25 Modern Twin Beds for Adults to Save More Space

For some adults who live alone in a house or apartment, having a twin bed makes more sense than a queen size bed. As adults, they believe that modern twin beds are a low-cost space saver that only gives enough sleeping space for a single sleeper of ordinary height. Furthermore, another benefit of using modern twin beds is because of the twin size, one corner of the room might be designated as a dedicated sleep nook, while the rest of the room may be transformed into a home office.

Not to mention, the simple and humble design usually gives a more modern and minimalist look to the bedroom that is loved by many young adults. If you are looking for modern twin beds for adults to gain those incredible advantages, then you can refer to our page before choosing the best one. Without any further ado, let’s check our list below!

Modern Twin Bed with Trundle

Human population grew, but land for housing did not, resulting in modest dwelling sizes. If adults want to maximize floor and wall space usage in their house, then they should consider modern twin beds for adults with trundle. This is indeed a genius idea to make adults’ rooms look spacious but still can accommodate more people to sleep.

1. Natural Solid Wood Daybed

Natural Solid Wood Daybed

For those adults who like natural made products, they definitely will like this cool and modern twin daybed. Made from all natural solid wood to construct the frame, it also consists of a trundle that can be customized to meet their specific demands. Moreover, the bed frame has a slat roll base with a central rail that is particularly strong, an excellent choice for overnight guests.

2. Twin White Metal Framed Daybed

Twin White Metal Framed Daybed

White color for modern design is never disappointing. This wonderful modern twin bed is ideal for compact living spaces and welcoming guests. It features a bed frame that fits one normal twin size mattress on the daybed and a standard twin size mattress on the trundle. Made from a sturdy metal frame with 4 locking caster, this bed provides stability, safety, and durability. 

3. Twin XL Wooden Wheeled Bed Frame

Twin XL Wooden Wheeled Bed Frame

In case you are a tall person who wants to use a twin bed, then you can choose this Twin XL frame bed. Featuring a combo package with one twin XL bed and one twin size trundle bed in one set, it is very suitable for adults’ comfortable sleep. Moreover, it is made of hardwood slats that are durable for decades.

4. Twin Size Platform Bed

Twin Size Platform Bed

The style of this humble daybed is straightforward and sleek, a perfect modern twin bed for adults that will blend into their room nicely. Moreover, it is made of pine wood and high-quality MDF with a pull-out twin size trundle included for an extra stay. In addition, the simple and modern style is ideal for any room arrangement.

5. Daybed With Pop Up Trundle

Daybed With Pop Up Trundle

This modern industrial styled bed will make any adults’ home stand out. Made from a full metal frame, it features smooth curved metal piping for an exceptional industrial look. Not to mention, the trundle can be raised easily to the height of a bed, providing a comfortable place to rest. 

6. Platform Frame Bed With Trundle

Platform Frame Bed With Trundle

Imagine waking up to the sight of sunlight streaming in through the windows of this wonderful modern twin bed. Adults can set this bed near your window because of the exquisite frame structure. The wonderful design adds a touch of modern charm to any space. Moreover, the robust metal frame features metal slats that ensures air circulation around the mattress.

7. Wood Twin Size Daybed

Wood Twin Size Daybed

This modern twin bed for adults was created with elegant design and awesome function. The pull-out trundle is made of the same durable materials as the daybed and can accommodate a typical twin-sized mattress for additional sleeping space, perfect for sleepovers with friends to make the most of a tiny space. Simply put your mattress on top and relax!

8. Minimalist Bed With Trundle

Minimalist Bed With Trundle

If you are an adult who adores minimalism, you definitely will fall in love with the design and color of this bed. This modern twin bed for adults has minimalist design and neutral colors that suit any type of bedroom. Moreover, the bed trundle made of pine wood also gives extra safety during sleep in case you fall from the bed. 

