30 Greatest Gifts For Carpenters & Builders You Can Buy

Whether the handyman in your life is a carpenter or a builder who loves to take the DIY route, there is plenty of reason to celebrate their craftsmanship! I’m sure you will agree, these are people we simply cannot do without. And thoughtful gifts for carpenters and builders will let them know how much we appreciate them.

We have painstakingly compiled the ultimate list of carpenter gifts. For both professionals and amateurs, apprentices and seasoned handymen (and handywomen), we will help you find the ideal gift choice to rock their dovetail!

Best Gift Ideas For Carpenters

#1 Monogrammed Tool Set + Gift Box

Personalized Monogrammed Tool Set

You can never go wrong with a collection of super handy tools in an elegant, custom wooden gift box! Consisting of some of the most important items for any handyman worth his salt, it is one of the best gift ideas for the carpenter in your life.

To add a dash of sentimental value, the gift box will hold your message of choice for him. Give him a reason to smile through every DIY project from start to finish!

#2 Leather Belt – Cool Gifts For Carpenters

Leather Tool Belt w/ Suspenders- Large General Carpenters

Celebrate his love for all things woodworking with this fun yet highly functional belt. With a variety of tools embossed on its surface, it offers him the chance to wear his passion.

This is one of the best and most useful carpenter gift ideas, made from heavy-duty leather and a steel harness buckle, these cool belts are meant to last a lifetime. For the woodworker who has everything.

#3 Custom Portrait as Yellow Cartoon Character

Carpenter Gift - Custom Portrait as Yellow Cartoon Character

Brighten up their workshop with one of these unique gifts for woodworkers. Yellow cartoon characters have a way of worming their path right to our hearts. It’s a little wonder everyone loves them! Another great product at a fair price! Click the ” Shop For it Here ” button below to claim this awesome woodworker’s gift.

#4 Nailed It Desk Organizer – Funny Gifts For Carpenters

Nailed It Desk Organizer

Get the woodworker in your life to nail each workday perfectly with one of these qaulity gifts for carpenters. The “Nailed It” desk organizer is full of aesthetic appeal and creativity.

#5 Funny Hourly Rate T-shirt

Funny Carpenter Hourly Rate T-shirt

One of the hardest parts about being a carpenter, builder, or tiler is dealing with difficult or opinionated clients. Whether they choose to hover over him as he works or even lend a “helping” hand, they make his work so much harder than it already is.

Well, here is the perfect gift to help the woodworker tackle such situations without causing offence. This humorous t-shirt outlines varying rates for different levels of annoyance. He will never want to take it off! Buy it from the link below it is also available in navy.

#6 Yoda Best Carpenter Coffee Mug

Yoda Best Carpenter Coffee Mug

If Star Wars and Carpentry are their two favorite things in the world, here is an opportunity to capture them both in one smooth move.

Most woodworkers love their coffee, more so when it comes in such a cool funny mug! It is in fact one of the cutest gift ideas to show how much you value their work. And if they are just starting out, what a great way to infuse them with confidence, Yoda style!

#7 Contractor Pen

Contractor Pen

As far as gifts for a woodworker goes, nothing beats this multi-purpose contractor tool in the shape of a pen. Consisting of a ruler, level and plumb bubbles, a magnetic strip, angle and drywall gauges and a pen, it would be a dream come true.

Among its key highlights is the superior design of the pen. It can write under literally any conditions, upside down, extreme temperatures, on steel, wood, aluminum and underwater among other places.

#8 Leather Suede Construction Worker Gloves

Personalized Leather Suede Construction Worker Gloves

Anyone who loves to get their hands dirty in construction would appreciate a pair of hardy gloves such as these ones. Protect them from working their fingers to the bone with these rustic leather suede gloves.

They are super durable and their textured surface offers a firm grip on tools. Take your gift to the next level by adding a personalization touch and make it memorable.

#9 Sawdust is Man Glitter T-Shirt

Sawdust Is Man Glitter T-shirt

Tickle your favorite builders funny bone with one of these funny t-shirts for woodworkers. Nothing sums up their passion better than this whimsical phrase.

