25 Cool Briefcase for Business Trip and Professional Look

Your professional performance will not be complete without the cool briefcase. It fits the functions you need and your top traits. Not only feature multi-functions which fulfill your school, office or business necessary needs, this cool briefcase will enhance your exquisite style and radiate your reliable look.

We offer you various options of briefcase from the unique and uncommon material. Such as a genuine goat leather, the personalized piece, to the hot hybrid bag that can be transformed into a briefcase or a backpack. We have curated the cool briefcase choices carefully with the strong, study and long-lasting material and simple but sophisticated design.  

Are Briefcases Still In Style?

Of course briefcases are still in style. It fulfills the necessary needs of school, work and business by bringing a smartphone, tablet, laptop, other essential electronics and small stuff. With its timeless or time resistance design, long-lasting material and multi-functions, these cool briefcases will be staying still in style.

Do Businessmen Still Carry Briefcases?

Yes, businessmen still do carry briefcases. The cool briefcase is an important item to bring by businessmen. It can securely store business-related documents and essential electronics such as smartphones, tablets and laptops to stay connected with their business stakeholders. It will also enhance the reliable look of the businessmen to build trust instantly.

BEST Briefcases – Our 3 Best Picks

Personalized BriefcaseLeather BriefcaseRolling Briefcase
Felda Vegan BriefcaseTime Resistance BriefcaseAlpineSwiss Briefcase
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Cool Briefcases for Every Businessmen

1. Personalised Felda Vegan Briefcase

cool briefcase

Looking for a classy, compact, practical and personalized briefcase? The slimline attaché briefcase is large enough for one’s daily personal needs. Also small enough to be easily carried around. Its main compartment features a 2-compartment, expandable, filing section and an organizer section. The gunmetal combination lock can be set to a combination of your choice.

2. Time Resistance Briefcase

cool briefcase

If you are looking for a time resistance bag which gets better with age like friends and like wine, this cool briefcase is the perfect pick for you. It is not an accessory of the season but a companion for lifetime. Its skin is an empty canvas. It will get scarred throughout the years and that is what will make it truly unique. The marks from your life and experiences that tell your personal story.

3. Squid Game Briefcase

cool briefcase

Inspired by Squid Game, this cool briefcase is a perfect piece for cosplay, costume prop or for any fan of the show! This cool briefcase includes: the briefcase as shown, 100 count of $100 prop money, 1 blue ddakji and 1 red ddakji. You can create your own customized briefcase by request.

4. Personalized Handmade Leather Briefcase

cool briefcase

Own this cool briefcase that you will wear with confidence as your companion for all your office needs! You can engraved This briefcase with your name, initials or a small phrase. This briefcase crafted out of the genuine and fine quality of Buff leather sheets. It has a padded compartment which can accommodate Macbook, Ipad and other laptops. It comes with a detachable leather strap with comfortable shoulder padding.

5. Vintage Military Briefcase

cool briefcase

What is the coolest thing about this vintage military briefcase? Not only its reliable look with waterproof documents case, this Swiss army briefcase can be transformed into a large backpack. It was originally made in Switzerland during the 1980-90’s.

6. Black Aluminium Briefcase

cool briefcase

If you look for a cool briefcase with its ensured security, this black aluminum briefcase was a right choice. It comes with 2 changeable combination locks. The lined interior with pockets provides separate compartments. You can use it for smartphone, notepad, pens and other small items. The aluminum exterior is designed for maximum durability and minimal weight.

7. AlpineSwiss Briefcase

cool briefcase

Carry all you need for work or travel easily with this large lightweight rolling briefcase. This cool briefcase is designed spaciously with plenty of room. It is made with a sturdy hard sided frame to last, riveted attachments for all components like the telescopic rolling handle, carrying top handle, and smooth in-line skate wheels. Its closure has secure dual combination locks that can be individually set.

8. Hybrid Briefcase

cool briefcase

With an interchangeable design that transforms from a backpack to a briefcase, the hybrid bag lets you take on any task. Fully padded laptop compartment keeps your device safe from potential bumps and scratches throughout your daily travels. Its internal tablet pocket keeps your device safely tucked away until you need it. Removable shoulder strap is adjustable to evenly distribute weight and enhance comfort. Hideaway padded backpack straps provide a comfortable fit to reduce strain and fatigue.

9. Fireproof and Waterproof Briefcase

Looking for a cool briefcase with fireproof and waterproof fabric? This briefcase by Maxcozy is a cool choice which can be used for office, business and travel needs. Its silicone coated fabric has passed the fire resistance test and the IPX4 waterproof function can effectively prevent rainwater from wetting your important documents. It is also made of soft material which can be folded easily.

10. Faux Leather Briefcase

If you are an elegant and classy lady, this cool briefcase with matching wallet is a perfect pick for you. It features back wall and interior zipper pockets, adjustable and removable shoulder strap and open top pouch inner pockets, It has all the room of an executive or professional case.

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11. Tactical and Multifunction Briefcase

Tactical and Multifunction Briefcase

With upgraded construction, this cool briefcase adopts the newest high density water resistant nylon, more wear and tear resistance, and waterproof inner effectively protects data. With a metal buckle, anti-wear double zippers and magic sticker, it is designed to increase durability and guarantee long-lasting performance.

The main compartment is a laptop pocket with a collision sponge pad to protect your laptop from accidental impact and vibration. It also features multi-pockets which is convenient for all the organizational needs of your study, work or business.

