25 Double Toddler Bed For Twins That Will Make Them Love Their Bedroom

Having twin toddlers is a challenging task for parents. At the toddler age, twins enjoy actively climbing out of the crib, causing parents to be concerned about their safety. As a result, many parents are considering providing twins with a double toddler bed in their room. Moreover, that also can train the twins to sleep by themselves in their bedroom.

Today, there are many awesome and wonderful designs of double toddler beds for twins you can choose. From the space saver bed for a small bedroom, to a low bed to make your twins secure during sleep, you can choose them depending on the twins’ needs. If you are looking for the best one for your twins, let’s check on our list below and be ready to get inspired!

Double Toddler Bed for Twins for Small Space

Toddler twins may be small kids, but we all know how quickly they grow up! When it comes to choosing the best double toddler bed for twins in their room, space is typically an issue. As a result, we chose a double toddler bed for twins for a limited area to make their room appear larger.

1. Wood Nursery Bed House

Wood Nursery Bed House

If your toddler twins love to sleep together, then the wooden house bed is a suitable baby bed for them to sleep and play. Made from solid pine, it gives strong structure and elegant visuals. Moreover, this adorable nursery bed house can be placed in the corner and will make their bedroom look spacious. 

2. Twin Bunk Bed with Slide

Twin Bunk Bed with Slide

This double toddler bed for twins cleverly combines an area to sleep and a room to play in one item. Your twins can have a bedroom on both the top and lower floors, as well as a playroom with side slides. Furthermore, the retractable curtains transform the under-bed area into a play-space, which your twins will undoubtedly enjoy.

3. Twin Bunk Bed with Ladder

Twin Bunk Bed with Ladder

If you have twins or more than two toddlers, a large and comfortable double bed is exactly what they need. This trendy bunk bed has a twin top bunk above and a full bottom bunk which will accommodate more toddlers in the bedroom. Furthermore, the large double toddler bed will provide ample area for movement.

4. Mosquito Net Bed

Mosquito Net Bed

Keep the mosquitos away from your beloved toddler twins with this adorable mosquito net bed. This unique double toddler bed is creatively decorated with lace which brings a warm feel and elegance to your twins’ bedroom. Not to mention, the twin size is also designed to save some space in the bedroom.

5. Modern Style Double Bunk Bed

Modern Style Double Bunk Bed

This bunk bed is a multipurpose must-have that instantly gives the toddler twins’ room a trendy appeal. Not to mention, this full-over-full bunk bed has a strong aesthetic impact while still being quite functional. Your twins’ room will also have more study and play areas because of the compact design.

6. Double Parallel Bunk Bed

Double Parallel Bunk Bed

With these two parallel bunk beds, it’ll be easy for your toddler twins to have a playdate with their siblings. It boasts a practical design with two sets of twin-sized bunk beds in the center, an attached stairway, and guardrails for safety and security. What makes it more unique, you can simply place one pair of bunk beds to conserve room when the other is not used.

7. Double Twin Bunk Bed with Trundle

Double Twin Bunk Bed with Trundle

Because your toddler twins can grow up so quickly, you might be looking for the perfect bed to save space in their bedroom. By providing a fourth sleeping spot, this bed provides more space for your twins and their pals. It’s also ideal for sharing a room with siblings or for sleepovers.

8. Wooden Platform Bed With Drawers

Wooden Platform Bed With Drawers

In case your toddler twins have many things to store, you can get them organized with this bed. This is a great double toddler bed for twins since it has two twin size beds. The platform bed is solid and durable, and the two spacious drawers under the beds provide plenty of storage room. This is an excellent space-saving solution for twin toddlers.

9. Toddler Bed With Trundle

Toddler Bed With Trundle

Some toddler twins are actively moving while sleeping, which may cause them to fall from the bed. Therefore, a toddler bed with a trundle can be a smart solution to keep them safe as well as save more space. It also includes a high-quality frame that is perfectly smooth and polished on all sides, adding a lovely touch to the twins’ room. 

10. Bunk Bed Oak With Shelves Storage

Bunk Bed Oak With Shelves Storage

Twin toddlers must have many toys to play with which will create a mess in their bedroom. Therefore, this unique bed is ideal for them which is perfect if your twins want their own place. It has a set of shelves where they may keep their favorite toy or book close at hand. 

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11. Toddler Loft Bed Slide With Drawers

Toddler Loft Bed Slide With Drawers

This is definitely a combination of bedroom, playroom, and storage room in one bed, perfect to save more space in your toddler twins’ bedroom. Made from solid pine frames, you can guarantee its stability and durability. This double toddler bed for twins will absolutely make them enjoy playing in their bedroom more.

Low Double Bed for Toddler Twins

A small double bed is an excellent option for twin toddlers as it gives the extra space for them to move around freely. Moreover, the low height will prevent your toddler twins from falling from the bed. If you need more inspiration about a low double bed for toddler twins, you can check on our items below.

12. Wooden Floor Bed

Wooden Floor Bed

This wooden floor bed is definitely a fantastic double bed for toddler twins to sleep and play in, and it will help them effortlessly transition from a baby bed to a toddler bed. Furthermore, the simple design with neutral finish saves a lot of space in the toddler room, and you don’t have to worry about your twins rolling out of the cute bed.

13. Montessori Floor Bed

Montessori Floor Bed

Turn your toddler twins room into a lovely and adorable atmosphere with this montessori floor bed. The wooden bed is composed of high-quality polished aspen or alder wood. Furthermore, the low design keeps your toddler twins safe once they move out of the bed.

