25 Unique Organic Gifts To Buy for Your Friends

Organic gifts are made from organic material or in other words living things such as plants and animals. The ultimate goal of this gift is not only to show your gratitude towards your loved ones or friends but also to save the earth from climate change due to overused plastic usage.

Unique organic gifts are literally an implementation of killing two birds with one stone proverb. You can give your loved ones and friends gifts to strengthen your bond with them, and strengthen your bond with the environment by using a reusable and degradable material as a gift.

BEST Organic Gifts – Our 3 Best Picks

Food Ware Organic GiftDrink Ware Organic GiftBody Care Organic GiftFashionable Organic Gift
Coconut Bowls & SpoonsBamboo TumblerHandmade Body CareEarth Bamboo Scarf
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Organic Gifts for Every Eco-Enthusiast

1. 100% Organic Cotton Sweatshirt

unique organic gifts

Winter is coming? A natural sweatshirt could help warm your body from the cold. These unique organic gifts are also suitable for the warm season because they also evaporate moisture. Even though it is made from organic material, you can still wash this sweatshirt in the washing machine.

2. Natural Coconut Bowls & Spoons

unique organic gifts

Coconut water offers a fresh sensation when you drink it, especially when you are thirsty. What about coconut bowls & spoons? The unique organic gifts will offer a fresh theme when you eat or drink with these bowls & spoons. Such a gift is great for a newlywed.

3. Earth Bamboo Scarf

unique organic gifts

You can warm yourselves with a blanket, sweater, jacket, and scarf. The organic bamboo scarf will warm your neck. It is made from bamboo that can control temperature and adjust to weather conditions. The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties make it a perfect scarf for allergy-prone skin. The only question is are you ready to give this to her?

4. Organic Handmade Body Care

unique organic gifts

Unique organic gifts also have a special function that works for bathrooms and cosmetics. For example, this gift set contains soaps, hand lotion, and lip balm. An organic gift set like this for your girlfriend? Without a doubt, she will use this every day out of gratitude and curiosity.

5. Organic Cotton Mat for Yoga

unique organic gifts

Organic mat will make your yoga session calmer with a natural theme in it. Due to its anti-odor property, these unique organic gifts are fit for a sweaty hot yoga session. Also, you can use this mat for a body workout like plank, push-up, and sit-up.

6. Little Star Organic Baby Clothes

unique organic gifts

Newborns are cute, aren’t they? They should wear organic baby clothes like these clothes that will accompany their beginning’s journey in this world with their beloved parents.

7. Organic Smooch Stick and Foot Balm

unique organic gifts

Dry lips are annoying because they cause irritation in the lips which will touch food often when you eat. Say goodbye to irritating things with these unique organic gifts. The balm will hydrate and protect lips in any weather.

8. Premium Men’s Beard Kit

unique organic gifts

Hard to grow a beard, maybe one of frustration that only men can feel. These unique organic gifts will help to grow a beard and hair which some men could dream of. The oil contains a lot of vitamin E and no harmful chemical substances.

9. Bath Bombs Gift Set

unique organic gifts

Even though it is named “bomb” but these unique organic gifts are not actual bombs. The bath bomb’s function is to give a beautiful or delightful scent in the bathroom. In other words, you can say that these are a “beautiful scent bomb”.

10. Olive Wood Cutting Board

unique organic gifts

The coconut bowls and spoons are not the only organic kitchen there are in this world. There are also cutting boards that are made of wood just like these. These unique organic gifts are great for newlyweds.

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11. Natural Bug Repel Gift Set

unique organic gifts

Bugs are annoying because if they bite you, it will leave an itchy sensation. A natural bug repel will solve this problem once and for all. With this bug repel, you don’t have to worry a flying bug will come to you, in other words freedom from bugs.

12. Organic Lavender Eye Pillow

unique organic gifts

A pillow to relax after a tiring day is a good solution. These unique organic gifts offer a relaxing scent, add gentle weight to your eyes, and stimulate acupressure points that will help you relax. If you have a burnout friend, the pillow must be given immediately.

13. Veggie-Saving Reusable Bags

Veggie-Saving Reusable Bags

Plastic bags’ usage must be reduced to reduce pollution and prevent climate change. One of the solutions to implementing this is to use these unique organic gifts such as reusable bags. The bag is environmentally friendly and will help you do groceries.

14. Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps

unique organic gifts

If reusable bags can be used to do groceries, meanwhile a reusable food wrapper can be used to wrap a portion of food such as any other dry food. The usage of these unique organic gifts will help the earth and everyone from climate change.

15. Natural Face Paint Kit

unique organic gifts

 A mainstream face paint kit sounds dull. You should try a natural face paint kit like this to join a party. These unique organic gifts will make you the beautiful person at the party. 

16. Adaptive Organic Swaddle Wrap

unique organic gifts

A good way to warm a newborn? These unique organic gifts will make them sleep calmly and give them a warm and comfortable sensation. Cold weather’s problem for newborns will be solved with this.

17. Numi Organic Tea Gift Set

unique organic gifts

Everyone has their favorite drinks such as coffee, tea, soda, etc. For a tea lover, organic tea is a must-taste to enjoy their relaxing session. These unique organic gifts are perfect as a birthday gift for a tea lover.

18. Handmade Wooden Duck

unique organic gifts

Searching for a toy for your children or in search of a gift for your friend’s children’s birthday? The handmade wood duck is a fit for a toy. The cute unique organic gifts can also be played with your nephew/niece. Not to mention due to its durability, it can’t be broken easily.

19. 100% Natural Beeswax Candles

100% Pure natural Beeswax Tealight Candles

The beeswax will bring honey-scent and a bright cheery light in any room where you put these unique organic gifts. The fire will light up the room for you, even in the blackout. So, the beeswax can also be an emergency lamp for you.

20. Organic 100% Linen Jumpsuit

eco-friendly 100% Linen Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit will make you warmer, therefore such perfect unique organic gifts are great for the cold season. You can give this to your wife as a symbol of gratitude or to celebrate your wedding anniversary. The jumpsuit will also help your wife in the cooking session with extra protection from the oil splash.

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21. Bamboo Tumbler

Bamboo Tumbler

A tumbler that is made of plastic is common nowadays, yet it triggers pollution and is one of the reasons climate change occurs faster on the earth. This unique organic gift, bamboo tumbler, will accompany you in the long march or run that covers more than 10 kilo in distance.

22. Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel

Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel

Hooded towel is a great gift for a baby. The bear hood reveals the cuteness of the towel and such an amazing thing should be given as a gift to your friend or a family that has a baby.

23. Wood Silicone Beads Pacifier

Natural Wood Silicone Beads Dummy Pacifier

After baby clothes, there is also a pacifier that is made of organic material. The pacifier will help to take care of a baby from crying, thus making your job easier and you can rest a bit after an exhausting session with the baby.

24. Organic Cotton Stretch Tunic

Cotton Stretch Tunic

Unique organic gifts that can be given to your spouse is a t-shirt with a nature theme for example. The t-shirt will make your house’s nuance greener and make you feel that you are close to nature.

25. Natural Button Down Up Shirt Women


After a t-shirt that is suitable to wear at home, now it is about an organic shirt that will help women that pursue a career in the office. The organic shirt will make natural healing because it is made of environmentally friendly material while you progress your career to the top.

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