25 Most Unique Moon Gifts for Moon Lovers

Moon lovers are unique and always have deep thoughts. Some of them believe that the moon symbolizes eternity. Moreover, we can’t deny that some moon lovers are also part of space enthusiasts who admire the beauty of the galaxy. If you have friends who adore the moonlight at night, then we can guarantee they will fall in love with our recommendation of these unique moon gifts.

We realize that choosing the perfect moon gifts are a bit tricky. When you are about to give a surprise, most moon lovers will expect something fabulous and also meaningful, which will fit every occasion. To help you choose the best gift, let’s check out the following ideas of 25 unique moon gifts that we have compiled just for you!

Moon Gifts for Him

If you are planning to give something special for your moon and space lover boyfriend or brother, why not give them unique moon gifts? If you’re still unsure about what would be the best item, don’t worry! You are in the right hand, because we have created a special list of the best moon gifts for them.

1. Waterproof Moon Boots

Waterproof Moon Boot

A man who loves the moon and space should add this unique gift into his shoe collections. Gorgeously designed to look like astronaut’s boots, this gift will make your boyfriend or brother feels like stepping on the moon. Without a doubt, this item is one of the most useful moon gifts, which is also fashionable.

2. Apollo 11 Figure Collection

Apollo 11 Figure Collection

As a space lover, your boyfriend might have been dreaming of being an astronaut to explore the galaxy. If that’s the case, let’s bring back those fun memories by giving him an astronaut figurine! Although he might not be able to literally step on the moon, this beautiful astronaut figurine can be one of the best gifts that he will always remember.

3. DnD Glass Moon Dice

DnD Glass Moon Dice

No one can resist the fantastic design of this item. If your man thinks this is a sparkling diamond, he’s totally wrong. This is a DnD glass moon dice that produces a rainbow once it’s exposed to sunlight. Absolutely stunning, isn’t it? Without a doubt, this is the perfect moon gift that he can play together with you or his buddies.

4. Moon Glass Water Bottle 

Moon Glass Water Bottle

A special space lover man who admires handmade stuff deserves this adorable moon gift. Made out of high-quality glass, this amazing crescent moon-shaped bottle is ready to be filled with his favorite drink! Or, if he wishes to use the bottle as decoration, he might want to add some color inside. All in all, this is one of the coolest moon gifts that is worth buying.

5. Manifestation Moon Journal and Plan

Manifestation Moon Journal and Planner

Do you have a dreamer boyfriend or brother with a big ambition? Try to manifest his dream on this moon journal and planner. This item features an awesome moon-sun cover design, as well as fantastic dreams and intentions layout in every page. This moon gift will definitely help him to visualize his dreams and also intentions in life. 

6. Moonbeam Sleep Aid

Moonbeam Sleep Aid

If your man always stays up late, then he may have sleeping issues. This moonbeam sleep aid will be a great moon gift, because it will help him with his sleeping issues. It will create a hypnotic light that slows down his breath, and also makes him fell more relaxed. In short, this is a very thoughtful gift, which also the best solution for his problem.

7. Rocket Man Sculptural Bank

Rocket Man Sculptural Bank

Made of recycled aluminum and bronze, this is clearly one of the best moon gifts for space enthusiasts. This sculpture has zoomed back to the future in high retro style. The nose cone can be folded to put your coin inside, along with the little spaceman. In addition, don’t forget to put your pocket change inside this wonderful item everyday.

8. Personalised Lunar Phase of Love

Personalised Lunar Phase of Love

If your boyfriend often forgets your anniversary date, you try to get him this item as a gift. It is a personalized gift that depicts the phase of the moon from your date of choice. You can customize the name and date written on this beautiful moon picture. What a lovely gift to remember!

9. Moon Potions Mystery Box

Moon Potions Mystery Box

Who said a man doesn’t need to take care of his skin? Let’s surprise him by giving this mysterious box of moon potions as a gift! It features a secret personal care set, which is nicely wrapped for your loved ones. This personal care gift will surely make his skin glow, as bright as the moon. 

Moon Gifts for Her

Let’s move on to the next items on this list that focus on the recommendations of the best moon gifts for women. For women, the moon represents a sacred perfection. Therefore, anything that reminds them about the beauty of the moon should become great gifts for them.

10. Moon Phase Tapestry Wall Art

Moon Phase Tapestry Wall Art

For women and girls who are into home decorating, this moon gift is indeed artistically beautiful. This tapestry also has multiple functions, including as a sofa cover, a table cloth, or an outdoor picnic blanket. Made of polyester fabric, this item offers the highest quality. It will be the perfect moon gift to become one of the best items of home decoration.

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11. Personalised Moon Keyring Charms

Personalised Moon Keyring Charms

This is a lovely silver crescent moon keyring that will make your girl smiles from the heart. Moreover, you can add this keyring with the initial of her name, plus her the crystal birthstone, too. This moon gift is beautifully packaged with a customized message, making it a perfect item for your girlfriend.

12. Moon Phase Mirror

moon gifts

A mirror is a must item for most women. It’s like their everyday basic need. For a special woman who loves everything about the moon, this moon phase mirror would be the perfect gift for her. Aside from being a functional item, this gift will also be a perfect room decor for her. She will definitely love seeing her own reflection in this mirror every day.

