33 Greatest Steampunk Watches for Men & Women

If you harbor an undying obsession for the Victorian era, then these steampunk watches are a great way to showcase your unique style. They all have one thing in common, remarkable artistry! For this reason, they hold a much higher appeal for their craftsmanship and aesthetics than for their functional role. For anyone who loves to accent their look and make a fashion statement, they are the perfect way to make that happen.

But even with their artistic similarities, these ornate steampunk watches for men and women come in as many distinct styles as you can imagine. We have collected some of the best steampunk watches ever made to offer you an opportunity to enjoy their remarkable beauty.

Best Steampunk Watches You Can Buy:

If you are looking for some unique steampunk watches for sale then take a look at our whimsical list and get in on the timeless fashion trend while you can!

#1 Steampunk Dragon Wrist Watch 

Luxury Luminous Dragon Skeleton Automatic Mechanical Watches

Looking for the ultimate way to show off your chic sense of style? How about one of these cool steampunk watches? Dragon-like scales adorn the leather straps of this elegant watch making it a wearable work of art.

A vibrant color choice makes it impossible to miss, ensuring you will make a statement wherever you go. And for anyone with sensitive skin, all metal parts are hidden beneath leather!

#2 Women’s Black Leather Steampunk Watch 


So much more than a functional piece, this women’s steampunk watch is a great way to accessorize. A unique leather netting technique makes the black leather strap outstanding and adds lots of personality to it.

Wearing one of these will not only get you where you need to be on time. It will also create the ultimate impression of sophistication and get you lots of compliments along the way.

#3 Personalized Engraved Mens Steampunk Watch 

Personalized watch

A personalized watch is one of the most versatile gift choices for virtually all situations. That is especially so when it sports a fashionable steampunk design that is forever trendy. A delicate blend of genuine leather and stainless steel creates remarkable contrast.

But more importantly, it ensures a long life of service from this timeless time piece. Whether you are looking for a gift for your groomsmen or a special man in your life, you can never go wrong with this.

#4 Leather Cuff Skeleton Steampunk Wrist Watch 

Leather Cuff Skeleton Steampunk Wrist Watch

Combining impeccable steampunk artistry and remarkable style, this watch is more of a statement piece than a timepiece! Aged brown leather gives it a unique rustic appearance that can never go out of style.

Flawless craftsmanship and great attention to detail are evident in every aspect of the product. If you happen to be shopping for a hard to please steampunk enthusiast, then this is your best bet.

#5 Tesla Steampunk Watch 

ThinkGeek Steampunk-Styled Tesla Analog Watch Weathered-Brass Look on Metal Findings Plus Leather Strap

Just when you thought you had seen everything, they had to make one of these! For anyone who is looking to take a trip back into time, one of these steampunk watches for men is all you need.

Vacuum tube LEDs on top of the watch and ornamental winding keys are among the key highlights of the design. Together with its weathered brass look, it seems set to transport you to another dimension.

#6 Pathfinder-2 Steampunk Leather Cuff Wrist Watch 

Pathfinder-2 Steampunk Leather Cuff Wrist Watch - steampunk watches

An innovative steampunk watch such as this one is the ideal gift choice for the adventure lover in your life.

Designed as a bracelet watch, the piece comprises a timepiece, a compass and a thermometer, all in a single aesthetically appealing unit. It will serve as a stylish addition to his look and a great way to emphasize his personal flair.

#7 Black Mechanical Wrist Watch 

Black Mechanical Wrist Watch

Enhance your collectibles database with one of these enchanting watches. A front to back view window makes it an elegant way to accentuate your look. Powered entirely by springs and mechanical movements, the watch spares you the hassle of battery replacement.

Geometric patterns dominate the watch face with glimmering crystal hour markers, silver border and black leather band. The color contrasts and classy finish turn it into a premium luxury piece.

#8 Brown Leather Steampunk Watch Bracelet 

Steampunk Leather Cuff Watch in Aged Brown

If your style leans more toward the brutalist side, this piece was made just for you. It is simple, yet elegant, with a unique appeal that turns it into a conversation starter. The color blue is a great choice as it makes the piece outstanding and captivating.

Designed for daily use, the piece blends effortlessly with any kind of attire. Whether your style is formal, casual or business, this unisex watch will add a touch of class to your look.

#9 Brown Leather Steampunk Watch Cuff 

Brown Leather Steampunk Watch Cuff

Bracelet watches like this one are a great way to get the best of both worlds. It blends function and style to make the perfect accessory for any outfit.

If you happen to be an artsy type, this watch is a great way to express your personality. It would also make a thoughtful gift for that special man in your life who has an obsession for steampunk pieces.

#10 Mens Police Steampunk Watch 

Mens Police Steampunk Watch

Quality meets elegance on this outstanding watch for men. With a case made of ion-plated steel and a black dial, you cannot help but make a statement with one of these.

50 meters of water resistance and a high-quality leather strap hold promise for a long life of service. A 2-year guarantee adds to this promise and makes this one of the best steampunk watches on the list in terms of durability.

