25 Cool Bunk Beds To Celebrate New Home

Did you ever share a bunk bed? Having a set of cool bunk beds will increase the value of a bedroom. If your house has limited sleeping space, it is an efficient and elegant solution to accommodate multiple family members or guests. Bunk beds are also associated with childhood nostalgia and togetherness. 

Cool bunk beds are undoubtedly necessary to complete a comfortable house for people living with a roommate or having more than one child. Now, if your friends or family are building or buying a new home, it will be pretty thoughtful if you pitch in to buy this essential piece of furniture for them. We will help you pick out cool bunk beds as an ultimate gift to celebrate a new home!

Cool Bunk Beds for Kids

Bunk beds for children are wondrous items. Here are the top 7 unique bunk beds that will excite any kids!

1. Adventurous Bunk Bed

cool bunk beds

Meet the adorable My Hangout Hut Bed designed by LIFETIME KIDSROOMS. This bunk bed will fit children aged 3 and up. These bunk beds will invite kids to be adventurous even when indoors. There are multiple spaces to play hides and seek games. The top bunk features a roof that will provide children with a miniature house. If your loved ones have kids, this unique sleeping space will undoubtedly be the perfect addition to their children’s bedroom.

2. Doll House

cool bunk beds

The beautiful Mia’s Country Cottage bunk bed will be a thoughtful gift for little girls. It will make them feel like a princess with a tiny cute house. The bed features small windows, a roof, and doors! The designer provided this item with great attention to detail. You can order it based on your custom preferences.

3. Cute with Staircase Storage

cool bunk beds

This bunk bed features multiple compartments under the stair leading to the top for efficient storage space. It is cleverly designed by Kyash to optimize bedroom organization. This furniture is a perfect gift if you want to teach small children to tidy up their room.

4. Easy-to-assemble for Kids

cool bunk beds

The assembly process of a regular bunk bed can be complicated. Now, this one is different. The innovative bunk bed with no screw is the most effortless bedroom furniture you can install without any tools! It comes with clear instructions to help you put it up in under 45 minutes. Anyone can set this bunk bed up without any hassle or particular skill. It features a modern, sturdy design with safety rails. Therefore, this item is a perfect gift for people with small children.

5. Cool Bunk Bed With Multiple Drawers

cool bunk beds

Kids may need a lot of storage rooms to keep their toys and school supplies. Now the young room set wardrobe drawer bunk bed desk will provide an opportunity for children to feel more responsible and learn how to organize. It comes with at least 8 drawers that function as the ladder to access the top bunk!

6. The Safest for Kids 

cool bunk beds

Small children aged 6+ are notorious for their explosive energy. They may swing around from the top bunk. Therefore, you have to consider this fact in mind before choosing a cool bunk bed as a gift. Fortunately, the F Bunk Bed is designed for total stability. It will be 100% safe for active kids to use this bed as their playing and resting arena.

7. Bunk Bed That Doubles as Playhouse

cool bunk beds

A bunk bed is an excellent item for an indoor playground. The furniture will complement any bedroom and enhance its functionality. The Beloved Tree House provides you with a playful yet refined design. It is an excellent gift for your children that will stimulate their imagination. Of course, this bed also provides a comfortable and safe environment for a nap or a goodnight’s sleep.

Triple Cool Bunk Beds for Space-saving

Triple bunk beds offer more opportunity to save space while getting extra fun! Here’s the best 6 triple bunk beds for excellent gifts.

8. The Fashionable L-shaped Triple

cool bunk beds

The special cool bunk beds feature an L-shaped top bunk that can fit two children. The lower bed comes with two drawers and extra space for additional furniture. If you are thinking about choosing a present for someone with three kids, the Euroco Twin Size L-shaped wood triple bunk bed is high up on the recommendation list!

9. Triple With Sturdy Frame

cool bunk beds

When choosing triple bunk beds as a gift, you have to consider their structural integrity. This type of bed should be able to handle the weight of three people. Now meet the sleek Better Homes & Gardens Anniston Triple Bunk Bed that will complement your friend’s guest bedroom. It comes in a rustic gray color and durable metal frame.

10. Affordable Triple

Affordable Triple

Cool bunk beds do not have to be expensive or have a complex design. This item was designed by Mack and Milo. It is a fitting gift if you have three kids or maybe even a triplet. It comes with two integrated ladders to access the second and third bunk. The metal bed slats will also provide extra security for your children.

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11. Triplet with Elegant Gray Finish

Triplet Bunk Beds With Elegant Gray Finish

Having a lot of children does present a problem with bedroom allocation. If your house is small, this Dorel Living Phoenix Triple Bunk Bed may just be the best present for your children. It features three sleeping spaces that can be unstacked. This way, you want to put them in separate rooms.

