25 Best Pregnancy Self Care Gifts You Will Love 

As much as you love your partner and the coming soon-baby, self-love is also important. Many people say that as long as the mom is happy, the baby will be happy, too. It’s nice to be pregnant, especially if you and your partner have been waiting for so long to conceive. However, with so many changes in your body, being pregnant can be stressful because you can’t be as agile as you were before. So, why don’t you take yourself a bit easy and give yourself pregnancy self care gifts? 

Nice pregnancy self care gifts would be a nice present for others, too. Whether it’s your friend, sister, or co-worker, they will love to receive a nice self-care gift when they’re going through a pregnancy. In this article, we have created a list of 25 most recommended pregnancy self car gifts for you or your loved one who’s currently expecting. We have divided the list into 3 categories, which include beauty care, body care, and also stress-relief. So, wait no more and let’s start scrolling down!

Pregnancy Self Care Gifts For Beauty Care

Why not make yourself stay flawless and fresh by using several skincare even if you are pregnant? It is important to take care of our skin even if we are busy working as housewives or working moms. Take a look at these several things, such as hyaluronic acid serum, moisturizing lips mask, portable beauty face mask, nutritional face sheet mask, and anti-wrinkle face cream. 

1. Breylee 5 Serum Series Set

Breylee 5 Serum Series Set

Taking care of our skin is crucial even when we are pregnant. Therefore, we are recommending this hyaluronic acid serum by Breylee. There are 5 serum series in this set, which include Hyaluronic acid serum, Vitamin C serum, Rose hydrating serum, Retinol lifting serum, and Soothing Serum. Every bottle features ingredients that will keep our skin healthy. It also has several effects such as brightening, anti-aging, hydrating, removing dryness, and improving our skin tenderness.

2. Cherry Moisturizing Lip Mask 

Cherry Moisturizing Lip Mask

Aside from our skin, it is also important to maintain our lips tenderness. As we are taking care of our big belly, we often forget to take care of our dry lips. This moisturizing lip mask features 100% bio collagen that will speed up your lip skin cell rejuvenation and make your dull lip become smoother and firm. This lip mask will come to you in a cute box with a lip shape, plus a little spoon to take a layer of lip mask. 

3. Portable Beauty Facial Mask 

Portable Beauty Facial Mask

When we are pregnant, we often forget about taking care of our skin at home till it becomes dull. This portable facial mask will help us to take care of our skin in an easier and more efficient way. It features an ergonomic design and small enough to fit in your purse. All you need is water with room temperature and 100% pure essential oil that is safe for all skin types. So, shall we consider this item as a recommended self care pregnancy gift

4. Ballonblanc Nutritional Facial Face Sheet Mask

Ballonblanc Nutritional Facial Face Sheet Mask

By improving our skin tenderness, we also boost our confidence even when we are pregnant. This Ballonblanc face sheet mask contains a rich amount of all natural ingredients that provide good benefits for our skin. Available in 6 variants that super beneficial for the skin, like include avocado, egg white, lemon, honey, aloe vera, and tea tree, you can wear these masks at night for bet results. Make a pregnant woman happy by giving them this pregnancy self care gift!

5. Anti wrinkle cream facial cream 

Anti wrinkle cream facial cream

While we are pregnant, it is important to maintain our healthy skin. Moreover, keeping our skin healthy and beautiful will not only make us happy, but also make our partner happy. Therefore, this anti-wrinkle moisturizer can be one of the most recommended pregnancy self car gifts out there! With ingredients that are beneficial to the skin like jojoba oil, marine ingredients, olive oil, rice bran oil, and collagen building peptides, this item will an excellent pregnancy self-love gift! Happy skin, happy mommy, happy baby!

Pregnancy Self Care Gifts For Body Care

If we have taken care of our skin while we are pregnant, it is now time to take care of our body and keep it healthy and glowing, especially our belly with the baby inside. So, we have listed eight most recommended body care items that you may want to consider having, as pregnancy self care gifts. 

