Steampunk Necklace, Vintage Heart Shaped Necklace, Vintage Copper Tone Benrus Watch Piece, Vintage Gears, N45

Heart designs are the ultimate timeless concept particularly with regards to fashion accessories. The shiny black of this gorgeous pendant highly contrasts with the clockwork icons that seem to denote a prior time. That stunning contrast is at the root of its unique appeal.

#14 Are Deco Steampunk Necklace

art deco steampunk gothic necklace - steampunk jewellery

Steampunk pendants are famed for their highly distinct design but the one feature that they have in common is their stunning mastery at combining aspects from multiple times and dimensions. The use of brass denotes a sense of cohesiveness that ties all the remarkable aspects into one timeless piece.

#15 Victorian Style Octopus & Moonstone Necklace

Victorian Style Octopus & Moonstone Necklace

This ornately designed neo-Victorian combination of silver and brass is a charming way to warm your way into her heart. The stately octopus design and the lovely moonstone cab centerpiece make it a highly delightful addition to the modern lady’s collection.

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#16 Lunar Goddess Steampunk Charm

Lunar Goddess Steampunk Charm

The infinity of ideas on steampunk accessories is just as amazing as it is attractive. The fashionable blend of blue zircon, the lunar goddess and vintage watch movement gears makes this a highly desirable piece without it having to try too hard.

#17 Minimalist Steampunk Bar Pendant

Minimalist Steampunk Bar Pendant

Long bar steampunk pendants have made an indelible mark on the hearts of stylish fashion gurus on a global scale. This particular piece features a unique shade of red that makes it appear sleek and classy, a charming piece for a sophisticated wearer.

#18 Time Traveller Silver Bumble Bee Steampunk Necklace

Beautiful Unique Hand Crafted Steampunk Bumblebee Bee Necklace Friendship Animal Lover Bee Necklace Bumblebee Necklace

This time travel masterpiece features a combination of highly appealing miniature pieces. It tells a story to anyone who would care to listen and does this in the simplest yet most ornate of ways. It would make quite an appealing gift for a lover of Steampunk Necklaces.

#19 Alice in Wonderland Inspired Steampunk Necklace

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Steampunk Necklace

What better tribute to Alice in wonderland than a trip through time on this fashionable time-travel pendant. The raised rabbit centerpiece makes it quite a work of art giving it a timeless feel and evoking sweet childhood memories for fairy tale lovers young and old.

#20 Pearl Victorian Style Choker

Dote Vintage Victorian Style Black Gothic Choker Bib Necklace Pendant Adjustable Pearls Stunning Steampunk Lolita Jewellery Wedding Royalty

Victorian necklaces are here to stay as they always have and always will offer a unique charm and subtle appeal. The color contrasts and low-hanging pendant combine to make it an adorable fashion statement that will always turn heads around.

#21 Tree of Life Steampunk Pendant

Steampunk Tree of Life, Tree of Knowledge, Tree of Life, Tree Jewelry, Family Tree

Is there any better way to take a trip through time than starting out at the tree of life? This pendant is rich with symbolic meaning and its delicate yet elegant finish makes it the ultimate gift for a special person this season.

#22 Steampunk Key Necklace

Time Travel Steampunk Key to My Heart Necklace

This handmade steampunk key necklace takes advantage of the timelessness of watch movement gears and the symbolic meaning tied to keys from of old. The use of brass gives the necklace a vintage look and keeps it stylish for eons to come.

#23 Pink Glow Steampunk Pendant

Pink Glow Steampunk Pendant

The color pink has for all time been associated with positive emotion and this silver-plated glow-in-the-dark piece makes for a delightful focal point especially as the twilight slowly drowns out the sun’s effect.

#24 Butterfly and Key Steampunk Pendant

Steampunk Key Necklace, Butterfly Necklace

The graphics on this delicate pendant make you want to come closer and make sure that no detail escapes your attention.

It is thoroughly captivating almost to the point of hypnosis and when bought as a gift for someone dearly beloved, it speaks volumes about the place they have in your heart.

#25 Steampunk Dragon Necklace

Steampunk Dragon Necklace

The dragon has always been a symbol of power, control and good tidings to come. This work of art holds such a powerful appeal and conveys an unparalleled sense of elegance. The wheels of time serve to reinforce its historical symbolism and make it a timeless accessory.