9. Modern Sofa Bed

modern twin beds for adults

This bed is perfect in a studio apartment if adults want to use the living room as the bedroom as well. Made from high-quality pine wood, the frame of this daybed is absolutely durable for a long time. Not to mention, this daybed has a simple shape and a sophisticated color scheme which goes with any decor style and completes the aesthetic of any bedroom.

10. Twin Metal Bunk Bed with Trundle

modern twin beds for adults

For some adults who have family or friends who want to stay overnight, they can choose this bed which can accommodate more people to sleep. The modern bunk bed structure may be disassembled into two independent twin size beds, allowing them to provide more room or personal space for your family. Moreover, it also features the solid and durable trundle bed, perfect for a sharing room.

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Modern Twin Bed with Storage

For those adults who have a lot of stuff but live in a limited space, modern twin beds for adults with storage could be a savior. Having a bed with storage allows them to keep your clothes, books, and other items organized and dust-free. Otherwise, their belongings may get filthy and disorganized.

11. Modern Wood Platform Bed

modern twin beds for adults

Look at how elegant and stunning this bed frame design is! Without the use of a box spring, the modern twin bed for adults is constructed to support and keep the spring mattress for years. For convenient storage, this amazing bed is designed with two drawers, making a perfect storage to keep clothes under the bed organized.

12. L-Shaped Platform Bed

modern twin beds for adults

Adults can maximize the room usage with this L-shaped modern twin bed, especially if they live with their family in a small house. Moreover, it features a trundle bed and drawers for storage, perfect to accommodate more in one room. This unique bed is designed to fit in the room’s corner, with a built-in square table in the center of the two twin beds, providing further durability and practicality.

13. Handmade Solid Wood Bed with Drawer Storage

modern twin beds for adults

For some adults who appreciate handmade products, they surely will adore this modern twin bed frame. Made of walnut solid wood, they can guarantee its quality. What makes it more interesting, it has a simple design with drawers adults can customize based on their needs to keep your clothes or documents. It will be a pleasant item that will save enough space in their bedroom.

14. Modern Daybed With 3 Drawers

modern twin beds for adults

This is the real definition of smart and modern twin beds for adults! A twin daybed includes 3 parts in one: a bed, a regular trundle bed, and three large drawers that will save a lot of bedroom space. Furthermore, the bed frame is constructed of solid and long-lasting pine wood which has a good weight capability to protect adults’ mattresses for decades.

15. Home Twin Platform Bed With Drawers

modern twin beds for adults

This is a modern twin bed that will give a homey look in adults’ bedrooms. It has a deep dark brown woodgrain laminate finish that adds charm to any decor, giving an elegant and modern look to its appeal. Not to mention, it features two drawers and a no-handle design with a beveled top under the mattress that may be simply opened.

16. Emory Platform Bed

modern twin beds for adults

This twin-size emory upholstered bed combines style and functionality with two pull-out storage drawers. For some adults who want to keep their mattress for a long time, this bed is a perfect idea as it has 12 wood slats as a robust foundation for mattress support. Moreover, it has two storage drawers to make stuff simple look neat and tidy.

17. Twin Over Bunk Bed With Storage

modern twin beds for adults

For some adults who live in a tight house with siblings and many things to store, this modern twin bed for adults will be a smart idea. It features 4 compartments of various sizes that are hidden beneath this bunk bed and are ideal for storing needs. Moreover, the beds can be separated into 3 separate beds easily. Not to mention, this bunk bed is both functional and attractive, and it will complement any bedroom. 

Modern Twin Beds For Adults with Mattress

Who doesn’t like to sleep in a comfy bed? For adults who live in a tiny space but yet want to get a good night’s sleep, the appropriate modern twin beds for adults with a mattress are the way to go. In addition to providing the ideal level of firmness, the twin size of the bed allows adults to save space in their home.

18. Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This memory foam mattress topper is definitely an ideal modern twin bed for adults if you are seeking a comfy twin bed with mattress. Moreover, the memory foam is injected with cooling gel and textured to increase ventilation. It is an exceptionally soft and airy bed. Not to mention, the elevated zones will relieve pressure at the body’s various contact points and allow for a peaceful night’s sleep.