6. All Natural Belly Balm

All Natural Belly Balm

Made of all nourishing and natural ingredients, this belly balm will help to improve your belly skin hydration and elasticity. It features fragrance-free as pregnant women are sensitive to smells that are too strong. We recommend you to use this at the trimester of your pregnancy, as your body begins to grow, even after your baby is born, to feel the real benefits of the belly balm. Therefore, we list this as an amazing and important gift for all moms-to-be. 

7. Sweet Vanilla Body Oil

Sweet Vanilla Body Oila

Get this body oil for your summer! This sweet vanilla body oil has natural ingredients such as sweet almond and apricot oil, as well as vanilla essential oil. With these ingredients, you shall have no worry because it’s totally safe for pregnant women. It will help to reduce body skin dullness and dryness, even after giving birth. Therefore, we listed this item as a great pregnancy self care gift.

8. Organic Stretch Mark Oil 

Organic Stretch Mark Oil a

For pregnant women and new moms, this organic stretch mark oil is a must-have item! As we are going to give birth, obviously we have stretch marks on our skin, especially in our belly. This oil is made of nutritive herbs and beneficial oils that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids to help diminish the appearance of new or old stretch marks, and also rejuvenate skin for a more healthier and luminous appearance. Stretch marks can not disappear 100%, but at least, hydrating and nourishing can help create a firm skin look. Give it to yourself as a self-pregnancy gift and prepare for a newborn look skin!

9. Shea butter hand cream

Shea butter hand cream

If you have a pregnant co-worker, you might want to have this shea butter hand cream is a nice pregnancy self care gift for her. Being in the office while pregnant, it’s important for her to keep her hands smooth and firm. Comes in many variants like avocado oil, candelilla wax, vitamin E, organic coconut oil, and also organic unrefined shea butter, this hand cream is super soft and highly moisturizing, even during the driest and coldest season. Moreover, it will also help to exfoliate dead cells, too.

10. Organic Coffee Bean Body Butter

Organic Coffee Bean Body Butter

Shea body butter is different from lotions. They don’t contain water and may become a little bit grainy with temperature fluctuations sometimes. This organic coffee bean shea body butter contains vegan and beneficial materials, such as organic shea butter, organic  cocoa butter, organic coffee beans, and organic jojoba oil. With just a swipe of your finger, it will help to moisturize your skin. For pregnant women and new moms, this item is also a must-have item item, especially during the last months before giving birth. Add this to your cart as a self-pregnancy gift!

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11. New Mom Bath-set

New Mom Bath-set

To all pregnant women, this badass bath set is for you! We know that you are coming with all the love and inner strength to care and nurture your new member of the family. Therefore, we have added this great item as a pregnancy self care gift, which will give you a chance to take care of yourself. Happy mom, happy baby! This set is full of goodness made of natural ingredients, so all items are definitely safe for pregnant mommies. 

12. Belly Mask 

Belly Mask

Now it is time to keep your belly happy from the outside with this belly mask, knowing that you must have nurtured your belly from the inside. It is formulated with gentle ingredients that will help hydrate, soothe, and nourish your bump, and most importantly, it will help reduce the appearance of your stretch marks. Free of parabens, fragrances, phthalates, and cruelty, this item is great as a pregnancy self care gift for you and another soul inside!

13. Bath Gift Basket

Bath Gift Basket

Get this one bath gift basket in honey almond as a pregnancy gift for yourself! A gift should meet your needs, and this item is the perfect choice for that reason Each spa basket contains a hand soap, body mist, body scrub, bath oil, shampoo and shower gel, and many more great items in one basket. Aside from being a beneficial set for your body, it also features a therapeutic function for pregnant moms, because every items are made of natural and safe ingredients. Let’s give this magic basket to yourself and enjoy a nice quality time at home!