12. Bagsmart Briefcase

Expandable Briefcase by Bagsmart

Here comes the cool briefcase you deserve to own. With the expansion zipper to make it more flexible, it can be transformed as a large duffel bag when necessary. It has up to 4 compartments that can meet all your needs well. Its metal anti-theft zippers will enhance the security of this laptop bag.

13. Protective Canvas Briefcase

Protective Canvas Briefcase

Looking for a cool briefcase with soft material and slim shape? Made of canvas fabric, this comfortable and lightweight briefcase can protect your laptop from scratching, shock and dust. With double zipper design, it glides smoothly and allows convenient access to your laptop. It features an adjustable shoulder strap and top handles which enable you to carry your laptop in comfort. It is also water resistant, easy to clean and dry.

14. Cool Wallet or Briefcase

If you need a cool briefcase to organize your ID card, credit card and business card altogether, this mini metal wallet is the perfect piece for you. It has an exquisite design without password function. It is easy to carry and convenient to use everyday.

15. Genuine Goat Leather Briefcase

Stay stylish with the genuine goat leather briefcase which is handmade and has a vintage look! Natural oils and light have been used to obtain the style of the leather and tan without using chemicals. The leather will be softened and darkened by frequent use. It is strong and durable but lightweight. It features an adjustable shoulder strap, half flap bag with strap lock and small front pockets.

16. Vintage Leather Briefcase

Each of this cool briefcase is individually made using genuine goat leather by experienced craftsmanship. The bag gets better and better with time as the leather softens and deepens in color. The color tone of each bag might vary in accordance with the low and high temperatures from the heart of The Thar desert.

The leather does not receive any chemical treatment. A special vegetable oil is applied to give more tone to the dominant brown color of the bag. It also makes the briefcase more resistant to the water. Each bag has its charm and a very special earthy smell that will assure you it is real leather.

17. Barber Style Briefcase

This is a cool briefcase especially designed for the barbers. It has portable toolbox for barbers; an ergonomic handle which is easy to carry when going out. It can store all kinds of things or other styling tools. Designed with metal corner protection, the box is not deformed and strong. The double code buckle design can protect the safety of the contents in the box.

18. Binder Briefcase with Key Lock 

Lock up your important notebooks, electronics and many more in this cool briefcase! It features a standard 3-ring binder mechanism to hold any 3-hole punched page or sleeve. The reliable combination key lock with patent pending zipper latch system, provides extra security. Its convenient handle allows for easy transport.

19. Silver Aluminium Lockable Briefcase

This cool briefcase comes with two changeable combination locks for ensuring security. Its lined interior with pockets provides separate compartments for smartphone, notepads, pens and other small items. Its aluminum exterior is designed for maximum durability and minimal weight.

20. AutoExec Business Briefcase

Looking for a super secure and spacious business briefcase? This cool black briefcase will protect the items stored inside with its extra thick walls and ensure that the case will be “self-standing” bag. With four outer pockets, it allows plenty of space for storage and organization. It features a removable and adjustable shoulder strap.

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21. EcoSmart® Briefcase

What makes this cool briefcase worth buying? Using fabric woven from recycled water bottles on the inside and out, the briefcase thoughtfully designed to protect your work essentials. It also protecting the environment. Featuring a single main compartment and a convenient quick-stash pocket, it is easy to safeguard your laptop and transport your essentials in this slim and lightweight case. With three modes of transport, you can grab and go with carry handles, go hands-free with the shoulder strap, or use the trolley strap to secure your rolling luggage.

22. Premium Broadway Briefcase

This sleek and stylish hard sided briefcase features 4 metal standing feet on the bottom for extra protection and stability. This hard working classic briefcase keeps all your documents safe. It has a large capacity main compartment and an interior organizer section. Also has a file pocket with easy closure, and dual combination locks to keep your essentials secure. Its made of premium leather with perfect craftsmanship.

23. Red Leather Wheeled Briefcase

This chic and cool briefcase is suitable for stylish ladies. With a patented 2-in-1 detachable wheel and handle system, it allows easier maneuvering in tight and crowded areas. Its main compartment features a padded laptop section that fits and protects most laptops. Also can protect an interior organizer, interior padded zipper pocket for tablet cases and space for files.

Smart attachment strap allows piggy-backing on extended handles of other luggage. The adjustable, non-slip, shock absorbing shoulder strap alleviates body strain.

24. Patented Black Leather Briefcase

Get organized perfectly with this cool briefcase! It features a front zipper pocket that is provided for small miscellaneous items. The 2-front organizer pockets for media devices, smartphone, business cards, key chain holder and pens. Front compartment features a file divider for documents. Back compartment padded to protect laptop and weatherproof cover provided.

25. Large Cosmetic Briefcase

For a classy and elegant lady, this cool briefcase which is also a roomy cosmetics case will be a precious piece to own. It features top-carry handles, 3 removable compartments and a large clear zip wall pocket. It will fulfill your need during travel by bringing your cosmetics completely.

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Which is the best briefcase?

The best briefcase is something special which will be your perfect piece and cool companion with timeless design, durable material and classic color. This cool briefcase will get better as time goes by, just like wine and friends. Here are the best briefcase from our curated choices above: Time Resistance Leather Briefcase, Genuine Goat Leather Briefcase and Vintage Leather Briefcase.

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