13. Triple Moon Goddess Necklace

moon gifts

Not many girls know the meaning of a triple moon goddess. However, for girls who love the moon, this gift is more than just an ordinary necklace. It symbolizes the moon phase that represents three main life stages of a woman; the waxing, full, and waning moon. Therefore, a special woman in your life will fall in love with this item. Moreover, she will also fall in love with the meaning behind it.

14. Crescent Moon Disc Cutter 

moon gifts

If you are looking for a creative gift, then this crescent moon disc cutter can be an option. Instead of getting her jewelry, you can give this disc cutter as a wonderful gift instead. Making her own jewelry will definitely become an unforgettable experience for her. Without a doubt, this is one of the most unique and rare moon gifts for your creative woman.

15. Half Moon Rattan Bag

moon gifts

If you have a girlfriend or sister who is a fashionista, then you can surprise her with this pretty half moon rattan bag. This item is a perfect summer collection that she certainly doesn’t wanna miss. This bag brings nature, chic, and uniqueness to her style. This will definitely be an amazing gift that highlights her overall appearance

16. Vintage Scrapbook Supplies

moon gifts

This one is truly the perfect gift to boost your creativity! If your girl loves to discover the moon, then she should try to make her own moon scrapbook. This scrapbook contains insightful information about the moon, which will definitely blow her mind. It also features vintage style papers with high quality pictures. This is one of the unique gifts that you won’t regret buying.

17. Embroidery Moon Pouch Kit

moon gifts

There is always a room for art! This moon gift contains a complete embroidery kit such as the cute canvas purse and also its cotton threads. Your artsy girl can freely pour her creativity to create beautiful embroidery moon phases on the pouch. Moreover, this will be a perfect stay-at-home project. 

18. Floral Moon Iced Coffee Glass

moon gifts

Some girls love to hang out at a coffee shop while enjoying a cup of their favorite coffee. However, it doesn’t mean that she can’t enjoy her coffee at home. This coffee glass will be a great companion for her afternoon coffee session. The white floral moon graphics look amazing on this glass. Moreover, this item also comes with bamboo lids and a glass straw, which are perfect to keep the beverage cold!

Moon Gifts for Kids

Many people believe that introducing the moon and other space objects at a young age will increase children’s curiosity and critical thinking ability. If so, why not try to give one of these moon gifts below for your children? So without any further ado, let’s jump into the list!

19. Moon and Star Night Light

Moon and Star Night Light

If your kid happens to be afraid of the dark and has been having difficulties to sleep at night, try to buy this awesome night light as a solution. This item will illuminate your kid’s room into a beautiful galaxy, which creates a warm atmosphere to stimulate your little one’s’s imagination. In addition, this adorable item can also be your kid’s wonderful buddy at night.

20. Moon Plush Pattern Pillow

moon gifts

Don’t you want to give your kids something cuddly to play? Then, you can give her this cute and lovely plush pillow. The moon pillow pattern was designed beautifully along with the little cloud on the top of it. It will surely be one of the memorable moon gifts of their childhood.

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21. Solar System Diorama DIY

moon gifts

When we’re talking about the moon, kids are usually interested to know more about the space and our galaxy. Therefore, you can buy your children this unique solar system gift. This is definitely the perfect educational gift for kids to explore more about the solar system. Making this diorama will also be a wonderful activity for your kids at home.

22. Moon In My Room 

moon gifts

If your kids love the moon so much, then we can guarantee that this item will make them jump into joy and excitement. Being kids, they might be wondering, why does the moon look different every night? Well, if they have this amazing toy, they will probably find out the answer to all of their questions about the moon. It will bring the moon into the room and answer their curiosity!

23. 3D Magnetic Magic Cube Toy

moon gifts

Kids are always full of curiosity when it comes to solving mysteries and puzzles. Well, this magic cube toy with a beautiful moon design will be a good puzzle for them. This is a unique brain sharpening game that can transform into over 70 different shapes! Your lovely children will never get bored of this toy.

24. Moon: A Peek-Through Picture Book

moon gifts

Books will always be one of the best educational gifts for kids, especially this awesome moon book. Sometimes, your kids are curious about the lunar cycle and how it changes day to day. And for that reason, it’s the perfect time to introduce your children to the beauty of the moon and space, using this gorgeous picture book. This is definitely one of the delightful yet insightful gifts for kids.

25. Color Your Own Space Pillowcase

moon gifts

As we reached the last item on this list, we recommend you this pillow case that was made of 100% cotton. This item features a large image of a ready-to-color galaxy, which will wow your kids for sure. Now let your little artists give their touch of art on this pillow case. Your children will enjoy this item as a fun learning activity.

Final Thoughts

As one of the most magnificent items in the universe, the moon has all the required factors for many people to love. It’s a beautiful thing that we can enjoy but cannot touch, which leaves us with so many questions being unanswered. For someone who adores the moon, we believe giving them a wonderful moon gift would somehow creates a peace of mind, since they can enjoy it while showing everyone how much they love the moon.

If you are currently looking for the best choices of moon gifts for a special person in your life, whether it’s a she or he, we have a list full the most recommended items for you to see. Make sure you pick wisely and you can thanks us later. Good luck!

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