25 Unique Beds with Storage to Make Your Bedroom Organized

Are you frustrated living in a small apartment and lacking space? If you’re having trouble finding an appropriate space to store your possessions, consider investing in furniture with an additional storage box. For instance, unique beds with storage is a great way to tidy your sleeping space while also giving you more space to store your home items.

However, in addition to keeping your living space organized and spotless, purchasing unique beds with storage has a slew of other advantages. You’ll get a lot of bang for your buck, from keeping your slumber refuge dust-free to customizing its function to fit any home decor. If you are planning to buy one, let’s check on our selected items below to get you inspired!

1. White Full Size Drawer Storage Bed

White Full Size Drawer Storage Bed

With this unique bed, you will not need a big cupboard to store your clothes. It features 3 big drawers for extra storage in your bedroom. Therefore, its unique metal and hardwood slat architecture makes it simple to assemble, durable, and easy to handle, perfect for those people who live in a small room.

2. Modern Velvet Upholstered Bed With Compartment

Modern Velvet Upholstered Bed With Compartment

Add a luxurious touch to your bedroom with this unique bed. You don’t have to worry about the size taking up too much room because it comes with a large storage compartment underneath the bed. With richly tufted upholstery throughout its headboard, this bed has a rich aesthetic that fits well in modern bedroom designs.

3. Multi Storage Bed

Multi Storage Bed

In case you have many kinds of stuff to store, then you definitely need unique beds with storage. Made of composite wood, this awesome bed is beautifully designed with 6 drawers to save more things inside. Therefore, you can keep your clothes, books, or even jewelry to make your bedroom tidy and organized.

4. Gas Lift Storage Bed

Gas Lift Storage Bed

If you have a lot of stuff but your cupboard is already full, then you can maximize the room under the bed to store them. With this unique bed with storage, you can have plenty of space to store stuff and make your things organized. The gas lift technology in this unique bed also provides an end lift or side lift option you can customize by yourself.

5. Classic Platform Bed With Storage

Classic Platform Bed With Storage

If you are looking for unique beds with storage in classic style, then this bed is destined for you. Made from the combination of great metal and solid wood, the mattress will be raised well without the use of a box spring. Moreover, it features 6 large drawers for storage that also match with classic themes in your bedroom.

6. Elegant Platform Size With Drawer

Elegant Platform Size With Drawer

This unique bed will undoubtedly make you fall in love if you want a vintage and elegant design in your bedroom. This bed has a strong rustic style aspect, with an irregular headboard and not neat surface, resembling a rural fence. Moreover, this bed has two huge drawers that provide excellent storage in your bedroom.

7. King Size Bed With Hidden Jewelry Storage

King Size Bed With Hidden Jewelry Storagec

The unique bed with storage is a stunning addition to any bedroom. Made from the embossed faux-wood veneer with a gray finish, you can store your precious items in the hidden jewelry drawers. Moreover, it also features 7 drawers that are fronted by polished chrome bar drawer pulls, which gives a nice contrast to its appeal.

8. Crossmill Mates Storage Bed

Crossmill Mates Storage Bed

Maximize the room usage with this unique bed with storage. Especially if you live in a small house or apartment, a twin size bed with storage will be the best option. It features a simplistic style that allows it to blend in with almost any decor. In addition, there are two drawers in the compact under-bed storage, which are ideal for clothes or games.

9. Dean Upholstered Storage Bed 

Dean Upholstered Storage Bed 

Get yourself your dream bed! This unique bed with storage combines all of the qualities that make a wonderful bed. This modern structure is composed of strong and durable wood, allowing you to sleep well on your mattress without any worries. Not only that, but it also has built-in plastic drawers on wheels under the bed that provide smart extra storage for your out-of-season apparel.

10. Flexible Full Platform Bed

Flexible Full Platform Bed

With this unique bed with storage, you don’t have to buy a bookshelf anymore. This bed is perfect for those bookworms who also want to save more space in their bedroom. It features smart storage under the bed where you can store books or any other stuff organized and neat.

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11. Contemporary Storage Bed

Contemporary Storage Bed

This is definitely one the best unique beds with storage that can make your bedroom organized. It features the headboard which is padded and comfortable. Moreover, the gas-lift system is simple to operate. Because the storage area extends all the way to the floor, it is suitable for even heavier objects.

12. Linen Platform Storage Bed

Linen Platform Storage Bed

This unique storage platform bed will draw attention to any room. The combination of the drawer deck and the slat system provides all of the support your mattress needs, with no need for a box spring. It also features an attractive, polished appearance that adds flair to your bedroom while its two drawers provide functionality. 

13. Frame Bed With Drawer and Bookcase Headboard

unique beds with storage

At the first glance, this bed may look narrow and have large storage. However, this unique bed with storage utilizes both footboard and headboard to maximize the storage function. Not to mention, the sophisticated look of drawers with metal handles will make your bedroom standout.

