25 Decorative Ceiling Beams Ideas For A Cozy Living Space

Are you feeling a little uninspired and bored? It is critical to remodel or renovate your living room once in a while in order to obtain more inspiration and excitement in a space. By installing ceiling beams in your room, you can make a relatively simple yet significant improvement to the appearance of the entire space. A new environment is always a great fresh new start to get back to work, study, or do anything that you like. 

Adding ceiling beams can be done by professionals and also by yourself because you can make decorative ceiling beams by using faux beams out of boards. There are quite a lot of references and ideas for a decorative ceiling beam design that might be overwhelming to choose from. Therefore, we have curated 20 amazing decorative ceiling beams ideas that will no doubt turn your space into a cozy living space. 

1. Tied King Post Decorative Ceiling Beams

Tied King Post Decorative Ceiling Beams
Source: pinterest (@interiordesign.lovetoknow.com)

Your home will look cozier and welcoming with the addition of this tie king post decorative ceiling beam. It is designed in the shape of a triangle and has poles in the middle, on the left, and on the right to make it look like a rustic barn house. Besides adding a tied king post decorative ceiling beams you can improve the rustic vibe by adding more details such as placing a rustic table lamp.

2. Two-Tone King Post Decorative Ceiling Beams

Two-Tone King Post Decorative Ceiling Beams - p @homestolove.com.au
Source: pinterest (@homestolove.com.au)

Create an inviting and charming country ambiance in your home by incorporating beams into your ceiling. The combination of decorative beams and contemporary two-tone color create minimalist beams that surely will not disappoint. This idea for decorative ceiling beams is perfect for those who enjoy the minimalist aesthetic. For the lights, it will be perfect to add an industrial light that has a geometrical shape. 

3. Kitchen Island Ceiling Beam

Kitchen Island Ceiling Beam - p @renoguide.com.au
Source: pinterest (@renoguide.com.au)

If you are looking for a decorative ceiling beam design for your kitchen, you should try installing a block of beams with an artsy vibe. The addition of a masterpiece to your kitchen would, without a question, transform the area into one that is more aesthetically pleasing and warmly welcomes people to spend time there cooking and hanging out with their loved ones.

4. Rustic Simple Decorative Ceiling Beams

Rustic Simple Decorative Ceiling Beams - p @blog.jennasuedesign.com
Source: pinterest (@blog.jennasuedesign.com)

You may make your house feel more like a home by decorating the ceiling with ceiling beams that have a rustic look but are still simple. When constructing beautiful ceiling beams, it is not necessary to make use of actual blocks of wood. Instead, use planks that have been covered in wood vinyl to make it look like a real block of wood.

5. White Painted Decorative Ceiling Beams

White Painted Decorative Ceiling Beams - p @Donna Wittman
Source: pinterest (@Donna Wittman)

White decorative ceiling beams are becoming trendy in this day and era when minimalist lifestyle trends are increasing rapidly. It is possible to achieve the appearance of a rustic barn house while at the same time maintaining a clean and organized appearance with white ceiling beams. Since the beams are quite plain, therefore, you would like to add lights that have more personality, such as a huge industrial light, or a rattan light.

6. Faux Grid Decorative Ceiling Beams

Faux Grid Decorative Ceiling Beams - p @momgenerations.com
Source: pinterest (@momgenerations.com)

A faux grid of decorative ceiling beams can add a rustic farmhouse feel to a room. This approach is ideal for a high-ceiling house since the faux grid of decorative ceiling beams creates a more full illusion that can fill up the empty space. You may even match the color of the ceiling to the color of your furnishings to make everything appear to be well-coordinated and put together.

7. Cozy Vintage Decorative Ceiling Beams

Cozy Vintage Decorative Ceiling Beams - p @dawnmckennagroup.com
Source: pinterest (@dawnmckennagroup.com)

Create an iconic work of art and personality to your space by embellishing the ceiling with cozy vintage decorative beams. By placing beams that have a more natural appearance, such as exposed wood, you might be able to give your home the feel of a calming and peaceful country cottage. A perfect decorative ceiling beam idea for a house by the bay area. 

8. Bungalow Style Decorative Ceiling Beams

Bungalow Style Decorative Ceiling Beams - p @bosthomes.com
Source: pinterest (@bosthomes.com)

If you have a bungalow ceiling shape, then you should try this bungalow-style decorative ceiling beams idea. If you want to build one, you should probably look into hiring a professional builder so that you can acquire the exact dimensions and contours of the ceiling beam that will improve the look of your home.

