25 Awesome Moon Knight Cosplay for Halloween or a Nice Photoshoot

Since its introduction in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marc Spector a.k.a. Moon Knight has become a fan-favorite amongst the audience. His awesome suit is very iconic, due to a unique pattern, which is rarely seen in other superheroes’ costumes. However, die-hard comic book fans knew that Moon Knight is one of the most important figures in the comic lore since his first appearance in the 70s. Therefore, people have been trying to honor him by using Moon Knight Cosplay for Halloween parties. 

Wearing a unique Moon Knight cosplay for Halloween may be a little bit trickier than it seems. After all, there aren’t many costume evolutions that Spector endured during the years. However, you can still get creative and do some tweaking. In fact, making a DIY suit won’t sound that bad, because you can start from scratch and make the most unique Moon Knight costume ever! If you don’t have too much time on your hands, buying a Moon Knight costume still won’t sound too bad either. 

1. Original Comic Appearance

Original Comic Appearance - p @reddit.com
Source: pinterest (@reddit.com)

Moon Knight loves to wear a white costume to let his enemies know that he is coming. It has always been that way since his first introduction. If you want to stay true to the comics, you can dress up in an all-white costume with Moon Knight Cosplay for Halloween, starting from the cape and mask up until the white boots. However, you can also choose to wear a golden belt for a little bit of creativity.

2. Iconic Comic Appearance

Iconic Comic Appearance - p @farm9.staticflickr.com
Source: pinterest (@farm9.staticflickr.com)

Moon Knight always has a full-white costume. The black shadings are supposed to represent shadows. However, a lot of Marvel’s past writers misinterpreted it and drew his mask as black.  Thankfully, it turned out to be very popular and iconic. Plus, it will be easy to replicate the outfit. All you need is a black cosplay mask replica to cover your whole face. Moreover, the costume won’t need too many modifications!

3. Simple Moon Knight Cosplay

Simple Moon Knight Cosplay - p @comicbookcosplaymen.tumblr.com
Source: pinterest (@comicbookcosplaymen.tumblr.com)

Making a DIY Moon Knight cosplay suit might be tricky, but it’s worth the while. After all, you’ll be able to create a unique costume of the Moon Knight cosplay for Halloween with a pattern that suits your size and vision. If you decide to go down this DIY path, you can start by obtaining simple items such as a face covering (or a cosplay mask), a plain utility belt, a white bodysuit, and many more! So show it off during Halloween!

4. Armored Moon Knight Cosplay

Armored Moon Knight Cosplay - gotosellers.com
Source: gotosellers.com

In the 90s, a lot of Marvel’s characters went through huge costume upgrades, such as receiving armor plating. Moon Knight is no exception to that. The main noticeable difference is the body part, in which there’s a white armor that covers his chest instead of the whole body. If you want to make a DIY replica of the chest piece, make sure to use sturdy materials like EVA foams and paint them to resemble the popular comic version. 

5. All-white Moon Knight Cosplay Female 

All-white Moon Knight Cosplay Female - t @Bri 🦦✨
Source: Twitter (@missbricosplay)

A Moon Knight cosplay female isn’t such a bad idea after all. In fact, you’ll still look cute while generating a menacing aura inside a Moon Knight costume replica. There are many ways to achieve an all-white Moon Knight cosplay female costume, but the TV series replica suit will be a nice start! However, you can choose to omit the full mask and use a normal white medical mask instead. 

6. Hoodie Moon Knight Cosplay

Hoodie Moon Knight Cosplay - p @hottopic.com
Source: pinterest (@hottopic.com)

Having a hard time making a DIY Moon Knight cosplay suit, but still won’t budge and buy one instead? Don’t worry, because we have a simple suggestion. Use a cosplay hoodie! Granted, it won’t look as detailed like any other cosplays. However, it will save you some time and money. Besides, you can also use it for a casual stroll, and not just during the annual Halloween party. 

7. More of the Black, Please

More of the Black, Please - p @liftedgeek.com
Source: pinterest (@liftedgeek.com)

When making a DIY Moon Knight cosplay, there are two options that you can consider. The first one is an all-white costume, and the second one is the one that’s surrounded by black. Whatever option you choose, it’ll still be a sick outfit and will be the best Moon Knight cosplay for Halloween. If you prefer the latter, you can start by having a black shirt or jumpsuit that will be covered in the hoodie cape. 

