25 Awesome and Creative Ideas for Cool Desk Toys

Having a desk toy will make your desk, whether in the office at home, will definitely give you simple yet fun entertainment in between your hectic working hours. The sole purpose of desk toys is to distract and relieve stress, and also to bring out your imagination to improve your creative skills.

If you’re currently looking for cool desk toys as a special gift for your loved ones, of for you to play around when you feel a bit stressful, or perhaps to look for inspirations to boost your creativity, we have gathered 25 cool desk toys that will give you better ideas on the best kind of desk toy to fit your needs. Check these out!

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Cool Desk Toys To Boost Your Creativity

1. Gravity Sand Pendulum

cool desk toys

There’s something about sand that can sooth your mind and soul, and give you the calmness that you need whenever you feel stressed out. This Gravity Sand Pendulum will be the perfect stress-relieve desk toy, and a nice table decoration, too!

2. Newton’s Cradle Sculpture


The classic and ever-lasting Newton’s Cradle Desk toy is undoubtedly something that never gets old. Being a perfect item to put on your office desk, home desk, or on a shelf, this cool desk toy is also a nice gift for a dear friend, children, or family.

3. Wooden Board Game Table Toy


This wooden tic tac toe is definitely one of those cool desk toys to have at home, to play with the whole members of the family. This tiny and cool desk toy is  not just a fun toy for children, but also a nice desk toy for adults who need a short break at work.

4. Classic Board Game

Classic Board Game

Playing a cool desk toy can be the ultimate quality time with family at home, and this classic Shut the Box board game is the perfect desk toy to play. The Shut the Box game was a popular game in European pubs and it has been played worldwide until today. 

5. Tabletop Meditation Zen Garden


When you’re looking for a desk toy that can give you the perfect calmness to release your stress, then this Japanese Meditation Zen Garden is the answer, nothing else. This cool desk toy with a Buddha figurine meditation under a pine tree will help you practice meditation, while creating peaceful energy in a relaxing atmosphere. 

6. Wooden Memory Match Stick Game


Wooden puzzle desk toys are known as some of the best options of desk toys to release stress, and to enhance children’s brain. Therefore, this Match Stick Chess Game will be a nice desk toy to have at home and to play with the rest of the family, or as a gift for a special person in your life.

7. Kinetic Spinning Desk Toy Ball


Small and tiny spinning desk toys are perfect for professionals who need something to release their stress in between their hectic working hours. With these little kinetic spinning balls, anyone will feel surprisingly relaxed and ready for their next assignments. Moreover, these cool desk toys are also perfect for games who spend most of their time online in front of a computer.

8. Decompressive Science Motion Toy


Shake the little man on the bottom of this desk toy, and he will swing smoothly, which creates a relaxing view if you place it in your office desk. This cool desk toy is also perfect for college students who are currently in the process of completing their final thesis, since it will give them a five minutes of calmness and stress-free.

9. Fidget Metal Flip Toy

cool desk toys

Similar to a spinner, a toy that was famous a few years back, this Fidget Metal Flip Desk Toy works just like a spinner and the kinetic spinning balls. You can play this cool desk toy by spinning it, throwing it in the air, reversing the flip, or whichever you like to ease your mind.

10. LICRAFT Desk Sculpture Decor 

LICRAFT Desk Sculpture Decor

Add this cool desk toy to your desk and you will have a nice toy to keep your hands busy while thinking or reading, as this item contains 171 steel balls and 1 magnetic base. Explore your creativity by making countless combinations and feel the enjoyment of exploring your imagination.

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11. Asuku Building Magnetic Sculpture

Asuku Magnetic Sculpture Building Toys

If you think this is just a regular pen, think again. This pen functions beyond a neutral pen because this pen was made of magnetic toys to boost your creativity, enhance your intelligence and imagination, and also cure your stress. This cool desk toy also comes as a multi-purpose pen to be the perfect gift for your family and friends.

12. Playable Art Helicone

Playable Art Helicone

Your desk will have a touch of magical decoration if you have this Playable Art Helicone. This cool desk toy will magically transform from a Helix to a Pine Cone, and back again in one amazingly elegant and smooth motion. 