#10 Custom Carpenter Hammer Keychain

Personalized Carpenter Hammer Keychain - gifts for carpenters

Showcase his dedication and love for all things carpentry with this adorable keychain. Featuring a miniature hammer and saw, it is bound to become an instant favorite.

To add to its sentimental appeal, the piece also sports a single initial charm. Combine this high visual appeal with the functional value of the piece and you can be sure he will never lose his keys again.

#11 The 13-Piece Grilling Tool Set

The 13-Piece Grilling Tool Set

Want to get the handyman you care about to fire up the grill more often? Well, with this grilling tool set, you won’t have to say a word. Designed to make grilling a breeze, the 13-piece set is the missing piece to your outdoor adventure.

#12 The Definition Hoodie / Sweater

Definition Pullover Hoodie

Let the world know why being a carpenter is a calling with this whimsical definition hoodie. Funny as it may be, the definition it offers contains a good measure of truth on what the job entails.

#13 Travel Cup


While it might be true that builders can fix almost anything, there are a few things that are beyond them. And this mug spells out one of such things.

#14 Laser Engraved Woodworkers Pencils

 Laser Engraved Personalized Carpenters Pencils

Stuck on trying to find thoughtful gifts for the woodworker who has everything? They can never have enough pencils and that’s what makes these such great gift ideas.

But they are so much more than just another set of pencils. They come in natural wood with an engraving of your choice on the side. Make this personalization aspect count and they will treasure the gift always.

#15 A Pink Toolbox

A Pink Toolbox

The one thing that is truly lacking from the world of handymen and women is the wash of color and vibrancy this tool box has to offer. Not only is it undeniably eye-catching but it offers a welcome break from the monotony most builders have to live with.

Whether your favorite one is a woman or simply has an eye for elegance and style, this pink box is an awesome choice.

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#16 Pocket Watch Custom with Monogram

Personalized Gunmetal Pocket Watch Custom with Monogram

Surprise your builder friend with one of these cool gift ideas. After all, It’s not always just about getting their hands dirty with DIY projects. Once in a while, they need to let loose and have some fun.

#17 Monogrammed Mens Leather Wallet – Unique Gifts For Carpenters

Personalized Mens Leather Wallet

Even builders need a good wallet and none can beat this quality wallet. In addition to its high quality value, it is also full of sentimental appeal.

A monogram on the front cover and a custom message on the inside make it truly special. It sports a minimalist design yet has sufficient room for everything he needs. What else could a handyman ask for?

#18 Funny Coffee Mug

Funny Gift For Husband - Coffee Mug

A good number of husbands have this annoying habit of starting projects they cannot complete. And that is what makes woodworkers distinct. This funny mug makes a great gift for a carpenter, offering them lots of reason for good cheer.

#19 Vintage Carpenter Tools Patent Prints

Vintage Carpenter Tools Patent Prints

One of the best gifts for woodworker lovers would be one that allows them to celebrate the history of their career. With these vintage tool patent prints, you will get to do that and so much more.

They make amazing wall décor pieces for the office or man cave. Give him an opportunity to showcase his passion for what he does with this great gift idea.

#20 The F-Bomb Paperweight

The F-Bomb Paperweight

When things do not seem like they are working out, we all need to purge our emotions. But at times social convention would have us keep it all in! For your builder friend, that no longer has to be the case.

With the f-bomb paperweight he can have explosive fun during such moments. Lighten up tense situations and get the perfect expletive to allow him to drop truth bombs whenever he needs to.

#21 Measure Twic Cut Once Wooden Sign – Funny Gifts For Carpenters

Measure Twic Cut Once Wooden Sign - gifts for carpenters

As any successful builder will tell you, ” measuring ” is among the most crucial rules for their trade. But once in a while, failure to heed this proverb might cost them a lot more than they imagine.

Make that a thing of the past with this funny wooden sign. It offers a visual reminder of what happens when they don’t follow instructions. The omission of letter “E” is eye-catching and hilarious!

#22 Carpenter Canvas Art

Carpenter Wall Art

Nothing is quite as refreshing as the sight of woodworking chaos. And that is precisely what makes this one of the best gifts for carpenters.