8. Live Action Moon Knight Costume Kid

Live Action Moon Knight Costume Kid - p @fb.watch
Source: pinterest (@fb.watch)

The live action Moon Knight series wants to depict a violent anti-hero that makes villains terrified. It doesn’t mean that it won’t look cute as a Moon Knight costume kid, though. In fact, you can find a lot of Moon Knight costume kids in the market that have the same pattern depicted in the movie. It will be perfect for a Halloween party, too!

9. Ms. Knight

Ms. Knight - t @Taya Miller
urce: Twitter (@tayamillerrrr)

Taya Miller has made a rather unique take on a Moon Knight cosplay female here, and it can serve as an inspiration for you. Instead of the iconic hooded cape, she uses a normal white cape and breast armor to cover black suit. The mask is also unique, as it rather feels like a helmet made for a robot/power ranger. 

10. Menacing Moon Knight

Menacing Moon Knight - p @aliexpress.com
Source: pinterest (@aliexpress.com)

Halloween parties are all about spooky stuff. Hence, it makes total sense to create an intimidating Moon Knight cosplay suit. A perfect example will be to try and create a replica of his suit during a battle with Bushman. Colors and detailing to his overall costume are key here. Besides that, you can also choose to add some deadly bracelets on top of his gauntlets to make a more terrifying appearance. 

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11. Sailor Moon Knight

Sailor Moon Knight - f @Budokan
Source: facebook (@Budokan)

We don’t really know when and how it started, but there has been a trend of blending Sailor Moon and Moon Knight cosplay female. The result is normally more awesome than not. If you’re interested in creating a DIY suit for this combo, you can wear a traditional Sailor Moon dress and cover the upper part with the iconic Moon Knight cape and cosplay mask. Very cool and unique, isn’t it?

12. Ancient Bird Moon Knight Cosplay

Ancient Bird Moon Knight Cosplay - p @dshalv.tumblr.com
Source: pinterest (@dshalv.tumblr.com)

During his solo run in the early 2010s, Moon Knight was required to use ancient Egyptian armor and a unique bird skull mask. It’s not a coincidence, given that he serves Khonshu. If you want to wear this to a Halloween party, you’ll be needing a lot of free time to spare. Plus, the armor will be slightly heavier than other Moon Knight cosplay outfits. Thankfully, you can still save some time, because there are a lot of bird skull cosplay masks that you can buy (and slightly modify). 

13. Mr. Knight 

Mr. Knight - p @s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com
Source: pinterest (@s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com)

Choosing the route of wearing a Mr. Knight costume replica is not a bad idea, especially considering the fact that it’s fancier. Furthermore, making a DIY Mr. Knight isn’t that hard either. After obtaining his signature cosplay mask, you can complete the ensemble by wearing a white suit, vest, and tie. 

14. Mr. Knight: Kid Edition

Mr. Knight Kid Edition - i @babyjackofalltrades
Source: instagram (@babyjackofalltrades)

In the comics, Marc Spector created the Mr. Knight persona as an elegant counterpart to his Moon Knight alter ego. Little did we know that a Moon Knight costume kid will look very cute. All you need is to dress your little child with a fancy white suit (including tie and vest) and a cosplay mask. Also, you can try and replicate his pose as seen on the promotional poster!

15. Add Some Gradation

Add Some Gradation - p @flickr.com
Source: pinterest (@flickr.com)

Moon Knight has never worn a purple suit during his entire career. However, it shouldn’t stop you from making a DIY Moon Knight cosplay with any color gradation that you like. The most important thing to remember is that it has to be intimidating. Besides that, you can also make a Moon Knight costume kid with this type of variation for your little one!

16. Mr. Knight with Sticks

Mr. Knight with Sticks - p @aliexpress.com
Source: pinterest (@aliexpress.com)

Steven Grant and Marc Spector are one and the same. It also means that they have the same martial art skills. Therefore, wearing a Mr. Knight costume replica that consists of his suit isn’t enough. Bringing the infamous sticks will show other Halloween attendees that you’re always ready to fight crime. 

17. Blue Eyes Moon Knight

Blue Eyes Moon Knight - imgur @MrSarcasum
Source: imgur (@MrSarcasum)

Moon Knight’s eye is often colored white, and most people follow that kind of pattern. However, there are some storylines in the comics where his eyes look blueish. To achieve this, all you need is a black balaclava mask. After obtaining one, color it with a shiny blue fabric paint. Then, wear your DIY Moon Knight cosplay for Halloween mask along with your customized costume. 