#26 Transparent Resin Black Cat Steampunk Pendant

Transparent Resin Black Cat Steampunk Pendant

Black cats are remarkable icons of mystery and when so ornately placed into a wheel of gears they add great aesthetic value to the pendant. The color contrast of black and bronze blends perfectly with the clear resin background and places the pendant in a class of its own.

#27 Enchanted Forest Steampunk Necklace

Enchanted Forest Steampunk Necklace

Steampunk necklaces that incorporate a natural aspect to their design are a major success. This enchanted forest pendant is a fine example of this graceful appeal that is based on a Victorian concept. It is bound to work well with almost any fashion choice.

#28 Antique Brass Butterfly Steampunk Necklace

 Antique Brass Butterfly Steampunk Necklace

Butterflies are the ultimate icon of transformation and the use of one as a centerpiece doubles the high appeal of this artistic pendant. The necklace itself is a simple cable-chain that draws all the attention to the powerful centerpiece that is quite a delight to behold.

#29 The Octopus Owl Victorian Monster Necklace

The Octopus Owl Victorian Monster Necklace

Nothing makes quite a loud statement as does a delicate combination of two of the world’s most mysterious creatures. They capture the gothic essence of this unique pendant and create a monster that would be quite a beautiful force to contend with.

#30 Are Nouveau Styler Dragon Fly Steampunk Necklace

Are Nouveau Styler Dragon Fly Steampunk Necklace

Fireflies and their iridescent wing have long held a lofty position in the hierarchy of delicately elegant insects. This piece combines that fragile beauty with a set of watch movement parts to create a charming pendant that defies all odds.

#31 Blue Bar Steampunk Pendant

Timeless Steampunk necklace, long blue and turquoise rectangle pendant with recycled watch part cogs and gears in resin, clockwork jewellery

After having celebrated so many anniversaries together you might be running out of ideas to elicit that special sparkle in her eye. Well, worry not, this simple leather choker with a bright blue bar pendant is exactly what you need to bring back the spark.

#32 Hummingbird Steampunk Necklace

Hummingbird Steampunk Necklace

Vintage jewelry lovers will truly relish this unique hummingbird antiquity. It evokes a special connection with nature by its stunning representation of the bird hovering over a choice object flapping its wings relentlessly.

#33 Ancient Times Statement Piece

Ancient Times Statement Piece

This is a one-of-a-kind steampunk gear necklace that has achieved a remarkable feat of style by combining the dragons wiles and an ancient watch movement aspect. The topping of ingeniously placed Swarovski jewel pieces completes its fascinating appeal.

#34 Purple Heart Steampunk Necklace

Purple Heart Steampunk Necklace

The color purple has always denoted royalty and valor and its choice placement on this antique piece makes it all the more remarkable particularly if chosen as a gift for that special someone on a significant occasion.

#35 Blue Crystal Cogs and Gear Necklace

Blue Crystal Cogs and Gear Necklace

The rare blend of vintage taste and novelty is very well captured on this ornate cog and gear necklace. The dangling blue jewels have a special connect with modernity while all other aspects tell a story of times past in a highly impressive design.

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#36 Unisex Steampunk Watch Parts Necklace

Cyberpunk Necklace with Steampunk Watch Movement Unisex Pendant Gift for Teenager

Do you share a special relationship with jewelry that you’ve always wanted to share with your better half but just cannot find a way to do that? With this unisex watch movement steampunk necklace, you can surprise him to day and let him have a piece of you to wear next to his heart always.

#37 Teal Cog & Gears Steampunk Necklace

Teal Cog & Gears Steampunk Necklace

The simple watch parts Victorian type necklace can be used to grace any occasion and can blend in with almost any stylish outfit. The shimmering blue background creates a perfect platform to showcase the craftsmanship that has gone into the minute details that make it tick.

#38 Once Upon A Time Steampunk Style Necklace

Once Upon A Time Steampunk Style Necklace

This is the perfect icon of vintage beauty incorporating the most powerful fairytale words and unique font into an chic silver chain. The scroll carrying those special words is flanked on either side by gears that introduce a gothic twist to the remarkable ensemble.

#39 Mothers Birthstone Steampunk Necklaces

Mothers Birthstone Steampunk Necklaces

A rare splash of personality is evident from this piece that blends in a classy diamond shape, varying color Swarovski crystals and intricate clockwork. The devil really is in the details with this impressively unique piece.