13. 3 Otters Mini Bowling Set

3 Otters Mini Bowling Set

If your little boy’s birthday is coming up and you want to give him something fun but also educational, we would recommend this 3 Otters Mini Bowling Set as a gift. This cool desk toy comes with a wooden base, 10 bowling balls, 1 ramp and 1 stainless steel to allow your little boy to score that perfect strike.

14. Square Wave Kinetic Sculpture

Cool Desk Toys

For us, this Square Wave Kinetic Sculpture is probably the most beautiful desk toy that we have ever seen. Mesmerizing optical illusion, this cool desk toy is based on Fibonacci sequence, the alluring golden spiral that donates beauty in nature. Aside from being a cool desk toy, this piece-of-art will also be the perfect table decoration.

15. Brass Oloid Brushed Finish

Cool Desk Toys

People say that an office desk, or working desk, describes the owner’s personality and that’s why many people like to decorate their desk with art pieces, photos, or unique desk toys. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a dear friend who has a simple personality, why not choose this cool desk toy as a gift to be a new and sleek addition to your friend’s desk?

16. Kinetic Windsurfing Figurine

Cool Desk Toys

You will definitely fall in love with this small vintage 1980’s “perpetual motion” windsurfing sculpture, which will be the perfect item to be a sweet gift for your loved ones, especially because this item also comes with its original cardboard box.

17. Mini Cinder Blocks Made of Cement

Cool Desk Toys

Who would have thought that mini cinder blocks can be made in mini versions to be a unique and cool desk toy, right? Well, looking at the level of uniqueness of this item, we can assure you that anyone would be happy to receive this as a gift, to be a unique additional desk decoration.

18. Mini Desktop Golf

Cool Desk Toys

When golfing is your hobby but you don’t have plenty of time to go to the golf course and play, we might have found you the solution, which is this Mini Desktop Golf. This adorable mini golf is definitely the cutest desk toy for you to play in between your working hours to release stress, or to calm your mind after a long-hour meeting with colleagues.

19. Table Basketball Game

Cool Desk Toys

Your favorite basketball lover deserves this mini Table Basketball Game as a special gift, since this basketball game allows him to play mini basketball whenever he likes. You can also have this as a gift for yourself. as playing basketball can release your stress and become a relaxation for mind and soul..

20. Perpetual Marble Machine

Perpetual Marble Machine

Looking at this kinetic art piece clearly becomes an enjoyable thing to do, as this one is a super cool desk toy that anyone will definitely love. Made of natural high quality wood and stainless steel, this item will also be the perfect gift for your art-lover friends and loved ones.

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21. Fidget Star

Fidget Star

Comes in various colors such as red, green, black, white, bronze, silver, and gold, this Fidget Star Desk Toy is the perfect toy that triggers stipulation. Perfect for both kids and adults, this cool desk toy is easy to hold, addictive, and makes little nice. 

22. Wooden Crosses Tic Tac Toe

Wooden Noughts Crosses Tic Tac Toe

As one of the most famous games in the world, tic tac toe is a game for everyone, kids or grown-ups, to be played during family gatherings and events. Made of natural wood, this desk toy is easy to carry and to play with with friends and family.

23. Slug Fidget Toy

Slug Fidget

Well well, what can we say about these super cool articulating slugs that glow in the dark. These adorable desk toys are just too cute, and they can entertain you for hours in countless positions you like. Available in various colors, these cool desk toys  are perfect to play and place anywhere. 

24. Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

Dream of having a cool desk toy that can help you practice patience and caution? Pick this Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle and you will exercise patience and caution as you try to free the cord from the wooden structure. This cool desk toy will be the perfect puzzle for your table, which will help to release your stress  during busy hours.

25. Aluminum Alloy Infinity Cube

Aluminum Alloy Infinity Cube

This Infinite Fidget is a cool desk toy that you can flip and fold forever. With so many advantages, this desk toy is highly recommended as it can keep children entertained, help adults maintain focus while working and thinking, help to relax anxiety, and many more.

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