#11 Men’s Steampunk Watch with Riveted Aged Brown Leather 

Steampunk Watch with Brown Leather Cuff, Skeleton watch

Is there a stylish steampunk enthusiast in your life? Well, here is a unique opportunity to surprise him beyond his wildest expectations.

This watch features a classy aged leather cuff with rivets in the right places. Its face is a gorgeous blend of black and gold that cannot fail to get noticed. It offers unmatched comfort and makes a great choice to take his style to the next level.

#12 Women’s Model Glory Mechanical Steampunk Fashion Watch 

Sweetbless Wristwatch Women’ s Analog

Adorable women’s steampunk watches are not always easy to come by. But this piece is everything she could ever dream of and then some.

Everything from the pink and grey bracelet to the silver skeleton watch face shows great attention to detail. With the potential to speak volumes about her sense of style, this watch would make a perfect gift. It is pretty, comfortable and effortlessly fashionable.

#13 Leather Cuff Steampunk Watch Bracelet 

Leather Cuff Steampunk Watch Bracelet

You would be forgiven for imagining that this is a leather bracelet. So much creativity and artistry have gone into the strap that it becomes an instant eye-catcher.

You might imagine that it cannot get any better. But when you finally get to the watch face then what you see is artistic perfection. Accent your look with one of these classy watches and share your sense of style with the world.

#14 Men’s Steampunk Leather Watch Bracelet 

Mens Steampunk Leather Watch Bracelet

Keen to defy every rule in the book, this piece is a welcome break from tradition. Instead of the regular strap, the piece sports two intersecting straps which will beautifully frame your wrist.

The straps come in blue, providing the perfect contrast against a brown background. But that is not all, the watch face has an interesting faceted look. All you need to complete the look is an adventurous spirit and you’re good to go.

#15 Mechanical Automatic Skeleton Steampunk Watch 

Mechanical Automatic Skeleton Steampunk Watch

Add a touch of sophistication to your look with one of these self-winding skeleton watches. An antique finish gives the piece a certain timeless allure. Take a peek into its internal workings through a glass dial window.

Thanks to its versatile design, it will look just as great when going to the office as it will at a party. Luminous hands and an automatic self-winding mechanism add convenience to the list and make it the whole package.

#16 The Aviator Women’s Red Mechanical Wrist Watch 

If you are looking for the ultimate timepiece for the Alpha female in your life, you just found it. Drawing inspiration from the Aviator series, the red model perfectly defines a bold and adventurous spirit.

Bound to turn heads everywhere she goes, this piece is one of the best women’s steampunk wristwatches ever. Add a little spice to her look with this classy watch.

#17 The Aviator Men’s Steampunk Watch 

The Aviator Men’s Steampunk Watch  - steampunk watches

No Aviator enthusiast would ever dream of saying no to this amazing watch. Perfectly blending neo-classical and vintage styles, the piece is a great tribute to the steampunk style.

Thanks to its wide leather bracelet in brown, it commands attention from a mile away. Complete your stylish image with this watch and you will always stay ahead of the trend.

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#18 The Cyberpunk Watch 

steampunk watch

Bring a sci-fi fan’s fantasy to life by getting them one of these cyberpunk watches as a gift. Though it might nita have what it takes to transport them to an alternate universe, it’s the thought that counts.

The one thing you can be sure of is that will get them noticed for all the right reasons. So go on, transform their look and their lives with one of these vintage-style pieces.

#19 Military Steampunk Wrist Cuff Watch 

Military style leather watch cuff|Army Watch

Anyone who enjoys a military feel and steampunk style would love to have an inspired timepiece such as this one. With a perfect blend of aesthetics and function, this piece will make you an irresistible attention magnet.

A textured vintage brown leather band adds to its appeal and turns it into a work of art. The only problem will be that you will probably never want to take it off.

#20 ‘Machina’ Steampunk Skeleton Watch 

Luxury Classic Transparent Skeleton Mens Mechanical Automatic Stainless Steel Mesh Band Wrist Watch

Your watch collection is not complete until you get one of these classic pieces to add to your treasure trove. Bringing together sophistication and high-class style, this watch is absolutely stunning.

A great way to quench your steampunk addiction, it is guaranteed to accentuate your look and invite lots of compliments. Make your arm stand out from the crowd and enjoy the dazzling effect.

#21 Personalized Steampunk Pocket Watch 

Personalized Steampunk Pocket Watch

Every gentleman needs at least one awesome pocket watch and this is the ultimate piece to showcase your elegance. It has always been said that pocket watches are a sign of distinction. Well, why not take the concept all the way by getting the most distinct one of them all!

An elegant Victoriana design makes it truly outstanding. And thanks to the personalization option, it can make a memorable gift for a friend you hold dear.

#22 Orange Leather Band Mechanical Wrist Watch 

Series Titanium Dial Watch Automatic Mechanical

Steampunk bracelet watches are all the rage right now. Come aboard and join the hype with the stylish orange mechanical boho watch.