9. Tijeras Style Decorative Ceiling Beams

Tijeras Style Decorative Ceiling Beams - p @nextluxury.com
Source: pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

If you think that plain white ceiling beams are too dull and basic, you might consider these Tijeras-style decorative ceiling beams. By exposing some of the raw wood of your white beams, you can create an abstract and rustic wood pattern that makes it look more interesting. You can do this project on your own using a ceiling-tall ladder and sandpaper, sanding block, or other sander tools.

10. Small Spacing Ceiling Beams

<a href=Small Spacing Ceiling Beams – p @theidentite.co” class=”wp-image-108609″/>
Source: pinterest (@theidentite.co)

A slight distance between ceiling beams can help in creating Japanese-Scandinavian house aesthetics. To build one, you can use blocks of wood and simply nail it to your ceiling with a small spacing from one beam to the next beam. You might want to match your furniture to the Japandi theme by adding a huge wooden table as a centerpiece of your kitchen.

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11. Trapezoid Shape Decorative Ceiling Beams

Trapezoid Shape Decorative Ceiling Beams - p @plankandpillow.com
Source: pinterest (@plankandpillow.com)

The trapezoid decorative ceiling beams complement the trapezoid ceiling wonderfully. It not only enhances the unique ceiling shape but also makes the living area more comfortable. It is also ideal for a home that wants to add more color to an otherwise all-white space. You can match these trapezoid ceiling beams to any theme you prefer, whether it is a luxury minimalist, industrial or cozy cottage theme.

12. Raw Rustic Decorative Ceiling Beams

Raw Rustic Decorative Ceiling Beams - p @Ari
Source: pinterest (@Ari)

The very raw wood material can be utilized as a decorative ceiling beam to create a historical feel in your space. However, raw wood material is particularly vulnerable to termites, therefore, you may want to use termite repellent to prevent termites from invading your wood. Since the raw rustic decorative ceiling beams are quite dark, you might want to match it with neutral tone furniture such as white, cream, and light brown. 

13. Rustic Cottage Style Ceiling Beams

Rustic Cottage Style Ceiling Beams - p @Caroline Joy
Source: pinterest (@Caroline Joy)

Mediterranean rustic style is a fantastic decorative ceiling idea for a vintage-theme area. Giving raw wood as a ceiling beam adds not only personality but also warmth to an area, which makes it perfect as a kitchen area ceiling. You can add more personality to each bar of wood by reusing blocks of wood that are in good condition. Layers of wood stain will be required to preserve the wood from termites. 

14. Chic Country Vibes Decorative Ceiling Beams

Chic Country Vibes Decorative Ceiling Beams - p @housebeautiful.com
Source: pinterest (@housebeautiful.com)

If you prefer a more rustic feel, consider these bridge rail look-alike decorative ceiling beams. This decorative ceiling beam idea is the perfect one if you have an area with a trapezoid ceiling. In order to recreate this creative idea for ceiling beams, you will likely want to apply multiple layers of wood stain in order to make the wood color more vibrant. For a more rustic feel, you may add a wall shelf in raw dark wood color

15. Dark Ceiling Beams

Dark Ceiling Beams - p @centsationalstyle.com
Source: pinterest (@centsationalstyle.com)

Do you favor the sleek and contemporary look of a minimalist home for your own space? If this is the case, you might like to add dark ceiling beams to your area. Black and white color always symbolize a minimalist interior. Therefore, you might want to purchase some black wood blocks or some black wood paint so you can create a space with minimalist dark ceiling beams.

16. Stained Natural Wood Ceiling Beams

Stained <a href=Natural Wood Ceiling Beams – p @essenziale-hd.com” class=”wp-image-108615″/>
Source: pinterest (@essenziale-hd.com)

Raw woods have a natural beauty that makes them perfect for use as decorative ceiling beams. Stained natural wood ceiling beams give a one-of-a-kind personality to the entire home. It is undoubtedly an excellent addition to a house for a summer-themed home. You can match these ceiling beams to natural boho-theme furniture, such as a wood coffee table and a neutral color carpet. 

17. Barn House Style Decorative Ceiling Beams

Barn House Style Decorative Ceiling Beams - p @homesbyjoshdoyle.com
Source: pinterest (@homesbyjoshdoyle.com)

A barn house concept with decorative ceiling beams is popular these days since it adds a wonderful, warm touch to a home. If you want a bright and open environment, consider adding decorative ceiling beams in white or another bright wood color. On the other hand, darker decorative ceiling beams might be preferable if you desire a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

18. Cross Decorative Ceiling Beams

Cross Decorative Ceiling Beams - p @blog.scoutandnimble.com
Source: pinterest (@blog.scoutandnimble.com)

The combination of natural light and natural wood decorative ceiling beams is unquestionably ideal for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can add this cross decorative ceiling beam to an area that has a square shape. As the centerpiece, you might want to hang a ceiling fan or a ceiling light in the center of the cross.