14. Ireland Full Bed

unique beds with storage

This unique bed with storage offers a multi-drawer platform bed and elegant drawers that will give you convenience and enjoyable time in the bedroom. Moreover, all of the 8 drawers give you a large space to keep your stuff inside and make your room look tidy.

15. Ottoman Bed With Mattress

unique beds with storage

With this unique bed with storage, you can store all of your big and heavy stuff under the bed. It features ottoman technology which can lift up your bed smoothly and easily. Moreover, it comes with thick memory foam that will provide a comfortable and good night’s sleep.

16. Double Bunk Bed With Storage

unique beds with storage

If you are sharing a room with a sibling or friend, then nothing can be as good as this unique bed with storage to make your bedroom look spacious. This is a cool bunk bed that provides plenty of space to store things in the footboard. Moreover, those 2 drawers will give both of you some privacy to store personal stuff.

17. Mattress With Gas Lift Storage

unique beds with storage

Make your bedroom look fancy and also spacious with this unique bed with storage. This bed’s strong oak frame properly supports the memory mattress for a restful night’s sleep. Furthermore, because the mattress can be easily lifted to open, you can have a lot of storage space underneath it.

18. Wingback Panel Bed

unique beds with storage

For those people who adore luxury, this unique bed with storage will be suitable for you. It features the wingback panel bed which has an upholstered style and a regal atmosphere. Moreover its gas lift technology can make you have a large storage compartment underneath the bed.

19. Guest Bed With Trundle And Storage

unique beds with storage

If you are looking for a space-saving bed to fill your guest room, then this bed will be a smart solution. This is a unique bed with storage that also has a trundle bed to optimize the room usage. Moreover, the white design gives a modern and minimalist look to its appeal, perfect for any bedroom.

20. Sleigh Bed and Mattress

unique beds with storage

This bed is indeed the real combination of luxury and functionality. It features an adorable velvet plush and also a sturdy bed frame that will make your sleep comfortable at night. Not only that, its cute pink bed design also provides a lot of room to store things and keep your bedroom organized.

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21. Italian Double Bed With Storage Trays

unique beds with storage

Look at how elegant this Italian bed is! With gently curved sides and a shell-like form, this unique bed with storage has a dynamic style. Moreover, a semicircular glass plate serves as a storage tray and rests on a volute. This bed will certainly add lightness and beauty to your bedroom.

22. Standing Queen Size Bed With Drawers

unique beds with storage

If you love unusual design, then you may fall in love with this unique bed with storage. This magnificent bed has a wooden frame and a huge headboard, both of which provide storage space. As a result of the deep headboard’s two-sided storage area, the bed is meant to be free-standing.

23. Modern Orient Express Bed

unique beds with storage

Embrace your inner child with this lovely bed in train shape. You can create your own space inside the unique bed with storage and make your things organized. In addition, you can give your kids or nephew this unique bed and create a perfect room to play and sleep.

24. Amuneal Murphy’s Bed

unique beds with storage

This excellent design is unquestionably perfect for storing everything in one bed. This unique bed with storage hides a queen-sized mattress beneath silvered walnut panels with tarnished bronze inlays, giving it the appearance of built-in millwork. When the bed is fully opened, a stunning bed frame with ample storage reveals a warm and inviting place for sleeping.

25. Mid-Century Queen Size Bed

unique beds with storage

With this unique bed design, you can have a mid-century vibe in your bedroom. A queen-size platform bed, a headboard cabinet, and a pair of double-door nightstands are gorgeously designed in one set. This unique bed with storage definitely will make your room look clean and organized.

latest post:

What are beds with storage called?

Beds with storage are often called storage beds. It is a bed frame that has storage built into it such as underbed drawers or a bookshelf. Today there are many unique beds with storage that offer multiple drawers and various designs among the options. These bed frames also frequently feature a slatted foundation that supports a mattress without the use of a box spring.

How good are storage beds?

Storage beds often feature the same slatted pattern as regular beds, but with the extra benefit of a sturdy lower frame to hold your drawers or storage area. Moreover, with the advancement of technology, there are many great and unique beds with storage you can find. As a result, they’re powerful, long-lasting, and durable enough to last for years.

What kind of storage bed is best?

Well, before choosing the best storage bed, you should consider several factors such as materials, design, and the size of the storage space depending on your need. If you live in a small apartment, then a Crossmill Mates Storage Bed will be the best one for you. Or, if you want to keep heavy stuff, you can choose a bed with a large compartment underneath the bed such as the Ottoman Bed With Mattress. For more inspiration of unique beds with storage, you can refer to our lists above.

How do you clean under a storage bed?

Having unique beds with storage is indeed useful, but sometimes it can be an area that collects a lot of dust. To make your storage bed clean, you can use these simple steps. First, you need to remove all items stored to make the cleaning process easier. After that, you can use a yardstick and a sock to remove dust in the corners of the storage. If you have a large storage, you can use a damp flat-head mop to cover all of the area. 

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