26 Useful and Meaningful Gifts for Woodworkers

We all know that any woodworker has countless of tools inside his workshop. From small ones to the bigger tools, you can find all of them inside a true woodworker’s workshop. When the time comes for you appreciate a special woodworker in your life, whether it’s your dad or husband, you can always try to give them some gifts for woodworkers that will come useful for them. It might be a little bit challenging, especially when you know that he owns almost every tool for woodworking already. Not to mention the fact that you have to choose from countless number of tools and products out there in the market.

Despite all the challenges that you have to face, there is one thing that you must remember, a woodworker wouldn’t mind having new additional tools in his workshop. For him, too much tools is never enough. So, gifting him woodworking tools will always be a great idea.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go out of the box, because you can always pick something more useful as gifts for woodworkers. To help you make your decision, let’s check out the following 26 gifts for woodworkers that will give you a better idea on what to choose.

BEST Gifts for Woodworkers

1. Custom Electric Wood Branding Iron

Gifts for Woodworkers

If your father or husband is a professional woodworker, then they will need something to make people recognize their work. Being an engineer doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t focus on marketing and promotion, too.

In order to help them with that, we believe without a doubt that they will appreciate this custom electric branding iron as a gift from you. You can have this custom-made with a design of their workshop name or store name, and voila! Your favorite woodworker can now put permanent branding on all of his works.

2. Carpentry Woodworking Tools Keepsake Box

Carpentry Woodworking Tools Keepsake Box

For any woodworker, one tool box is never enough. With so many tools in your favorite woodworker’s workshop, we’re pretty sure that he would still appreciate another box to keep his tools handy and easy to access whenever he needs them.

So never ever think that one or two boxes are enough, because your favorite woodworker will always have tools to be store in a new and empty box. Now that you know this fact, then this keepsake box is your answer.

3. Custom Engraved Carpenter Pencil

 Engraved Carpenter Pencil

If your favorite woodworker is your dad and you’re still searching for the perfect gift for his upcoming birthday this year, then this custom engraved pencils might be the perfect choice. Any woodworker needs pencils. A pencil is like one of the most crucial tools for him as he will never get to do his job properly without it.

More than just the usual pencils, these ones offer a personalization option that allows you to add a sweet message to the pencils. Asa result, you will see how happy your dad will be, and will his new pencils his as his most favorite tools.

4. Woodcarver’s Shop Journal

Gifts for Woodworkers

Help your favorite woodworker keep his work schedule organized with this Woodcarver’s Shop Journal.

This journal features blank pages for sketches, list of materials, checklist, and quick reference tables to grow his woodcarver shop. This is practically what your dear woodworker’s need, especially since it also features a cute cover that includes images of his favorite tools, too.

5. Olive Waxed Canvas 14 Pocket Tool Roll

Gifts for Woodworkers

This tool roll will be the perfect gift for woodworkers who loves to keep his tools handy wherever he goes. This pocket is not just nice to look at, but it can accommodate 14 individual tools plus 2 additional accessory pockets for smaller items. We have no doubt that having this roll will definitely keep his tools handy in a compact roll.

6. Vintage Bevel Gauge

Vintage Bevel Gauge

For a woodworker who loves to have vintage woodworking tools as a collection, then you must add this vintage bevel gauge to his list.

Being a rare item, it will definitely come as one of the most valuable gifts for woodworkers, including your favorite woodworker, too. Whether it’s your dad, husband, boyfriend or a dear friend, giving this item as a gift will undoubtedly bring a different yet vintage touch to his workshop.

7. DeWALT Table Saw

DeWALT Table Saw

Your favorite woodworker deserves to have a new table saw since it is the one tool that all woodworkers must have. Having a new table saw will come as a great help for a professional woodworker, especially in times when more orders are coming in at the same time.

For that reason, we personally think that he deserves to have this DeWalt Table Saw inside his workshop. It will be a lot better if you can give it to him as a birthday gift. So, wait more and get one now for your favorite woodworker.

8. Woodworker Hoodie

Gifts for Woodworkers

A hoodie will always be one of the most favorite gift choices for men and women, young or old. It includes a special woodworker in your life, too! With this hoodie, your favorite woodworker will stay warm whenever he has to work during the cold season.

Also, he will definitely stay protected from the freezing wind as well. Aside from its function, this hoodie will always be something to remind him about the fact that he is your favorite wood whisperer, don’t you think?