19. Doorway Ceiling Beam

Doorway Ceiling Beam - p @latter-blum.com
Source: pinterest (@latter-blum.com)

A beam on numerous doorways is a terrific piece of decor for an open space to maintain it spacious and breezy while also creating the sense of multiple areas in a room. Adding these beams to your doorway is a simple project that also serves as fantastic interior decor. It gives your space a warm and natural-boho feel.

20. Curve Decorative Ceiling Beam

Curve Decorative Ceiling Beam - p @evolutionofstyleblog.com
Source: pinterest (@evolutionofstyleblog.com)

Dark curved and decorative ceiling beams are one-of-a-kind and great options for people looking to build a Viking- theme home. These curved decorative ceiling beams are beyond perfect if your area has stone walls or stone doorways. You may also install a large circle chandelier for a more cohesive Viking theme look.

21. Paint It Black

Paint It Black
Source: Pinterest (@Jil-Gato)

Still unsure about your plan to paint your ceiling beams in black? Why not! In our opinion, having this all-black ceiling is a great idea to be applied to a modern room as seen in this picture. It will undoubtedly put more soul into the room, allowing more characters to come out as well. However, before you start painting, do make sure the room has enough lighting, it’s always a good idea to apply this type of ceiling to the room that has plenty of access for sunlight to come in.

22. Play with Lighting

Play with Lighting
Source: Pinterest (@fauxwoodbeams.com)

If you’re still looking for the best recommendation of decorative ceiling beams for your own bedroom, then this one might come as one of the best recommendations. These ceiling beams have an integrated lighting system, which will provide your bedroom with warm lighting that will surely give you the much needed comfort while you are sleeping at night, especially after a long day at work. 

23. Let It be Gray

Let It be Gray
Source: Pinterest (@sebringdesignbuild.com)

You know you can always be creative with your ceiling beams, right? Take this one, for instance. These beams come in gray-ish color tone that matches perfectly with the room color tone as well. Moreover, we can definitely see that it goes well with the furniture and floors, too! Therefore, if you are into something different in terms of decorating the room with new ceiling beams, then painting them gray is probably one of the best ideas to have. 

24. Integrated it with the Kitchen Shelf

Integrated it with the Kitchen Shelf
Source: Pinterest (@youtube.com)

Interior design is something that will continue to change and evolve from time to time. When we talk about interior design, it may also include ceiling beams as well. If you want to upgrade the interior design of your kitchen with something that lasts a lifetime, you might want to consider combining your ceiling beams with the kitchen shelves, which will be a focal point of your entire kitchen area. The shelves however, can be made out of solid metal material that you can paint in black, which will create a unique industrial look if you place them hanging next to the ceiling beams. 

25. Barn Wood Beam

Barn Wood Beam
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

This natural looking barn wood beam will definitely become the best part of your kitchen or dining room area. With a thick and solid wood appearance, you can hang either one, two or three hanging lamps that will not only work as lighting, but also as new kitchen decoration items. 

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Are faux ceiling beams expensive?

Particle boards or plywood are less expensive than solid wood. Therefore, these materials are a great substitute for a block of solid wood and can be used to create faux ceiling beams. It is more convenient and less expensive to use and acquire this material to build your dream decorative ceiling beams.

How do you attach decorative beams to a ceiling?

In order to attach decorative ceiling beams, there are 4 easy steps: first, you need to decide where you want to place your beams and make sure that the spacing and location are even. Second, place ceiling cleats for your beam to hold on. Third, choose the board material of your preference and build your beam into a “u” shape. Fourth, make sure that the measurements are precise and the beams that you had made into the cleats.

Are beamed ceilings in style?

Beamed ceilings are in trend these days. People are looking for a cozier and homier space by adding wood to their empty and plain ceilings. Even more, people are also willing to pay more for a house that has beamed ceilings. 

How do you decorate an exposed beam?

Exposed beams are a really beautiful touch to any space. However, it is common to find woods that have different patterns and colors. Therefore, to make it perfect to your liking, you can give it several layers of wood varnish, paint, or even shape them to make sure that the wood matches the theme of your space. 

Do wood beams add value to your home?

There is no question that wooden beams can make a home more valuable. Not only does it create a more beautiful ceiling decoration, but it also has the ability to create extra dimension, which gives the impression that the room is larger and more spacious.

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