19. Bamboo Charcoal Bed

Bamboo Charcoal Bed

For those adults who want to try a modern twin bed but have sensitive skin, then they should throw those worries away with this bed. This bed is made of solid bamboo charcoal infused foam and is ideal for allergy sufferers. Furthermore, the 8-inch plush offers extra stability and complete body support, making it great for sleepers who sleep on their sides, backs, or stomachs.

20. Egg Crate Memory Foam Topper

Egg Crate Memory Foam Topper

This egg crate memory foam topper will improve adults’ sleep by conforming to their bodies and alleviating all body pressure points. With a curved shape that enables for more airflow, its responsive suspension will isolate motion for restful sleep. This is without a doubt the best modern twin bed for adults they should buy.

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21. Cloud Memory Foam Mattress

Cloud Memory Foam Mattress

Help your adults to get a comfortable night’s sleep with this 12 inches memory foam bed. It has a modern twin bed design that will create the feel of sleeping in the cloud. Moreover, it also has a luxuriant feel that hugs curves well, thanks to its cradling memory foam and soft microfiber.

22. Solar Memory Foam Bed

Solar Memory Foam Bed

If you are an adult who wants to have a comfortable bed but also save some space in your room, then this modern twin bed for adults will be perfect. It features an 8 inches memory foam bed, an ideal size to support your body and get a peaceful sleep. Not to mention, the premium poly jacquard cover will keep your mattress fresh, cool, and clean.

23. High Memory Foam Bed

modern twin beds for adults

With a height of 10 inches, this bed provides extra comfort for adults, especially after a long day. This memory foam mattress is also effectively ventilated to escape the heat as it is made of gel-infused memory foam. Adults will feel at ease resting on this modern twin bed because it perfectly adapts to the body line and provides good support.

24. Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress


Adults will find it difficult to resist the exquisite elegance of this lovely bed. For a cool and refreshing sensation while sleeping, this modern twin bed for adults is designed to decrease heat and increase ventilation. Therefore, adults will get a restful night’s sleep and feel refreshed when they wake up.

25. Customizable Wool Topper

modern twin beds for adults

Laying on this naturally supportive wool topper made from only the purest ingredients will improve adults’ sleep quality. This is a unique handcrafted wool topper that is versatile and provides a restorative sleep. Unlike any other material, it is designed to regulate temperature and keep the body cool in the summer but still warm in the winter, helping adults to sleep longer and soundly.

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Are twin beds good for adults?

When it comes to the size, a larger size indeed provides more comfortable sleep for adults. However, there are many things to consider for the best bed, so that you get the best value that fits your bedroom. Especially if you live in a small house or apartment alone, then a twin size can also efficiently save more space in your room. Today, there are also many modern twin beds for adults which offer both comfortability and functionality. If you are interested in those beds, you can check out this article.

Are there different types of twin beds?

A twin bed, commonly referred to as a single bed, is a narrow bed that can accommodate one person. Although twin beds are the smallest size among the standard mattress, it is still divided into 2 types: a standard twin bed and a twin XL bed. Twin XL bed is a little bit larger than the regular twin bed. In this article, we collect the best modern twin beds for adults in those two types, so you can get more inspiration to choose the right one.

What’s the difference between a single and twin bed?

The terms single and twin refer to the same bed size. There is no distinction between the two, and they are frequently interchanged. The term “single” used to be more frequent, but nowadays “twin” is more widespread. Some twin beds are designed to be purchased in pairs and used together. This is not required, and the dimensions of both twin and single beds are the same. If you live alone and are looking for functional and modern twin beds for adults, let’s check our selected items above.

What are the best modern twin beds for adults?

The greatest modern twin bed for adults should be comfortable as well as functional. Adults also desire a pleasant location to sleep in and more space in the bedroom, while still having enough space to walk around. Therefore, we recommend you to choose the Twin Over Bunk Bed With Storage or the L-Shaped Platform Bed, especially if you live with other people and have a lot of stuff to store.

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