9. Inlaid OAK Tape Measure

Tape Measure

This is a tool that all woodworkers in the world have, there’s no doubt about it. Now that you know that a woodworker can never work without a tape measure, you better make sure that he has the coolest one out there.

Being a woodworker, there’s nothing cooler than owning this Inlaid OAK Tape Measure and that is why this tool is one of the most recommended gifts woodworkers.

10. Sjobergs 14-¼-in Wood Woodworkers Vise

Gifts for Woodworkers

This Sjobergs Smart Vise will come as a useful tool, which can also be a great gift for woodworkers, including your favorite woodworker too, of course.

With this tool inside his workshop, he can simply attach it to any on-going work surface and he can enjoy a solid hold whenever he is working. In addition, we also think that this useful will be perfect for professional woodworkers, too.

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11. Saw Blade Wall Clock

Gifts for Woodworkers

Someone with a woodworking hobby can spend long hours working inside his workshop or garage. Therefore, to make sure he keeps track of time and doesn’t spend too much time working, you can give him this unique wall clock made of an actual blade as a gift.

Moreover, rather than giving him the usual type of clock, why not give him something that represents his true identity, like this one for example? We’re sure you are on our team when we say that this item will be the perfect clock and decoration to be displayed inside his workshop.

12. I’d Rather Be Carving Wood T-Shirt

Gifts for Woodworkers

This ‘I’d Rather Be Carving Wood’ T-Shirt is a funny yet cool gift for your favorite woodworker. Whether it’s a birthday, achievement, or anniversary, this t-shirt will make a perfect gift for any occasion. If you wonder why, it’s because he can wear this t-shirt proudly by showing everyone that he has the ultimate wood carving skills.

13. I’d Rather Be Woodworking Mug

Woodworking Mug

Ok, we think this ‘I’d Rather Be Woodworking’ mug perfectly describes what’s on your favorite woodworker mind most of the time.

With such a cute and honest wording, we personally think that this mug will make a cool yet funny gift for a special woodworker in your life. With this mug, we’re pretty sure that he will have an enjoyable morning coffee session before starting the day by working inside his workshop.

14. Personalized Docking Stand

Gifts for Woodworkers

Working with so many sharp tools everyday can create some damage to a woodworker’s personal things like his wrist watch, glasses, or smartphone. That’s exactly why he needs this personalized docking stand to keep his things safe but still easy to grab and access. Even better, you can also personalize this docking stand by having your favorite woodworker’s name engraved on this super useful gift.

15. I Turn Wood Into Things Hat

gifts for woodworkers

There’s something about a man and a hat that cannot be explained. It is a true fact that almost all men out there man must have at least 1 hat, and most likely more!

If your favorite woodworker loves to wear a hat on a daily basis, why not add a new collection to his hat collection by giving this ‘I Turn Wood Into Things’ hat? We have no doubt, this hat will be his new favorite’s a fashion statement that will enhance his everyday look.

16. Custom Engraved Wood Watch

Custom Engraved Wood Watch

This wooden watch is one of the most recommended gifts for woodworkers, which we believe include your favorite woodworker, too!

Since he spends most of his time dealing with wood, then we can’t say no to this watch made of wood, right? This unique timepiece features high wooden craftsmanship, very light, comfortable to wear and long lasting. Plus, you can have your personal messages engraved on the back of the wooden case as well, which will make this a one-of-a-kind gift for your favorite woodworker.

17. Funny Woodworker Travel Mug

Funny Woodworking Travel Mug

People say that sawdust is men’s glitter, which is something that most woodworkers are proud of. Therefore, we honestly think that your favorite woodworker would love to have this stainless steel mug as his companion for an early morning coffee session before going to work.

After all, the smell of coffee is not the kind of thing he loves to smell in the morning. Being a woodworker, we believe without a doubt that his favorite thing to smell in the morning is sawdust!

18. Woodworking Apron

Woodworking Apron

This apron can hold screws, nails, bolts, washers, drill bits, and even glasses and smartphones without any possibility of falling off. Therefore, we think that this apron is one the most useful gifts for woodworkers who love to keep clothes clean all day.

Spending too much time in a woodworking workshop can make you clothes full of sawdust. That is when this apron comes handy. Made of waxed canvas, this apron is made of high-quality material, so we can assure that will be so highly durable.

19. Professional Woodworker 29 Piece Drill Bit Set

Professional 29 Piece Drill Bit Set

This is something that your favorite woodworker would love to have as a gift. This drill bit set will make a new ‘toy’ for woodworkers who love to see at least on set of his tools can be replaced with the new one made of titanium nitride coated, we can assure you that this kid of tools is solid, strong and long lasting. So, care to buy this tool as a gift for a special woodworker in your life?

