25 Amazing Unusual Two Face Cosplay Ideas For Your New Halloween Style

Have you ever wanted to do a costume play as Batman villains? There must be a lot of choices of villain characters that you can try. But have you ever wanted to go deeper into the character of Harvey Dent? And so, here we are going to delve into some of the most Two Face Harvey Dent cosplay ideas.

It is another level of cosplay where you can display two images of good and bad at the same time. It is because we knew that half of Harvey Dent’s body was damaged after Maroni throw acid at him, at least that’s how it went in the comics. The incident causes an irreversible scar on his body and his mind. 

Are you ready to blow your mind with amazing Harvey Dent or the Two Face cosplay ideas for your Halloween? Here we compiled those beautiful ideas for you. You will surely find unusual Two Face Cosplay ideas you have been craving for. Let’s jump together down to the list!

1. Harvey Dent OG cosplay

Harvey Dent OG cosplay

Harvey Dent got his half of body scarred by acid, which Maroni threw, though in the Christopher Nolan adaptation it was the Joker’s fault. And this original Harvey Dent two face cosplay represents how bad the scar is.

The acid has destroyed all of his left body side from the hair, face, arm, chest, and leg. The original Harvey Dent Two Face cosplay is the best Batman villain cosplay idea you can start with. 

2. Black and White Two Face Cosplay

Black and White Two Face Cosplay - p @cosplayblog.tumblr.com
Source: Pinterest (@cosplayblog.tumblr.com)

This Two Face cosplay idea comes with a half-blue face that looks less scary compared to the previous red, bloody one. The combination of the white suit on the right side and a black striped suit on the left shows the character of the two-faced villain. The detailed makeup and choice of eye lens color bring this two-face cosplay to the next level.

3. DIY Two Face Cosplay for Kids

Black Pink Female Two Face Cosplay - p @Ashley Rae Creations
Source: Pinterest (@Ashley Rae Creations)

Creative parents out there would come up with millions of DIY ideas for Halloween cosplay ideas. One of the Harvey Dent Two Face cosplay ideas is to make your own two-face costume with duct tape for your kids. Apply some duct tapes to one side of your kid’s suit, and you can even choose a custom color and pattern with tapes. What an exciting activity you can do with your loved ones.  

4. Suit and Denim Two Face Cosplay

DIY Two Face Cosplay for Kids - p @buzzfeed.com
Source: pinterest (@buzzfeed.com)

This costume will allow you to have one of the most beautiful and unique two face cosplay ideas. You can combine the suit with half short hot pants and a striped cardigan. The red burned makeup and messy hair is a perfect combination of a fantastic two-face cosplay for Halloween. It is another look of Batman villain Harvey Dent you can try.

5. Eccentric Two Face Cosplay 

Eccentric Two Face Cosplay - p @livingly.com
Source: Pinterest (@livingly.com)

This eccentric two face cosplay is one of the best ideas that you should do on Halloween. Experiment with combining two different colors, textures, and patterns of a suit. Combine it with green half-face makeup with a messy hairstyle. It will surely be the most eccentric two-face cosplay you can ever do. 

6. Black and White Dress Two Face

Black and White Dress Two Face - i @dinosaur_man2002
Source: instagram (@dinosaur_man2002)

Black and white is the most contrast color you can do to your two face costume. A black and white dress can be an awesome costume for a female two face cosplayer who would like to represent her style of the Batman villain. The blue half face looks monstrous, and the white hair looks so appealing on the blue skin and black dress. Truly a beautiful color combination of two face cosplay. 

7. Smirky Two Face Cosplay

Smirky Two Face Cosplay - i @misssmirk
Source: instagram (@misssmirk)

The iconic evil smirk is what makes villains who they are, especially the Batman villain Harvey Dent. The half-scarred face makes his lips and mouth look like they are always smirking. The detailed face makeup is the key of this perfect evil smirk.

It is important to build the image of the villainous Two-face with proper makeup and costume. You may consider this costume of white and striped suit. It is unique and perfectly depicts the menace emanated by Harvey.

8. No Suit Female Two Face Cosplay

No Suit Female Two Face Cosplay - i @dailycosplayfeature
Source: Instagram (@dailycosplayfeature)

When most two face cosplayers come up with half-patterned suits, you can do it with a shirt instead. The point is to present the two different colors and patterns on one piece of cloth.

Combine it still with the half-scarred face makeup and messy hair as the character of the Two Face, Batman’s most complicated nemesis. Then you can do a no-suit female two face cosplay.