#23 Sawdust is Man Glitter T-Shirt – Gifts For Carpenters

Fashions Sawdust is Man Glitter

Share his love of building with the rest of the world in the most hilarious way possible. While the girls are busy looking for excuses to use glitter, he is looking for an opportunity to cover himself up in sawdust.

To make the people around him understand this obsession and let him be, this t-shirt says all that needs saying. And as a bonus, his job is going to be so much more fun with one of these unique gifts for carpenters.

#24 The “Fix it Kit”

The “Fix it Kit”

The downside to having a carpenter friend is the level of chaos they can introduce into your world. Half the time, they won’t finish the projects they start because one of the tools they forgot one important tool.

With one of these kits, they have literally everything they need for their handyman needs around the house. Prepare him for every situation he might encounter with this handy kit and your problems will vanish.

#25 Rustic Hand Made Distressed Wood Carpentry Sign

Rustic Hand Made Distressed Wood Carpentry Sign - Gifts For Carpenters

Take his workshop décor up a few notches with a rustic, distressed wood sign. Simple yet elegant, the piece is sure to create lots of visual interest. Definitely one of the greatest gift ideas for the man cave!

#26 Hammer in 3D, Solid Silver, with Macramé Bracelet

Hammer in 3D, Solid Silver, with Macramé Bracelet - Gifts For Carpenters

Add a touch of style to their look by getting them this creative and fun unique bracelet. A solid sterling silver hammer defines its focal point with macramé on its opposite adding to the visual appeal making it a great holiday gift idea.

#27 Keep Your Balance –  Bubble Level Necklace

Keep Your Balance - Blue Carpenter's Bubble Level Necklace - gifts for carpenters

Allow your builder to wear his passion thanks to the bubble level necklace. A miniature bubble level sits at its center to charm the socks off everyone around them. This is one of our favourite gifts for carpenters!

#28 4-in-1 Screwdriver Tool Keychain 

Keychain Screwdriver Tool Gifts for Men

There is nothing more convenient and simple than this rare screwdriver keychain. It consists of a slotted bit, a Phillips bit, and two hex wrench sizes. Combining the two most valuable tools, this keychain is definitely a lifesaver for carpenters. 

Its small size and light weight make it easy for emergency repairs to occur, so they can use it quickly and precisely. We assure you that your carpenter will be amazed by this kind of keychain as we do.

#29 Tipkits Woodworking Apron

Tipkits Woodworking Apron

It seems like any carpenter can’t resist this charming woodworking apron when it comes to a gift. The apron has nine pockets to store various mechanical stuff while doing their job. 

In addition, an embedded magnetic on its chest will be fruitful to firmly stick screwdrivers. We guarantee that their work will be cost-effective and efficient with this apron. Besides, how could they refuse a gift that would be so useful for them?

#30 Relaxed Carpenter Jeans

Dickies Men's Relaxed Fit Straight-Leg Duck Carpenter Jean

Working as a carpenter is not an excuse to ignore appearance. They can still look stylish by wearing jeans specially designed for a carpenter. Its loose design will make it easier for them to move, especially for those required to have high and fast mobility. We guarantee that this is one of the most incredible gifts for carpenters that you have to buy.

What do you buy a carpenter in 2021?

1. Relaxed Carpenter Jeans – Shop Now!

2. Tipkits Woodworking Apron – Shop Now!

3. 4-in-1 Screwdriver Tool Keychain – Shop Now!

4. Monogrammed Tool Set + Gift Box – Shop Now!

5. The Definition Hoodie / Sweater – Shop Now!

6. Sawdust is Man Glitter T-Shirt – Shop Now!

7. Yoda Best Carpenter Coffee Mug – Shop Now!

8. Leather Suede Construction Worker Gloves – Shop Now!

9. Contractor Pen – Shop Now!

10. The “Fix it Kit” – Shop Now

Giving the gift of a carpenter may be tricky. However, we hope this list can give you a little idea of making exciting and cool gifts for carpenters. Don’t forget to share this post so that other people looking for similar presents can get new insights.

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