25 Cool Beds for Toddlers to Sleep During Nighttime

When you have a kid, you will feel the need to protect them. There’s nothing in the world that you won’t give to them. As long as they’re safe and sound, you’ll be alright. If your kid is still a toddler, they won’t be able to take care of themselves. That’s the reason why you should double the effort to make sure that they stay comfy. It’s also the reason why you should think of buying cool beds for toddlers to make sure that they are well rested.

When you’re thinking of buying cool beds for toddlers, you need to think of two main factors: safety and comfy. Make sure that the bed has some sort of protection to safeguard your baby from falling. You also need to check out if the beds are comfortable enough so that you’ll have enough sleep yourself. Most toddler beds fulfill those criteria, but not all of them have this extra facto: cool appearance. If you want to make your child happy, you might want to stick around and take a look at our list of cool beds for toddlers. 

Cool Toddler Beds for Girls

First up, we’re going to be discussing cool toddler beds for girls. Most of these have cute-looking appearances that will make your girl happy. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best cool beds for toddlers. 

1. Tent Canopy Bed in Cream Canvas

Tent Canopy Bed in Cream Canvas

Sometimes, a bed might look cool if they have a simple design, which is why we’re including this awesome tent bed in our list of cool beds for toddlers. Your girl will feel a camping experience inside their own room. The low height of this bed also makes it safer for your lovely child. 

2. Donco Toddler Bunk Bed

Donco Toddler Bunk Bed

When you have more than one kid, you’ll need to think of a creative way to satisfy them all. Perhaps this bunk bed might do the trick for you. With this bed, they can have their own privacy and it will also act as a magnificent decoration in their room.  

3. Frozen Canopy Bed

Frozen Canopy Bed

Girls will love Elsa and her tale more than boys. We thought that a Frozen-themed bed might satisfy them, so here you go! It is equipped with a canopy and two guardrails for your children’s safety. Now, they can imagine building a snowman everyday with Elsa!

4. Comfy Toddler Bed

Comfy Toddler Bed

A toddler bed is a good bridge before transitioning from a baby’s bed to a kid’s bed. This cute bed is big enough to provide comfort for your baby. Add to the fact that it is really beautiful, nothing can really go wrong with this one. 

5. Disney Princess Canopy Bed

Disney Princess Canopy Bed

Elsa isn’t the only Disney princess that your kids enjoy. If they like Jasmine, Aurora, or Rapunzel, you might as well buy this cool toddler’s bed. It has a cool canopy that shields your kid from the room’s lamp, and it has a really catchy design that matches every little girl’s style. 

6. Castle Bed for Children

Castle Bed for Children

Now this is quite an expensive bed for a child. But hey, if you got the cash, you might want to spoil your lovely kid. It has a shape resembling a castle. When they sleep on the bed, they will definitely feel like a Disney princess!

7. House-Framed Toddler’s Bed

House-Framed Toddler’s Bed

To be perfectly candid, this particular toddler’s bed will fit perfectly for either a boy or a girl. However, we thought that your lovely daughter will definitely feel comfortable resting with this comfy bed. Plus, this is a minimalistic item! You can save a lot of space in your kid’s room if you use this bed. 

8. HelloHome Pig Toddler’s Bed

HelloHome Pig Toddler’s Bed

We thought that this cute bed would be a better fit for a girl’s bed. However, if you decided to purchase this for your son, we also respect that decision. Whatever it is, you can’t deny that it looks awesome. It is also safe for toddlers as it is low to the ground too. 

Cool Toddler Beds for Boys

There’s a reason why we need to separate categories of cool beds for toddlers according to gender. The answer is really simple: boys and girls have different tastes. If girls like princesses, boys will dig cars and action heroes more. Let’s take a look at some of the best cool beds for toddlers that you can buy for your son. 

9. Toddler’s Tent (Yes, Another One!)

Toddler’s Tent (Yes, Another One!)

In the girl’s category, we have included a toddler’s bed that resembles a tent. We thought that it would be fair to include one here too. However, this tent is inspired by Vikings, which makes it all the more appealing for boys. We ‘re sure that your son will appreciate this bed!

10. 19th Century French Bed 

cool beds for toddlers

Here’s a classic masterpiece inspired by vintage design. It looks really elegant, and it will not consume too much space in your kid’s bedroom. You can also have the side rails shortened to accommodate your toddler’s mattress. 