#40 Silver Dragon Fly with Opal Steampunk Necklace

Silver Dragon Fly with Opal Steampunk Necklace

The most popular steampunk necklaces seek to blend all the fine aspects of the imagination, mixing up hardware and gadgetry into a beautiful combo of nature and fiction. This piece captures all of that and much more and would make the perfect gift for any steampunk aficionado.

#41 Steampunk Robot Necklace

Steampunk Robot Necklace

You can never go wrong with a unique watch movement piece that links together the past and future and still manages to retain an elegant appeal. Surprise your better half with this ingenious necklace that features a unique miniature silver robot as its centerpiece.

#42 Steampunk Alligator Necklace

Steampunk Necklace - GOLD Pocket Watch Movement Pendant ALLIGATOR VINTAGE BRASS BUTTON

The lovely alligator from the past is delicately suspended by its tail and hell-bent on making its way into the hearts of unsuspecting steampunk fans. It is a uniquely whimsical piece that automatically brings a smile to your face.

#43 Steampunk Compass Locket

Steampunk Compass Locket

Compasses have always been highly appealing objects of interest to young and old alike. They are uniquely timeless and do not need much modification to create the perfect focal point on a vintage accessory.

#44 Aviation Style Steampunk Necklace

Aviation Style Steampunk Necklace

This antique piece is simply irresistible to anyone who has a secret passion for all things aviation. It features a miniature propeller and tiny watch movement cogs and the cream on its ice is the dazzling blue jewel placement in the center of the gears.

#45 Steampunk Cat Pendant

Steampunk Cat Pendant

The feline appeal never grows weary and is the ideal way into her heart this coming anniversary. The shades on the cat’s face will certainly elicit a hearty laugh and always remind her of the happy times you have shared and keep her going through the tough times.

#46 Steampunk Squirrel Necklace

Steampunk Squirrel Necklace

Lovers of nature will certainly fall in love with this primitive art piece featuring a squirrel on a tree branch, busy as always nibbling on something stolen. The clockwork in the pendant’s center throws us way back into time to achieve a gothic Victorian appeal.

#47 Red Robot Steampunk Necklace

 Red Robot Steampunk Necklace

Here is the perfect gift for robot lovers that incorporates a bold red into its timeless design. The watch movement aspect on its tummy ties in cohesively with the piece and turns it into quite an enthralling work of art.

#48 Yin Yang Steampunk Pendant

Yin Yang Steampunk Pendant

This unisex pendant would make a well thought-out gift for someone who is in touch with their inner being or yearning for that. It is full of meaning and would never go out of style. It would also likely never come off as it would without a doubt become a part of them.

#49 Steampunk Crab Locket

Steampunk Crab Locket

The rustic appeal in this silver crab pendant is only matched by its originality and authenticity. It is an engaging piece inspired by a nautical theme and featuring lots of character and attention to detail.

#50 Minimalist Cog and Gears Steampunk Skull Pendants

Minimalist Cog and Gears Steampunk Skull Pendants

Who needs proof that less is more when we have such an incredible minimalist steampunk necklace up for grabs? The skull concept is highly captivating and the inclusion of gears right where the brain should be is simply ingenious.

#51 Victorian Heart Necklace With Watch Movements

Victorian Heart Necklace With Watch Movements

Steampunk necklaces come in all shapes and sizes but after all is said and done, the one with the heart-shaped pendant as its focal point is in a class above the rest. The rhinestones serve as the icing on the cake making it a pure delight for the visual senses.

#52 Steampunk Gears Pendant Statement Necklace

Juland Steampunk Gears Pendant Statement Necklace Vintage Bronze & Silver Watch Clock Clockwork Hand Gear Cog Handmade Kinetic Winged Gear Necklace and Earring Set

The style is like a choker but it is not. It is cool and comfortable to get a nautical steampunk look. The material is safe for daily wear since it is nickel and lead free. The skull, bird and clock come together and match one another. Psst…this necklace comes with 1 pair of earring as well. So, you better grab it now.

#53 Steampunk Seahorse Skeleton

Silvertone Steampunk Sea Horse Skeleton Key Pendant on Chain Necklace Hippocampus Victorian-Inspired

A cute yet edgy steampunk necklace for your everyday look. The design is inspired by the hippocampus victorian era and the bottom one is key-shaped. Just look closer since the detail is made in a pretty way.

Steampunk necklaces are bound to remain forever in style as one of the most popular choices in fashion accessories. The limitless number and design of steampunk pendants will be sure to keep it this way for a long time to come and for that reason, you can never have too many of these elegant masterpieces.

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