14. New Mom and Babe Gift Set

New Mom and Babe Gift Set

Looking for a pregnancy self care gift set that will give you and the baby extra comfort? Then this mom and babe gift set is the right option for you! This set contains calming baby balm, calming mom body oil, blooming belly butter, lavender lullaby baby wash, wipe spray, and also a bath tea. They are all made of herbs and natural ingredients, therefore they are totally safe for both mom and baby, even after the baby is born. 

Pregnancy Self Care Gifts For Stress Relief

Becoming a new mom can be a time of joy, discovery, and love, but it can also be messy and exhausting. Being aware of that, we are here to solve your issue by preparing this list consisting of self-pregnancy for stress relief. It can be a bracelet, spa and bath items set, wax and scent candle, or anything that will not make you stressed, but happier. These items will create a happy mom, happy baby, and happy family, for sure. So, shall we check them out below?

15. Acupressure Nausea Relief Bracelet Set

Acupressure Nausea Relief Bracelet Set

As said before, mom-to-be sometimes can be stressful and we might not aware of that. Therefore, we added this stress relief bracelet into the self-pregnancy gifts list! It is made of ceramic beads that will help reduce morning sickness and nausea. Not only does it provide drug-free benefits, they are also classic and stylish to wear. This item is handmade and beneficial, so why don’t we check this out as a pregnancy self care gift?

16. Sleep Well Aromatherapy Candle 

Sleep Well Aromatherapy Candle

During pregnancy, perhaps most women are not comfortable when they sleep. Made of soy wax, pure lavender essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, and rosewood essential oil, this aromatherapy candle is recommended as a pregnancy self care gift for you, or your loved one! This aromatherapy candle will help you to relax and sleep well during pregnancy. Thus, we added this item as one of the great pregnancy gifts!

17. Crystal Candle 

Crystal Candle

Are you looking for a beneficial yet pretty looking scent candle to relieve your stress? We recommend these crystal candles for you to put near to you. There are many kinds of crystal candles like these, whether you want it a la carte or one set of four candles! There are eight kinds of candles in this set, and they are sprinkled with glitters, dried flowers, and dried herbs according to their names. Made of natural vegetable oils, these candles are safe, making them perfect as pregnancy self care gifts.

18. Self-care Box for Her

Self-care Box for Her

Feeling a bit confused in choosing the best pregnancy self care gifts? Then this self-care box is the right one for you! Packed in a luxurious gift box, this set consists of every self-care item needed by every pregnant woman. In this box you’ll find nine items that include a herbal bath soak, serenity sleepy spray, all healing salve, essential oil roller, pure soy candle, loose-leaf tea, 40 cards with keepsake box affirmation cards, glass tea infuser bottle, and also a silk sleep mask.

19. Mother-to-be Care Package

Mother-to-be Care Package

Looking for a mother-to-be care package that i travel friendly? Then this item needs to be put in your list of consideration. Made of lavender, chamomile, ginger, argan oil, lemon, and other natural ingredients that are good for pregnant moms, this gift will come effective as a three-headed approach. The items can work well to ease pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, upset stomach, fatigue, bloating, constipation, and stretch marks, as well as immune system support and offering womb building, which often happens during the first trimester of pregnancy. Check it out while it lasts! 

20. Morning Sickness Pregnancy Gift

Morning Sickness Pregnancy Gift

Morning sickness will always ruin our mood. Morning sickness affects approximately 80% of women (including you) and it is caused by hormones produced by the placenta. It can occur between 4th – 14th weeks, but it can be longer for some women. To answer your shout out, we have added this set of peppermint candy, organic tea bag, and acupressure wristband to help reduce your nausea and morning sickness. It is made of organic and vegan ingredients, free of caffeine and artificial colors. Get this consumable set as a self-pregnancy gift for yourself! Healthy mom, healthier baby!