18. Live Action Adaptation

Live Action Adaptation - p @twitter.com
Source: pinterest (@twitter.com)

No matter how cool-looking Moon Knight’s comic version is, there is no denying the fact that his live action adaptation looks really awesome. There are a lot of details on the costume, instead of a normal white pattern. Thankfully, you can shop various Moon Knight cosplay suit replicas in the marketplace. 

19. No Mask? No Problem

No Mask No Problem - p @i.huffpost.com
Source: pinterest (@i.huffpost.com)

If you’ve been watching the series and reading the book for some time, you’ll notice that the mask and cape are detachable. And just like any other heroes, you’ll still look cool. Besides, you won’t have to spend extra money for the hooded cape and cosplay mask. However, you might want to carry his crescents in order to help other people identify your character. 

20. Use and Add Some Props

Use and Add Some Props - p @prometheus023.deviantart.com
Source: pinterest (@prometheus023.deviantart.com)

The great thing about cosplay is that you can use the suit for other purposes besides Halloween parties. In fact, doing a photoshoot with your favorite costume replica is a good idea. For Moon Knight, sitting on an Egyptian throne will feel like a great idea. You can still use a normal Moon Knight ensemble, starting from the hooded cape and the weapons. 

21. Moon Knight Cosplay in Jumpsuit

Moon Knight Cosplay in Jumpsuit
Source: Pinterest (@takerlama.com)

If you’re looking for a simple one-piece Moon Knight costume, then this one’s for you. This costume is a Moon Knight jumpsuit that features details in patterns with a simple and comfortable fabric to make sure you can still move comfortably. However, since the fabric is quite thin, it would be better for you to work out a little bit beforehand, so this jumpsuit can look good on you. Just in case.

22. Female Moon Knight

Female Moon Knight
Source: Pinterest (@fungirlwithacamera.com)

This female Moon Knight cosplay is perfect for girls who want to become Mr. Knight in his costume for one night. It includes wonderful details and comes with the hoodie and cape to turn your look as Moon Knight into perfection. If you have long hair, you can leave it as it is and then cover it using the hoodie. Then, wear clear glasses and white mask as accessories.

23. Layla Cosplay 

Layla Cosplay 
Source: Pinterest (@ebay.com)

We know that Mr. Night is super cool, both in his suit, costume, or casual wear. However, let’s not forget about Layla, because she is also super cool with her costume and wings. So for girls out there, we recommend this Layla costume that will look cooler than the rest of the girls. You can have a costume that comes with the booth and wings as well. Plus, you can also curl your hair to create a real look of Layla. 

24. Moon Knight Kids Costume

Moon Knight Kids Costume
Source: Pinterest (@accosplay.com)

For your little boy’s Halloween party next week, you can offer him to wear this cool Moon Knight costume for kids. It comes with a complete set that includes the hoodie and cape as well. Plus, it has a face mask, too! Undoubtedly, he will be super happy to wear this costume and show it to his friends on Halloween night. 

25. Moon Knight Hoodie

Moon Knight Hoodie
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Who would have thought that a Moon Knight Hoodie can look this cool? If you’re a fan of Moon Knight and want to bring a little Moon Knight element into your daily casual look, then this hoodie is definitely the answer. It comes in black and white with the iconic Moon Knight symbol on the front side.

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How Do You Cosplay as Moon Knight?

When you’re trying to cosplay as Moon Knight, you can choose between the superhero costume or the fancy Mr. Knight persona. For the former, you can use a white hooded cape and a cosplay mask, along with white boots. If you’re going with the latter, make sure to find a white vest and suit!

Does Moon Knight Have Different Costumes?

Moon Knight has different costumes throughout the year, and that happens to all comic book characters. Since his introduction, there have been minor upgrades, the most noticeable being the Mr. Knight suit. 

Why Does Moon Knight Wear All-White?

Moon Knight always wears an all-white costume because he is immortal. No matter how much wound he got, Khonshu will always revive him. Therefore, he isn’t afraid of death. The all-white suit is also meant to let all bad guys know that he’s coming for them. 

Why Does Moon Knight Wear 2 Suits?

In the TV series, Moon Knight wears two different suits due to his multiple personalities. But in the comics, he created the Mr. Knight persona in order to blend better with the streets, and only use the superhero costume when he’s about to kick someone’s butt. 

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