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11. Whitewash Carved Wood Daybed

cool beds for toddlers

This elegant daybed really looks like a sofa. However, we assure you that the awesome daybed really feels comfortable for your toddler. Just add a side rail to protect your kid, and it’s all set! Now they can have another sleeping option from their regular bed. 

12. Mickey Toddler Bed

Mickey Toddler Bed

As much as your boy loves Iron Man and cool cars, Mickey Mouse is still able to attract their interest. It’s practically the reason why we’re recommending this awesome toddler bed for you. We guarantee that your kid will be able to sleep faster here. 

13. Spiderman Toddler Bed

cool beds for toddlers

The friendly neighborhood Spiderman is here, and he is available to accompany your son in his sleep. The magnificent bed is made using durable material that won’t break easily, and you can also light up his eyes at night!

14. Race Car Toddler Bed

cool beds for toddlers

Your son may be a little too young to drive a real car. But you shouldn’t discourage him from achieving that dream. In fact, you can buy this awesome race car bed for him. Let him fantasize about being a top driver while sleeping on it. 

15. Babylo Pirate Bed

cool beds for toddlers

Here’s another cool themed bed that will definitely satisfy your son. They can try to operate and captain their own pirate ship with this amazing toddler’s bed. Let your son’s imagination run amok!

16. Baby Shark Toddler’s Bed

cool beds for toddlers

While girls are usually identified with the pink color, boys are attached to blue. That’s the reason why we thought this baby shark bed will fit perfectly inside your son’s bedroom. Sleep tight on this bed while listening to the Baby Shark theme song!

17. House-shaped Toddler Bed

cool beds for toddlers

A house, inside a house? It might seem weird, but when you take a look at the photo above, you might be interested in purchasing one. This awesome house-shaped toddler bed is also big enough to fit two toddlers! 

Cool Toddler Beds with Slide

Awesome toddler beds also need something else that can make your kids enjoy them more. There’s a lot of cool beds for toddlers that are equipped with slides. This is a fun way for your kids to play inside their room. 

18. Toddler Bed with Slide and Climbing Frame

cool beds for toddlers

This is a really smart bed. Go to bed by draining every last energy so that your kid can sleep tight, and wake up in the morning by sliding with the slides. Plus, there’s a climbing rope that can help your kid during their way up.  

19. Donco Slide Bed

cool beds for toddlers

This is quite a large bed, as it is a twin-sized bed. Besides getting comfortable when they sleep, they can also enjoy the thrill of climbing with a ladder. The design will definitely fit perfectly for your children’s bedroom. 

20. Metal Loft Bed with Slide

cool beds for toddlers

If you take a quick look at it, this awesome bed looks very similar to the one that we have just mentioned before. However, this metal loft bed is really ideal for saving space in the room. The ladder is also integrated into the frame for your child’s safety.

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21. Bunk Bed with Slides

No products found.

If you want to buy a bed for two that have slides, you don’t really need to worry. This bunk bed is the perfect choice for siblings. You just need to make sure that they have a good rest instead of playing with the slide all night long!

22. Twin Bunk Bed with Slide

Twin Bunk Bed with Slide

Here’s another bunk bed that is also installed with a slide. But if you want to save up space in their room, this particular toddler’s bed might be the better choice. It’s also made using non-toxic material that is safe for your kids. 

23. ASTARTH Low Loft Bed with Slide

cool beds for toddlers

We need to protect our kids with extra caution. Playing with slides can be fun, but they don’t know the danger of playing carelessly. That’s the reason why you should buy this low loft bed. With it, you won’t have to worry much about their safety. 

24. Princess Low Loft Bed with Slide

Princess Low Loft Bed with Slide

Your daughter may pretend to be a damsel in distress who awaits her prince inside a dangerous castle. However, they should just save themselves by using the slide installed with this awesome bed. It’s really cool, and we know that your child will love it. 

25. Toddler’s Bed and Slide

cool beds for toddlers

Technically, the slide isn’t really equipped together with the bed. However, you’ll get all of them together when you purchase the item. If you take a look at the photo above, you’ll see that it will look so beautiful in your daughter’s room. 

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