25 Just Because Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Have you ever wanted to give someone something for no particular reason? No no, don’t postpone it to the next special day because you can give it to them right now. In fact, you do not need any special occasion to show your gratitude or to give a simple affection towards your loved ones. Present them with something they love! That’s what “just because” gifts are for.

But if you are still in the middle of searching for some just because gifts that would fit best, we are glad to provide you with these ideas of interesting gifts that we have put together. You don’t need to worry because we have a wide range of gifts that we divide into 3 categories: for him, for her, and for your best friends.

So, let’s check them out!

Just Because Gifts for Him

Oftentimes, you want to give something to your beloved man as a way to show your love for him. All this time, you might refrain from doing that. But now, you can just shower him with your love by giving him anything that he enjoys.

1. Personalized Couple Hobby Blanket

Personalized Couple Hobby Blanket

You can get this blanket for your boyfriend as just because gift because it is one of many gifts that you could give on every occasion. Plus, you can personalize the illustration with your and your boyfriend’s characters by choosing your hobbies, skin tones, hair color, and clothing.

Such an excellent idea if you want to show how much he meant to you.

2. Sunrise Alarm Clock

Sunrise Alarm Clock

Perhaps your man is not a morning person and you want to help him to become one, try this alarm. It provides 7 natural sounds and 7 LED light colors. Furthermore, he will know that you care as you help him to become a better and healthier person.

3. Lukiejac I Love You Sign

Lukiejac I Love You Sign

If you are searching for something that can make your boyfriend know how much you love him, this sign could be a cute way to communicate it. He can put this ceramic tile on his table or a nightstand and these touching engraved words will constantly remind him of you.

4. Whiskey Lover Playing Cards

Whiskey Lover Playing Cards

Your husband might be your best drinking buddy, so why not give him something that will increase the fun while you two are drinking together? This cocktail-themed card deck will be a perfect companion for your quality time along with whiskey on the table. By giving this, you just implicitly tell him that you love spending your time with him.

5. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Bifold Wallet

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Bifold Wallet

Assuming that this is the first time you are going to give him something, a wallet should be a good start. Made of 100% genuine leather and dimensions of 3.5 inches x 4.3 inches x 0.4 inches, this wallet certainly has quite a storage capacity. Besides, a wallet is one of the things that are essential for men, so your partner will be happy to receive this gift from you.

6. Personalized Photo Printed Basswood

Personalized Photo Printed Basswood

Giving some printed photos is one of the easiest ways to show how much he meant to you. But if you escalate it a bit by printing it on a wood frame, we are sure he would appreciate it more. This personalized photo print is a beautiful gift for your S.O. since he can see this whenever he misses you.

7. Men Spa Gift Box

Men Spa Gift Box

You probably know that it is not only women who should take good care of their body but men as well. This self-care package can be a thoughtful gift you can present for your lover. Aside from making him relaxed after a tiring day, he will smell good for the rest of his day. After receiving this, your man definitely feels cared for by you.

8. Ceramic Coffee Mug

Ceramic Coffee Mug

Sometimes you want to give him something but you just want to keep it simple. This mug may be the best choice for that. With a minimalist design and multiple color options, this is literally the most practical thing to give as he will actually use it.

Just Because Gifts for Her

It is no longer a secret that everyone loves presents, especially women. Giving something to your darling sometimes becomes a thing that you must think of thoroughly. Here, we have several gift ideas that could make your loved one feel special.

9. Personalized Birth Flower Necklace

Personalized Birth Flower Necklace

Any woman would love to receive this unique necklace as a gift, so let’s surprise your girlfriend by getting it for her! She will feel special because the flower of this necklace reflects her birth month and comes with a typography of her name. Moreover, you are able to choose the material and the size that will match with your girl’s preference.

10. Heart-Shaped Shower Streamer Set

Heart-Shaped Shower Streamer Set

Taking a break from busy life by showering is necessary for women. Hence, if you are wondering what gift you should give for her that will immediately lit up her day, you may want to buy this shower streamer set. In addition to its cute heart shape, this box of 4 shower steamers has an aroma therapeutic power which comes from the lavender scent.

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11. Coconut Fiber Hedgehog Planter

just because gifts

In case your wife is a plant lover or just started growing them, you can present this adorable hedgehog planter to her as a way to support her hobby. This garden planter is hand-crafted and sustainable as it is made from coconut coir fibers. Other than that, this little planter could also be used as a decoration in your house.

12. Unique Magic Box

just because gifts

If your girl likes a romantic guy, don’t worry because you can instantly be one by getting this lamp for your woman. The wood box is carved with a unique shape and some words of your preference that can be displayed on the wall as it is filled with a lamp. You won’t be disappointed to see her reaction when you give her this magic box.