9. Black Pink Female Two Face Cosplay

Black Pink Female Two Face Cosplay - i @best_dc_cosplays
Source: Instagram (@best_dc_cosplays)

Black and pink look unexpectedly really good when you put them side by side. It can somehow bring a sense of toughness and lovely loveliness simultaneously. The black suit on the right is combined with straight pink hair. Meanwhile the left side is a pink patterned suit with black curly hair on it. The composition allows each of the elements to stand out in their best way.

10. Glow in the Dark Female Cosplay

Glow in the Dark Female Cosplay - i @artbybmazz
Source: instagram (@artbybmazz)

Ever imagine your Halloween costume glowing in the dark? When you are walking on a dark road or walking at a night Halloween party, do you want to be visible anywhere? The Glow in the Dark two face cosplay is one of the great ideas for you.

The scarred face makeup, a long sleeve undershirt, and the patterned suit would glow up in the dark, surprising anyone who comes across you!

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11. No Shirt Female Two Face Cosplay

No Shirt Female Two Face Cosplay - i @thegreatbatzy
Source: instagram (@thegreatbatzy)

Doing a Two Face cosplay does not necessarily force you to wear a white shirt in your suit. You can try a lower shirt instead and cosplay as the female Two Face. Show the necktie, a two-patterned suit, half-face scarred makeup, and messy hair, then you are ready for your Batman villain cosplay. 

12. Yellow Eye Two Face Cosplay

Yellow Eye Two Face Cosplay - p @Levyn Leenen
Source: pinterest (@Levyn Leenen)

In the comic, Harvey Dent has a half-blue body and a yellow left eye. Now this cosplay really captures that appearance very well, the yellow eye complete with the black and white suit and necktie. An awesome cosplay with the coin on his left hand and cigarette on the right side of his lips. It is a great two-face cosplay idea if you prefer a blue face instead of a bloody red one.  

13. Gender Bender Two Face Cosplay

Gender Bender Two Face Cosplay - p @Ninsu Kahraman
Source: pinterest (@Ninsu Kahraman)

Gender bender is a phrase to represent an act of crossing stereotypes of gender. It is presented in this Gender bender two-face cosplay played by a girl wearing a black suit. Her body posture is also incredibly masculine when holding a gun in her right hand. It shows that Harvey Dent, the Batman villain, can be cosplayed by any gender amazingly.

14. Two Face Cosplay in Formal Short Skirt

Two Face Cosplay in Formal Short Skirt - p @flickr.com
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

Have you ever wondered what Harvey Dent looks like in a formal short skirt? Here is the female two-face cosplayer who wears a short dress beautifully. The black and white female suit, black and white hair, and two-face makeup make it an awesome two-face cosplay that you can try. 

15. Lolita Two Face Cosplay

Lolita Two Face Cosplay - p @galaxyshiba.deviantart.com
Source: Pinterest (@galaxyshiba.deviantart.com)

Lolita is a cute female dress with a knee-length or shorter skirt. The skirt also comes with cute details and is usually frilly. The Lolita two face cosplay combines the cute lolita dress with the menacing two-face character.

This costume has two different patterns on the dress and even two different hair colors. The Black and pink combination brings a strong as well as brave characteristics. What a fantastic two-face cosplay idea for you!

16. Simply Beautiful Two Face Cosplay

Simply Beautiful Two Face Cosplay - p @Lala Maio
Source: pinterest (@Lala Maio)

Some two-face cosplayers choose to buy an over-the-top two-face costume. But this simple yet beautiful two-face cosplay actually represents Harvey Dent’s character very well and more accurately.

It looks very authentic with a normal suit and the half-scarred face makeup. The makeup is very detailed and it really captures the horrifying scar on Harvey’s face.

17. Female Two Face Cosplay in a Corset

Female Two Face Cosplay in a Corset - p @cosplayidol.otakuhouse.com
Source: Pinterest (@cosplayidol.otakuhouse.com)

Another female two-face cosplay with a half-blue body instead of a red one. With a corset, the whole appears beautifully with a black and white accent. The messy ash hair and the gun she holds in her left hand bring the character of Batman villain Harvey Dent into life. It is one of the most awesome two-face cosplay ideas that you can try.

18. Handsome Two Face Cosplay

Handsome Two Face Cosplay - p @popsugar.com
Source: pinterest (@popsugar.com)

Before he was scarred by acid, Harvey Dent was described as a handsome guy who once acted as Batman’s ally. Through this two-face cosplay, the handsome side of Harvey Dent is represented perfectly. An elegant suit and well-groomed hair show the character Harvey Dent before he fell from grace.

But one thing that cannot be forgotten is the half-scarred face which is now the identity of Harvey Dent, two face Batman villain.