A harmonious design on the watch face and the strap creates an interesting effect. Combined with the bright and cheerful color choice, the piece is a must-have for any watch lover. Showcase your creativity and vibrant personality in indisputable style.

#23 Gray Leather Steampunk Mechanical Watch 

Gray Leather Steampunk Mechanical Watch

Leather steampunk watches such as this piece offer a unique blend of sophistication and creativity. Sporting a funky design and an even funkier blend of colors, it is a beauty to behold.

For the fashion-forward man in your life, this combination of top-notch features makes the watch a must-have. Go beyond the obvious and show the world your unique sense of style.

#24 Black Leather Adjustable Cuff Custom Quartz Watch 

Oulm Luxury Men Watch Leather Wrist Watch

Spice up your look with one of these steampunk watches for men. An oversize face with a unique triple display system makes it a conversation piece.

Add to this the double straps and creative color combination and you have yourself a winner. More of a fashion accessory than a timepiece, this watch would make a thoughtful gift for the man who loves to accessorize.

#25 Skeleton Automatic Mechanical Steampunk Watch 

Men's Watch, Mechanical Stainless Steel Skeleton Steampunk Design Automatic

Hollow skeleton watches are a great way to add creativity to your steampunk style. This piece stands out from all others in that it does not even have a face.

Instead, the digits are written on the bezel making it one of the most unique pieces on our list. Inside the watch face, all you have are the hands and a peek into the gears keeping the watch alive.

#26 Dragon Eye Steampunk Pocket Watch 

Dragon Eye Steampunk Pocket Watch

The dragon evil eye pocket watch is an amazing collectible for timepiece lovers. You might in fact never get to the watch as the craftsmanship on the case is enchantingly stunning.

It feels as though the evil eye is looking deep into your soul making it hard to look away. The artistry in the piece shows remarkable attention to detail and exceeds expectations. This is a piece you want to have with you at all times.

#27 Silver Steampunk Ring Watch 

Steampunk ring

An extraordinary work of art, the steampunk ring watch is quite a marvel. It is a great choice for anyone who loves to be different and stand out.

In spite of its miniature size, it is fully operational and offers a whimsical twist to the regular watch. What a great way to accent your look, showcase your love for steampunk culture and enjoy the functionality of a timepiece!

#28 Classic Steampunk Mechanical Wrist Watch 

Watches, Men's Watches Mechanical Hand-Winding Skeleton Classic

Pair up vintage aesthetic and the modern convenience of a self-winding timepiece in one of these. Showcasing an impressive combo of luxury and elegance, this watch sports a silver and blue face.

To add to its beauty, shimmering gold gears peek through the glass windows letting you into their secret world. Anyone with an obsession for the Victorian era would appreciate this piece.

#29 Ground Effect Steampunk Watch 

Ground Effect Steampunk Watch

Wow, your friends with one of the most stylish steampunk watches ever. An aged leather band gives it a retro feel providing the perfect background for a vintage look. One look at the watch face will have you hooked.

A delicate cutout pattern gives you a glimpse into the gears creating an industrial feel. Everything about the piece speaks of another era, apart from the hands which have a modernistic appeal.

#30 Rose Gold Mechanical Wrist Watch 

KINYUED Skeleton Tourbillon Mechanical Watch

Enjoy the mysterious appeal of this unique luxury wristwatch. Featuring a stunning rose gold finish and a brown leather strap with white top stitching, it begs for attention.

Front and back windows offer an incredible view into the gear system. The dial face is to-die-for. Black Roman numerals on a rose gold plate with blue hands and red accents show meticulous attention to detail. It would be a great choice of gift for someone special.

#31 Retro Steampunk Rock Wide Bracelet Cuff Watch

Avaner Mens Retro Steampunk Rock Black Wide Leather Bracelet

Get a different look with this cool and manly retro steampunk rock as your new watch. The material is soft and fits for daily wear since it is made from PU leather band. There are 3 sub-dials to tighten the watch. One interesting for this steampunk is you can change the watch face easily with your favorite one.

#32 Minimalist black matte cuff watch

Minimalist matte black cuff watches on genuine leather

Make your watch become more personal by personalizing the design of steampunk based on your favorite here. The band is made from genuine calfskin, used rust free brass rivets and buckles. The sample of this watch looks like what Johnny Depp wears. Hence, you can also order it as it is, to steal Johnny Depp’s looks.

#33 Unisex Retro Punk Wide Leather Watch

Avaner Unisex Punk Retro Bronze Round Dial Brown Wide Leather

This classic punk retro wide leather watch is a timeless watch for you. It fits men and women for their daily wear. The size is normal, not too big to wear. The PU leather band is soft, durable, but of course do not contact it with too much water to avoid the damage of its leather. You may wear it on a couple set with your partner and still look gorgeous on each other.

Whether you or someone you love happens to be a timepiece enthusiast, steampunk watches offer lots of potential to spice up your look or add to your list of collectibles. Take your style to the next level with this creative watch design.

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