14. Wooden Jeep Bed

Wooden Jeep Bed

If your toddler twins show interest with cars, then this adorable wooden jeep bed can be the best double bed for toddler twins. Made of sturdy and durable baltic birch, the unique jeep shaped design will protect your toddler twins from falling. Your toddler twins will surely love to stay in this lovely bed all day.

15. Toddler Gym Bed

Toddler Gym Bed

Who says that toddler twins can’t go to the gym? Well, this bed makes the impossible possible with this amazing design. It is constructed with some obstacles that will ‘train’ your twins to climb and mount. Moreover, your toddler twins can have fun games safely together before sleeping in a comfortable double bed.

16. Painted Wooden Floor Bed

A small double bed for toddler twins with rails will give full protection to your active toddler twins. Moreover, this bed is painted with various colors that will attract your toddler twins. In addition, it is designed as a loft bed, an ideal bed to keep your twins enjoy the night’s sleep.

17. Deer Blind Bunk Loft Bed

Deer Blind Bunk Loft Bed

Look at how pretty this house bed is! If your toddler twins adore baby dolls, they may be attracted to this bed as it resembles a doll house. Not to mention, it is made of solid pine wood with a rustic finish that makes your twins’ bedroom stand out. Your toddler twins will definitely jump to joy and excitement with this lovely bed.

18. Play Tent Canopy Bed

Play Tent Canopy Bed

Create an unforgettable camping experience everyday with this double bed for toddler twins. With the play tent canopy bed, your toddler twins will have a fantastic sleeping and playing place. Not to mention, this double bed also compliments the current mattress into a Montessori floor bed for your toddler twins.

Cheap Double Toddler Bed For Twins

Purchasing a double toddler bed for twin toddlers is an additional, maybe unplanned expenditure. Although there are some double toddler beds which are developed with a cheap price in mind, if you’re not on a budget, you’ll have to make a creative switch to a standard bed with extra improvements. For more inspiration to get a cheap double toddler bed for twins let’s check our list below.

19. House Frame Bed For Toddler

House Frame Bed For Toddler

This toddler bed will look great in your toddler twins’ room because of its basic and beautiful design. You’ll appreciate its low cost, high quality, and sturdy design. Furthermore, each bed is handcrafted utilizing both traditional and modern processing methods.

20. Toddler Storage Bed

Toddler Storage Bed

If you are looking for a double toddler bed that can save more space at an affordable price, this bed is destined for your toddler twins. It features a double bed with drawers under the bed which can accommodate stuff inside. This bed is indeed a smart solution to keep your toddler twins’ stuff organized.

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21. Toddler Storage Daybed

Toddler Storage Daybed

This daybed is a great option if you’re seeking a secure and comfortable bed for toddler twins. The exquisite design adds a touch of modern and timeless charm to any space. Moreover, it also has drawers to keep your twins’ stuff, making it perfect for your toddler twins to keep organized.

22. Toddler Bed Rail Bumper

Toddler Bed Rail Bumper

If you can’t afford to buy a complete double toddler bed for twins, then consider buying this bed bumper to give your toddler twins extra security. These bumpers are the appropriate height and size to provide your twins plenty of room to stretch out while napping. This will be a smart solution to provide a safe double bed for your lovely toddler twins.

23. Transitional Wood Toddler Bed

Transitional Wood Toddler Bed

With this double-sided safety bed, you can help your adorable toddler twins sleep soundly at an affordable price. The wooden toddler bed with safety guardrails is the ideal transition from crib to big-kid bed, and is an absolute must-have item for your toddler twins. You can rely on its quality because it is made of robust and sturdy wood that is stable and long-lasting.

24. Extra Long Baby Rail Guard

Extra Long Baby Rail Guard

Transform your regular bed into a perfect and safe double toddler bed for twins with this extra long baby rail guard. This will make your active toddler twins move freely without fear of falling from the bed. Therefore, it will be a great solution to get a double toddler bed for twins at the most affordable price.

25. Purple Panda Bedding Set

Purple Panda Bedding Set

Another creative way to create a double toddler bed for twins at a low cost! You can change your twins’ regular bed with this lovely panda bedding set to make your toddler twins attracted. Moreover, it has vibrant colors and cute design that will create a comfortable night’s sleep.

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Should twin toddlers share a bed?

Well, there are many opinions about this issue. Some people believe that twins can share a bed until the age of 4 years old as it will maintain their bonding. On the other hand, some people believe that they should be separated in different beds due to medical reasons. If you are looking for the best double toddler bed for twins that matches your view, let’s check our selected items above.

At what age should twins have their own room?

It is likely to be determined by the family, relationships, and the availability of additional rooms. Twins transition from “womb mates” to “roommates” from the moment they are born, as many parents of multiples find it most convenient to set up a single nursery for their infant twins. Today, we have various double toddler beds for twins to make them comfortable to sleep in one bedroom. For more inspirations, please check on our lists above.

At what age can a child sleep in a double bed?

Well, based on the recommended age range, the best time for a child using a small double bed is at the age of 8 years old and above. Therefore, no wonder that double beds for toddlers always have low designed or safety rails to make your children secure, especially toddler twins who are actively exploring and moving. Suppose you want to have a double toddler bed for twins, you can refer to our lists above. 

What age should you separate boy girl twins?

Sharing a room between boy and girl twins when they are small can be a wonderful bonding experience, but as they become older, it is critical to provide them with their own space if at all possible. Twins with opposite genders should not share a room after the age of 10, as a general rule. Especially as they reach adolescence, boy and girl twins begin to seek their privacy as they grow older.

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