13. Cheer Up Wooden Plaque

just because gifts

This one gift would perform best if you give it when your lover is feeling sad. The message on this walnut wood is just too sweet for her to not feel touched. Simply get this lovely heart-shaped plaque once you need to cheer her up.

14. Reasons Why I Love You Scrapbook

just because gifts

Most women love sentimental things. Therefore, getting her a specific book for keeping all her precious little things that she had spent with you is a great idea. This scrapbook is filled with lots of prompts which make it exciting to fill in. Maybe it is better to complete this book together as a way to reminisce about all the memories you both had shared.

15. VONMAY Women’s Slippers

just because gifts

Your partner probably is a practical woman, so you prefer a practical gift too. We are recommending you these cozy slippers that can accompany her through the days. Because of its fluffy material and open-toe design, it will provide the most comfortable feeling to keep her feet from sweating when she uses it.

16. Flower and Chocolate Bouquet

just because gifts

We all know that every woman is a sucker for sweet things such as flowers and chocolate. Giving her a bouquet with the combination of both will make her scream from joy, especially if you give it in an unexpected time for no reason. Don’t you want to see your bae act like that, too?

For Best Friend

The joy we are getting from giving and receiving gifts with our best friend is one of the best feelings in this world. Therefore, we want you to keep feeling that blessing by providing this list of gifts that you can get for your lovely mate.

17. Long Distance Friendship Lamp

just because gifts

Supposing you live far away from your bestie, distance will no longer become your problem now as there is this long distance friendship lamp. You might want to buy a couple so you can match it with your best friend. Just touch this lamp and your friend will know that you are thinking of them.

18. Cat Eyeglasses Holder

just because gifts

There are so many cat lovers in this world and maybe your dearest friend is one of them. Present them this cute cat eyeglasses holder while saying that this cat reminds you of them. They will surely love this one gift from you!

19. Therapy Dough

just because gifts

Telling each other’s worries is a common thing for best friends. So, if currently your buddy is struggling with anxiety and you want to help them to overcome it, just give them this therapy dough. Also, this stress-relief toy comes with four different scents which allows you to choose your best friend’s favorite scent.

20. Cat Necklace Yin Yang

just because gifts

Owning a matching thing with your soulmate is a cute idea, isn’t it? If you agree with us, then you may want to have this yin yang necklace with two cat pendants which can be separated. You and your friend can have one each and people may be envious of that cute friendship of yours whenever they see you both wearing it.

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21. Reactionnx Tea Cups

just because gifts

Your close friend enjoy a cup of tea? If so, they probably will love this beautiful tea cup as well. This is a set that includes a glass mug, a spoon, a coaster, and a cleaning cloth. If it turns out that you two love to have tea time together, you can buy it for yourself too and spend the next tea time together with these magical-looking tea sets.

22. Teeny Tiny Pocket Hug

just because gifts

There must be a time when you find a cute little thing and suddenly you have an urge to give it to your best friend. We guarantee you will feel that feeling when you see this teeny tiny pocket hug. Tell your friend to open this card whenever they miss you.

23. Sun Moon Tapestry Wall Hanging

just because gifts

If your friend is interested in interior design or loves space-related stuff, giving them this sun moon tapestry obviously would make them happy. Coming with an impressive black and white design, you can make them hang this on their plain wall to turn their room cooler. It shows that you not only care about them, but their environment too.

24. Bonnie and Pop Chocolate Gift Basket

just because gifts

At times when you don’t want to take a risk about deciding on a gift for your best friend, chocolate will always be the answer. Including various types of white, dark and milk choco with plenty of toppings from cashew to peppermint, this must suit their taste. Give this to your best friend as a wish that their days will be as sweet as these chocolate.

25. Moon Child Wood Journal

just because gifts

It will never go wrong if you want to give a journal to your best pal, though you give it just because. Your friend can use this beautiful book to write down their thoughts and notes or sketching and doodling. They also can use this as a temporary companion when you cannot be there when they want to tell you their story.

Latest Post:

What does a just because gift mean?

A just because gift is a gift that you give without any specific reason. There is a time where you want to give something for someone you love “just because” you want to. Because it is a just because gift, you can freely choose whatever you want to give that will make the recipient feel happy.

What are the best and unique just because gifts for him?

For men, we think cocktail-themed card decks and a self-care package would be best for just because gifts. The former is more casual and fun, so you will not be confused about when is the right time to give it. While the latter is more decent, you can give it anytime you want to make your partner feel loved. 

What are the best and unique just because gifts for her?

The best and unique just because gifts for her are this personalized necklace and this  scrapbook. Both of them are special because it depicts your lover’s identity and as for the scrapbook, you can use it as a tool for having quality time with her. Those gifts will be perfect to give, even if you give it with no reason and at no specific time.

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