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21. Mood Mist Aromatherapy Set

Mood Mist Aromatherapy Set

When you are pregnant, the mood is easily fluctuating no matter what time it is. So, we are highly recommending this mood mist set. If you are too busy to set up scent candles or bath bombs, then this is for you! Just spray and feel how your mood will be easily lifted. All of the variants of this mood mists are made of natural ingredients , which will provide fresh vibes that will lift your fluctuated mood as mom-to-be. So, pick this item as a self-pregnancy gift for yourself! 

22. Hand-Sewn Blooming Tea Gift

Hand-Sewn Blooming Tea Gift

It is best to have our own quality time with this blooming tea in the afternoon while feeling a baby bump sometimes. It is made of green tea leaves and edible flowers such as rose, peony, jasmine, chrysanthemums, and many other herbs that are good for your health and stress-relief as a pregnant mom. Each set is presented in a beautiful box with pods nestled inside individual flowering paper blooms. Considering those features, we think that this item will be a good choice as a self-pregnancy gift. 

23. PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow 

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow 

As a pregnant mom, we are all sensitive to many things, included in how we choose our pillow and bed. This pregnancy pillow is made specialized for us, pregnant moms. It features U-shape to support our hips, knees, back, neck, and head so we will feel less discomfort that is associated with pregnancy. Its material is made of jersey knit cotton for a fluffy feeling and keeps us warm and comfortable. Create this comfortable feeling by giving this item to yourself as a self-pregnancy gift. 

24. Luxury Bath Bomb Gift Box

Luxury Bath Bomb Gift Box

Feel a luxurious and comfortable feeling while having a bath! This bath bomb gift box consists of six bath bombs that are selected beautifully and packed in an elegant looking box. The bath bombs are 2 pacs of lavender, 2 pacs of lemon & ocean, also 2 pacs of green tea. We believe taking a good quality bathing time will relieve your stress as a pregnant woman. Therefore, we select this item as one of self-pregnancy gift ideas. Shall we add this item to your cart and give yourself love?

25. Spa Gift Basket for Women 

Spa Gift Basket for Women

Taking care of your mental health during pregnancy is important, so we think that this spa gift basket is great as a self-pregnancy gift. It is too hard to go to the salon while being heavy with pregnancy, so why don’t we choose this item as a self-pregnancy gift? Packed in a cute big box, this set consists of a natural home bath spa that will make you feel luxurious and moisturized. They are all made of natural ingredients with a good smell that will help you relax and stress-free. Not only do they have a good smell and help in relieving stress, but they are good to heal dry and dull skin. 

Latest Post:

What is the best pregnancy self care gift for pregnant women?

It is good to have a good looking and elegant gift, but it must meet pregnant women’s needs. Pregnant women have a fluctuating mood and are not consistent, they can feel bored, feel heavy to do anything, and sometimes they can feel the morning sickness, and stressed out, too! So, we need to give them something that will solve those issues. We can choose gifts that relieve stress-relief, such as a home bath spa set or mood mist for easy mood lifting. We can choose a U-shape pillow too if they want to take a rest while having organic tea to reduce nausea and morning sickness. 

What can a pregnant woman take for self care?

They can choose things that are made of safe, natural, and organic ingredients. For beauty care, they can have facial serum to reduce dullness and keep their skin healthy and firm. For body care, they can just choose a self-care set, which consists of body butter and bath soap for practical options. Self-care is good in taking care of stress-free mind or taking care of the face and body. A stretch marks oil can be chosen, too, as long as it is made of good natural ingredients to boost their confidence, even after giving birth. 

What are the best gift baskets for newly pregnant friends?

Newly pregnant friends are usually clueless about what to consume, which one is safe for the baby and themselves. So, it is better to give them something that will be useful for a long time and made of natural ingredients. We can choose morning sickness tea and peppermint candy as they obviously do not feel well at the first pregnancy weeks. We can also choose acupressure nausea bracelet to reduce bad feeling and all natural belly balm for their first trimester pregnancy to keep their belly firm and smooth. 

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