20. Neotek Aluminum Digital Angle Finder Protractor

Neotek Aluminum Digital Angle Finder Protractor

This Digital Angle Finder Protractor is the perfect gift for a woodworker as it will be a valuable addition to his existing tools. This tool features high accuracy, delicate design and last but not least, sleek appearance, too! Moreover, it also comes with a slim case, specially designed to make it easy to carry.

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21. DODOWIN Contour Gauge Profile Tool

DODOWIN Contour Gauge Profile Tool

This item is a great gift for your favorite woodworker, whether it’s your husband, father, grandpa, or son. Comes in a sweet packaging, this contour gauge features a lock that will keep shapes unchanged, measuring and copying a profile accurately for woodworking. Giving this as a gift for him will come as helping him to get his work done perfectly.

22. Schaaf Wood Carving Mallet

Schaaf Wood Carving Mallet

Every woodworker needs a mallet, as mallets are one of the most important tools for woodcarving.

It needs to be available in any woodworker’s workshop, as it is mandatory. Based on that reason, we believe without a doubt that his schaaf wood carving mallet will make the perfect gift for him. Being a super useful too, it features a comfy handle topped with a ruthane head that transfers power into the chisel or gouge and not to the hand. 

23. BeaverCraft Deluxe Wood Carving Kit

BeaverCraft Deluxe Wood Carving Kit

If you’re looking for something unique and out-of-the-box kind of gift for your favorite woodworker, then we have to say that this elegant Wood Carving Kit is clearly one of the best options among other gifts for woodworkers out there.

These pieces offer elegant design and beautifully made of high-carbon steel and natural wood, arranged inside a genuine leather pouch. In our opinion, this is definitely one item that comes as a complete set of everything he needs for wood carving.

24. Sharp Pebble Sharpening Stones

Sharp Pebble Sharpening Stones

These sharpening stones come in a super sleek design and beautiful colors to make your tool sharpening activity becomes enjoyable. As one of the most useful kitchen gifts for woodworkers, he will live spend more time in the kitchen, guaranteed!

Moreover, he can also use it for nice gift for a woodworker, these sharpening stones are easy to use, plus super useful as his tools need routine sharpening every once in a while.

25. Magnetic Wristband of Tool Belt

Magnetic Wristband of Tool Belt

This magnetic wristband is something nice to have for a woodworker who needs his small and tiny tools handy whenever he needs them. Well, tell him to say goodbye to losing small screws, nails, bolts and other tiny tools with this next gift idea.

Moreover, don’t throw this item away yet because I think he will love it because he can ‘literally’ bring his crucial tools on this bag all the timr.

26. 7-Sided Multi Angle Measuring Ruler Drill Locator

7-Sided Multi Angle Measuring Ruler Drill Locator

Every woodworker needs a good ruler, since a good ruler determines the result of their work. For your favorite woodworker, this 7-sided ruler might be the one that will give him the best performance for an excellent result of his works. Made of premium aluminum alloy, this ruler features many advantages for a perfect wood carving works.

Final Thoughts

For a woodworker to be able to create the perfect piece of work, useful and high-quality tools are needed. Therefore, for any occasion like a birthday, anniversary, achievement, or other such event, your special woodworker would be thrilled to have one of the items on our list above.

Therefore, it would be brilliant idea for you to pick gifts that come as a useful tool for the work that he is doing tight now. From notebook, tape measure to the unique and useful woodworking tools, we have every item that will make the perfect gift on our list above.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you get someone who is interested in woodworking?

The best gift for woodworkers is a Carpenter pencils. You can never have too many pencils, and these carpenter pencils work double as hard with the printed rulers!

What does every woodworker need?

The main thing that a woodworker needs is a Circular Saw, as it needs to be available in every beginner woodworker’s tool box. Other tools that a woodworker needs are Mallet, Miter Saw, Hammer and Power Drill.

What is the most useful woodworking tool?

Of all the tools in the shop, the table saw is the most useful and versatile. It excels at making straight cuts, and with the addition of any of a million jigs, can be made to perform an amazing number of tasks with repeatability and precision.

What does every man need in his workshop?

There are lots of things that every man needs in his workshop. To name a few, a Crescent Wrench, Tape Measure, Circular Saw, Hammer and Channel Locks are five of the most important tools to have in a workshop.

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