19. Colorful Two Face Cosplay

Colorful Two Face Cosplay - p @flickr.com
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

Similar to the eccentric two face cosplay idea, this colorful two-face cosplay also comes with various color combinations. The difference is that this cosplay will require you to wear a necktie and black suit as the base, giving some colorful lines on the half-left side.

Another iconic thing of this colorful two-face cosplay is the red scarred face and yellow left eye. It looks incredibly horrifying, perfect for cosplaying at a Halloween party.  

20. Black and White Harvey Dent Cosplay

Black and White Harvey Dent Cosplay - p @flickr.com
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

A black and white two face cosplay can be your cosplay idea should you want to dress up like Harvey Dent on Halloween. The half black and messy white hair combined with blue half scarred face are the most appealing part of this cosplay. The black and white suit is the simplest choice for your costume where you can just buy and wear it without any DIYs needed. 

21. Harvey Dent’s Two Face Costume

Harvey Dent’s Two Face Costume
Source: Pinterest (@Marissa Rubio)

If you’re planning on becoming Harvey Dent’s Two Face for this year’s cosplay theme, then let’s make sure that you have all the right elements for being one. This cosplay is perhaps the most identical Harvey Dent’s cosplay. It has the right black suit and pin, tie, hair style, and also the coin that helps him in deciding his enemy’s faith, whether to live or die. As for the scar, this one also comes with a realistic looking scar that burns out the whole part of his face and head. 

22. Total Burnt-Out Female Two Face Cosplay

Total Burnt-Out Female Two Face Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@N)

This female two face cosplay comes with a unique looking business attire with short gray blazer, white shirt and gray skirt. Half of the costume is totally burnt out because it comes with burnt colors plus the red skin and hair. The blonde hair of the female two face comes in burgundy that looks similar to the color of the burnt skin as well. 

23. Feminine Two Face in Light Blue Hair

Feminine Two Face in Light Blue Hair
Source: Pinterest (@imgur.com)

This female two face is looking fresh with bright colors and proper attire. Instead of having messy hair and burnt clothes, this version of two face cosplay comes in an elegant business attire in black and white. The hair looks like they just came out of a hair salon after having a nice blow dry with a stunning mix of colors, too. So if you are going for a two face cosplay that has a stunning appearance, then this one is highly recommended.

24. Two Face Bunny

Two Face Bunny
Source: Pinterest (@geekxgirls.com)

This two face bunny is a look that will definitely be adored by women and girls out there. It comes in black and white, with the iconic bunny ears as the head accessory. To recreate this look, get yourself a black and white blazer, bow ties and bunny ears.. Make sure the left ear is burnt out, which will be the focus point of the whole appearance of this cosplay. Aside from having the perfect makeup, don’t forget to bring the must-have coin and a handgun as well.

25. Two Face in Black and Gray Suit

Two Face in Black and Gray Suit
Source: Pinterest (@Doug Barley)

Instead of having a black and white suit as Two Face’s iconic attire, why don’t you try to look a little bit different by wearing a black and gray suit this time? You will definitely steal the show, especially with a detailed makeup that shows a great skill of cosplaying. As for the hair, you can go for black and white hair and be the star of the night. 

Latest Post:

How do you do a two face cosplay?

Two-Face cosplay is identic to a half-patterned suit, two-face makeup, and a piece of coin. To do a two-face cosplay, make sure to purchase or prepare a suit, white shirt, tie, and shoes. Tie or decorate the half part of your suit with a different pattern than the other half. Complete it with the best two-face makeup you can do.

How do you do two face makeup?

The two-face makeup displays a half beauty and a half monster or broken face. You can do it simply by putting red and black base makeup and some hideous details on the face and eyes area. Or you can do extra by sticking fake teeth and fake eyeballs and giving texture to your face. Makeup will enhance your look for your Halloween as the two face cosplay will feel more menacing.

What coin does two face flip?

Two faces flip a double-headed coin with one clean side and one damaged side. He uses the coin to make decisions and find fates that exactly come out in his favor.  When he flips the coin, the clean side will direct him to do the right thing based on the law and manners we believe, while the damaged side may lead him to bad decisions or commit crimes. 

Why is Two Face obsessed with coins?

Two faces see the coin as more than just a double sided flat thing. He sees it as a 50/50 chance of someone’s path or viewing himself standing in the middle of the road, ready to choose the bad or good each time he needs to make a decision. Two-faced believes in fate and that the clean side of the coin will lead him to do good deeds. Meanwhile, the damaged side of the coin will show him his fate that he needs to do the opposite of good. 

Why is Two Face such a good villain?

Two faces represent the morals of humans where there is no 100% bad nor 100% good person. There must be good and bad sides living together in harmony. In every circumstance, there must be the best decision made by the person to accomplish any goals they have. This value shows that two face is a good villain amongst all Batman villains. 

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