12. Old-school Solid Wood Triple

Old-school Solid Wood Triple Bunk Bed

Suppose you are looking for classic bedroom furniture as a gift. In that case, you can’t go wrong with the Walker Edison Alexander Classic Solid Wood Bunk Bed. This item uses high-quality pine wood that was harvested sustainably. The cool bunk beds give off an antique feeling and nostalgic charm.

13. Triple Bunk Bed for Kids

cool bunk beds

The height of a triple bunk bed can be concerning for parents. Nevertheless, children will be excited to have this item in their bedroom. So the Merax Twin Triple Bunk Bed for Kids provides extra security by having sturdy construction and a protective railing.

Cool Bunk Beds for Minimalist Bedroom

Suppose you are looking for a gift for people who prefer a minimalist interior. In that case, this curated list will provide you with a collection of suitable bunk beds!

14. Stackable Bunk Beds

cool bunk beds

Are you looking for a bunk bed that can be detached to create two separate beds? Check out the versatile Costway twin bunk beds. This elegant piece of furniture uses solid hardwood to provide a timeless design. You can move it in or out of a bedroom because this bunk bed can be disassembled easily.

15. Bunk bed With Integrated Bookshelf

cool bunk beds

Your friends will appreciate Costway Twin Size Metal Loft Bunk Bed if they have a limited bedroom space. This bedroom furniture features a bookshelf integrated within the frame under the top bunk. This gift will provide your loved ones with space while having elegant storage for books!

16. Classic with Minimalist Design

Classic with Minimalist Design

If your friends prefer a simpler furniture design, Ashley’s Lettner Twin Bunk Beds will be an excellent gift. This bed comes in a classic look with a sturdy ladder and safety railing for the top bunk. It is safe enough for children aged 6+ or teens for a comfortable sleeping experience.

17. Simple Metal Bunk Bed

Simple Metal

The Gymax Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed uses a steel frame for durable and solid construction. This piece of bedroom furniture will stand strong even when an adult is climbing on the top bunk. The minimalist design will put people to rest easily, and it provides mature vibes. It features a set of multiple bed slats that will support any mattress and prevent it from sagging.

18. Wooden Bunk Wood That Can Be Divided In Two

Wooden Bunk Wood

Walker Edison offers a solid wood twin over bunk bed that will be attractive for people who love naturalistic and minimalistic looks. This bunk bed is also an outstanding gift if you are thinking about the future. When your kids are all grown up and need a separate bedroom, you can divide this excellent quality furniture into two beds.

19. Simple Bunk Beds With Premium Design

Simple Bunk Beds With Premium Design

Premium Twin Over Twin Black Metal Bunk Bed by Manor Park is the epitome of firmness. The simple design over a sturdy metal frame shows that whoever sleeps on it loves efficiency.

Cool Bunk Beds with Twin over Full Style

Bunk beds with a twin-size mattress over a full-size one are the most popular item in shops. It is suitable to provide an efficient sleeping quarter for a big person and a child in one bedroom.

20. Fashionable Gothic Black

Fashionable Gothic Black Bunk Bed

Check out the Coaster Home Furnishings Pauline Twin Over Full Bunk Bed. This all-black bunk bed will be a great gift for people who love gothic aesthetics. The darker finish brings out the high-class design. It invites anyone who enters the room to have a peaceful rest on it.

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21. Espresso Colored

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Have you ever seen cool bunk beds that feature espresso color? This one-of-a-kind twin over full bunk bed also provides you with an extra compartment by integrating a bookshelf with the ladder. It will be an ideal present to sophisticate a bedroom!

22. Metal Twin Over Full

Metal Twin Over Full

A bunk bed with a metal frame provides a more advantages because it is naturally stronger. You can buy the DHP Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Bed for your kids. You can also utilize this full-sized lower bunk for yourself while watching your kids playing at the top bunks.

23. Bunk Beds for Teenager

Bunk Beds for Teenager

Choosing a bunk bed as a gift for teenagers can be tricky because they have developed their own style. However, they will absolutely love this bunk bed with an elegant trapezium-like shape. It is not tacky, and older kids will enjoy sleeping on it.

24. Antique Twin Over Full

Antique Twin Over Full

This Louver Wood Bunk Bed can be an exquisite present for people who enjoy vintage design. It features an antique gray color that will conjure nostalgic feelings. This bunk bed is suitable for children while still retaining center-piece quality to your home interior.

25. Wooden Triple Floor

Wooden Triple Floor

You can accommodate more people by utilizing the vertical space of a bedroom! The Better Homes and Gardens Tristan Wooden Triple Floor Bunk Bed will be the most logical choice for that reason! Now that we have provided you with a comprehensive list of cool bunk beds, you will be ready to shop for the greatest gift to celebrate a new home! 

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